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Hello my name is Jaa, former international model, now Thailand's most beautiful Mistress with a unique Sensual style.


I play as a mistress on lighter side of bdsm preferring erotic and sexy control methods over hard pain and punishment.  Erotic lingerie over black leather, teasing over humiliation.  For me bdsm means beautiful dominant sexy model.  Most of my clients are first time submissive's who want to play with light domination fantasies.    


Outside of bdsm i am very upscale classy Thai girl.  I don't drink or smoke, have no tattoos, drink mostly green tea :) ...and never one time in my life work as a bar girl, gogo girl or something like that.  I don't lie or cheat like other Thai girls and my English you can see is not bad because i lived in Canada for 6 years and have now visited 10 different countries.  On my website i write in my blog every day and that is a very good way to get to know me i think.  I have a YouTube video blog also and i love the most to answer to all my email because i love to talk and i think i am easy to talk to. 


Have you ever fantasized about having a girl give you a golden shower or drinking her pee but would like her to make that a sensual and erotic experience?   My pee tastes pretty good because i take care to eat good food and only drink water and tea.  I am very popular for making golden showers so erotic almost everybody can take at least a little bit of my pee if that is his fantasy.  

I wear very expensive evening wear and in bedroom sexy lingerie and stockings. I play with my slave making him suck my toes through my stockings and maybe drip my pee down my leg so you are sucking more than my toe.   I love foot and body worship, and you will want to worship every curve of my body.  Foot fetish lovers ... i love to tease you guys with my toes and stiletto shoes.  

Do you wish a girl's underwear would be soiled with the smell of her pussy instead of freshly cleaned? You will suck my dirty panties clean for me and be forced to lick my ass for me if that is your fantasy.  Teasing you with face-sitting makes me very hot, but i'm very cruel if you don't satisfy me the way i tell you to.  

Don't worry :)  ... I like playful non painful spanking punishment.  I spank mostly to get your attention and show you who is in control of you.  Yes i can be very mean too if that is your fantasy, but for most everybody i use hitting to play with your mind.  I think what a lot of Mistresses don't know is things from bdsm like spanking are not as important as mind domination and control.  My specialty is playing with your brain and how you think.   I am one of the most beautiful girls in Thailand , believe me i don't need to make you hurt to get you to obey me lol.  

Before i tell you what i am the most popular for let me tell you other things i love from bdsm.  Bondage, light and playful, sitting or standing up, or serious hog tie style, i love all of it.  Makes you ready for me to turn you into my girlfriend.  Take you outside and secretly humiliate you by making you wear my stockings, panties and have your balls ties to my thumb so nobody can see and pull you where i want you to go like my pet.  

I love to play with your ass. My finger massages same time i stroke you will make you want to cum but i wont let you. My toys play deeper. If you like i can strap on and take care of you myself. Fisting?  Lol, i do 2 fist and foot too ... look at my blog to see.  

 Nobody can do Tease and Denial as good as i can.  As long as i can.  My session is 1-5 hours...yes 5 hours of tease and denial.  Funny you know, everybody comes to me saying he can take 5 hours no problem.  Want to know a secret?  Almost everybody begs me to stop after 1-2 hours only.  

You are rewarded with an amazing release if you have been my good slave, nice and obedient. 

Finally i am friendly. I have a good heart and care about how you feel and want you to have nice time.  I welcome you to come read my blog and email me if you have anything to ask me.  Sawasdee Ka.

Jaa Samui

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