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1/18/2011 9:14:46 AM
Don't judge a person on the friends they have.  I have lived my life being friends with people from all walks of life.  The experiences shared between all those people help leed me down the path I want to walk. Don't limit the amount of experiences you get because of rules set by others, set your own rules to your comfort level!  Don't judge a person on the friends they have.  I have lived my life being friend

12/10/2010 2:26:18 PM
The credit goes to Athenaspupil.I read this on someone else's profile and considered it a must read. With proper credit given I don't think the writer will much mind. ----------------------------------------------------------Alright. It seems there's alot of members on here that are frustrated and displeased with the results of their time on collarme. First off I'm going to say, you joined a free site, expect 'free results'. In this profile, I will describe in detail what that means.TO WOMENI have read many a profiles of women of all roles and sexualities, many of which have received a swamp load of emails from male members and 'female' members. I will go through 99% of what they are:Trolls: I don't know how many women on here traverse the internet past this site, but a troll is someone just looking to get you angered and just pissed off. They are commonplace on forums and bulletinboards.Copypastas: Men who, at one time, actually looked through a profile thoroughly and emailed accordingly, but never recieved any responses. I got this alot on AND here. They pretty much get fed up with it, make a message, and copypaste it to your message box and send it. They use the 'any' sexuality in the search box to cover straight and bi but it also covers lesbians making them targets as well. Yes, it's annoying but I can't blame them considering how many times I've emailed a girl looking through her profile thoroughly, even including a picture, to never even hear a rejection. Men are impatient, it seems so are women XD. Though, if you do get a legit email, and you're not interested, just copypasta a rejection, giving him the will to keep legitimately looking. Pubescent Boys: You're gonna have to accept that alot of these emails are from males that aren't even the legal age yet, just using your pictures and emails to get off. Since it's a free site, they can easily get on and they have unlimited pictures of older men to choose from or don't even bother to post one. They even go so far as to portray themselves as female to broaden the spectrum to lesbians (yes some are older too but I'll get to those). Men who call you a fake: Men are being fooled as well on this site. Female portrayed scammers, and actual female scammers are abundant on this site. They've gotten weary as even pictures can't be trusted. Pity them and move on is the best adviceFantasizers Just like the Pubescent Boys, they are on this site to pretty much use it as a free source of porn. This goes so far as picture collecting, profile fapping, email fapping, and cybering. They portray themselves as subs or doms and sound like the perfect partner. 'Too good to be true' is a key phrase here. If they say almost everything you hope they do, be suspicious, or give them a test. My best advice would be a platonic meeting before even getting into the BDSM aspect of the potential pairing. You are outnumbered: Even with all those set aside, you are still outnumbered 20 to 1 in terms of male to female. You have to dig through the rock to find the gold. Noone ever said finding a potential partner was going to be easy, in real life AND online. Don't lose patience, after all, it's cheaper and easier than sitting in a bar LOL. This being said, I've noticed many women wait for the men to come to them. It's very slim you're gonna find your piece of gold in the avalanche of rock that falls at your feet. Search a bit. Don't want the rifraf thinking you're interested just cause you viewed their profile? Make a proxy male profile to do you're searching. 8 outta 10 they won't give you a second glance. TO MEN: The legitimate onesYes, I have talked to a few of you as well and I am here to bring up a few issues that have reached my eyes.SCAMMERS There are alot of them on here, and I'll tell you about them. Scammers are here to get ANY amount of money from you. Whether it be a small amount or a large amount. Some ask you for money for webcams so you can see them, or direct you to paysites where you can see them, ask to be sent to your country to be with you and otherwise. I know of a case where a Nigerian woman married a US citizen, waited a few years and then divorced him and brought him into expensive court battles for his money, only to be deported back to Nigeria. It's never a good idea. Here's a few countries that are profound for itNigeria: C'mon. Haven't you ever heard of a Nigerian scam. They all are, don't talk to them, block them.Ghanna: All of them. They will ask you for money to: buy a webcam, buy a passport, buy a plane ticket to you, OR in some cases ask you to use your bank account to send money to you to buy something and send the rest back to them. NO NO NO. This is a scam, don't fall for it! You're never gonna see them on cam cause they're in an internet cafe full of people and have no computer of their own. All of this goes towards Nigerians as well. Stay out of West Africa. None of them are realEngland: If you get an english african who can't type the english language properly, calls you master or slave on the first chat meeting, and tries asking you for money. SHE ISN'T IN ENGLAND. She's in West Africa from Ghanna or Nigeria. Don't fall for it EVER.Philippines: This is a hard one cause there are many legitimate women on there as well. Pretty much, if they say they are a cam model, they're working for an internet site to bring in paying members. If she asks you for money of any amount, she's a scammer. They are a little smarter over in the Philippines so be careful, they might give you a session before they start talking about money.The US: Yes, some scammers come from the good old US of A as well.......Or so they say. If she doesn't use the English language well (I.E. 'What you mean' 'How you mean'  and stuff like that) be suspicious. Here's a good test, ask her weight (if she's submissive that is XD). If she gives you some unbelievable number like 56 or 48, she's using metric kilograms (apparently some Americans do use the metric system so if she gives you that kinda number ask '48 lbs'? If she says yes, don't buy it. An intelligent and truthful woman would correct herself at least). Another good way to find out is if she says she's from, say, North Carolina, ask if she's from a city somewhere outside of North Carolina that isn't globally known, like Norfolk, Virginia ( 'Your from North Carolina? Which city? Norfolk?). If she says yes, she doesn't live in the US and is, again, from Nigeria or Ghanna. There are also contacts to them in the US who are used to deposit forged checks into potential Nigeria Scam victim's accounts. Be careful. If it's on the internet, DO NOT SEND OR ACCEPT ANYTHING TO DO WITH MONEY. Other Countries: There are other countries with scammers but not as many. Just be carefull, you came here to get a partner, so if they start talking about money in any way shape or form on the first to third conversation, just block them and move on. ANOTHER BIT OF ADVICE: Scammers tend to use model's pictures. So, if she's from a thrid world country, and her picture looks professionally taken, it's a dead giveaway. Some have even gon as far as to actually use poorly taken pictures of themselves (scammers evolve I guess), don't fall for it. Follow the advice above. A new scam for you submissive men out there: If a mistress gives you her yahoo email address right in the first email, without even reading your profile, she's most likely a scammer. I bumped into one of these just today. They speak pretty good english so it's hard to discern but she will try to lead you to an affiliate site cause 'she doesn't use yahoo to show her cam anymore'. The one I caught said her cam was hacked so she uses that site now and 'tricks' the 14 day trial period by canceling in 24 hours. Don't believe that shit. These are pretty intelligent scammers, not your basic Nigerian 'snd money plase master' ones. Watch out. If they can't show their cam on yahoo or any other free messenger, they're scammers.Girls who ignore you: After you carefully read their profile, think if the situation is plausible, send them an email with their profile in mind, and attach a photo, they read it and ignore you. Annoying isn't it? All I can say is don't lose hope. You're on a free site so it's not like there's a time limit. Don't start getting impatient and speed emailing copypasta's to every female you can in hopes of getting an answer from even ONE. Also don't get desperate enough to start eyeing your fellow female doms, we're not here to drag them into the same disposition we're in. Yes, it seems like there are more lesbians on here than straight or bi girls on here. That's cause most are the pubescent boys I was talking about (It makes me wonder how many fake lesbians are actually wanking off to eachother unknowingly XD). Adding to the listGirls with their email addresses in their profiles:Do you really think a REAL girl is looking for that much traffic on their IM? Especially the ones that do that address scramble ending with 'yayhoo dat cum'? You should know better. Their scammers. I've never hit a legitimate one yet and trust me, I've chatted with a good many. There are probably more but my fingers hurt...........Oh, one more thing I'd like to say.Female/Male Supremacicts: Honestly, you're just a bunch of bigots no better than any other racist or sexist. One punch to the face of a female supremacist and one kick to the groin of a male supremacist would show there's obviously nothing superior about either of you and that what comes out of your mouth or fingers is nothing but bigheaded idiocy in it's purest form. Female/Male Equalists: Keep the course XD.  The credit goes to Athenaspupil.I read this on someone else's profile and considered it a must

12/5/2010 6:27:15 PM
been looking into tattoo sets. I really want to start tattooing.  I pierce for free alot when i have money to burn on supplies why not do tats.  I love doing something that i will be remember for the rest of the person life. Hopefully in great way.been looking into tattoo sets. I really want to start tattooing.  I pierce for free alot

12/4/2010 6:29:20 PM
off to bed earlly night. - The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

11/30/2010 1:24:27 PM
good evening thanks for stopping by! Feel free to say hi even if we don't match doesn't mean we can't speak. you can add me to your yahoo if you like. I am real and don't ask for money. .good evening thanks for stopping by! Feel free to say hi even if we don't match doesn't mean w

11/22/2010 9:19:03 PM
What is with all the profiles with pictures of cats or dogs or crap and not the person? Do you really think that will work?What is with all the profiles with pictures of cats or dogs or crap and not the person? Do you


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