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Bitch of a Mistress seeking wannabe sissy sluts to transform them into cocksucking cumswallowi
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Bitch of a Mistress seeking wannabe sissy sluts to transform them into cocksucking cumswallowing sissy slaves.

Pathetic sub worms - read my WHOLE profile fully and understand each word before even daring to message me!

Queen Bitch seeking sub/slaves in this order of importance - men, cd/trans and would consider a female for sissy slaves, cocksuckers, and Diva servants to myself. All those who message me MUST be at least 35 years old. And I prefer mature men with bi curiosity as preference.

Just want to try sucking cock and swallowing cum, and I'll train the rest into place until you're either a very good bi slut or a decent obedient slave with occasional gifts for me.

Gifts are appericated, but not required. Respect and Obedience is required totally.

Any sexually submisive men with strong bi urges are sought to be interviewed and Collared.

I am a British-born Diva-type bitch, I am always used to getting what I want and what I ask. And I can be a pro-Domme but also a normal Domme.

If you wish to WORSHIP ME, you had better be good and do as I wish. Success will be rewarded, failure will be punished hard!

Contributions are not required but will make me happy, but then again good manners and following orders will too (AND might even get you a reward of fucking me if you please me enough! But don't count on it worm!)

I AM a total Bitch, I WILL make your life a misery unless you please me by learning keenly to suck off men and swallow down each and every load.

Due to safety, you don't have to be gay or even bi, as I am fair, and will not force you to do anal, only oral, but ALL slaves that seek me to Collared them MUST accept that I will train them to cocksuck many many men and always swallow down the cum without hesitation.

Female slaves wishing to learn better how to be sluts are welcome to contact me too, but the same rule aplies as for the sissy bois, you MUST be prepaired to suck off and swallow multiple loads in real life from real men.

I have a small, let's call it semi-dungeon of BDSM equipment, and will use it for real life meetings. My main area of training is in well known dogging sites and porn theatres for gays.

Both my ex lover and my brother are bi/gay so I know many bi/gay men that I can get you orally used by.

Serious only. And must be willing to prove you are real early on.

I can talk on microphone here or yahoo, progressing to cell phone and a real life meet when trust both ways.

Pref seeking one or two real life slaves that will meet at least once every 2 weeks for a BDSM session in my small dungeon (flogger, crop, restraints, etc) and let me take them to a well known gay club and or gay park for delicious cocksucking and hot cum swallowing. The Sissy-er you are, the better.

Lastly, again I will repeat what I said earlier. I will NEVER force anyone to have full sex, this is ONLY for oral domination, so bi curious guys that wish to be used that way but safely can trust me or chat to me and we build the trust together.

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