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We are a gay male couple looking for a full-time slave to join our relationship.  One of
Dom/Dom Couple, 31/25,  Indiana US


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Bisexual Male Submissive
Age: 23, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm), Weight: 160 lbs.
Location: Michigan
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Gay Male Slave
Age: 19, Height: 5ft 11in (180 cm), Weight: 130 lbs.
Location: columbia, South Carolina
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We are a gay male couple looking for a full-time slave to join our relationship.  One of is a Dom, the other is more vanilla with some Dom tendencies.  An ideal slave for us would be one who fits in to our lives well, shares some common interests (sexual and non-sexual), follows the rules set for him both inside and outside our home, and defers to our judgment.  While you would be a slave to the Dom, both sexually and domestically, you would also need to be friends with, but still subservient to, the Dom's partner.


We prefer guys close to our own ages.  Being between us in age would be ideal, but is not absolutely necessary.  What is necessary is that you know your place, know that the Dom ultimately calls the shots, and are willing to serve two men at once.  We have rules that you will be expected to follow, even if you don't like them.


In private, you will be in nothing more than underwear and a tshirt at all times (if you are dressed at all), take care of household chores, run errands for us as need be, and sexually serve at the will of the Dom.  In public, though you may act as our friend or roommate, you will still remember who in charge.


If you are looking for a highly aggressive, sadistic Dom who will beat you in to submission, then we are not the right fit for you.  I (as the Dom in the relationship) want a boy who serves out of affection and desire, not out of fear.  But, if you are interested in serving two men, one of whom will be your demanding Owner who sets rules and restrictions for you to abide by 24/7, then let us know.


If you are interested, please let us know.  If we do go forward, your training and submission WILL begin online, through chatting and cam at first, then text messages and phone calls if you do well.  Only once you have you proven that you are serious about this will we consider meeting.


Also, if you are just looking for an online situation, a Dom to help train you to be a better submissive or slave, let me know.



Interests, both BDSM and otherwise (for the search filter, or your general edification...though not an exhaustive nor finite list):




-Piss Play / Watersports

-Wax Play

-Ice Play

-Public Scenes (With safety and legality in mind)


-Mummification (Beginner at that, need a boy to help me experiment and learn)


-Anal Play

-Puppy Play

-Group Scenes

-Housework / Domestic Slavery






-Politics (Conservative Libertarian bent here)



Hard Limits (yes, I feel they need to be mentioned, since some don't read the full profile, stopping only after what I write here)


-Diapers (anything in the ABDL category)

-Fire Play

-Knife / Needle Play

-Sissification / Crossdressing (My sub/slave will be all male, and happy to be so)


-Blood Play

-Hardcore Pain (Anything that leaves serious bruises or risks breaking bones.  Spanking a boy's ass until it is bright red is one thing, leaving his ass bruised purple to the point where he can't sit for days is too far)

-Full Dehumanization (If you describe yourself as "simply property to be used and discarded" move along.  That isn't what I want.  My sub/slave will have a mind, and wish to engage me in more ways that simply a piece of meat to use and put away.)



-Women (Barring the occasional MMF scene if I find a woman I want to share my sub/slave with...though, that would be rare, if ever.)


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