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This wont be to long as no one reads them anyway... I am here for one reason to cyber lock you
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This wont be to long as no one reads them anyway... I am here for one reason to cyber lock your cock.. I dont want money I dont want to be your girlfriend I want your cock in a cage.

the way it works will be simple you will have a cock cage with the numbered tabs you will put it on lock it with the tab and take a picture to prove its done... I will then randomly ask you to take a picture with something in it or showing something  like I will say ok take a picture with a pencil next to your cock showing the lock tab with the number you will have 48 hours to respond no picture off to loser fake block land you go.

I wont ask you for money to get out of your cage but your going to have to do some serious begging to get out depending on your fetishes I will use them to make you earn your release such as if your a sissy I will have you go panty shopping and when you show me a receipt  (all personal information can be blocked out of it) will just need to see a date, store, and that you did in fact buy the pair of panties.

I tried doing this once before but most who applied were just masturbators who were looking to get off if you dont have a chastity and numbered lock tabs and are not willing to take the pictures dont apply. I never ask to see you just you in the cage locked if you choose to give me a full picture thats fine.

Well lets see if I can get any real responses this time.

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