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*Babygirl looking for her Daddy* I'm only interested in DaddyDom's younger than 35. Sorry, I'm
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*Babygirl looking for her Daddy* I'm only interested in DaddyDom's younger than 35. Sorry, I'm just not attracted to older men. No, I will not suck your cock just because you heard about it and want to experience it yourself. You have to earn that. Unless you're my Daddy, then you better fucking enjoy receiving as much as I enjoy giving and receiving. I am an oral addict. However, I do accept oral and butt rubs. I'm not interested in an online relationship. I like real relationships with real ppl I can touch and kiss.


What I'm looking for: A *monogamous Daddy Dom who is funny and caring and likes to go out but doesn't mind staying in and watching Netflix. He can talk openly about anything and hear anything without judgement or repercussions. He can be intellectual or people smart or maybe smarter than me. He is adventurous and always up for trying anything at least once. I want someone who encourages me to be better and do what makes me happy. He is also sexually adventurous and non judgmental. I have a very deviant mind, so being with someone non judgmental and open is very important to me. For example, on occasion, I like being a submissive cuckoldress and telling my Daddy how well this bull's cock is stretching my tight cunt. I like asking him if I'm doing a good job of pleasing the bull. What would be even hotter, if we were sharing the bull and his cum. I like being a slut for Daddy.

*monogamous for me means he is emotionally monogamous to me with occasional 3+somes


What I want: A kind, caring, often stern, naturally dominant man who will love me, cherish me, and put me in my place when that needs to happen. I want to be able to sneak under the covers with someone at night knowing that I feel protected, appreciated, respected and adored. In return, I hope I can make whomever that happens to be feel the same way. I enjoy the domestic discipline aspect of this lifestyle, and am seeking someone with a similar mind frame--someone who I won't "have" to submit to, but who I will want to submit to. Someone who I will go out of my way to make happy, despite the sacrifice that doing so may take.


Profile: It has always been difficult to find a sex partner that I enjoy being with. Even harder to find a life partner that I don't grow bored and frustrated at sexually (and mentally). I'm drawn to a different style activities. But now that I know this perhaps I shall have more luck. I want my Daddy prince charming who is also that extra dirty pervert in the bedroom. I'm still that lil girl that wants the happy ending but have yet to settle. My curiosity scares/shames me sometimes and will always win. I'm 100% experimental and will try anything once...eventually. I love to be manhandled into position and told what to do. But on occasion in short bursts I will take control or you just let me think I am in control. Regular sex/play is fun but it is not something I seek. I need a lil' kink, that something extra. I'm not looking for one-timers or a fuck buddy. I'm more comfortable building a foundation of friendship and trust before playtime occurs. Though the occasional uncontrollable lust takes over my body sometimes ;) I like some pain. I love pleasure. I love some pain with my pleasure. I like the gentle sweet touch than can turn not so gentle or sweet without warning. I crave and love caresses and foot massages since I always give them and it's hard to give one to myself. :( I'm a bit naïve and shy. I'm not a scholarly sophisticated socialite. I don't keep up to date on the latest fashion trends. I could care less what is going on with celebrities. Politics are boring and "it's all just a little bit of history repeating". I love to make people laugh (usually at my expense).

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