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Hi,  i am jenna.  i am a smart cute fit very submissive petite bi girl.  i am s
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Hi,  i am jenna.  i am a smart cute fit very submissive petite bi girl.  i am seeking a live in training situation as a domestic and sexual servant for an over 40 educated succedssful gentleman, or couple where he is dominant.  i am willing to relocate for this opportunity.  i am primarily seeking successful experienced dominants who are very strict stern and demanding.  i very oral and a tireless pleaser.  i will receive your golden showers into my open mouth and love to lick and tongue your anus.  It is very arousing for me to be talked down to and humiliated anytime and anywhere, especially in public. i love to be micromanaged and have my appearance actively and completely controlled by my owner.  i especially love being made to dress provatively with bizarre hair cuts and hair color, tattoos, and piercings to please and arouse men at all times.  Finally i am looking for some one who is sadistic and had years of experience training slave girls.  i am looking for someone who likes to cane or whip with a short single tail whip and who is seeking a true slave for a long term relationship.  I would find it most exciting is my master wanted me to please small intimate excluse groups of 3 -5 men or women.  I am especially seeking Afro-American dominants.  Thank you. Your whore jenna  

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