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I'm an Indian woman...seeking slaves to be beneath my feet.   Slaves that will obey, se
Female Dominant, 27,  Dubai, U.A.E.


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I'm an Indian woman...seeking slaves to be beneath my feet.


Slaves that will obey, serve, and be what I need them to be....

...whatever that may be.


No control, no decisions, everything about you will be whichever way I want it. 


Do not send a chat request if we have not even contacted each other.


Do not send one liners, tell me about yourself as a person and as a slave. 


If you are a man answer these questions, in this order, numbered.


1. Level of experience?

2. Willing to be chaste and cuckold?

3. Career/level of education?

4. Although, I am not seeking money/wealth. I do expect to be spoiled well, are you capable of that?

5. Where in Abu Dhabi/Dubai is your home, and how many bedrooms does it have (have roommates)?

6.Will concealing from family and friends be an issue?

7. Many slaves are offering me jobs as their secretary, "work" for them...and be their that possible for you?


....there will be more questions, but that is what we will start with. 


Offering me tribute does not sway me in any way, I am not a whore. Yes, I do expect to be spoiled slaves (in more ways than one), but if you think for some reason that offering me money will somehow make you worthy, I am not the right Dom for you. 


Do not be pushy.


Do not offer up your yahoo or your skype in your first email, does not interest me, I get dozens of emails a day, I will keep communication on here until I consider you worthy.


Females, something different is expected of you. What are you looking for?


I will expect skype or phone verification with female slaves rather quickly, as there are so many fakes on here.


That is all for now...







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