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Feet, Domination, Ancient Slavery, Humiliation, Especially Height Humiliation, Size Comparison
Male Dominant, 28,  Portland, Oregon US


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Gay Male Slave
Age: 20, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 180 lbs.
Location: Quebec, Canada
Last on 4/14/14 at 8:38 AM

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Feet, Domination, Ancient Slavery, Humiliation, Especially Height Humiliation, Size Comparisons, Forced Feeding, (Gainer & Encourager scenarios) Torment, Body Modification and Bears.

Seeking gay, straight and bi subs/slaves.


Let me start off by saying that age has NOTHING to do with being a Master or slave. I have actively been a Dom/Master for over 12 years. Starting at the age of 16. My interest began at the age of 10, however.

Those who think just because one is in their 20's they're not "experienced" enough, you are mistaken. That kind of thinking comes from the preoccupation with age in this society. If one is older they know everything, because they have "experience", and those who are younger know nothing, because they are "inexperienced". I am not concerned with age in that way. Quite the contrary! My essence is that of the Alpha Male. Pure physicality! If we lived in a society that wasn't "civilized", and didn't have all the creature comforts that we do, most of the men that are revered today wouldn't stand a chance.


A slave knows deep down inside what they are regardless of how "successful" they appear to the world, and a Master knows deep down that he is a Master regardless of his age.

I have gone into detail on my profile to let those slaves who are interested know EXACTLY what I seek, expect, and what they're about to get themselves into. I make absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS! If you are to be one of my subs/slaves you WILL submit, or else.

I am tall. 7'2" to be exact. My weight fluctuates from 280 to 300 lbs. My feet are size 18 EEE. I am a Dominant, experienced Master/ Foot Master into short, older, muscular guys who are fed up with struggling to keep their false self image, and who are ready to accept themselves, and become the fat little slave that nature intended them to be.

For as long as I can remember I have gotten off on humiliating short, older guys. I love to see them where they belong, begging and groveling at my feet, sniffing my toes, and licking my big, beefy soles clean.


What turns my cock rock hard is grabbing the back of my slave's head while in training, and shoving his face into my soles, and hearing his muffled screams of terror. Nothing gives me greater pleasure and satisfaction than turning cocky, seemingly self assured guys into sniveling little worms.


My preferences: shaved, muscular, short, older guys, 5'9" and under, 35 to 50, who work out religiously. It amuses me when I watch gym rats work so hard to try and overcompensate for their lack of height.

Here's how I roll...

You will be completely humiliated in my presence at ALL times. Over several months I will revert you back to your natural state. Natural state? You will be forced to stop your normal workout and gain weight. Hence the Gainer & Encourager scenarios. Gainer being YOU! I will take COMPLETE control of your self image.

Your added girth will give you the appearance of being even shorter in my presence. This will teach you humility. We will have nice, long forced feeding sessions over several months to accomplish this. Once your body has been modified to my liking, your training will begin.

I have taken muscular guys ranging in height from 5'10" to 5'2", and have turned them into 225 to 300 lb sniveling worms.

During your fattening up, you will stop shaving your body, and let your body and facial hair grow in. Not only do I like my slaves short and plump, I like them hairy as well.


Once you have bulked up, your body hair will serve as a means to accentuate your shapeless mass. Your clean shaven days will be over, and you will now sport a beard and mustache at all times.

Once your reversion is complete, you will be initiated into my form of slavery. In private, your slave garb will consist of a brown Fundoshi (a type of Japanese loincloth), or brown tattered pants frayed at the knees, a leather collar, Moroccan slippers, that are as flat as flapjacks, or you will be barefoot at all times in my presence.

You will be commanded to look at your self in the mirror in your slave garb, and repeat over and over..."I am a fat little man!" You will repeat this mantra as a way to condition and program your mind as I stand behind you laughing my ass off.

In our private time you will live your life in TOTAL ancient slavery. I'm all about control and intensity, and you WILL BE intensely controlled. I have a full makeshift dungeon/training room in my basement filled with things to make your life a living hell. It is here you will learn new meanings of the words humiliation and submission. Tears will run down your face as you are broken down and put through an array of rituals.


I am not a "modern", conventional Master into straight up leather and bondage. Nor do I beat my slaves senselessly. From time to time I enjoy the leather scene, but my methods for humiliating and tormenting you will be much more creative. I have been told by other Masters that my methods are actually quite brilliant and wicked.

Seeing as I am more into ancient slavery, I like to utilize methods that slaves of past were put through to satisfy their Masters. I do like my wine, and nothing tastes better than homemade wine made by the soles of my slaves.

I will stand over you as your Roman guard, laughing as you are forced to place your hands on your hips, and crush grapes for my wine within my wooden wine tub with your slave soles like the good little Roman slave you are. As you do this, you will be forced to watch yourself in the mirror before you. As I crack my whip over head, you will scream out in terror at the sight of your fat jiggling belly as you fervently jump up and down.

I will unmercifully tickle and torture your slave soles in my stocks for hours at a time. As you look down in horror at the sight of your plump slave toes wiggling like frantic little worms, you will scream out and beg for my mercy. It will never come! Feathers, fingers, wire brushes and whip sticks will become your ssole's new best friends.

This will become an ongoing ritual in our training sessions to pleasure me as your feet and toes will become a source of my amusement. Your slave soles will become a veritable amusement park for me!

You will continually be humiliated for your lack of height in public. I have a fondness for slippers, because they're the closest thing one can get to being in their flat, bare feet in public. You will be forced to wear soft soled moccasins, or soft soled knee high moccasin boots around me at all times in public. No boots. No heels. No lifts. No escape! I on the other hand will wear my 2 inch motorcycle boots, which will dwarf your ass even more so in my presence.


To assist you in coming to terms with your lack of height you will be humiliated beyond belief in public as you're forced to reach for things on high shelves in stores while me and my friends laugh our asses off as you tiptoe and struggle to do so.

You will be used for my amusement and pleasure and basically be turned into my fat little court jester. I am a creative, relentless Master that shows absolutely no mercy. I will get inside that pea brain of yours and take control not only your mind, but your body and soul as well.

I will break you down, and make you see yourself in ways you never thought possible, and you will find yourself in situations doing things that you never thought in a million years you'd do.

Most of all, I will humiliate you in ways you never dreamed were humanly possible.


If you'd like to know what I have put other slaves through before you commit, feel free to contact me, because you better know what you're getting yourself into. It is one thing to desire being transformed and living a life of humiliation and servitude, but it is another thing altogether to be placed in that position and actualize those desires and live them out.

Some slaves I've trained have almost lost their fucking minds when engaged in training, and not over things like being put over my knee and having their fat ass spanked over and over, or being suspended and laughed at. No, it's usually the simple stuff that emasculates in subtle ways.

You better be absolutely sure this is what you want, because there is no turning back once we begin. I guarantee you will never be the same again when I'm through with you!

Ready, slave? 

Master Trevin




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