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 He is currently traveling to Nashville starting Nov 22 on a regular
Male Slave, 49,  Brentwood, Tennessee US


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 He is currently traveling to Nashville starting Nov 22 on a regular basis for the rest of the year and on business, then back the next weekend too.  Fraternity Pledge Style Slave Training Required - Fucked up drinking pledge gets into lots of trouble-   A slave that is fucked up a little is a sad thing to waste when you got real men out there, put him in his place if you dare.

  Do you have a dungeon to train a new slave or a good play area?  Were you born to use others as you are superior to most.   I am teaching him how to become the best he can be, while remaining a good slave.  Would prefer someone that wants to do continued training and use.  He does not meet my standards at this time due to his lack of experience, but with training he will.  Can you help the slave know and learn his place? Can you show him that his naked body should be ready for your amusement?  I have limited time to train as I travel and he is a new slave.  He can travel also to you. 


The only one naked - it is masked- it needs to strip naked on demand, immediately - him being the only naked one in the room of a private house or private farm land - currently he is slow, thinks before acting -  needs punishment if he takes too long or hesitates

Understanding that his cock is only for other people's pleasure and torture. Kept in chastity when not being used - brought to the brink of orgasm - only for him to be taken down.

Ball stretching - used to having his balls stretched to produce the low hanging look.

Pain Tolerance - increasing his pain tolerance - he is currently a wimp - progressive manipulation to take the pain - yes he dances around when not tied, is good at begging to stay at the beginners level.

Humiliation - he needs regular smacking of his face when he isn't up to expectations especially when his is around others

Stripped, bound and shaved from the neck down - making him slick like a pig.

Limits - no damage, blood, scat, FF, dirty, vomit or anything gross, nothing that would put the slave in trouble with the law-safe - simple at first

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