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I am a lifestyle Dominant Woman and my husband is my slave. I control him totally sexuall
Domme/Slave Couple, 41/51,  Ireland BUT..., UK


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Straight Dominant Couple
Age: 44, Height: 5ft 2in (157 cm), Weight: 150 lbs.
Location: london uk, UK
Last on 3/18/10 at 12:06 PM
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Bisexual Female Dominant
Age: 25, Height: 5ft 2in (157 cm)
Location: Gloucestershire, UK
Last on 4/3/10 at 7:35 AM

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 Domme/Slave Couple

 Ireland BUT... 




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I am a lifestyle Dominant Woman and my husband is my slave. I control him totally sexually and he craves nothing more than to serve and please me 24/7. FemDom is an integral part of our lives, on a highly serious level because I adore and am liberated by my power over my property (as he is by his submission), and equally on a fun level. The kink and sexiness are wonderful antidotes to the down sides of vanilla life.

Location: we live in Ireland BUT... This is a very small country with a small scene and even tinier prospects of finding the kind of people we are seeking, hence the UK entry. We travel to the UK several times a year... and the World is getting smaller all the time!  

Please note: phone verification is essential early on, as well as exchanging photos/webcam, for the sake of both partiesowing to the tsunami of pathetic male thrill-seekers lurking out there. I NEVER respond to males. I always answer Women, and am disappointed when an approach from me is not, at least, acknowledged, or when what appeared to be initial interest fades away without even a polite message. Why be rude and ill-mannered? Also, if contact is to lead to anything meaningful, then effort and enthusiasm are necessary on both sides.

I hope to befriend other Women, primarily Dominants but also Switches and Submissives, of whatever sexual orientation (see further down), in order to enjoy kinky sessions together. I want to exchange knowledge and experiences whilst using my precious slut for our joint pleasure, as well as the serious purpose of intensifying his submission. 

I simply LOVE to watch him, shared with, loaned, surrendered and obedient to another Woman, subdued, docile and passive, aroused but absolutely controlled, totally accepting of the fate I/We have decided for him. Corporal punishment naturally always has its role, actual or the threat of it, but I particularly want to increase My psychological control to keep him in the frame of mind I want him in permanently: a submissive mental straightjacket. 

I am very happy to hear from Female Switches who wish to explore their Dominant side with a male "object" like mine. Submissive and even Slave Females are also more than welcome to get in touch. They, whilst always in a superior position and even possibly granted temporary full control over my property, would obediently serve me, first and foremost, by carrying out my wishes with him.
Dominant Women with a male dominant partner, but who are happy to play separately, are also very welcome to contact me.

he WILL enthusiastically serve and please any Woman I share him with because I want him reminded of his slave status at every opportunity... and it just turns me on!

As our D/s relationship evolves, so I can now comfortably describe myself sexually as very bi-curious. Bi-sexual? Don't know! I am not into labels, hence my description as "straight". What I am sure about is that I am more than happy and keen to be approached by bisexual and lesbian Women too! I need and want to explore this side of my sexuality fully with another Woman, as and when the right opportunities arise although, as a novice with limited experience, I would be seeking a "guiding hand", at least initially! "Cuckolding" my slave with a member of my own sex, with his complete acquiescence, is truly amazing and exciting. Quite apart from my own pleasure and that of my Female partner, it serves to humiliatingly emphasise the increasingly redundant nature of that previously out of control item between his legs.  

I naturally expect the process of befriending any "partner in crime" to take time. We would obviously have to enjoy a good degree of compatibility, feel a real connection, physically and mentally, in order to achieve our goals. 

I believe that, ideally, Dominant Women in this lifestyle should support and empower each other to train and better control our males to obey and serve us correctly.

I welcome contact from anywhere in the World, although I stress that I want to actually meet and play in person eventually. In this day and age, and if the will exists, distance need not be an insurmountable obstacle... although time to answer sometimes is!
I am a passionate advocate of male chastity and orgasm control. Zero compromise, zero tolerance of misbehaviour. Unless the male is controlled sexually 100%, he is not truly under Female rule. Seizing this control was crucial in unleashing my dominance and teaching slut that my ruling him could only ever be on MY terms, and not rooted in his male fantasies and unruly mind/behaviour, as in the past. That said, although absolutely devoted to, and focused on, his submission and service to his Goddess, he is most certainly not a wimp or the proverbial "doormat".

We are adventurous, and kink in many forms is a very important part of our D/s relationship, although always on my terms. We particularly adore latex, leather, boots and bondage. I routinely objectify my slut as my sex toy, and especially adore using him ("it"!) when he is fully rubberised and restrained.

We are also an extremely close, loving and romantic couple, passionate about each other and life generally, and have been together 25 years. We are genuine, loyal, reliable, honest, responsible, clean, intelligent, very chatty (although a tight inflatable rubber cock gag works wonders on slut!), with a good sense of humour. We are told we look significantly younger than our years, and certainly have young frames of mind. We are healthy and in  decent shape (if not athletes!), non-smokers, light drinkers and never touch drugs. We are NOT swingers!

 We loathe narrow/petty-minded people and, although fairly conventional where necessary, we shun whenever possible the drudgeries and entrapments of vanilla life that so many seem happy to accept or unable to escape.

If interested, do please get in touch. You never know where it might lead!

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