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I AM A GODDESS. WORSHIP ME.OBEY ME.ADORE ME. I am a Dominant Mistress with many interests,a
Female Dominant, 35,  Mumbai, India

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Straight Male Submissive
Age: 52, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 195 lbs.
Location: scottsdale, Arizona
Last on 4/14/14 at 1:31 AM

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I am a Dominant Mistress with many interests,and having lived My life on various continents,along with My passion for reading,has given Me vast exposure to expand and grow,which is expressed in My own unique style of Domination.

I am a born Dominant,and NOT a switch and I don't appreciate a so called submissive who tries to top from the bottom.

Im open to hearing from fellow Doms,who may wish to combine a Session or just exchange notes,but all sissys,bitches,slaves,subs, footbitches,painpiggies and moneypigs remain firmly below My Feet where they belong !

Im available for various scenarios..

1. One on one Sessions.

I will only book a Session with you once you introduce yourself properly,fill out My questionnaire and are willing to send Me a recent pic.

Sessions must be booked at least 48 hours before and you must be able to HOST.

We will have a public meeting prior to the Session,so that both may feel comfortable,and you can choose a Safe Word.

This will NOT be a date !

2. Online Domination

This is available for those subs,who wish to worship Me but are unable to come for One on one Sessions due to distance.

Its also for those who may wish to be owned/Dominated but due to inexperience or fear , they don't feel ready for a physical Session.

3.Personal Slave

If we have Sessioned together more than 4 times,you may request Me to consider you as a part time personal slave. ( NO,I DO NOT WANT A 24/7 LIVE IN SLAVE ) My answer will depend on how reliable you are,how dependable and of course,how generous.

There will be a STRICT 3 month training period,and if I am satisfied with your willingness to learn and obey,then I will draw up a slave contract which will include certain rewards,solely at My discretion.

For those who are too lazy or cheap to do the Sessions and make an effort to impress Me,and are looking at this as an excuse to waste My time and get free play ,think again.

Only those with a genuine desire and willingness to please Me will be considered.

My Hard Limits are:



Electro play

Needle play


Complete Nudity (Me)

Anything illegal


Height: 5 Feet 4 Inches

Stats : 40-33-38

Shoe Size : 9

I have strong and broad Feet with high arches

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