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I crave humiliation, degradation. I lust after a master who ambushes me, catches me off guard,
Male Slave, 25,  Tampa, Florida US


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I crave humiliation, degradation. I lust after a master who ambushes me, catches me off guard, takes me by surprise, challenges me, makes me feel small. I am looking for a long term online master but am open to short term domination should it work better for you. A bit about myself: I am 25 and live in the eastern United States. I weigh 169 and am about 5'11'' in height. I currently work in retail and make enough money to pay the bills but not much more. I am bisexual, have had sexual relationships with girls only, and thus am a virgin with guys. The thought of taking the step of being with a guy physically is frightening yet exotic and enticing. I've had online relationships in the past with masters of all types and thus have some idea of what turns me on as a subservient. Likes: CBT. pain. humiliation/degredation. bondage. online exhibition via cam4/omegle/chatroulette. computer control via (having master control my computer/pretend to be me/type as me as he has me serve other masters/complete strangers). baby oil/ice/wax play. Interests/worth exploring: anal. shaving. cum control. piss play. Soft limits: cum eating, blackmail. Hard limits: Real life public. permanent. scat. I'm also very interested in social control/ forced exhibition for strangers. This could mean you controlling my screen, forcing me to watch certain videos or making me perform for others on cam4/omegle or chatroulette. Additionally,I would be willing to give master the password/control of the following accounts to mold my online slave presence and control me 24/7: getdare, chaturbate, skype, yahoo messenger, craigslist, yahoo email and collarme. You could chat with my Skype/Yahoo contacts from your computer and I wouldn't be able to read your conversations. Post an ad on craiglist and then reply yourself to the responses. I am willing to serve anyone of any time zone and country, with the understanding that the best hours for me to cam are from 10pm to 2am EST. Skype: bitchboi88 yahoo: calibkid15

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