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7/13/2008 7:32:17 AM
Go to your room......  
"I'm going to give you a spanking. Go to your room and pull down your  
panties" Josh told Lela.  
Josh loved to watch Lela walk, her long legs, her ass. She was  
wearing a royal blue skirt with a purple flower print that came to her  
mid-thighs and a light blue sleeveless top. It was a warm day in the  
late spring and the skirt was thin and he could see the curve of her  
bottom under the skirt as she walked.  
Lela went up stairs to the bedroom and piled the pillows in the  
middle of the bed. She got on the bed, kneeling in from the the  
pillow pile and reached under her skirt to slip her panties down to  
her knees. Her sheer burgundy string bikini panties would not have  
lessened the pain of the spanking she was going to get if she had left  
them on, but Josh insisted in spanking her bare bottom, regardless of  
how sheer her panties were.  
After lying over the pillows she reached behind her and flipped her  
skirt up. Waiting like this, with her clothes on, made Lela conscious  
of her bare bottom, pushed up by the pillows under her hips, waiting  
for punishment.  
As Josh came into the bedroom he stopped for a moment to look at  
Lela. Her long hair flowed behind her head, a honey blond spill of  
hair over the dark bedspread. The pillows under Lela's hips pushed  
her bottom up, and her thighs were spread as wide as the panties  
around her knees would allow, showing the lips of her vulva. It was a  
position of submission that he loved, Lela ass presented, her pussy  
exposed, waiting to take her spanking.  
He got the ruler paddle, a rattan cane and the punishment strap. He  
laid the cane and the strap on the bed for later and knelt by Lela's  
left side. He caressed her bottom and bent down to kiss her bare  
cheeks. He let his fingers slide over her cheeks, down between her  
thighs to caress her pussy. He spread her pussy lips and slipped his  
finger inside her. She was starting to get wet.  
"Such a naughty little slut!" he told her. "Have you been thinking  
about the spanking I'm going to give you?"  
"Yes, Sir. And about afterward...", she answered.  
He took the paddle and rubbed it over her bottom, letting her feel  
the smooth wood.  
"I'm going to give you a good hard spanking, young lady", Josh told  
her as he patted her bottom lightly with the paddle.  
"I'm going to start you out with twenty strokes with the paddle", he  
told Lela. He patted her bottom again with the paddle. "It's going  
to hurt, but I want you to keep that bottom up for me".  
She arched her bottom up a bit more, offering her ass for the  
paddle. He began spanking her, the paddle cracking across her bare  
buttocks. As he paddled her, her bottom started to blush pink and she  
cried out, with a soft "ow" after each stroke. Although the paddling  
hurt, she kept her bottom raised, offered for the strokes.  
After giving her twenty strokes across her bottom he stopped to  
caress her, sliding his right palm over the curve of her cheeks,  
spreading her and caresses between the hills of her buttocks. She  
moaned and pushed against his hand as he caressed her clit.  
She arched upward as he patted her bottom with the paddle, signaling  
that he was going to continue her spanking. He began paddling her  
again, harder this time. The smack of the paddle across her bare  
cheeks was louder, as were her cries. As the sting built it was harder  
for her to stay still, her bottom raised and offered for punishment.  
After he gave her another ten strokes he caressed her again, feeling  
the growing warmth of her bottom.  
"You're starting to get red, my love, but I think that you still  
need another ten before I cane you."  
"Come on, bottom up" he ordered, when she did not immediately raise  
her bottom when he patted her with the paddle. When her bottom was  
offered again, he started spanking her. Her bottom was getting very  
sore and the pain was building. She squirmed, clenching her buttocks  
and pressing into the pillows.  
He caressed her, "You know better than that, my love." His hand  
moved between her thighs. "Now lie still and take your spanking.  
I'm going to have to give you five extra punishment strokes for not  
lying still."  
He gave her three more strokes to finish the set of ten. He let her  
rest a moment while he caressed her. "You have five extras coming",  
he reminded her. "How are punishment strokes given?" he asked her.  
She did not want to answer this question. "Extra hard, Sir" she  
answered softly, reluctantly.  
"Good girl. That's right, girls who clench and squirm get extra  
strokes, extra hard. I want you to count then out. Now get that  
bottom up for me."  
She arched her bottom up and he brought the paddle down hard across  
the lower curve of her cheeks. She cried out and counted "one". Her  
cries got louder as she took the paddle strokes, counting each stroke,  
until she had finally counted "five".  
The sheer burgundy material of Lela's panties was bunched up in the  
crook of her knees. Josh slipped Lela's panties off her legs. She  
spread her thighs as he caressed her, pressing against his hand. Her  
bottom was crimson and hot from the paddling.  
"Are you ready to take your caning?", he asked her as he ran his  
index finger over her slick pussy lips.  
"Yes, Sir", Lela answered obediently.  
"How hard should I cane you, my love?"  
"As hard as you want, Sir."  
"Shall I cane you hard enough to make you cry?", Josh asked  
"Yes, Sir", she answered softly, thinking about how much the caning  
would hurt on her already sore bottom.  
He moved his fingers against her vulva, rubbing her clit. "I love  
to make you cry when I spank you", he told her.  
He picked up the rattan cane and tapped her bottom with it,  
measuring his stroke. She moved her thighs together, relaxing her  
buttocks to take the cane.  
Josh caned her slowly, giving her five or ten seconds between each  
stroke, letting her to feel the burn from the cane.  
After giving Lela ten strokes he gave her a chance to rest as he  
caressed the welts left by the cane, caressing her between her  
buttocks with one hand while he caressed her pussy with the other.  
After a few minutes he started to cane her again, starting another set  
of ten. He spanked hard, the cane whistling through the air, leaving  
a red welt as it fell across her bottom or upper thighs. Lela started  
crying after the first few strokes. When he stopped caning her,  
Lela's bottom and the tops of her thighs were lined with cane welts  
over the crimson blush left by the paddling.  
He took off his pants and briefs. His cock stood out hard and  
He kissed her neck. "Almost done, my love", he whispered in her  
ear. "I want you to take twenty strokes with the strap across that  
lovely caned bottom. Can you do that for me?"  
She sniffled softly. "Yes, Sir. May I have the cock afterward?"  
"Yes you may, but you're going to get another five strokes for  
being such a greedy slut and asking for it."  
"Yes, Sir"  
"Good girl. Now I want that bottom up. I'll give you fifteen  
strokes and then you can have a break and then final ten", he told  
He loved the way she looked, her crimson, welted ass raised and  
presented for punishment. He brought the strap down hard across her  
buttocks. Soon she was crying again, but she lay still and took her  
spanking, her ass raised, offered for the strap.  
When he had given her fifteen strokes he put the strap down and  
moved behind her. She spread her thighs and arched up a bit more.  
Her pussy lips were slick when he spread then with his fingers,  
sliding his cock into her. She was still crying from the spanking  
as he took her. He caressed her neck and shoulders as he gently  
thrust into her, her cries turning into moans. After a few minutes he  
pulled out of her.  
"Please, Sir..."  
"You still have ten strokes, my love" he reminded her. He picked up  
the strap. "Now, bottom up"  
She raised her bottom. He raised his arm high and he brought the  
strap down hard, cracking across her bottom. Lela's cries joined the  
crack of the strap and tears were soon seeping down her cheeks. She  
kept her bottom up, crying into the bed, when Josh finished spanking  
her. He moved behind her again. When he slid into her he found her  
very very wet and he felt her heat as he thrust into her, harder this  
time, his thighs pounding hard against her hot sore ass. She braced  
her arms against the wall at the head of the bed, her head down,  
pushing her bottom up, taking his cock deep inside her.  
When he had sent her to the bedroom to get ready for her spanking,  
this was the part that she thought of. She loved the burn of the cane  
and the kiss of the strap across her sore ass as she cried. But it  
was the final delicious punishment of his cock as he took her hard,  
while she was still crying, that she thought of as she pulled her  
panties down and lay over the pillows to wait for her spanking. Still  
crying, she came as he took her hard.  
Go to your room...... "I'm going to give you a spanking. Go to your room and pull down

7/3/2008 12:34:30 AM
Bad Girl........  
Megan missed her Master, Alex Reinwright, desperately. He'd left hurriedly that morning with just a light kiss on her cheek, a cup of coffee in one hand and his briefcase in the other. Usually they would shower together and He would tease her, but the power had gone out in the night and Master was running late. She'd received a call from him, telling her that He would be stuck at the office late. She'd complained but relented when she realized her Master was not in the mood to deal with a moody, pouting girl. Still missing Him, she laid down on her bed, almost fully nude.  
She ran her hands over her body, sighing softly, letting her fingertips trail lightly up her stomach to play with her nipples, gently pulling on them and twisting them between her fingers. The open window let a warm breeze blow in, caressing her body. She allowed one hand to move back down her body, and pause between her long, open legs, which were encased to the thigh in black silk stockings, each ending in a lacey cuff, four inches above her knee. The other hand slipped under Master's pillow on the bed, pulling out a vibrator he'd left there the night before. She let the hand between her legs hover a moment, before allowing it to spread the lips of her wet sex. The other hand, guided the vibrator inside her waiting pussy, as she pushed it inside herself. She moaned quietly, as if the walls had ears.  
Pushing the vibrator deep inside herself, she started fucking herself, building up speed and pressure until she was slamming the buzzing little toy deep inside her hot, wet sex. She moaned loudly and opened her eyes as she came, her breath suddenly sucked from her lungs as she focused on her Master leaning in the doorway, arms crossed, watching her. The look on his face put ice in her stomach.  
With a calm, level voice, he asked her, 'Enjoying yourself, my pet?' His eyes locked on hers, and she could see both the disappointment and the anger behind his cool demeanor; anger at her for breaking one of his rules. Suddenly aware of the buzzing toy still in her hand, she moved to turn it off. Quicker than lightning, her wrists were clamped in his strong hands. Taking the toy out of her hand, he turned it off and set it on the nightstand. She could feel his hot breath on her ear, as he whispered in her ear, 'You know you're not allowed to play unless you ask first, pet. And under no circumstances, are you allowed to cum without permission. If you choose not to follow my rules, fine, but you best be ready to receive your punishment for your infractions. Get up.'  
He pulled away from her and she knew she was in trouble. Quickly she stood before him, her head bowed, her cheeks on fire. Her nakedness was pronounced by his being fully clothed, and she quickly became aware of this as his eyes raked across her body, her creamy white skin contrasting with the black stockings still on her legs. 'Bend over the bed.' His voice was hard. She trembled as she hurried to carry out his command.  
He strode around the other side of the bed and grabbed her arms, tying each one to the corresponding post on the bed, stretching her over the king sized bed. After walking around to the other side of the bed, he ran his hands over her shoulders and down her back, gripping her hips and slapping her ass briefly before, sliding his hands down her legs, and pushing them apart. He tied each ankle to the posts of the bed just as he had her wrists, forcing her to be bent over completely at the waist, and stretched as far side-to-side as her legs would go.  
He stepped back to admire his slave, stretched out, ready for her punishments. He tried to ignore the stirrings in his loins, his cock becoming aroused. Stepping away, he rummaged through the drawers next to the bed and fished out a ball gag, which would keep her from begging, but would still allow him to hear her screams. He pushed it roughly past her sweet, soft lips, which lightly kissed his fingertips, then carefully buckled it behind her head, being most careful to avoid getting her long honey-blonde hair caught in it.  
'Are you ready, My pet?' he asked, pulling her head back by her hair, eliciting a moan of slight pain from her. A muffled whimper was her answer to him. He released her hair and stepped away, admiring the long legs and tight, firm ass in front of him. Her milky white skin would soon be burning with his ministrations.  
Grabbing a cat-o-nine tails, he teased her, running the leather wrapped handle over her still wet sex, probing, pressing against her clit, making her gyrate her hips. He laughed. 'Aww, such a dirty little slut. You're such a whore you try to fuck yourself on the handle of the instrument of your punishment.' His words made her face burn, even as he rubbed her clit. Pulling it away from her, he gripped the handle in his right hand, and swung hard, the leather straps licking at her soft, smooth skin. It took a moment before the pain registered, and a muffled scream escaped his pet.  
'Oh poor little pet. Did that hurt?' She nodded. 'Good! Trust me, before this night is over you'll wish that all I'd done is whip you with this little toy.' And with that, he placed blows above, below, and all along her ass, making her scream and cry, turning the skin bright red. He stopped and admired her, setting the cat-o-nine tails on the floor. He heard her sobs, more of humiliation at having to be punished rather than at the punishment itself.  
'Trust me, slut. That was just a warm up.' He laughed harshly as he watched her body shudder under the bonds.  
She hung there wondering what her Master had planned, knowing that no matter what it was, she would love it and hate it at the same time. Hate it because she deserved it, and love it because he did it because he loved her; because he knew she loved the pain, the way he was careful to leave his marks, but never permanently upon her body…only upon her heart and her will.  
She was drawn from her wonder by the swish and crack of a crop, landing on her back. She screamed bloody murder, knowing the gag would only make it sound like a small shriek. He ignored her screams, letting the blows rain down on her back as she jerked under the crop, pulling against the bonds. He was careful never to hit the same spot twice so each slap of the crop bit into fresh, soft flesh. He stopped long enough to let the tip of the crop trace down her back, over her thighs, and around her anus, then down to her sex; he teased her, stroking her clit and her inner sex, making her moan.  
'Do you like that, you slut? Huh? Do you?' He growled. Her moans grew louder. 'That's it you little whore. Beg me to fuck you.' She pleaded with him from behind her gag. All he did was laugh cruelly. 'Do you really think you deserve to be fucked yet? I sure don't.' And with that, he swung the crop up through her legs, letting it bite into her inner thighs and her sex, making sure to slap it across her clit. With this new sensation, his slave's screams grew into screams of sheer pain.  
'That's it you fucking slut! Scream your lungs out. No one can hear you.' He continued to lay crisscrossing marks across her thighs as she screamed and pulled at her bonds. He laid a final, brutal slap to her clit and dropped the crop on the ground. He watched as his lovely slave struggled to regain her composure, choking back sobs.  
'Stop crying or I'll really give you something to cry about, whore,' he said calmly as he untied her legs and pushed her into a kneeling position on the bed, then crossed her ankles, binding them, and tied the ropes around her bent knees, pulling them wide apart so her sex was completely exposed. He undid the ropes tying her hands down, then bound her wrists together and threaded the rope through an eyebolt in the ceiling, pulling her up ramrod straight, her breasts thrust out due to the slight arch in her back, her nipples like small round pebbles. He fastened a leather blindfold over her eyes, and unbuckled her gag, letting have a moment's reprieve from it. He leaned over and whispered in her ear; 'I want to hear you scream, pet. Don't disappoint me.'  
She felt painfully stretched. Her shoulders ached already and her thighs felt tense, stretched open farther than she'd ever been bound before. Encased in darkness, she relied on her ears to know what he was planning. She heard the swishing of material as her Master removed his clothing, dropping it on the floor, and a soft scratching then whooshing sound, and smelled the acrid odor of spent sulfur. She panicked, knowing what was coming next.  
Even though she expected it, the melting wax landing squarely on her nipples was a shock and she screamed. She felt his weight settling behind her on the bed as he kissed her neck and stroked her clit with one hand. He dripped more wax on her breasts, making her moan and scream at the same time. He pinched and pulled on her clit, and separating her sex, moved the candle down and poured wax into her, letting it burn on her clit, eliciting a gut-wrenching scream from those soft lips. Not even pausing he let the wax continually pour over her thighs, her sex, her clit, everywhere that she could feel the hot burn of the wax. Her screams turned to moans; even through the excruciating pain, she was getting pleasure. She felt an orgasm building and knew that if her Master didn't stop soon she was going to come.  
He pressed himself tight against his slave. He delighted in her screams and moans, trying to hold himself back, but still getting aroused. He was harder than he'd been in a long time, and wanted so bad just to fuck his beautiful little slut. He blew out the candle and leaned back to set it on the night table. Coming back to his painslut, he ran his fingers over her body, making her whimper with longing. Quickly he gripped a nipple in between the index and thumb on each hand and pulled them hard, twisting as he did so. He kissed her neck as she moaned in wanton lust. His breath was hot on her ear as he whispered 'Cum for me, my beautiful slut.' He slid his hard cock between her legs and pushed himself inside her tight, wet, delicious sex.  
She moaned, a sound that was music to his ears, and he felt her tightening even more against him as he slammed inside her, still rubbing her clit with his fingertips, pulling lightly on the delicate clit ring. He pushed her over the edge, and she came hard, her sex clenching tightly around his cock, her juices flowing over him. She screamed out his name, and that's all it took. He slid his hands up her chest, and placed them around her throat, as she yielded to him, trusting him; he squeezed slightly as she came again, making her gasp for breath as he himself came, shooting his hot cum inside her. Right before she thought she would pass out, she felt his hands loosen and she sucked in deep breaths, knowing he'd never let her actually get hurt.  
She felt him slide away from her and slip under the covers. 'You'll stay there until I feel you've become properly apologetic,' he said, chuckling as he heard her whimper. He had no intentions of leaving her there overnight, but she didn't need to know that.  
She listened to his breathing become softer and she cried softly, ashamed at having broken his rules. She cried harder, knowing she'd disappointed and hurt her Master; she sobbed as if her heart were breaking.  
He lay listening to her in the dark. It tore at him to hear her in pain and finally took pity on her. He cuddled her from behind and whispered softly in her ear. 'Don't cry, My pet. You're forgiven. You know I can't stay mad at you, my lovely, precious slut.' He undid the ropes binding her and pulled her to his chest, holding her. She cuddled him, sliding into bed with him, pressing tight against his body. He lightly brushed her hair off her forehead and laid a soft kiss on her forehead, then on her lips.  
'Sleep now, My darling. All is forgiven.' He watched her relax, letting sleep take her away. God, how he loved her. She lay silently with a small smile on her face. He felt sleep overcome him, and slipped his arms protectively around her. As he drifted off, he heard her mumble through a half-sleep, 'I love You, Master.' He smiled and whispered back, 'I love you too, my Dearest'Bad Girl........ Megan missed her Master, Alex Reinwright, desperately. He'd left hurriedly t

6/30/2008 4:46:48 PM
Offic Work.........  
It was about 10 am in the office, and I was looking over the picture and descriptions of three girls. Three very cute girls that most likely, would all want to be one of my girlfriends. I most likely would accept all of them, as long as they all were above 18. Sadly, one of them, Allana, wasn’t. She was 17, going 18, but still, the law is the law, until you can bypass it someway. But until then, I used to have to wait.  
Used to.  
Allana was one of them, a cheerleader by genetic design. She looked athletic and had a great figure.  
I smiled. Yep, two of them would be my girlfriends, but I will be fucking all three, sooner or later. Allana, I have decided to add her to my collection.  
There was a knock on the door, and the door swung open before I could look up. I already knew who the person coming through the door would be.  
She walked in, and I was right.  
Emily, a tall slender blonde was walking towards me, her body swaying in a beautiful motion. Her blue eyes matched mine, something I liked about her, I am not sure why. Then again, maybe because she was just so beautiful, and that she was my secretary.  
“Good morning, Michael.” Emily greeted.  
“Good morning.” Emily was the only one who didn’t call him ‘sir’, at least not in his office. She was carrying no files or any information at all, simply because she was not here to present him with anything. Smiling, she walked over, and then around the desk as I spun on my chair towards her. The blinds were already drawn, and usually always are.  
When she got close to me, she began to undress, quickly pulling off her vest that surely she was itching to do, before tearing off her bra and tossing it to somewhere behind her. She then pulled down both her pants and her panties at once, over her high heels and tossed them on top of her blouse, vest, and bra. I myself was up on my feet, pulling my pants down towards my ankles. Then, as I pulled my chair over, Emily moved over to the desk and looked down at the pages, as I settled behind her.  
Smiling, she began to bend her knees and move her body downwards, as I held on my dick and positioned it with my right hand, whilst I held onto her waist with my left. Slowly, she lowered her body down further and further, until her pussy lips were touching the tip of my dick, which was already oozing precum. Carefully, she lowered her body down further, pushing my dick gently into her pussy. About half way, I pulled my hand out and held it onto her waist as well, then pulled her straight down, pushing the rest of my dick into her pussy.  
Her head cocked upwards a bit as she let out a gentle moan as I did so. Carefully, I reached up with my hands and grabbed her breasts, then began to massage them as she turned backwards and we kissed. As we did so, Emily grinded her pussy in a gentle rhythm against my dick, pulling and pushing my dick in and out very, very gently.  
I smiled and gave her breast a quick pinch with my left hand, and her whole body jolted. Even with my tongue in her mouth, I managed a small snort, showing that I was playing with her, although I was sure she knew.  
Finally, we pulled away from each other and she turned back towards the front. Then, bringing my hands down to her waist, I moved her up and down against my dick, fucking her harder and harder as I went on. Since you were already exciting me, it wasn’t long at all before I pulled her down hard against me and as Emily moaned, I ejaculated into her womb.  
I knew that this was the time of the month for her as well, and she knew as well, but I didn’t care. That last ejaculation there might have impregnated her. It might sound crazy, but if it was, then we’d most likely will be marrying soon.  
It was not as though we never thought of it; we just never got around to planning.  
People might call me crazy for doing so, most likely explain to me that she was a gold digger and everything, but I know better. Yes, people would wonder how would I know?  
Well, it was very simple. Still is.  
Emily and I, we’ve known each other since Middle School. Believe it or not, we then went to the same High School together, when we officially were lovers, and then went to the same University.  
So I did have some history with Emily, and back when we were first lovers, she did not know anything about how rich my family truly is. Plus, hers was quite rich as well, so this really is true love between us.  
And as for the slaves, she also knew of them and every once in a while, when she stays at my place, she would sometimes use them as well.  
In fact, I wasn’t the one who asked her to help me find more slaves. One day, she must have founded out, and then took her own initiative to find me new girlfriends, and potential slaves. The first one ever she found me, Rebecca, is one of the best slaves I own. She actually lives with me in my bedroom, and pretty much is the second best thing to Emily, although the gap is very, very large.  
Emily knew it too, so she didn’t really care.  
We’ve always been like that, ever since High School. While she herself never sees other boys, I could see whichever girl I want, and fuck them if I wanted to, even with Emily in the house as well.  
And whenever I watch porn, well, if she’s there, she’d watch with me, and whenever there was a new position we’ve never tried before, well, she wouldn’t hesitate. The only thing that she doesn’t want to do, although she doesn’t care if anyone else performed with me, was oral sex. She just didn’t like to suck dicks, and well, she said she never did try.  
Which wasn’t something that bad, for me at least. I myself don’t really want to have girls blowing me, if we were going to kiss, or develop a long term relationship, the latter only applying to Emily. It just feels… strange, to kiss someone whose mouth you’ve just cummed into.  
But everything else, she was fine with.  
“So which girl do you want first?”  
That snapped me back to reality.  
“Well… I am guessing you know who’ll I want to keep as a slave. Can you bring her to the mansion later in the afternoon? If I’m not there yet… well, you know what to do.”  
“Sure.” Emily replied. “So what about your newest girlfriend?”  
I looked through the two remaining photos again. Laura and Sarah, both beautiful. Emily really did know how to choose girls. I decided to look at the statistics for them again. Laura was slightly taller than Sarah, being 1 meter 68, whilst Sarah was 1 meter 66. Both, as usual, was no where near as tall as Emily.  
Emily… she was just too perfect.  
If her family’s company didn’t go bankrupt, I am sure that she would be in the same position as I am in now. Heck, maybe if we were not lovers, she would actually decide to open her own company, and be in the same position as I am now. Despite being a secretary, she had committed so much to the company, that I have no idea how much better of we are, compared with her not being here. Sometimes I felt that I was the one who is lucky for being in this relationship, not her.  
Anyways, I continued checking the two. I have checked over so many girls that they both looked really fine to me… it was a hard choice. And, they both had brown hair, although Sarah’s was to shoulder length whilst Laura’s was past that, not that it mattered much. They both had blue eyes as well, which was, well, a strange coincidence.  
I took a closer look at their name, and realized that they shared the same last name.  
“That’s right.” Emily replied. Suddenly, her body moved up and then thumped down again, onto my dick, sending excitement coursing through my whole body. “Hihi…”  
I simply smiled and held onto her waist harder. “You are a naughty girl, do you know that?”  
“I do, so aren’t you going to punish me?”  
I smiled as I slipped my hands underneath her thighs and carefully pushed the chair back and stood up, pulling Emily’s legs up with me, resulting in me holding Emily at the knees, my throbbing dick still in her pussy and her body against me. I moved my hands further to each side, and Emily’s body was forced closer to my body.  
Slowly, I brought her out from behind the desk and carefully walked around it, towards the center of the room.  
There, I lowered my body down, and then angled my body to bring her down. When her legs touched the floor, I letted go and settled Emily down on the floor. As I stand up, she immediately sat up, before moving her body over her legs and settled in a kneeling position, with her elbows and knees anchored to the floor, pushing her ass upwards into the air.  
“Spread your legs a bit more.” I ordered, and Emily compelled, moving her legs further apart sideways to reveal her ass hole, and also so that I could fuck her better. I kneeled down on my knees behind her and scurried forwards, until I was at the optimum position. Then, I placed the tip of my dick against her ass hole and began to push in slowly.  
A lot of the slaves I owned liked a particular type of sex, and done a particular way. Of course, for ones like Rebecca, she just loved my dick in any hole she had in her body.  
For Emily, although she is not a slave, she liked it depending on where I was poking my dick into. For her pussy, she loved it hard. For her ass though, she preferred it slow and gentle.  
So that was what I did. Slowly, I brought my dick into her ass, deeper and deeper and deeper until I cannot push any further. As I did this, she had let out a continuous moan, which only ended when I stopped. Once again, slowly, I pulled it down and Emily continued to moan again, all the way until it was almost fully out, before forcing it in again.  
Usually, I liked to fuck my slaves hard, especially in their ass hole, and especially when they least expected it. That was what gave me the most excitement. But for Emily, I just don’t know. Maybe it was her moaning that made it felt so good, so good that it was only seconds before I blew inside of her, spraying my cum into her, again.  
As I pulled out, she let out one last moan, before flopping down on her side. And then, on her back, holding her legs upwards.  
I grabbed her legs and pulled her up as I leaned over her body, pushing my dick into her pussy. Then, placing her legs over my shoulders and instead, holding onto her waist, I began to fuck her, gentle at first, but then I increased the speed and fucked her harder and harder and harder until her breasts were flapping up and down against her chest, whilst her moans became incoherent. Another surge of excitement swelled up inside me as I forced my dick into her pussy and pulled it out again, rubbing it against her flesh, poking at the opening of her womb.  
Again and again, until finally, I reached my climax again. As I held hard onto her waist, Emily let out a beastial moan and my dick sprayed semen directly all over her womb.  
Both of us panting, I pulled my dick out and she relaxed a bit, bringing her legs down to the side, so that her pussy was still clearly visible.  
I smiled and, still panting, poked my index finger over her womb, causing Emily to jolt. “Hey!” She protested, but I simply smiled and poked it again, causing her legs to move in a bit. But we were just playing around, so she soon relaxed again. I poked it a third time and semen squirted out of her pussy, spraying over the floor.  
“Yeah…” Emily replied, using her hands to push her body upwards. This caused even more semen to flow out of her pussy, down over her ass, and onto the floor. She probably knew I would have done this, since I placed her on the wooden floor and not the carpet. Probably, she realized it the moment I poked her, and just protested for fun. But she also realized something else. “I hate you!”  
“What?” I could not stifle a laugh anymore.  
She pretended to look cross, before carefully pushing her womb to let out more of the semen. We both know, of course, there was plenty left inside. She just didn’t want it to be flung all over the office room.  
Once a small puddle of semen had accumulated on the ground, I stood up and walked over to where her clothe was, and carefully picked them up. Then, I brought them over to Emily and carefully, she picked her panties out of the pile, before turning it inside out and using it to wipe the semen on the floor, until there was no clear spots left.  
Then, still pretending to look, cross, she pulled it back on, followed by the rest of the clothe. I too was walking over to my bundle and pulled them back on. Heck, I was most likely going to get rid of them again very soon, when my new girlfriend comes.  
Finally, when both of us were done, we pulled in for a quick kiss, before I went back to my desk and she went to stand in front of it.  
“So, what have you decided?” She asked me, looking down at the pictures.  
“Well, I think I’ll call for both Laura and Sarah at the same time. I don’t think they mind, don’t they?”  
“No, I don’t think so.” Emily concluded. “But I’m guessing you’re going to be spending more time with them than you’d thought. What about Allana?”  
“Allana…” I thought for a moment. “Bring her to my place anyways. Directly to… there.”  
Emily nodded, understanding what I meant. “Well, in that case, I’ll have to leave work early. If you don’t mind…”  
“No, I don’t.” Of course not.  
“Then I’ll be taking my leave now. See you tomorrow!” Emily smiled and picked up the three pictures, before turning to the door and moments later, it was simply swinging to a stop in front of me.  
I sighed. Of everyone, Emily was still the best there ever is.  
Then, I began to do some work again, waiting for the knock to come. It wasn’t an hour later that it finally came.  
“Come in.” I had said and looked up, to see, as exactly as how the photos looked, Laura and Sarah walking in, lead by another of my employees. She was also beautiful… my father had quite an eye when he employed his workers; they were both beautiful and experienced. At least, the ladies are. I would have liked to fuck her at least once, but I knew better. She was wedded, and I did not like to destroy her life. For those who actually worked hard like her, I was fair. But for girls like Laura and Sarah… they were different.  
Nonetheless, they were indeed stunning just to look at. Although they were both wearing jeans and blouses, so that they would not seem ‘suspicious’ entering the company, I already knew what they looked like on the inside. I could imagine it clearly. I motioned my hand towards the two chairs in front of the desk and the two girls closed the doors behind them, before taking their seats.  
“So… how can I help you?” I began, placing my elbows on the desk, and my chin on my hand. They understood, of course.  
“Well, we are here to offer some… services.” Laura replied to him and glanced at Sarah. I too, glanced at her. Now that I was actually looking at her close up, I could see that she was rather different. Her expressions were different from Laura’s I could tell. A sudden idea crossed my mind, and I knew that the threesome would be impossible. I understood what Sarah was right away.  
“Hm… what kind of services?” I enquired them.  
Laura smiled and glanced sideways at Sarah. That was when I knew my theory was confirmed. Sarah didn’t want to do this… she never did. Nonetheless, she stood up anyways and placed her hand on her blouse, but I held up my own hand. “No, I want to see you explain.” I said, motioning to Laura. She seemed surprise, but nodded anyways. Sarah quickly let go and sat down, whilst Laura stood up.  
Unlike Sarah, who almost seemed clumsy, Laura knew what she was doing. Gently, she brought her body forwards a bit so that I could have a better look at her breasts, before unlacing her blouse and pulling the top part apart, and bending down even further, so that I could see everything underneath. Not to my surprise, she did not wear any bra. I guessed it from the start.  
“I see… I think I would really like your services… when can you start?” It was quite blunt, but I actually want to go into another topic soon.  
Another thing about me is, well, according to a lot of people, especially my butler, I have a twisted sense of morality. Like Sarah… I felt pity for her, and actually want to help, but for her sister… well, if I didn’t need to be careful who I choose as my slaves, I’d enslave her right away, and most likely beat the crap out of her for trying to her own sister into this business. Like I said, I am not as sadistic as my father, but I am, well, a bit, at least.  
“Right away, if you want to.” Laura winked.  
“Both of you?” Laura nodded and looked at Sarah. She took a moment, but nodded as well.  
“Well… I have to take care of some other business soon, so it can’t be long, not long enough for both of you anyways. How about this, Sarah, why don’t you come back later, in the afternoon? Don’t worry. I think I’ll want your services separately, at least for now.” I said to both, although it was mostly for Laura to hear.  
“Sure.” Laura smiled. “Do you want her around though, so that she can assist if needed? After all, my services includes absolutely everything… and one girl can’t do everything, can’t her?” Laura winked again as she bended further towards me. Already, I could see her trying to lure me in.  
“No, it’s alright. I want to see each of you, separately.” I stated, and although Laura was still smiling, inside she was most definitely fuming about her sister.  
“Alright then…” She gently turned back towards Sarah, and her sister stood up, before proceeding to leave. Laura then turned back towards me.  
“Well… don’t you have any preparations to do first?” I asked.  
“Oh, of course!” She exclaimed, knowing what I was talking about. Slowly, she backed away towards the door as I emerged from behind my desk and walked to the front. Quickly, I rolled up the carpet as Laura stripped off her clothes, and then I proceeded to cleaning up my desk. It was not untidy, but there were a lot of things there. Carefully, I brought them over to the drawer on the side of the office, placing them there. By the time I finished, Laura had already been waiting for a minute now.  
“Ready to start?”  
“Sure.” Laura replied, walking towards the desk as I walked over as well. Then, I stopped in front of my desk and waited there. Laura stopped too, before kneeling down in front of me and proceeded to undo my belt, unzip my pants and pulls it down, revealing my dick. I was almost having a hard on, and as she held her hand on it, it stiffened straight out at her face. Smiling, Laura placed her mouth around my dick and clasped down, before she began to suck on it.  
I admired how she moved her mouth over my dick so gracefully; creating gentle slurping noises every time she does so. Then again, that just meant she had done this to many others before me. Still, I didn’t care less. She was doing a very good job at sucking my dick.  
Slowly, pleasure began to build up inside me, and the feeling of my dick pressing against her mouth made my body more and more excited. As she continued to lick her tongue around my dick, I could feel the pressure slowly rising and rising, until it almost reached the climax.  
May or may not be a surprise to her, I grabbed the back of my head and pushed her into my crotch, brushing her face against my pubic hair. I reached the climax and my dick shuddered as it shot stream after stream of cum straight into her mouth and most likely into her throat, until it relaxed again and my body calmed down. I let go of her head and she pulled out of me. Surprised or not, she was still smiling. I must give her credit for that. She was very committed to her ‘job’.  
I then shifted my position, moving around her so that she understood what I wanted. Gracefully, Laura stood up and moved a step forward, before bending over my desk and spreading her legs, revealing her pussy.  
I smiled as I moved into position and placed the tip of my dick against her pussy, rubbing it up and down her pussy’s lips. I could feel her breathe shake a little bit, most likely from the excitement. Of course, these girls didn’t do this if they didn’t like it at all. Most of them pretty much loved having guys doing whatever they want to them. Laura was probably no different.  
I wondered if she really was prepared for anything as I grabbed her waist and moved her dick away from her pussy. She was probably waiting for my dick to be forced straight into her pussy now.  
But, well, I was going to surprise her. Instead of forcing my dick into her pussy, I lifted it higher up and then forced it straight into her ass. It went straight in, my whole dick slipping right into her ass hole and she let out a primeval scream, showing that she really was not prepared for anything.  
Her body shook hard, but I held on tight to her waist and pressed her body against the desk as I leaned down a bit more. Her legs were kicking for a split second before they stopped again, and she turned her head as far back as possible.  
“DAMN IT!” She shouted angrily. “What did you do that for?”  
I simply kept my smile. “I thought you said your service included everything… I can’t imagine it not including this…”  
She seemed as though she’d get off and walked out of the office right away, but she probably knew better. And she did.  
She let out a sigh and turned back towards the window behind my desk. “Just warn me next time.”  
“Alright.” I replied. I felt that this one time was enough to mess with her, so I wasn’t going to do it again anyways. Plus, it wasn’t as if it hurted that badly. There was plenty of saliva from her mouth acting as lubricant. If not, I don’t think it could even go fully into her THAT easily.  
Gently, I pulled my dick out and could feel her body shaking just a little bit. Maybe it did really hurt a lot. Well, either way, I didn’t really care. She was here to provide me with pleasure, and she knew it too. That sudden out burst would probably be the last she’d give, at least for now. She most likely was reprimanding herself for doing it, at all.  
Lowering my dick over her pussy, this time I actually fucked her there. She letted out a moan, similar to Emily’s but not giving off that much pleasure. I then continued to fuck her, slowly at first, but I went faster and harder with each time, as her moan too grew louder and giving me more pleasure. Once again, my body was surging with excitement as I continued to fuck her, until I reached the climax again. But unlike Emily’s, I knew she wouldn’t want the semen inside her womb. Actually, she might. Then she’d be able to marry me. Nonetheless, I didn’t, so I pulled my dick out and took a step back as Laura felt it and pushed herself off the desk, spun around and fell against the desk as she opened her mouth.  
With the last moments before my climax, she reached out with her hands and rubbed them against my dick, bringing more pleasure into me again. Two rubs later and I sprayed a stream of cum right over her eye, and then another onto her cheek, then another onto her forehead.  
As the cum trickled down over her eyes, she brought her mouth forwards and began sucking on me again, now using her hand to help stimulate me quicker. Bit by bit, as she sucked on my dick, I grew excited again and gave a gentle pull, signaling her mouth to let go of my dick. As she did so, she rubbed my dick even harder than before and I cum again, this time spraying it mostly all over her mouth at first, and then dropping some onto her breasts.  
Her breasts… I didn’t get a chance to squeeze them. Well, it was too late now, as the cum was flowing all over it. If this was my house, it’d be different, but here, I actually had to work.  
Nonetheless, I was satisfied, and I think she knew as well.  
“This is a very good service you are providing here…” I commented as I took another step back.  
“Thank you very much. I’d love to serve you again. Would you like to schedule?”  
“Sure… how about tonight? At my place? I’m sure you don’t have any trouble finding your way there…” I told her.  
Laura simply nodded. “Okay then. Shall I be bringing my sister as well? I’m sure she’d serve you very well this afternoon…”  
Ah, Sarah. “Well, I don’t think you’d need to. I think I’d require her service to go over time… she’ll most likely be there when you get there.”  
Laura nodded again, most likely thinking that I was thinking of a threesome. Probably didn’t matter to her. Probably she was gangbanged by don’t know how many guys before. Having sex with a single guy and her own sister most likely wasn’t anything, at all.  
“Alright then.” She said and waited. “So my service really is that great, eh?”  
Of course, I did not forget. “Yes, it really was. In fact, I’ll pay you double, if you won’t actually take a look at it until you leave this place.” I said, walking over to my stack of clothe, taking out my wallet and holding out a roll of money that was about 2.5 thousand bucks.  
“Sure!” She replied. Her face almost betrayed her emotions. Of course, how could she resist?  
I smiled as I dug into my wallet again and produced the same amount. Together, I rolled them into a single bundle, before placing them into a clear plastic bag, with a sealable opening.  
Then I walked towards her and spun her around. She didn’t react to that. Then, I bent her down and pulled down her pants. She almost reacted, but then I held onto her waist with one hand and pushed what was now a cylinder of money inside a plastic bag straight into her ass hole, using my finger to force it in just a bit further. I didn’t want to touch her ass hole. Not here at least.  
She finally reacted, but it was already done. I was pulling her pants up when she moved away from me.  
“Stop!” I yelled at her, and she did so. “If you want that money, you’ll have to leave it there. We had a deal, remember?”  
Suddenly it dawned on her, and she gritted her teeth, for a split second though. Then she forced herself to smile. “Oh, yes, I am very sorry. How very unprofessional of me.” With that, she pulled the rest of her jean up and turned towards the door.  
“Wait a second.” I stopped her, and she turned around.  
I walked over to her and brought my hand around her body, before grabbing her ass and poking a finger into her jeans, which then poked into her ass hole. I couldn’t exactly feel the money, but I could not feel it outside in her pants, so it was most likely still in her ass hole. I released her and stepped back. “Oh, nothing.” I stated. “That’s all. You may go now.”  
Still trying to keep a smile on her face, she turned around again and finally left for real. Despite, for sure, being angry, she was careful to go out with great care, so that anyone outside could not see me in here.  
Almost snickering, I went back to my pile of clothe and placed them back on, before reorganizing the office again…  
It wasn’t until 4 pm when there was finally a knock on the door again. I already thought it might take this long, as Laura most likely wanted to delay it for as long as possible, so that when they were to transfer over to his mansion, Sarah wouldn’t have enough time to do something stupid. But she was, most likely, afraid of me waiting for too long as well, so she didn’t dare push past 4 pm.  
“Who is it?” I asked, differencing from what I did in the morning. I wanted to know if Laura was there as well, before they actually go in.  
“It’s me, Linda.” Linda, that married employee that brought them up here in the morning. “And one of the two consultants from this morning.”  
Well, that was good. And I didn’t think that Linda thought they really WERE consultants either. She was not dumb.  
“Alright, bring her in.” The door opened again and Linda held the door as Sarah went in, seemingly even more nervous than she was in the morning. “Thank you, Linda.” I told the employee, and she nodded, before shutting the door and walking off, her footsteps bouncing off the tiles.  
Another thing I didn’t mention was that this room was sound proof, from the outside. The inside, could, however, hear everything that went on outside. The reason why I was having sex so freely.  
“You may sit down.” I gestured at the chair she sat down earlier, and Sarah complied, moving towards him slowly and carefully, trying to show that she was willing.  
“I-” She began to say something, but I cutted in.  
“I want you to know this. I do not want to have sex with you.” I was being very blunt this time round, and I wasn’t sure if she felt relieved, or hurt, or both.  
“Not that there is anything wrong with you.” I quickly added. “It’s just that the moment I saw you, I knew that you were not the same as your sister, is that correct?”  
Sarah looked up, but seemed unsure to what to say.  
“It’s alright, I understand.” I continued. I had this urge to help her since the morning, and over early afternoon, I devised the exact plans as to how it would work. “You really do not want to have sex with me, or any other men just to get their money. In fact, you want to study Uni, right? Don’t worry, answer me truthfully.” I asked, although I knew about her. I was just speculating though, although the speculations do have a basis. I’ve already seen enough to know how many things run.  
For a moment, it seemed that she would not answer due to fear. But finally, she nodded. “Ye-es.”  
“Good.” I smiled. “But I am rather sure that there seems to be no way out, especially with your sister around you, is that correct?”  
Once again, she nodded and the look down. She seemed to think that I only sympathized with her, but she’ll still have to suffer under the hands of someone else.  
“I want to adopt you as my sister.”  
Her head rose up so fast I almost flinched. But I knew it was rather from surprise, not eagerness.  
“Don’t worry, I’ll explain it all to you, and I’ll show you how it would benefit you. I will, absolutely for certain, not take anything from you. I just want to help you, believe it or not. I have already seen too many people like you fall down under the hands of people like me… not me, I’ve never did anything to anyone who deserved better. I am sorry to say this, but your sister, like many others, actually wants this. It’s clear that you didn’t, and since all the other cases fell into other hands, I couldn’t do anything about it. But you… I want to help you…” I was speaking the truth now, looking into her eyes as I told them. I think she could feel it as the atmosphere seemed to lift, she being more ‘normal’.  
“But to judge by yourself that I am only trying to help you, here, I will provide you with all details necessary.” I said, and began to take things out for her to read. For the next hour, we went over things. Well, it’s mainly I told her things, but finally, at past 5, we were done. All that was left was for the lawyer, which I summoned during that hour, to have her sign everything.  
It was hard to have her accept that she wasn’t doing something morally wrong by becoming my adopted sister, but finally, I got her to sign the legal documents, and she was now legally, my sister.  
And together, we went back to the mansion. She didn’t have anything with her, but didn’t really have anything she wanted from her home either, so there was no problems with that.  
Once there, it took us a short time to settle her in, since there were quite a few guest rooms prepared already. I simply needed to convert one of them into a proper bedroom, which was done in the afternoon.  
And she was really surprised when she went into her room. It was very large, and there was pretty much everything there, from cosmetics to shoes to clothing. It was now 6:30, and according to the schedule, Laura would be coming at 7:30.  
I couldn’t wait until then, as a sudden thought crossed my mind. I would love to see Laura’s reaction, when her sister was not hers anymore, and she was living a much better life than Laura would ever dream off, starting with not having to be a sex doll for some random person.  
And as I went around my mansion to check on everything, the butler was ordering the others around to clean up the place and preparing the meal, and Sarah was having a bath inside her room. No doubt she was still not sure about all this, but hopefully, no matter how fast or slowly, she would understand.  
At about 7:15, we settled down for dinner. The staff already ate, before we arrived, and the whole long table only had two seats occupied, the one at the very end, which was mine, and the one to the left of it, where Sarah, dressed in a beautiful gown, was sitting.  
About 15 minutes into dinner, one of the servants poked her head over the dining hall’s door and said that someone was here to see him, and had scheduled it. From the sound of her voice, she was puzzled and thought that there was a mistake, since I was, clearly, eating. But I actually wanted Laura to see this. So I told the servant to bring the guest in, and we stopped eating to wait. About 30 seconds later, the servant came back, standing to the side to guide Laura in. When Laura first appeared, she appeared very happy, smiling like she had never smiled before. But when she saw Sarah eating the delicious meal prepared, I knew her smile faded a tiny bit, at least compared to how much her spirit did.  
“Good evening, Laura. Care to join us?” I asked, and Laura’s smile went back to its fullness. I bet she was thinking that she should have known, that her sister did managed and now they both were getting rewarded. I was actually just making her think that she was right, so that later on, when I reveal the secret, she’d be furious. Right after fucking me.  
“Sure.” Laura replied, and I gestured at the seat to my right. She proceeded over and, after a maid pulled the chair back, she sat down and the proper plates and cutlery were placed in front of me. I then talked, trying to avoid the topic about her and Sarah. She seemed to pick it up as well, and thought that the servants did not know what was going on.  
They knew though. They knew that I had a lot of girlfriends, and liked to have sex with them all over the mansion. They also knew that I wasn’t going to try to sleep with any of them, although some still couldn’t quite believe it, yet.  
Finally, we all finished our meals, and Sarah was the first to stand up, being lead away by a maid to elsewhere. Laura most likely thought that Sarah was being lead to my room, but I knew that Sarah was just being brought on a tour around the mansion. Then, I stood up and lead Laura away, as the servants cleaned up.  
Silently, we made our way out of the dining room, and the moment we were outside, she tried to reach into my pants. I quickly stopped her. “Not yet…”  
Laura simply smiled and turned away. Together, we made our way into the main hall, up the staircase, and walked through the corridor and finally, into my room, the largest bedroom in the mansion. There was even more here than in Sarah’s room. Nonetheless, the bed area was surprisingly empty, which I have left deliberately so, so that I can have a lot of room to maneuver in, when I have sex.  
I then closed the door and turned to Laura, who looked just a bit slightly worried.  
“Where’s Sarah?” She enquired.  
I smiled. “Oh, she’s coming later. I just want to spend some time with you alone first.”  
Thinking she’d catch the drift, Laura smiled and made her way towards the bed, untying her blouse on her way. I followed her, taking off my own shirt. As she sat down on the edge of the bed and took off her blouse, I moved in front of her and began taking off my pants. Laura quickly reached out to assist me, and together, we pulled my pants away, revealing my dick throbbing at her face.  
Immediately, she wrapped her mouth around my dick and started sucking on it. I closed my eyes as pleasure rushed through my body, feeling her tongue every time she bobbed her head forwards. Reaching out, I held my hands over the back of her head and began to control the movements myself. I couldn’t resist it.  
Before I realize what I was doing, I was already pulling her head forwards, forcing my whole dick straight into her mouth. Laura didn’t budge, and instead continued to suck on it as her eyes peered upwards at me. I looked back down at her, and that was it. My dick shook as it sent stream after stream of cum straight into her throat, forcing her to take in every ounce of it. The feeling was so good that I had to take a moment, before I could finally let go of her head and pull my dick out.  
To my surprise, she did not gag or cough from choking on my dick, though I was sure she did not anticipate me pushing my dick in. The only thing she did do was continue to smile at me as she reached for my dick again. This time, as she straddled it, Laura moved her face under my dick and brought her mouth over my balls, sucking on them with her mouth and licking the surface with her tongue, moving each from side to side.  
Once again, pleasure overloaded me, and my dick was throbbing again. She seemed to know it, but kept on sucking on my balls as her hands moved all over my dick, rubbing delicate fingers over each inch of it, and using her index finger to just massage my foreskin gently, and, once in a while, rubbing it against the opening of my dick. I quickly approached my climax again and my hand instinctively grabbed for her hair. But instead of me forcing her head onto my dick again, she letted go of my balls and brought her face back to millimeters from the tip of my dick. Then she grasped my hips and dug her whole face into my groin, bringing my dick so far into her body that her whole face actually completely pressed against my groin. Grabbing onto her head with both hands, I let out a roar and once again, pumped her with semen, shooting stream by stream deep into her body.  
When I pulled away, I was panting like crazy. But it simply felt too good, and as I looked at her body, I wished that I had sprayed some of my cum all over her.  
Laura was sitting there on the edge of the bed, hands by her sides, smiling at me. Even with her bra on, her breasts looked absolutely beautiful, exactly the way I remembered them from earlier today. Then, slowly, she reached behind her and gently undid her bra, before quickly throwing them to the side. She then reached down to her skirt, but I was faster.  
I lunged forwards and held onto the lining of her skirt, which slightly surprised her, but not much, and not for long. Gently, I pulled both her skirt and her panties upwards towards me, forcing her legs to move up as well. When I almost got them over her feet, I reached down with one of my arms and clasped them around her legs, whilst removing the remains with my other hand. Then, with both hands, I clasped each of her legs just above the ankle and pushed them gently towards her body, leaning down at Laura as I did so, until her thighs were pressing against her stomach and I had gotten onto the bed, my body pressing down on her whilst my legs went around hers.  
Gently, I moved my body down until I could feel the tip of my dick pressed against her pussy’s lips. Carefully, I moved her legs apart just a little bit to see her face. She was smiling at me. I smiled back and thrusted my dick into her pussy.  
Immediately, Laura letted out a tender moan, and then broke into a continuous one as I brought my dick in and out of her pussy, gently fucking her body. All the while, I kept my hands on her legs, pushing them against her body. Slowly, I began fucking her harder and harder, making her moan louder and louder. Pleasure rose up in me again, and I knew I was about to cum again. But I also knew that cumming in her pussy was very risky as well, so I instead pulled out of her, causing her face to look puzzled. Then I moved my body down a bit and moved my dick up and down until its tip poked into her ass.  
This time, Laura didn’t smile, but instead looked disappointed. She most likely wanted me to cum in her womb, so that she could get pregnant with my baby, and, well, I would be forced to marry her. Well, at least that was what a lot of my girlfriends wanted.  
With the tip of my dick inside of her ass hole, I was quickly reaching climax with out realizing it. Careful and slowly, I inserted my dick into her ass hole. My dick was throbbing so hard that I did not know if I could make it the whole way in or not. I didn’t care about what Laura thought, so I simply thrusted the rest in.  
The moment I got my whole dick in, I could see her face tighten, but I couldn’t contain it anymore. My body shuddered as my dick throbbed, and as Laura’s moan almost became a scream, I released the load of cum into her ass. For about half a minute, my dick was spraying stream after stream of cum straight into her ass. At first, she was still moaning, and then it slowly silenced as she brought her index finger into her mouth, playing with it. Her face reddened with pleasure, and only then did I realize that she loved it in her ass. Maybe that was why she tried to avoid it as much as possible.  
She was a very, very good actress indeed.  
I pulled my dick out and once again fucked her ass hole, thrusting my dick in a bit harder each time. Laura’s delight was now very, very evident as she seemed to just completely lose it. Her expression seemed to be completely real, and for the first time, it seemed that I was the one who was giving her more pleasure. I didn’t care though, just the better later on.  
Fucking harder and harder, with each time Laura piping out a strange sound, I quickly reached my climax again and as I forced my dick in hard for the last time, she let out a careful shriek as her eyes narrowed in pleasure, and as I sprayed her ass, she closed her eyes and let out one final yelp. For about the next 10 seconds, my dick continued to shoot semen into her ass, getting slower and gently as the seconds ticked. Laura too seemed to loosen herself up with each second, until finally, her body was completely still. Her finger fell out of her mouth, and her eyes were completely closed now.  
Slowly, Laura’s turned side ways, and when I leaned close, I could hear her breathing harshly. Smiling, I slowly pulled my dick out of her ass. At first, her face tightened a bit, but as I continued to pull out, it loosened again, until I had my dick completely out, a stream of cum following it out.  
Carefully, I moved away from her body, using my hands to gently bring her legs out and straightened it, all this with Laura barely noticing. Her face was still red, and her body was still unmoving. Then, I moved my hands under her arms, brought them carefully up her armpits and carefully lifted her body up from the bed. It easily lifted up, her whole body limp with pleasure, and then I moved her further up the bed, gently placing her down as her whole body moved onto the bed. Moving away from her, I began admiring Laura’s body in full detail. Her left hand was already starting to move back towards her mouth, whilst her right was moving towards her pussy, or more likely, her ass hole, since her legs were beginning to spread as well.  
I stood there for another few minutes, before finally deciding to proceed.  
I moved around to the side of the bed, then, after clambering onto it, I carefully held onto her arm and legs, slowly flipping her onto her side. As I did so, Laura’s breathe began to come out faster and harder, and her body stiffened a bit and her right hand moved away from her ass hole. Once she had completely rolled onto her side, I released my grip and her body loosened again. But before her hands could move away, I laid down onto the sheets and moved myself so that I was on my sides as well, my body easily pressing against her back when I wanted to. Slowly, I slipped my right hand around her right arm and my left hand over her left arm, bringing them around to grasp her body towards me. Luckily, she did not wake up, and so I proceeded to move my dick forwards, brushing the tip of my dick against her ass until it found the ass hole. Gently, I pushed it into her ass hole. From behind, I could not see what her expression was, but I knew she was still pleased and in her own world. Once I got my whole dick in, I brought my arms harder around her body’s bringing her hard against my body.  
I think she might have woken up as her body might have shook, but I think she felt my dick in her ass and lost herself to the pleasure.  
Gently, I moved more of my body over hers, now wrapping both of my legs and arms around her in a tight hug. My face dug into her neck, breathing air down her back, but I think she didn’t care. She just loved it too much. And I was just too tired to move. With both of us in that position, we both drifted into a deep sleep, which I knew would not last long, seeing how I had told Sarah to come at about 9:30. I didn’t know what time it was right now, but I couldn’t care anymore.  
I don’t know how long it was, but my eyes blinked wide open the moment the knock came. I didn’t jump out though, because I had told her to wait outside until the door was opened. According to the plan, we were supposed to get dressed and then come out to meet her.  
Carefully, I leaned over her body, unwittingly pulling my dick out, along with a stream of cum with it. Laura’s body shuddered and she turned onto her back, me backing up so that she could do so. Laura was still deeply immersed in her sleep, and I don’t think she knew that I had pulled out. I don’t think she knew I had left it in in the first place for don’t know how long.  
I turned towards the door and wondered how to do this. I knew that Sarah most likely knew anyways. I don’t think she was surprise that I was going to fuck her sister tonight. And judging from Laura’s state, she was better to be left as is.  
So I got out and, finding Laura’s panties, wiped my dick with it, until it was completely clean. I then tossed it back onto her skirt and smiled. There was no harm in a bit of fun. Then, I went over to the closet and opened it, pulling out a blanket and dragging it over to where Laura was. Carefully, I placed it over her naked body, covering it up to her neck. Then, I went to gather my clothe, put them back on, took a moment to clear myself, before opening the door.  
I must have taken like 10 minutes or something, but Sarah looked very patient. She was standing right outside, calmly waiting for me.  
“Hi.” She smiled, surprising me.  
“Hi there.” I said, opening the door wider open. “Come on in.” I told her as I stood to the side.  
Sarah walked in and immediately noticed Laura on the bed. I simply went to stand next to her to look at Laura as well.  
“I… er…” To be truthful, I haven’t actually exactly thought what to say to Sarah when she would see her sister yet. I should have, in that ten minutes, but I didn’t.  
“It’s alright, I expected this.” Sarah replied, but I could hear in her voice that she was a bit disappointed.  
With nothing to say, I simply walked to the side of the bed, followed by Sarah, and together, we stood next to Laura.  
Gently, I lowered my head down to Laura’s ear and whispered her name. To my surprise, she moaned. I couldn’t look at Sarah, but I just couldn’t keep myself from wondering if Sarah was really disappointed by now, or not.  
I quickly drew my head back and a few seconds later, Laura’s eyes finally opened.  
“What… happened?” She asked as she moved her whole body at once, no doubt feeling her ass throbbing. That must have completely woken her.  
Blinking wide awake, she scooted upwards against the top of the bed, kicking the blanket off in the process, revealing her whole naked body. I glanced to the side at Sarah, but she betrayed no emotions.  
Laura then turned towards Sarah and I, and I could not believe it, but Laura blushed. She quickly grabbed for the blanket and pulled it over her body, covering up to her shoulders with it.  
“Sarah!” She half-shouted, looking rather fearful.  
I didn’t understand why though. Laura must have actually taught Sarah some things, and that would have required them both to be naked, at the same time. Laura shouldn’t be fearful. She should be angry.  
On cue, Laura’s expression changed. “What are you doing here!” Laura yelled at her sister. “Why haven’t you stripped your clothe off yet!”  
Once again, I glanced at Sarah, and she was showing emotions, I just didn’t know which. But I guessed that I should take the initiative.  
“Sarah… I have adopted her as my sister.” I explained.  
Laura’s eyes widened, which I expected, then, her face seemed surprise, which I also suspected, but then she smiled, which I didn’t expect at all. “Wow… lucky you, sis!” Laura exclaimed, eyeing Sarah up and down. “So that’s why you’re still dressed… in something like that.”  
I was puzzled at Laura’s tone. She had now became a sister, a true sister than cared for her younger siblings.  
“I guess you achieved what I always wanted, but in a much, much better way. Good job!” Laura continued, but I could feel the pain in her voice. Suddenly, I felt guilty of thinking that Laura simply was using her sister. Laura, in fact, cared about Sarah.  
“I…” I began, but didn’t know how to continue. Luckily, Laura knew. She turned towards me and smiled.  
“Please take good care of my sister. She’s a good girl… much better than I was, and ever will be. I couldn’t do what I should be able to do as an older sister, caring for my younger sister, but you, please take care of her.” Laura said, turning her head slightly away. But I could still see the tear drops that she was trying to hide. “Well… guess I should be going then…”  
Slowly, she scooted towards the edge of the bed, the blanket still held to her body. She then stood up and went over to Sarah and stood in front of her, as if wanting to do something but couldn’t do it.  
But Sarah understood anyways. Tears streaming out of her eyes, Sarah wrapped her arms around Laura, placing her head over Laura’s shoulders. At first, Laura did not know what to do, but she quickly grasped her arms around Sarah, pressing the blanket against her sister’s body, revealing the naked body beneath.  
It looked a bit awkward, but it was a really emotional moment.  
I began to wonder if I had been thinking the right thing. All of my girlfriends, I have not even think about what they were doing could be to support others, siblings, children, family or any one else.  
But then again, a lot more simply did it for themselves…  
It just meant that from now on, I’d have to be more careful.  
As I watched them, the two held each other for quite a while, before Laura finally letting go.  
“Take care, sister.”  
With that, Laura took a step back and the blanket fell away. But I didn’t think it mattered anymore.  
Laura, who now were not keeping her tears back anymore, brushed them away from her face and went over to her stack of clothes whilst Sarah watched on.  
The moment Laura pulled her panties up, I knew she could feel the cum splattered all over it, but I don’t think she was angry. Nonetheless, the guilt I felt returned to me again. Watching as she placed the remainder of her clothe on, I can’t keep a single tear drop from falling.  
Slowly, she stood up and as a whole, we began moving away from the room, going on a silent journey all the way to the ground floor, and finally, to the gates of the mansion, opening up to the garden outside. This was pretty much good bye for Sarah and Laura.  
No, I had to do something. As Laura turned away from her sister and made her way out, I made a move and grabbed her arm.  
Surprised, she stopped and turned back towards me.  
“Look, Laura.”  
“It’s alright…” Laura smiled a smile of a sister, not of a whore who just had a dick inside her ass for who knows how long.  
I sighed. “Well then, if you ever want to visit your sister, just come by any time. You will always be welcome.”  
Laura smiled. “Thanks.” She then turned towards her sister, and they looked at each other for a long while. Then, Laura finally said good bye and turned around, before disappearing through the gates. I glanced towards Sarah and saw that she was crying. Despite not being able to see Laura’s face, I knew I’d see the same thing as well.  
As Laura went further and further away, until she disappeared from view, Sarah’s tears were growing more and more numerous.  
In a brotherly move, I held onto Sarah and hugged her, consoling her as I brought her back to her room. By the time we got there, Sarah had stopped crying and looked rather tired, which was not at all unusual. She had a very long day today. I stayed with her for a bit longer, with no intention other than to console her, until finally, I left for her to prepare for bed.  
A minute later, I was in my own room and undressing again.  
The night was not over for me yet.  
Picking up the blankets and clambering naked onto the bed, I laid down in the middle of it and paused for a moment.  
“Rebecca!” I called, and there was a small ruffle, before the flaps of the bed parted near the floor as a naked lady crawled out of it.  
Moments later, Rebecca, my most trusted slave climbed onto the bed and onto my stomach. Smiling, she slowly slid back and positioned herself above my dick. Gently, she rubbed her pussy lips against it, and my dick began to rise from its deflated state immediately. A few seconds later, and it was fully erected, pointing straight up into the sky.  
Smiling, Rebecca brought her body up and over the dick, before bringing it down onto my dick.  
Immediately, I felt the impact of my dick straight into her pussy. As I relaxed, Rebecca grinded her pussy against my dick, which quickly transformed into her ‘jumping’ up and down onto my dick. All I had to do was to stare at either her bouncing breasts or her blushing face as she brought her pussy down harder and harder each time, stimulating my dick until I couldn’t contain it anymore.  
On cue, Rebecca brought her pussy down much harder than before, and kept it there as I let out a roar, spurting cum into her womb. It went for quite a bit of time, before my body finally relaxed, and so did hers. In the upright position, some of the cum was already dripping out, but neither of us cared. Panting, Rebecca carefully lowered her body against mine, first touching the tips of her nipples against chest, then her breasts, and finally her whole body. The simple feeling of her body made my dick hard again, and I knew I’d cum at least once more before I would be too tired to stay awake.  
Lowering her lips against mine, we began to kiss as she grinded her pussy against my dick, gently until my body tensed up again and released another load into her womb, knowing that she could not get pregnant. Before we met, she had already had her oviducts cut, which was all the better for me, as I kept her in the room almost all the time, and fucked her almost everyday.  
Both of us panting, I grabbed for the blankets, pull it over both of our bodies, and then I settled down as she too relaxed, sprawling her hands to the side. I used mine to push her down a bit, so that my dick would remain inside of her pussy, and then brought my legs around hers. And then, I too sprawled my arms to the side and as her head laid down on my chest, we both drifted to sleep, both very very tired. No doubt that when she was underneath the bed, she must have masturbated when she heard Laura and me fucking.  
There was one matter that I did not attend to, which was Allana, but oh well, there is always tomorrow.  
Tomorrow…Offic Work......... It was about 10 am in the office, and I was looking over the picture and

6/19/2008 11:32:58 PM
Rod Stone, headmaster of Ripton School For Girls, sat at his desk and explained the policies and procedures of the school to Diana Willis.  
'Ripton School is a private, exclusive academy. It is not a liberal, permissive, open, 'progressive' school. We are of the old school. Here, at Ripton, we practice and believe in the traditional and classical. We are quite strict. We believe in and impose discipline. Infractions of the rules and requirements results in disciplinary action. There are certain things we will not tolerate: insolence, defiance, willful disobedience, unruliness among them. We are quite strict, swift, unyielding--and rigid, when it comes to discipline. The more blatant the infraction, the more serious the discipline. For the more serious infractions, we oftentimes impose corporal discipline.'  
Diana Willis nodded and looked at her daughter Nikkie and then spoke: 'Ripton School sounds as if it is just what is needed. I am at my wit's end. The problems I've encountered, that I've had to deal with, have been...' she sighed, 'overwhelming. I must tell you that in the past year, Nikkie has been suspended three times. Her teachers and school administrators report her as being unruly, insolent, defiant. She is just...incorrigible.'  
Rod Stone looked at Diana, studying her. She was ripe-looking, full-bodied, with shoulder-length ginger hair, violet eyes, and creamy skin. There was something about her that he thought he recognized; something in her eyes, mouth, expression that betokened a passive, submissive, perhaps even masochistic personality. He felt his prick stirring.  
He looked at Nikkie, sitting slouched and sneering by her mother. She had long sandy hair, green eyes and pale skin. She was quite pretty and well-built; but her posture, look, demeanor radiated sullenness, defiance and insolence.  
We'll see about that, he thought. We'll wipe away all that defiance and insolence from you, my dear. His cock stiffened.  
'Here, at Ripton, we specialize in incorrigibility, Ms. Willis. Or I should say, we pride ourselves in eradicating it. I assure you that Ripton Academy is the place for your daughter. Here she will pursue a rigid course of study, under strict rules of discipline. I assure you that her insolence, defiance and unruliness will be checked and purged. Your daughter will be shaped up--correctly.'  
Mr. Stone knew it would be only a matter of time until Nikkie Willis committed or violated an infraction or rule. She was simply too defiant and willful to abide the strict rules of the academy.  
He smiled and stroked his prick at the thought of taming Nikkie. She was just the right age, and she was quite pretty and well-built. He was going to enjoy himself with her. It was going to be a real pleasure to tame her, to whip her into shape....  
Alice brought Nikkie into Mr. Stone's office. He sat at his desk and listened as his assistant explained that Nikkie had refused to attend class.  
Alice had been Mr. Stone's assistant for quite some time. She was a very capable and valued associate to him. They had much in common and they shared the same interests, desires, and philosophy. Alice was in her late twenties; she had short light brown hair and ice-gray eyes. There was a sensual, cruel look about her. She was quite wicked-looking; big-boned and full-bodied with big breasts and a big butt.  
'Refusing to go to class is a serious infraction,' Mr. Stone said. 'One that cannot go without reprimand.' He nodded to Alice and she grabbed Nikkie by the neck and pushed her down onto the desk. Nikkie struggled but to no avail. Alice held her face-down on the desk securely.  
Mr. Stone opened a drawer of the desk and pulled out a wooden ruler. 'You are going to learn obedience, my dear. Your first lesson starts now.'  
He walked around the desk and stood behind Nikkie. He slid her skirt up and pulled down her panties. He feasted his eyes on her rump and legs. Her ass was nice-sized, rounded, smooth and lily-white. Her legs were full and soft.  
Nikkie squirmed and twisted, trying to hide her backside from him, trying to slide her skirt back down. 'No,' she exclaimed. 'No.'  
'Yes,' Mr. Stone replied. He brought the wooden ruler down on one of her rumpmounds, smacking it smartly.  
'Oww!' she cried in surprise. He immediately snapped the ruler down on her other mound. 'Ohh, unh!' she gasped at the sharp sting of it.  
He began snapping her butt with the ruler, smacking the full round smooth mounds. She cried out and moved and twisted her body, trying to escape the sharp stinging snaps on her rump, but Alice held her down tightly and she couldn't break away.  
Mr. Stone smacked her ass good and roundly, snapping the ruler all over her mounds. He then moved down to her legs and gave them a dozen good sharp smacks.  
She gasped and cried out and cursed.  
He whacked her rump and legs till they were glowing pink.  
'The more serious the infraction, the more serious the discipline, my dear,' Mr. Stone said. 'Remember that. You will learn discipline. Oh yes, we're going to teach you discipline. We're going to smack all the sullenness, haughtiness, defiance and insolence out of you. We're going to shape you up.'  
The very next day, Nikkie faced Mr. Stone again. She had been insolent to one of her teachers. This time Mr. Stone had her taken to The Discipline Room.  
Serious misconduct and 'misadditude' were treated in The Discipline Room. It was a chamber devoid of furnishings. Only two objects were in the room: a wide padded bench and a small padded barrel supported on a stand. Bars, straps and cuffs were built-in on the two objects as well as on the floor around them.  
Alice brought Nikkie in and led her to the padded barrel. She held her tightly and forced her down onto the barrel. Mr. Stone strapped her hands and ankles to cuffs. And there she was: stretched belly down on the barrel, her arms outstretched and cuffed to bars and her ankles strapped to the stand under the barrel.  
Alice slid Nikkie's skirt up and tucked it in and pulled her panties down. Her full-sized rounded rump stuck up, tempting and inviting.  
Mr. Stone handed Alice the instrument of discipline: a narrow but thick stiff leather paddle.  
'Insolence is a serious offense, my dear,' he said to Nikkie. 'We are going to paddle that insolence out of you.'  
Nikkie turned her head back and looked in trepidation and dread at Alice. Her lips were dry and trembling.  
Alice drew the leather paddle back and brought it forward. It landed squarely on Nikkie's right buttock, producing a loud smacking sound. She jerked and cried out. Again Alice drew back and came forward, right on Nikkie's left mound. 'Oh god!' the girl cried and squirmed and twisted.  
Alice went to town on Nikkie's rump, landing smack after smack on the girl's butt. Nikkie gasped and writhed and jerked. Alice's eyes blazed, she breathed hard and licked her lips. She gave the girl twenty good licks with the paddle.  
Mr. Stone relieved her. He took the leather paddle and stood behind Nikkie. The girl's firm smooth ass lay before him, so lovely, so tempting and inviting.  
'Get ready, my dear,' he said. 'I'm going to smack your full smooth ass. Going to smack the fire out of your lovely young ass.'  
Nikkie looked back, trembling. 'Oh god,' she whimpered.  
'Oh yes,' he said. 'Here it comes, my dear.' He drew the leather paddle back and swept it forward. It made a whooshing sound and landed on the girl's right mound.  
'Umphhh!' she gasped and winced and lurched forward. 'Oh no, no!'  
He came down with another smack. 'Oh god, it stings, it burns!' she cried. She writhed and squirmed, moving her butt around. That excited Mr. Stone even more. He began paddling her ass sharply, landing blow after blow on the girl's buttocks, smacking the mounds good. Her rump was now a glowing pink. He landed a smack on one of her full soft legs and she cried out and jerked.  
He began slapping her upper legs and thighs. The smacking, splatting sound the leather paddle made as it landed on the girl and the feel of the slapped flesh vibrating through the paddle to his hand and arm sent thrilling bolts shooting through his body.  
He paddled her faster and harder, smacking her legs and thighs and buttocks in a frenzy.  
The girl kept up a continuous gasping and crying, squirming and writhing.  
Her lovely full smooth ass was red; pinkish-red welts belted her legs.  
He gave her a total of fifty licks. When Alice finally led Nikkie out, she was crying and walking gingerly and mincingly....  
Alice led the girl into Mr. Stone's office. He rose from his desk and greeted her. 'Good afternoon, Jodie. How are you today?'  
'I'm fine, Mr. Stone,' the girl said huskily.  
He looked her over. She was a lovely little thing, with long raven hair, deep brown eyes, dusky-skinned, petite. His prick stirred and began to stiffen as he looked at her. She was so lovely, receptive and pliant; and she was in love with the rod; she loved being disciplined.  
Alice was quite taken with her. She had an arm around the girl's shoulder and occasionally stroked her cheek.  
'Are you ready to receive, my dear?' Mr. Stone asked.  
'Yes, I'm ready,' Jodie said.  
Alice guided the girl down to her hands and knees. She slid her skirt up and tucked it in and pulled her panties down. Mr. Stone noticed that Alice held two objects: a bamboo rod and a strap-on dildo. She handed the rod to him.  
He got behind Jodie and looked down at her upthrust rump. Ah, it was so lovely. So firm, compact, and dusky. His dick stiffened as he looked at the girl's bare butt. So delicious, luscious, tempting, inviting. And she wanted him to whip it; she wanted him to whip her ass good.  
He hefted the bamboo rod. It was eighteen inches long and a quarter-inch wide. He swished it through the air and it made a wicked whooshing sound.  
He touched the girl's rump with it, brushing it on her buttocks. She murmured and slowly rotated her assmounds.  
'Get ready, my dear,' he said. 'Here it comes.'  
He drew the rod back and then brought it forward, straight down on the girl's right mound.  
'Unhhh!' she gasped and hunched forward. He drew back again and swished the bamboo rod down on her left buttock. 'Ohhh!' she cried out and twitched and squirmed, moving her rump around in little circles.  
Mr. Stone then laid it on her, whipping her ass good, whacking her butt soundly and solidly. 'Oh, ah, unh, ah,' she gasped and panted, hunching and grinding her ass.  
His cock grew as he whipped the lovely girl. It throbbed in its stiffness.  
Alice was beside Jodie, caressing her back and shoulders as she stroked and rubbed the girl's breasts.  
Mr. Stone whipped that lovely rump, giving each luscious mound a dozen good sharp whacks with the bamboo. The girl clearly loved it. She hunched and rotated her butt and panted with passion. 'Ah, more,' she breathed out hotly and heavily. 'Give me more. Whip my ass good and hard. Ah, it stings and burns like fire. Oh, it feels so good!'  
Mr. Stone complied with the girl's wish. He whipped her fast and furiously, whacking the bamboo on her rump in a frenzy of snaps.  
His dick was now rock-hard, throbbing and aching.  
Alice took the dildo and strapped it on, got behind Jodie and grasped her securely around her waist. She moved her crotch up against the girl's butt and guided the stiff rubber prick to her pussyslit.  
The girl knew what was coming. She spraddled her legs and thrust her ass up to give Alice full access to her yoni.  
Alice strained forward, pushing the dildo into the girl's quim. 'Ohh, unh, oh Alice,' Jodie breathed out.  
'Oh, you sweet lovely pussy you,' Alice wheezed as she stuffed the rubber rod up the girl's quiff.  
Mr. Stone's cock stood out hard and pulsating. He got on his knees before Jodie and guided his peter to her face. 'Suck it, Jodie girl,' he hissed. 'Suck my dick.'  
She opened her mouth and he slid his prick between her lips.  
He clutched her head and stuffed his hard aching cock in her mouth. 'Oh yes,' he breathed out. 'Ah, your mouth's so wet and warm and silky smooth. Oh, you sweet-sucking lovely girl. Oh, you sweet hot cocksucker.'  
Alice fucked the young pretty girl, pumping the stiff rubber prick in her cunt, as Mr. Stone fucked the girl's mouth, thrusting his meaty dick down to her throat.  
'Suck, you sweet hot lovely girl, suck!' he cried out. 'Suck my cock. Suck, fuck, my lovely pet, suck, fuck! Ahh, here it comes now, my dear, now--cuming in your mouth. Suck my cum--swallow it--swallow every drop of it!'  
He panted and wheezed and humped as he squirted semen in her mouth. She sucked and swallowed and gulped his sperm down. Alice kept frigging her....  
Mr. Stone had Nikkie strapped belly down on the padded barrel in The Discipline Room. Her full smooth ass lay naked before him. His dick began to stiffen at the sight of the girl. She was so pretty and built good, with long sandy hair, emerald eyes, and pale skin. He exulted at the fact that she was strapped and helpless, completely at his mercy, her lovely ass outthrust, his to do with as he pleased.  
His cock hardened and began to throb. I'm going to fuck you, he thought. Yes, I'm going to fuck your sweet young pussy. But first, I'm going to whip that delicious ass.  
He lifted the rod he held. It was two feet long, thin and narrow, and made of leather. He drew it back and brought it forward--right down on her upthrust rump.  
She cried out and jerked.  
'Going to whip all the insolence and haughtiness and willfulness out of you,' he said. 'Going to whip the fire out of that lovely ass of yours.'  
He reared back and let her have it. He landed a sharp snap on her left buttock.  
'Oh god--unh!' the girl cried and writhed.  
He whipped her good and hard, laying blow after blow on her rump. She squirmed and twisted and jerked, cried out and gasped. Her rear end was now a glowing pink.  
He kept whipping her butt, snapping the leather rod down on her luscious ass. His prick was now hard as a rock, pulsating and aching.  
'Oh, unh, ooh, unh,' she panted and moved her rump around in circles.  
Could it be that she was responding to the whipping? Could it be that she was beginning to actually enjoy the leather rod smacking her butt?  
Mr. Stone gave her a particularly sharp slice on her right mound and she hunched and gasped out: 'Ah, unh, ah!'  
Yes, there was no doubt about it: she was responding; she was enjoying it.  
Her ass was now red, covered with welts. Mr. Stone looked down at her rump, on down to between her legs. Her pussy shone glistening and pink. His peter jerked.  
He gave out a groan and went down on her, rubbing his face on her butt. He kissed and licked her ass, then he moved on down to her cunt and began licking it; and then jammed his tongue in it.  
He tongue-fucked her good, jabbing his tongue in and out of her pussy. She moaned and rotated her quim.  
His cock stood up rigid and throbbing. He moved up against her rump and pushed forward.  
He strained and heaved his hard dick against her pussy. He gave out a cry of lust and pushed his prick into her cunt.  
'Oh yes, ahh, fucking you!' he gasped. He stuffed his prick up her quiff in one continuous stroke; then he began screwing her, frigging her tight humid cunt. 'Oh, you sweet fucking pussy you!' he huffed.  
'Oh, ah, um, ooh, ah,' Nikkie panted and moved her yoni back and forth. He rubbed and squeezed her tits and placed his cheek on hers. 'Fuck, Nikkie girl, fuck,' he hissed in her ear. Her cheek was hot and she stroked it back and forth on his. 'Oh yes, ahh, oh Mr. Stone, yes!' she gasped.  
He pumped his peter in that delicious cunt, screwing the lovely girl, fucking her good....  
Nikkie was in The Discipline Room strapped on the padded bench, back down and legs drawn back and spread. Alice laid it on the girl's wide-open pussy, whipping her quim with the leather rod; as Mr. Stone whacked her tits with the bamboo.  
'Oh god, oh Jesus Christ, oh, unh!' Nikkie cried and writhed. 'Ohh, it stings, it burns, unh, ohh!'  
Alice and Mr. Stone whipped her mercilessly, thrashing the girl's body with leather and bamboo.  
Alice came down with the leather rod right on Nikkie's cuntslit and the girl reared up and gasped out: 'Unh--ahh--umm--ahh!' Mr. Stone whacked the bamboo rod squarely on one of her breasts and she thrust her tits up and cried out: 'Ohh--ahh--unh--yes!'  
Alice ceased whipping the girl, and lowered her head between Nikkie's thighs. She commenced licking her pussy, running her tongue over the girl's quiff. Nikkie raised her pelvis up and mashed her yoni on Alice's mouth. Mr. Stone went down on her breasts, licking and sucking the girl's tits. She hunched her cunt, arched her breasts and gasped out: 'Oh, ah, oh god yes! Unh, ahh!'  
Alice strapped on the dildo and went to it. She stuffed the stiff rubber prick up Nikkie's pussy. Mr. Stone guided his peter to the girl's face. 'Open your mouth,' he said. 'Get those pretty lips around my cock.'  
He slid his dick into her warm wet silky mouth. 'Oh yes,' he breathed out. 'Suck it, my dear, suck every inch of it.'  
Nikkie bobbed her head up and down and sucked his prick as Alice fucked her cunt.  
Two weeks later and Diana Willis is in Mr. Stone's office. She has visited her daughter and is quite taken with the change in her.  
'It's remarkable. Nikkie is like another person. I can't tell you how pleased, how thrilled I am. She is completely changed. It''s just remarkable.'  
Mr. Stone looked Diana over. She was ripe-looking; full-bodied. Her ginger hair fell thick to her shoulders; her violet eyes were big; her flesh creamy; she had full thick lips. His prick stirred and began to stiffen.  
'It's discipline, Ms. Willis,' he said. 'Your daughter was only in need of discipline. It took a while, because Nikkie was very willful, haughty, insolent. But with the aid of certain techniques, we managed to shape her up. I can't stress too much the importance of discipline. We impose it on all the students, and it works. Discipline is the key.'  
'Well, in Nikkie's case, it certainly has worked,' Diana said. 'I just can't get over the change in her.'  
'As I mentioned to you before, Ms. Willis, here at Ripton Academy, we are of the old school. We believe in and practice corporal discipline. Of course at first the students object and resist, but as time goes by, they come to see that the imposition of corporal discipline is necessary and beneficial to them. They eventually come to see it as a positive thing; as a desirable thing. They eventually realize that they need to be disciplined, that they want it, that they desire it.'  
He studied Diana. There was a look in her eyes, her mouth, her expression that told him she was a masochist, that she wanted to be disciplined. He looked at her full creamy legs, and he pictured her ass. She has a big full rump, he thought. Big, soft, smooth, full ass. Umm, yes.  
'Would you like to witness our imposition of discipline?' he asked. 'Would you like to observe how we discipline our students?'  
She looked at him and he saw her gulp and run the tip of her tongue over her dry lips. Her eyes widened and she breathed out huskily: 'Yes--I would.'  
He smiled. 'Very well.'  
Mr. Stone stood beside Ms. Willis in his office and watched as Alice paddled Jodie. The girl was bent over the desk and Alice was paddling her ass good with the narrow stiff leather paddle.  
His cock stiffened as he watched the lovely raven-haired, brown-eyed, dusky-skinned girl's rump being paddled. She loved it too. Jodie hunched and rotated her butt and gasped and panted.  
He saw that Ms. Willis was affected too. As she watched Jodie being paddled, she had a wide-eyed, smoldering look, and she was breathing heavily, almost panting.  
After Alice and Jodie left his office, Mr. Stone took the leather paddle and brushed Ms. Willis's arm with it.  
'This is one of our instruments of discipline. It doesn't cause any real pain; it stings.' He stroked her hip with the paddle and moved it down and brushed her leg with it. She jerked slightly and twitched. Her eyes smoldered and her lips trembled; she was panting. She licked her dry lips.  
'Would you like to see how it feels? Would you like to feel the leather?' He stroked her rump with the paddle.  
'Yes,' she said huskily....  
Mr. Stone got Ms. Willis down on his desk. He looked at her big, smooth, soft ass, and his dick hardened.  
He placed his hands on her butt and rubbed and squeezed the mounds. 'Ah, such a lovely rump,' he breathed out. 'So big, soft, creamy, smooth. Umm, it was made to stroke, to rub, to smack.'  
He let her have it. He drew back with the leather paddle and brought it down squarely and smartly on her right buttock.  
She gasped and jerked. He reared back again and slapped the paddle on her left mound. 'Ohh--unh--oh!' she cried out and rotated her butt.  
He began smacking her ass good, snapping the leather on her plump rump. 'Oh, ah, umm, ah!' she panted and ground her buttocks around.  
He smacked her butt a good thirty times. She was hunching and grinding, panting and wheezing. 'Oh god, oh yes!' she cried out. 'Oh, it stings! Ah, it feels so good!'  
His cock was hard as a rock now, rigid and throbbing. He pulled her down off the desk, wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and pushed his crotch up against her ass. He thrust hard and dug his dick up her pussy.  
'Fuck, Ms. Willis, fuck,' he hissed.  
'Oh, ah, give it to me!' she gasped.  
He frigged her fast and hard, pumping his prick in her hot juicy cunt.  
'Ah yes, fuck!' he panted. 'Fuck your pussy!'  
'Oh, ah, fuck me, fuck me hard and rough!' she cried. 'I want it, oh Jesus, I want it hard and rough!'  
'You're going to get it, Ms. Willis,' he huffed. He rubbed and squeezed her plump tits as he pounded his cock in her cunt. 'You're going to get it hard and rough. Oh yes, going to whip and fuck you, going to whip and fuck you hard and rough!' Lessons....... Rod Stone, headmaster of Ripton School For Girls, sat at his desk and explaine

6/19/2008 8:19:44 AM
Doctor Is In.........Melinda paged nervously through a two tear old Newsweek, while waiting for the receptionist to call her name! She had just turned eighteen, and her mother had decided that it was about time she had her first 'female doctor's visit'! 'Good grief,' she thought to herself, 'she was in great shape, why in the heck did she need to see a gynecologist anyway!?!' It sounded just like a gun shot when a nurse poked her head out of the door leading to the examination rooms and said, 'Melinda, we're ready for you now!!!' On rubbery legs, she half stumbled through the door and followed the nurse down the hall to examination room three! 'My name is Nurse Owens,' she said with a smile, 'go in here and put on this gown, the doctor will be with you shortly!!!' Melinda took the pale blue paper hospital gown and went inside to change!!! Standing behind a small screen in the corner, she shucked her clothes and donned the flimsy covering and hopped up on the table to wait for Doctor Webster!!! She shivered a little, and wondered why doctor's offices always seemed so darn cold, you'd think with the prices they charged they cold spring for a little more heat!!! Out in the hall, Nurse Jeanne Owens collared the doctor and offered, 'Room three is a new patient, and she's a knockout, eighteen and just perfect, do you want me to run the recorder!?!' He smiled broadly at his trusty nurse and replied smoothly, 'But of course, it will be fun to watch her cum later on to night when were fucking, don't you think!?!'  
The door burst open and in strode a middle aged man of about fifty, who extended his hand and said with a smile, 'I'm Doctor Webster, and you must be Melinda, I'm very happy to meet you!!!' Melinda returned a weak smile and while shaking the doctor's hand replied, 'Thanks, it's nice to meet you, too!' 'So,' he asked, 'what do we have here,' as he looked at her chart that was lying on the desk attached to a clip board?!?' 'I see that this is your first exam,' he said gently, 'well don't worry, I'm sure everything will go just fine, so let's get started!!!' He put down the clip board and started checking the glands in her neck and working his way down, until Casually sliding the gown form her shoulders and using his stethoscope to check her lungs!!! It felt very odd to be sitting in front of a strange man with her breasts exposed, but he seemed not to even notice them, even though her nipples at shriveled up as the cool air caressed them!!! 'Lungs sound free and clear,' he announced while entering his findings on her chart , 'and your glands don't have any swelling, so that's good!!!' 'Okay,' he went on, 'now we'll check your breasts for lumps, do you do regular self exams!?!' 'Uh, no,' she said as the red rose in her cheeks, 'I-I've never done one!!!' 'Well you should do it at least once a month,' he replied, 'I'll have Nurse Owens show you exactly what to do after were all finished with your exam, now lie back down please!!!' Melinda closed her eyes tightly anticipating the worst, but as Dr. Webster began kneading and touching her breasts, she began to relax a little as her nervousness began to wane!!! 'You're a lucky girl,' the doctor said absentmindedly as he carefully checked each boob and nipple, 'you have very pretty breasts, but they're not so big that later on in life they would start to sag!!!' 'Mmmmmm,' he hummed, 'another good sign, you have an extremely sensitive nipple response, good, they check out a-o-k!!!'  
'Take a break for a minute, Melinda,' he said easily, 'I want to get all this down before we go any further,' as he sat down and began entering more data!!!' Just then Nurse Owens entered the room and offered, 'So, how's it going!?!' 'Uh, pretty good,' Melinda replied!!! 'We're just about ready for the pelvic,' the doctor said to the nurse, 'can you get her ready!?!' Nurse Owens had Melinda spread her legs and place her heels into the stirrups at the corners of the table! 'Already, doctor,' she said, 'while rubbing Melinda's arm softly!!! The doctor sat down on a stool and slid between her open legs and carefully began probing her virginal vagina with his latex covered fingers!!! While the doctor worked on her pussy, he offered, 'Oh, by the way, would you please show Melinda how to do a self breast exam, I told her that it was important that she do one at least once a month!!! Sure thing,' the nurse replied cheerfully, 'I may as well do it right now!!!' Very slowly, Nurse Owens began moving her fingers over every square inch of Melinda's still girlish breasts, while at the same time, the finger of Doctor Webster was becoming more and more insistent inside of her pussy!!! Melinda just lay there with her head spinning, unable to move as the two care givers slowly pushed her towards an orgasm!!!  
After a few more minutes of unbelievable tension, the doctor asked casually, 'You have very tight vagina, you must still be a virgin!!!' Know this was a question he expected to be answered, Melinda gasped, 'Y-yes, I-I'm still a virgin!!!' 'That's good,' he replied softly, 'it's better to wait until you're older, don't you agree Miss Owens!?!' 'Oh yes, doctor,' she answered smoothly, 'Melinda has a very pretty and responsive body that shouldn't be wasted on just anybody!!!' By now Melinda was panting overtly, and not caring a whit whether she was putting on a show for them or not, as she was sure that in a few moments she was going to have an extremely hard orgasm!!! Melinda,' the doctor asked quietly, 'it seems that your vagina is very much aroused, are you going to have and orgasm for us, dear?!?' 'I-I don't know,' she gasped, as the doctor flicked his finger over her little clit until she was right on the door step of a climax!!! 'Now, dear,' he said in admonishment, 'you must tell me what you're feeling, after all, I'm your physician!!!' 'A-all right,' she said while moaning openly, 'I-I'm gonna cum really hard, don't stop, just keep doing what you're doing!!!' 'Well, Miss Owens,' the doctor replied, 'I believe that our little patient is on the verge, would you please offer her a nipple to suck on!?!' 'Of course, doctor,' she said in a businesslike manner, while opening her white uniform, 'I believe you're correct, she definitely needs to have a nipple in her mouth to keep her relaxed!!!'  
By now Melinda was absolutely on fire, and never in her entire life had she been as aroused as she was at that very moment!!! Even though she had no lesbian tendencies in the least, she offered no resistance when the nurse pressed her hard hot nipple to her lips and ordered, 'That's a good girl, suck on it honey!!!' My gosh it tasted so good, now she knew why boys were so hopped up to get their hands on a girl's breasts!!! 'Melinda,' the doctor intoned softly, 'do you want to orgasm now!?!' 'Mmmmm,' she hummed, 'p-please, let me cum!!!' Taking her at her word, he let his hand slip from her cunt, only to quickly replace it with his hot tongue!!! 'Aaragh,' she groaned a the moment of impact, 'suck it, suck me off, do my clit!!!' Her pussy was now caught up in a climactic whirlwind whose only escape was to achieve a crushing orgasm, and that's is exactly what was happening!!! While her greedy mouth devoured the nurse's big nipple, her pussy contracted hard three or four times in rapid succession which of course was the precursor to a climax that soon lay her pussy totally to waste!!! Melinda lay on the examining table, a disheveled mass of quivering flesh that she was unable to control for the first few minutes following her cum!!! 'Just relax for a few minutes, dear,' the doctor said gently, 'I just want you to know that everything checked out just fine and we'll see you in about a year!!!' He then left the room leaving Nurse Owens helped her to her feet and lead her slowly to the dressing area so that she could put on her clothing!!!  
Later that evening, the doctor plowed his big cock into his nurse's hot pussy while watching the sweet young girl shuddering hard as her orgasm swept through her tight cunt!!! 'You were right, Jeanne,' he said between strokes, 'she is absolutely perfect!!!Doctor Is In.........Melinda paged nervously through a two tear old Newsweek, while waiting fo

6/18/2008 9:03:45 AM
Why are you crying? Shut up bitch. I'm taking what I want tonight! I'm sitting here still amazed, as I reminisce about the harsh words that I said to you last night. It seems that every now and then to prove my love, I must sometimes become nasty and beat the shit out of you while I rape your asshole. Last night was one of those nights where I felt it was time for some sexual bondage. As soon as you came home from work, I wasted no time grabbing you by the throat and throwing you to the ground. No hellos', no kisses to greet you. Just me taking firm control over your helpless body. 'Do you want this dick?' 'Beg for this dick women!' Down on your knees, you beg for me to fuck you, because tonight, you could see the look of seduction as you gazed into my eyes. I gave you only a few seconds to undress or you would have to face severe punishment. Two seconds over my time limit requires a serious ass whipping. I pulled off my belt and began to spank you for your sins. You seem to love the physical abuse being handed to you. You began to get very hot as your screams turned into passionate moans with each blow I delivered. I whipped your ass with enough force to leave contusions on your body. Your behind was red, but I didn't seem to care. 'Next time when I tell you to do something you better damn well do it.' 'Can I suck your dick?!' 'No' I said, since you still didn't deserve a taste of my hard cock. I wanted my dick in your mouth very badly. I could feel the same fire and desire that you felt. But I was determined to torture the hell out of you before giving you any of this hot beef injection. My madness was taking over my usual calm persona. I now have my belt tied tight around your neck, as I look deep into your eyes. 'Are you going to be a good girl and do what daddy says'! 'Yes Sir', you said! Still your words didn't convince me. Two hours prior to your arrival, I set the oven to broil, so I could rest your ass on top of the stove while I ate your pussy. Still bruised from your beating, the heat from the stove drove you mad, as I began to have my supper. Your pussy tasted very delicious! I had you screaming and creaming as I began nibbling then biting your clitoris. You can really endure pain honey, because even I could barely keep my hand on the hot stove that I made you sit upon. My tongue was way deep inside your pussy which caused you to have convulsions. 'You better not move', goddamit you better not move', I said to you. 'If you even flinch, you will suffer the consequences'. Just as I thought you would, you flinched. My tongue, and the immense heat from the oven made you loose control. I grab you by the hair, and admonish you as if you were my child. 'I thought I told you not to move goddamit!' 'I'm sorry sir'. 'Apologies will get you nowhere', as I sunk my fist inside your pussy hole to let you know I meant business. 'It hurts Sam, God it hurts'. The minute you started to enjoy my fisting, I pulled it out not giving you the satisfaction of cumming just yet. I broiled a pot of hot water and kept it nice and hot for the possibilities of you disobeying me. I love taking cups of steaming hot water and pouring it on your naked body. Hot enough to make you scream, but warm enough for you to feel the sensation. I started licking your wet body down from head to toe. 'Sam I'm starting to cum!' 'You better not cum women, I'm warning you.' I could feel the wetness of your pussy while I finger fucked you, still warning you at your attempts to orgasm. I'm now becoming partially annoyed watching you enjoy this punishment. In reality I love it, but my facial expressions remain as cold as the moment when you first walked in the house. With my two fingers fucking your pussy, you were begging for me not to stop. So of course, I stopped seeing that you were reaching climax.  
'You think this is a game bitch', I say to you after seeing a smile on your face 'No Sir', you tell me! Still your responses does nothing but make me want to take advantage of you even more. I give you a command. I tell you to go upstairs and maturbate, but still give the order of not allowing yourself to cum. 'If you cum I promise to make you suffer'. I stayed down stairs and jerked my dick thinking of the erotic episode we were in the middle of. Ten minutes later, I come upstairs and opened the bedroom door to find what I expected to see. You made yourself cum in a matter of minutes, and now you must pay. I take my cigarette lighter off the dresser and burn the tip of your nipples as you yell with excitement. 'You're going to learn to do as I say, or else'. I can see the tears coming down from your eyes. But deep down you want me to continue my display of torture. Once again your cries turn into soft moans, as I let the fire burn on your left nipple a little longer to make you scream loudly. With my belt still around your neck, I pull on it and give you a command to 'shut the fuck up!' Your cries can do nothing for you. I burn each nipple, since I indeed do love to taste them when their nice and hot. I give you the satisfaction of feeling my wet tongue cool your burning nipples as you continue to let out moans. 'I thought I told you to be the fuck quiet.' You just don't learn do you? Do I have to fuck your asshole until you shit on my dick? Well do I? 'Please give it to me, give it all to me', you tell me! You are now hot enough where you deserve a big piece of my love. My hard dick fucks the inside of your ass, while I pull on the belt that's wrapped around your neck. What a slutty bitch you are! You love it when I choke you and stroke you all at once? The more I smacked you on your ass, the more you seem to give me all the asshole I could handle. Since you love screaming so much, I bit you on your back as hard as I could to leave my mark. You are my bitch, and I got the teeth marks to prove it. If you ever gave my pussy away you would drive me further over the edge than I am right now. 'Do you like Jay', I asked you? 'Did you like fucking Jay?' 'No sir', you replied. I retort by saying, 'You lying bitch'! The annoying thoughts of you fucking someone else made me fuck your asshole at a ferocious pace. I spread your ass cheeks open wider and give you all 9 1/2 inches of what you've been begging for all night. The tightness of your ass feels so good, almost as good as fucking your pussy. I hope you realize everytime you scream my name it makes fuck harder and harder. For a second there I thought I was trying to split your asshole wide open. Making your ass wet was one thing, but when I felt you shit on my dick, I knew I had did my damage. I take the belt from around your neck, and spanked your ass all the way to the bathroom. 'Get in the shower and clean yourself up' I ordered. Since you have shitted on me, I have no other choice but to piss on you, I mean that's what you deserve, and that's what you're going to get! It felt as if I was cumming when I began pissing on your body. I think I could get use to this kind of shit. You nasty whore, peeing on you only seems to drive you further into a rapturous state. My dick is still hard as a rock and ready to shoot a heavy load inside your pussy hole. I lift you up in my arms and place you under the shower while I fuck you as hard as I could. The water drowns out your screams as you spit into my face. That was a bad move you just made. Is this water hot enough for you, as I turn the knob up a little. You want to be so goddam bad, well this is what you get. This is much hotter water than previously, you really feel warm vibes as the water rains down on your beautiful wet body. I take the pain like a man, as you bite my chest so I could feel the pleasure and pain you felt. Even after all your abuse, you still fuck with such vigor and confidence. Baby you are indeed the best fuck I've ever had. Nothing could compare to the feeling I get from my dick going in and out of your pussy. My hands caressing your ass, my legs weakening, but still refusing to let go. 'Ouch bitch, you bit my lip and made me bleed.' I release you from my arms only to choke you while I roughly kiss on your lips and make you taste my blood. Making love to you this way has me so excited! I choke you until you can't breath, then loosen my grip as you gasp for air. 'What bitch, you can't breath with my hands around your neck?' 'Well get on your knees and choke on this!' I draw my hand back as if to slap you if you didn't do as I say. You got on your knees and did as I command. With my dick fully erect, you grabbed it and slowly inserted it into your mouth. First you started gently with the tip of my head, sucking and slurping on my hard cock like I ordered. Not giving you the satisfaction of seeing me moan with pleasure, I withhold all my sexual excitement inside, not letting my outside show how much I love your lips around my cock. You are able to get most of my dick deep down your throat, which was all that was needed to make me shoot cum right in your mouth. If you didn't swallow, I threatened to deliver a blow that would have made you wish that you did. Of course you know I could never hit you, but in my crazed state of mind, it would be unwise for you to disobey. Damn, you must like being tortured, because you swallowed some, but not all my cum like I asked. 'Get out the shower bitch!' I take you to the bedroom and tie you up and blind fold you. Your ears become your vision, as you can only imagine what I have in store for you now. Your inquiries only made me gag you so I would no longer have to listen to your voice. I used my ole trusty nipple clamps to make you a slave to my every command. I put clamps on your nipples and stretched them to the point where you could feel the immense pain. 'Will you learn to obey me women'? 'I can't hear you!' I took away the gag from your mouth to hear incessant replies of 'yes sir, yes sir!' I think that painful adrenaline rush made you a bit tired. You no longer had anything left. I untied you since I knew you were now mine for the taking. You were now ready for some passionate love making. As you lied helpless, and weak, I fucked your pussy for at least thirty six minutes. Driving my hard dick inside your pussy, with your legs behind your head. It gives me deeper penetration when I have your legs open as wide as I can get them. You came at least three times during that short time span, making you fall asleep in my arms. I licked your beautiful wet twat as you slept. I just love the taste of your cum. Actually I Iove making you cum, it makes my day seemed fulfilled. I continued to stay awake with an erect dick, as I fondle my balls thinking of this beautiful night. It might be awhile before I get the guts to put you through anymore pain, even though I do somewhat enjoy being in control. You played the role beautifully. Sometimes I could tell by your eyes that you really weren't sure how crazy I could have been, especially when I brung up 'Jay's' name. I finally fell asleep with your bruised body held tightly in my arms. But I could still feel the kiss you placed on my lips, later on, thanking me in your only little way for one hell of a night. I guess you truly indeed like it rough. I know I do!During our next episode, I promise to give it too you even rougher, if that's what your body truly wants.... What could we possibly think of next?! Rough........ Why are you crying? Shut up bitch. I'm taking what I want tonight! I'm sitting

6/14/2008 8:26:37 AM
Mine!............Lynn is a beautiful, voluptuous young woman whose last boy friend left her for Ally McBeal or someone who looked like Ally. Some people do stupid things even when they have it made. Lynn enjoys living and loving and I enjoy making love with her. The last time I called on her she came to the door completely naked, with her large, beautiful titties pointing at me. I caressed her and hugged her and kissed her passionately on her warm, full lips. We hurried off to the bedroom with me removing my clothing along the way. Seconds after we arrived in her bedroom we were both completely naked and in my four-poster bed.  
Lynn lay on her back and I took one luscious titty in my mouth. I kneaded it with both my hands and licked the nipple. I switched back and forth between the beautiful twins, kneading and licking. Lynn purred with contentment at what I was doing. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of one beautiful globe as I could into my mouth, clamping my lips tightly but gently around the soft flesh. I applied gentle suction while licking the nipple and tracing the areola with my tongue. Lynn was purring louder now, and I took the other succulent globe into my mouth, and repeated the sucking, licking and tracing. Lynn's purring became even louder. I could see her gorgeous pussy squirming on the bed and I could smell the sweet aroma of her pussy juices lubricating her love hole. I alternated between her beautiful titties, licking and sucking on them. I licked the soft channel between her twin towers, with one of the beauties pressed against either of my cheeks. Then I began licking my way down her voluptuous body.  
Lynn continued purring and lubricating and then she panted 'Lick my pussy.'  
I moved to comply with her request.  
Lynn's pussy juices were so abundant that some was almost running out of her adorable love hole. I licked them off the edge and then began to lick up the juices inside. I squirmed my tongue into her delightful hole and devoured all the delicious juices. Lynn was still purring contentedly although a bit raggedly now, as she was moving toward cumming. She still had a long way to go though, and I wanted to delay it until after I had spent a long time eating her pussy. Much as I love feeling and hearing a woman cum, I enjoy eating her pussy so much that I like the climax to take a long time. I slowly licked around the upper edge of her love hole, and then started on one of her outer lips.  
I planted butterfly kisses on Lynn's left outer pussy lip, while my tongue traced the groove between the inner and outer labia. I covered the lip but did not go on to her sweet little clit. I would concentrate on that adorable love button later.  
Linn was humping her pussy into my face and her purring was becoming louder and increasingly ragged. She was really enjoying what I was doing, about as much as I enjoyed doing it. I moved my attentions to her right outer pussy lip and planted more nibbly butterfly kisses. My tongue traced the groove on the right side, pausing sometimes to harvest the nectar her pussy was secreting. Lynn's upper thighs had rotated outward, totally presenting her beautiful pussy to me. She was strongly humping her delightful organ into my face, her ass almost lifting completely off the bed with each thrust of her pussy. Lynn's purring had changed to moans of pleasure and she was begging me not to stop. I had no intention of stopping but I believed the time had arrived for me to concentrate my attentions on Lynn's lovely clit.  
I clamped my lips around her precious love button and began sucking. My tongue was tracing the contours of her clit, and Lynn's ass bucked even harder as she started to cum. Her howls of pleasure were music to my ears and the heady aroma of her cum juices were a bouquet to my nose, and I knew they would soon be a treat to my taste buds. I love everything about having a woman cum while I am eating her pussy, especially when she cums as enthusiastically as Lynn. When she climaxed, Lynn grabbed my head and pressed my face tightly against her delectable pussy, which is exactly where my face wanted to be anyhow, with my mouth still tightly holding her clit and my tongue still wrestling with the man in the boat. Lynn's climax subsided and she released my head. I rewarded myself with the fresh cum juices that were dripping from her adorable love hole.  
I know that Lynn gives head as well and as enthusiastically as she gets it.  
We lay side by side on the bed while she regained her strength and then she reached down and began to fondle my cock and balls. My cock stiffened at her touch. Lynn got up on hands and knees and began to lick my crotch and my balls. I keep that whole area of my body clean shaven because it is more pleasurable for women to lick me there when the skin is smooth, and shaving makes my skin more sensitive to their tongues. Lynn moved over to kneel between my legs and licked the whole area of my crotch from my balls to my ass, then the underside of my ball sack. She gently took one of my balls, inside its sack, in her mouth and caressed it with her tongue. Then she did the same for the other ball. My cock was stiff as a baseball bat, and was rubbing against Lynn's cheek and nose while she tongued my entire scrotum.  
When she finished with my balls, Lynn moved back to kneel beside me, then leaned forward and took the tip of my cock in her lips.  
Lynn nibbled gently, with her lips only, on my cock head, while her tongue toyed with my piss hole. She slowly moved her lips down my cock, taking more of it into her warm, moist mouth. Her tongue caressed the shaft as she slowly enveloped it. She continued to engulf my cock until her tongue and lower lip were rubbing against my pubic hair and her nose was caressing my balls. Then she slowly backed off, pumping my cock with her lips and caressing it with her tongue, until my cock was out of her mouth entirely.  
Both Lynn and I enjoy it immensely when I eat her pussy. We both enjoy it immensely when she sucks my cock. However, Lynn prefers taking turns rather than 69ing. She believes that she and I can both derive more pleasure from her sucking my cock if she can concentrate on that, and not be distracted by my tongue in her pussy. Likewise, if I am eating her pussy, we can both concentrate better on deriving pleasure from that if she doesn't have her mouth full of my cock. I can't argue with her logic so we don't 69. She does use the 69 position to suck my cock though, because my upward curve matches the interior contours of her mouth. Besides that, both of us like it when I fondle her ass.  
Lynn leaned forward again and engulfed my cock in her magnificently talented mouth. Her lips caressed my shaft as it entered the chamber of pleasure and her tongue caressed it while it was in there. Once her lips reached the base of my cock, her tongue continued its gentle massaging, and squeezed me gently against the inside of first one cheek then the other. When she lifted away from me, her lips once again suctioned the shaft slowly while her tongue pleasured my cock. I believed that one more prolonged stroke like the first two would cause me to fill her mouth with my cum. I told her this, and she refrained from that last stroke. When I was a younger man, she could have sucked me off, and drunk my cum, and I would have been ready for the next round of pleasure in a matter of minutes. At my current age, however, it would have taken me much longer, and we both preferred to save my cock for what we anticipated would be the next round of pleasure.  
I got up, my cock still hard and wet from her saliva. Lynn got onto her hands and knees on the bed. Each of the four posts had a rope fastened to it. I tied the loose ends of those ropes tightly but gently to her ankles and wrists. She would have been able to pull herself loose but only with difficulty. Then I piled all the pillows under Lynn's waist so her beautiful and voluptuous ass was presented to me for our mutual pleasure. I went to the bathroom for soap and warm water and thoroughly washed and rinsed the cleft of her ass. I left the basin of water handy because I would be needing it later. Her adorable little rosebud seemed to be winking at me in anticipation of what was to happen next.  
I spread Lynn's asscheeks and started licking at the top of her cleft. Her skin was smooth and soft and a pleasure to my tongue. She was starting to purr already and that was a pleasure to my ears. I licked my way slowly down the insides of both asscheeks, anticipating the great pleasure waiting for both of us when my tongue penetrated her adorable rosebud. Lynn was anticipating it also and her purring was getting louder. I licked on one side of her rosebud, then I lifted my tongue over the puckered area to the other side, and licked her there, all the way around and started back up the side again. Lynn started squirming her ass against my face, much as her pussy had been squirming before. One of the reasons she wants me to tie her down before I start pleasuring her ass is so I can control the action. She knows I will stretch out my tonguing so we both get the most pleasure out of it but sometimes she gets impatient, and wants me to hurry and get to the best part.  
I wanted to get there too. I pushed her up higher on the pile of pillows and moved my hands to come up from between her legs. I spread her asscheeks from this lower angle and Lynn was positioned perfectly for my probing tongue. I pressed my lips against her delectable rosebud and pressed my tongue forward. This brought a sigh of pleasure from Lynn. I moved my hands closer together and applied more tension to open the sweet hole a bit more, then wedged my tongue inside. This brought a louder sigh of pleasure. I probed in deeper and started pressing my tongue against the sides of her hole. Lynn's purring had again turned to moaning with pleasure She pushed her ass against my face to get my tongue in as far as it would go. I pushed it in to the maximum and began oscillating my tongue against the sides of her ass.  
Pleasurable though it is to eat out her ass, there is one problem. When my face is wedged tightly between her asscheeks it is hard to breathe. I kept my tongue going as long as I could, but I finally had to withdraw it. Lynn gave a slight murmur of disappointment, but she wasn't really too unhappy.  
She knew my tongue wasn't through yet, and that soon there would be something a lot bigger in her ass. After catching my breath I continued licking Lynn's rosebud, using broad strokes of my tongue. I licked up and down and sideways across the puckered hole, and sometimes I made brief probes into the hole itself. Lynn continued expressing her pleasure through moans and sighs and comments on how much she enjoyed what I was doing. I knew, though, that the time had come for me to use my cock, which was now hard and throbbing. I let go of her asscheeks, pulled on my condom and slathered on the KY Jelly. Then I greased Lynn's ass, which was now squirming in pleasurable anticipation.  
With the fingers of one hand I separated the sides of Lynn's rosebud. The other hand guided my eager cock into the  of its lust. I made the first penetration and she sighed with pleasure. Then I began rocking slowly back and forth, and with every forward motion I thrust my cock deeper into Lynn's beautiful ass until I was all the way in, my balls slapping against her pussy with every forward stroke. Lynn was pushing her ass back against me to aid the penetration. She was ecstatic and ready to cum. Lynn likes to cum twice, at least when we are ass-fucking, so I washed off my fingers, which had been in her ass, and reached around her to fondle her lovely clit. As soon as I touched that sweet love button she started to cum, howling again in pleasure while her arms and legs thrashed as well as they could against the ropes. I continued fondling her clit and fucking her ass until Lynn climaxed with one great spasm of her pubic area.  
I waited a few minutes until her breathing returned to normal, my cock still all the way in her tight, beautiful ass. I scooped the delicious fresh cum juice out of her pussy and licked it off my fingers. It is so tasty that I never let it go to waste if I can help it. I pulled my cock most of the way out of her, applied more KY Jelly, and thrust it back in, all the way to the maximum. I like to feel my balls slapping against her pussy when I fuck Lynn in the ass. She likes it too, the deeper the better. I continued fucking with slow strokes into Lynn's lovely ass. She started pushing back to meet my strokes and to get my cock all the way in. Lynn was purring again, building to another climax. I would cum, eventually, also, but at the slow rate I was going, it would be a long time. I was in no hurry because Lynn's beautiful ass is one of the nicest places I know of to have my cock.  
Lynn was purring louder, almost moaning with pleasure. She was thrusting her ass back at me harder now, trying to get me to speed up my strokes. Her legs were pistoning into the bed, giving her ass a variety of sensations, and doing the same for my cock. I increased my speed and now she was moaning. I could feel my own climax approaching and I wanted both of us to cum at the same time. Lynn's whole body was active, her arms were tugging at the ropes; her head was bouncing in the same rhythm as I was maintaining and her ass was gyrating and thrusting back at my cock. I knew it was time for both of us to cum so I reached around her body and began gently squeezing her darling clit in time to my fucking strokes. After a few squeezes Lynn started to cum, howling with pleasure with her arms and legs thrashing against the ropes again, and her ass bucking wildly against me. I fucked faster into her lovely ass and my cum spurted into my condom. Lynn climaxed with a loud grunt and a leap against all four of her restraints.  
After she was through cumming she sprawled, exhausted, on the pile of pillows. I sprawled on top of her, my cock still in her ass but working its way out as it softened. We lay there together for a while, our love-making over for the day. Eventually, I got up and untied her ropes. Her wrists and ankles were not chafed because we always use the softest of ropes. We showered together, punctuating our washing with many affectionate pats and hugs, then I kissed Lynn so long and left. I am already looking forward to the next time we get together.Mine!............Lynn is a beautiful, voluptuous young woman whose last boy friend left her fo

6/13/2008 8:06:51 AM
Permission..............................As I drove into the street my mind went back to that night several years previously when we had spoken about her desires.Janet had been a good friend for some time, always enjoying a laugh and a joke with me. A couple of years older than me, she had looked after herself particularly well, her looks belying her age. To be perfectly honest, I had been secretly lusting after her for some time!It had been a particularly drunken night, and just for a bit of 'shock value' I had slipped some reference to my interest in bondage into the conversation. Expecting her to have a good laugh and change the subject rapidly, I was more than a little surprised to find that she opened up to me on her desires.Her long time partner wasn't particularly interested in sex, climb on, hump for a minute, cum, roll over and go to sleep seemed to be his style. Janet told me that she had secretly yearned to be tied up and be fucked, to be submissive to someone who knew how to use her for his enjoyment.Somewhat shocked by this revelation (not being the response I had expected!) I jokingly told her that if she ever needed someone to use her in this way, she should give me a call. Janet flashed one of her wide smiles and promptly changed the subject. We chatted aimlessly for another hour before going our separate ways home.I had moved away shortly after that for work reasons, but we had always kept in touch now and again. She had called me that night, but sounded a bit nervous.'Hi, it's Janet...' She spoke softly.'Hi Janet, how are you?' I smiled.'Oh, I'm.... fine...... I've just called to erm.... ask you..... errr...''You OK?' I asked 'Is anything the matter?''No, nothing.. I just need to ask you something...... A favour...''Ok,' I replied, intrigued, 'go ahead...''Errr..... can you... erm... remember that err... conversation we had?' she said 'About... errr... bondage and stuff?''MMmm!' I replied grinning.'Could you... erm... would you.. be err.. interested in erm.. helping out?''You want me to tie you up?' I exclaimed.'Yes please....''And make you my slave??''Yes.......' she sighed.'You will have to follow my orders, do things you maybe don't want to do...''I realise that...' she whispered'And be punished if you misbehave, or should I think you deserve it...'There was a short silence on the other end of the phone.'Yes, I understand.......''When and where?' I asked.'Saturday..... my house...''OK' I replied 'I'll email you with some instructions, if I don't hear back from you, I'll take it that you want to go ahead with it and I'll see you at 2pm Saturday.''Thank you' she sighed 'see you then...'All week, I had been unable to focus on anything but this Saturday. Now I was outside Janet's house, and she was ready to submit to me. I had a feeling that this was going to be special.I got out the car and grabbed my bag from the back seat. I walked down the drive and knocked at the door.I could see movement behind the frosted glass in the door panel, and the door opened.'Hi!' I smiled.'Hi..' She smiled nervously back at me, let me enter and locked the door behind me.Janet knelt down in front of me and looked up at me.'Master.' She spoke softly... 'My body is yours to do with as you please...'I smiled and helped her back to her feet.'Please..' I whispered 'you will call me Sir, until such time that you have accepted me as your true master''When will that be... Sir?' she asked.'Only you will be able to know that.. I trust that I will be an able teacher, and I will be able to make that moment clear in your mind'I held her hands in mine and looked at her in the eyes.'Thank you for choosing me' I smiled. 'I hope that I can justify your faith in me by teaching you well..'I pulled her close and hugged her. 'You have the safe word should it get too much?' I whispered.'Yes Sir, I have memorised it, but I will refrain from using it unless I feel danger' she whispered back 'As you requested'I stood back and looked her up and down. She had dressed as I had asked, a tight, sleeveless top, obviously wearing no bra!, a reasonably tight fitting skirt to her to just above her knees, black stockings and stiletto heels. As I requested, she had removed all her jewelry.'Just perfect!' I grinned'Thank you Sir,' she smiled back, 'Now how would you like me to begin with?''Making me a cup of coffee!' I replied 'It's a long drive you know!'Janet seemed disappointed that I hadn't given her a kinky instruction, but walked over and put the kettle on anyway.'I'll put my bag upstairs!' I said.I slowly climbed the stairs and entered the bedroom. As requested, the curtains were closed, there was a freshly laundered quilt cover on the quilt on the bed, and 2 small bottles on the table. Baby lotion and KY jelly. I was impressed!I came back downstairs and back into the kitchen. Janet was standing, staring out of the window. I slowly walked up behind her, put my hands around in front of her and cupped her breasts. She moaned softly and moved her hands down the front of my trousers.'Now Now!' I scolded. 'Not unless you have permission!''I'm sorry Sir, I forgot...' she replied sheepishly.'Any more of that & I'll have to punish you!' I laughed.The kettle boiled and she made two cups of coffee.'Time for a little chat...' I said, 'Lets go in the front..'We walked into the sitting room and sat down. 'Now' I said 'Once you leave the room and go upstairs, you will be my property, to do with as I see fit, I have a number of things planned, some will be very pleasurable, some will be a little humiliating, some will push you further than you can imagine and some will just hurt you.'I gave her a moment to think about it.'I will continue until I have finished my planned tests for you, or until you use the safe word, whichever is earlier. Do you understand?'She nodded her head in agreement.'Do you wish to start now?' I asked.'Yes Sir''Good, now one more instruction... Unless I give you permission, you will avert your gaze from my face at ALL times.. Do you understand?'Janet nodded again, and looked down at the floor.'There's a good girl' I smiled. 'Now run along upstairs and position yourself at the foot of the bed, legs apart and hands on the knobs on the bottom of the bed please. I'll be up in a minute.'I sipped the last of my coffee as I heard her go up the stairs, open the door and position herself as requested.Once again, I let her wait for a few minutes before following.I walked into the bedroom, Janet was standing as I had indicated, staring intensely forward at the wall. Wandering around behind her, I gazed at the wonderful sight, her dress tight across her backside, the outline of her suspenders visible through the thin material, and her shapely legs, held apart for my inspection. I ran my hands over her butt.'Very nice!' I whispered, 'very nice indeed...'I moved my hands down her thighs, and legs, paying attention to the back of her knees, calves and ankles. Opening my bag, I pulled out two leather cuffs and fastened one to each of her ankles, pulling each one tight before buckling it. Standing up again, I gently kissed both of her shoulders before attaching cuffs to her wrists as well.Moving my attentions back to her ass, I unfastened her skirt, unzipped it and let it fall to the floor. As I had asked her, she wore no panties, the gentle softness of her cheeks were now exposed invitingly...Standing back slightly, I ran my hands over them, gently probing between them, and lingering around her inner thighs.'Is that nice?' I teased'Mmm yes!' She purred wriggling her bum in an attempt to divert my touches to her pussy.I moved my right hand away and brought it down on her cheeks with a loud slap.Janet jumped in shock, and looked around as if to protest.'Don't look at me when I'm punishing you!' I shouted 'You were trying to pleasure yourself, and that won't do!'She looked away again 'Sorry Sir..' she muttered.'I will be the one who decides how, and when you are pleasured! You belong to me now!'Bringing my hand down another 3 times, I reminded her of her position now,Moving away, I took my clothes off and folded them in a neat pile. Then I sat in the chair facing the bed.'Turn around.' I instructed. 'And crawl to me on your hands and knees!'She did as I asked and came over to me.'Now suck on this...' I commanded, pushing my cock ITO her face. Janet took my cock into her mouth and began to suck, her cheeks hollowed as she greedily took me inside. God, she was fucking good at this! Working away like a little whore on my cock, she soon had me as hard as I had ever been. If there was a 'Nobel cock sucking prize', Janet would be the winner, so skillful she was.. This was heaven!I opened my eyes after a couple of minutes and caught sight of her fingering herself as she sucked me. I jumped up.'What the fuck do you think you're doing??' I demanded'Sucking your cock, as you requested Sir..' She worriedly replied.'Not while you finger yourself you're not!' I stormed.'Did I give you permission to finger yourself??''N N No Sir, But I thought.''But NOTHING!' I shouted, 'You don't think, you DO as you're told, no questions, no hesitation!''I'm Sorry Sir...' 'Time for you to learn a lesson. Off with your top, and lie on the bed. NOW!'Janet quickly removed her top and ran to the bed.'Arms and legs outstretched!' I ordered, She complied immediatelyI grabbed four pieces of webbing and attached one to each corner of the bed. Starting with her wrists, I passed the webbing through the rings on each cuff and roughly pulled her arms to the top corners of the bed. I moved to the bottom and pulled her legs apart before pulling them tightly to the bottom corners and fastening them there.Wandering over to my bag again, I returned with a riding crop and held it to her face.'Kiss this!' I said roughly.She looked at the leather end of the crop in trepidation.'KISS IT!' I demandedShe puckered her lips and kissed what she knew was going to give her so much pain.'Can you count to ten?' I asked her.'Yes Sir... Why?''No fucking questions!' I replied, annoyed.I ran the crop over her small breasts, caressing her nipples, gently.Raising the crop up, I brought it down on her left nipple. Her body convulsed at the assault on her, letting out a scream...'Number?' I asked 'One...' She panted 'Good girl..' I brought the crop down on her right nipple 'FUUCCCKKKK' she cried as the pain shot through her. 'NUMBER?' I demanded 'Two..' she was gasping in pain 'Three...' she shouted, arching her body at the impact 'Four.....' she screamed, not really knowing what she was counting anymore 'Fucking hell!!' she screamed through clenched teeth as the crop came down again 'NUMBER??' 'F.. Five...' she gasped, wanting it to stop... 'You have the safe word, my dear.. do you want to use it?' I teased.Janet shook her head. I was very impressed!Down came the crop again. 'SIX!' she screamed 'SEVEN!!' beads of perspiration ran down over her body... 'OH GOD!!!! EIGHT!'... she knew it was nearly over... Pain seared through her again.. 'NINE!!!' her body arched in response.'One more my dear..' I taunted. 'Would you like me to stop?'She found herself shaking her head... The pain was intense, but she found herself actually wanting me to complete her punishment. She needed to endure it for me.'Do you want me to finish your punishment?' I whispered'Yes Sir.....' She whispered back. 'Please finish it....'I teased her red, swollen nipple with the end of the crop, before bringing it down one last time.'Ten!!' She yelled, almost in triumph before a violent climax overcame her.I stood and watched as she twisted and arched her back, gasping and panting as she enjoyed her first climax, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she had been in so much pain just moments before.Several minutes passed before her body recovered from her climax. She became aware of the ache from her nipples once again. Opening her eyes, she glanced down at her breasts and groaned at the sight of her nipples, erect, and looking very sore.Moving around the the bottom of the bed, I stood between her outstretched legs and spoke.'Did I give you permission to cum?'Janet looked up an remembered the rules. She swallowed hard.'No Sir....' She sighed despondently. 'I did not have permission to cum...''You have disobeyed me again!' I exclaimed, 'Technically, I should punish you again'Her heart sank. She knew that being punished again, at this time, would be far more than she could take.'I am truly sorry Sir.... I accepted the punishment, even begging you to complete it..... I couldn't help myself....'Looking into her eyes, I could tell that she was upset at not being able to contain her climax.'OK then' I smiled,' Since it is your first time, and you took your punishment well, I will forgive you this once. But, it is something we will have to work on. You must learn that you must follow my instructions.''Thank you Sir, I was not prepared for the intensity of the experience. I will know what to expect next time, and hopefully control myself better.''You certainly will!' I laughed 'There will be NO second chances!'Untying her wrists and ankles, I instructed her to sit on the floor at the side of the bed, her back against the bed, and her legs open as far as she could. I took 2 lengths of rope and threaded them through the rings on her ankle cuffs, then passed them through the rings on her wrist cuffs, and pulled her arms forward towards her ankles, pulling her back away from the bed.'Comfortable?' I asked.'The backs of my legs are hurting, sitting like this...' she complained'So?... ' I looked at her. 'Are you complaining?''No Sir, it was just an observation...' She backed down, not wishing to suffer again so quickly.'Good then!' I grinned, walking over to my bag.'You're really good at sucking cocks, aren't you?''Yes Sir' She replied, blushing slightly. 'It's one of my favourite things!''try this...' I smiled, holding a silver metallic coloured vibrator to her lips. 'Show me how much you enjoy it...'Janet gazed at the object at her lips and smiled. Puckering her lips, she began to kiss the end of it, then licking the end, long, slow motions with her tongue, caressing it lovingly, before opening her lips and taking it inside.I watched in wonder as she worked on it, enjoying the sight of her enjoying every moment of having it in her mouth.God, she was wonderful!!I let her play for five minutes, imagining it was my cock in her mouth.'That's enough of that!' I said, pulling the vibrator from her mouth.Janet looked at my cock, standing to attention before her.'Did you enjoy that?' she laughed.'SHUTUP!' I shouted... I felt myself blushing.... 'Just who do you think is in charge here!!!''Sorry.. Sir' she chuckled....'Legs still aching... are they?' I mocked.'Humph! yes....' She sighed.'Let's see if we can fit this up here then..' I grinned, kneeling down between her legs. I held the vibrator up to her pussy lips and pushed.She was so wet, it just slipped it. Janet moaned softly.'Because you're leaning forward..' I laughed, 'That's not going to slip out. it's in there until I take it out!'I picked up the remote control and turned it on.Her body moved slightly as the vibrator sprang into life, the soft vibrations filling her pussy.Standing between Janet's outstretched legs, I held my cock to her lips. Just as she had demonstrated with the vibrator, she used her skilled lips and tongue on me, gradually teasing my cock into her warm mouth. Her lips closed around me, I could feel the sensation of her tongue moving all over my cock, occasionally, her teeth rubbed against me as she sucked and sucked.I slowly began moving my hips, fucking her wonderful mouth deeper and deeper. I flicked the switch on the remote into it's second position, just as I felt my cock on the back of her throat. Her nostrils flared as she felt this new intensity inside her and tried to breath deeper.I was getting so close to cumming by this time, I grabbed handfuls of her hair and really started pushing my cock deep into her mouth. I flicked the switch to it's last position. The vibrator started thrusting inside her, as well as vibrating noisily. I could feel her body tensing as she neared orgasm again.'No fucking cumming 'til I say!' I tersely reminded her.I presumed from the 'grunt' that Janet had heard!On the brink now, I started to ease off, teasing her to hold out a long as possible. before pushing myself in harder and harder....'NOW!' I yelled, as I emptied myself into her mouth. I could feel her body shuddering under her own climax as my cock pumped time and again into her.I managed to turn off the vibrator, much to Janet's relief, and slowly withdrew my cock from her mouth. I noticed a small dribble of cum running down her chin. Scooping it up with my finger, I pushed it into her mouth.'Don't want to waste any do you?' I smiled.Janet looked at me as if to say 'Please..... no more'I untied her and helped her onto the bed, face down. After massaging the backs of her legs for a minute, to help her recover from her uncomfortable position, I rolled her over onto her back and kissed her.'Enough for today, my little one..' I smiled. 'You have endured enough for your first time.'She looked at me with her big brown eyes and smiled.'Thank you... Master'Permission..............................As I drove into the street my mind went back to that n

6/10/2008 7:07:53 AM
Last Night was so excellent! She was so the complete and utterly submissve pet...I told her to lay down on the bed, on her back, with her head hanging over the edge. I then slipped a blindfold over her head, and tied her ankles to the spreader bar, making sure it wasn't too tight, yet not too loose. Once she was spread wide open for me....I stood over her, slowly slipping my cock into her mouth. She sucked me gingerly and lovingly. I spanked her pussy while she sucked me, fucking her mouth in and out and pinching her nipples. She was almost cumming already. I took the large bottle of lube and just let it drip all over her ass and pussy. I slid the large vibrator into her cunt, pounding it the way I knew she loved it. I thrust into her mouth as I thrust into her pussy. I held her legs high up by gripping the spreader bar so I could get every inch. She was so mine right now! Once she started to cummm...I pulled out of her mouth. I walked around her, sipping some ice cold wine....and poured some into her mouth too. I cam around and got on the bed with her, between her legs. Sliding two fingers in her ass, I spanked her clit with my cock while I finger-fucked her ass at the same time. She was absolutely twitching! Mmmmmmmm...I was so loving this. Finally, I had to fuck my pet...she was beside herself. I slipped my hard 9 1/2' into her wetness, sliding in easily and lifting her legs up again, I started to pound it good. She was already cummming and trembling...and I was pounding it now...deep and slow. I slid a slim vibrator into her ass and continued fucking her for all I was worth...really slamming it deeper now, holding her legs up in the air by the spreader bar. I could feel her pussy gripping and spasming on my cock. She was mine. So mine... I slid the vibe out of her ass and slipped right in. As I fucked her ass, i slid two fingers in her pussy and then three. After a few delicous moments of thrusting, I slipped four fingers in her cunt, and then my whole fist! I was fucking her ass and fisting her pussy at the same time....Mmmmmm....I came like that...deep in her ass as her pussy almost crushed my fingers.... She was squirting now as I came, moaning and tossing her head from side to side... After we finished I picked her up and slid her into a nice warm bubble bath...she look at me with those puppy dog eyes and I just had to join her...Last Night was so excellent! She was so the complete and utterly submissve pet...I told her to

6/8/2008 9:46:27 AM
Orgasm in C Minor'No, no, no. Keep your arm up and your back straight. Posture is everything.' Sarah had heard this so many times today she just wanted to cry. The violin quivered in her fingers. Mr. Lions looked over at her, then closed his eyes while running his hand down his face. He sighed. 'I suppose this is enough for today. You seem overly tired.' He sighed again, and began to pack his own violin in it's black case. Sarah watched him sadly. She so loved the violin. She had been taking lessons since she was 15, and after three years of practice, she was actually quite good. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't hold a candle to a virtuoso like Mr. Lions. The way he drew the bow made her shiver, as did the way he could make his instrument cry and sing under his delicate touch. He moved so gracefully, like a cat dreamily curling up for a nap. Even now as he packed up, he moved with a fluid grace. He stopped for a moment and looked into her eyes.'Does something about me interest you Miss Helens?' He said coolly, raising an eyebrow at her. Sarah realized she had been staring at him and quickly looked down. Suddenly her cheeks seemed unbearably hot. 'Sometimes I wonder if you are cut out to play the violin at all and if I'm not wasting my time,' He half muttered to himself.Sarah looked up sharply. 'Oh no, please Mr. Lions! I love violin more than I love anything else in the world! Please!''Really?' There was that look again. Sarah suppressed a shiver.'Yes, really. Maybe I just need some more practice? Everyone says I have talent, even my Mom. You can't just let that go to waste can you?' Mr. Lions smiled. One of Mr. Lion's smiles was like looking into the face of a faintly amused panther. 'There may be something I can do. Would your parents be agreeable to letting me teach you at my home tonight? I have better materials and acoustics there anyway.' he said quietly.'You would do that? I mean, really? For me? Thank You! I'm, I'm honored. I don't know what to say...' Sarah immediately started to babble until Mr. Lions placed a finger against her lips and shushed her.'It will cost a little more. After all, my time is valuable. But since your parents are more than likely counting on you getting an artistic scholarship, I'm sure they will more than understand. Now I must be going. The school will be closing in an hour anyway.' Mr. Lions neatly placed his sheet music into his briefcase, and then with a smile and a wave left the small dingy high school music room. Sarah sighed. It was like a dream come true. Alone and in private with Mr. Lions. He was so cool. She almost felt like a different person around him. Everyone else always talked about how dry he was, but Sarah knew he must have some passion built up within him to be able to play the way he did. She had had a crush on him for the longest time, although she would certainly never admit it to her friends. After all, he was, like, old. He must have been at least 30. Sarah drove home and told her parents about Mr. Lions generous offer. Her mom brushed her aside and went back to her paper work. Her father grinned and almost began telling the story of how his grandfather had played the violin for President, but Sarah managed to escape in time to avoid her father butchering what might have been an interesting anecdote. She went to her room. She looked at her self in the mirror.There she was. She was too fat. Sarah sighed at her uncooperative body. She had been trying to lose weight recently, but meeting with only limited success. She teased a her hair and sighed. There was just no way of getting the straight black mop too do anything interesting. She twiddled with the ends, wondering if she had them cut too short. Still, even if her body wasn't the best, she could still try to look sexy for Mr. Lions. Sarah barely understood why she wanted to, but began to rummage in her closet anyway. She slid out of her jeans and T-shirt and put on a black miniskirt and a white blouse. She looked at herself again. She looked almost classy. Sarah smiled. She threw her panties in the dirty clothes and went to finds a fresh pair. She searched through her underwear drawer several minutes. Socks, socks, socks, that vibrator she stole from Mom, more socks...No underwear made itself apparent. Sarah sighed and moved to retrieve the underwear she had worn.The she had a thought. A wicked smile crept over Sarah's face.Sarah looked in the mirror. As long as she kept her legs a certain way, the skirt was just long enough to conceal her lack of panties. Sarah smiled again, and flashed herself in the mirror. She laughed and then went downstairs, carefully avoiding her parents so as to not have to answer any uncomfortable questions about her clothes.Sarah drove up into Mr. Lion's driveway. He had a beautiful house in the historical district. Sarah walked up to the door and rang the bell. Mr. Lion's answered the door. He had changed too. Rather than the suit he wore to school, he was just wearing a white dress shirt and a pair of simple black pants. His long hair which he normally kept bound was loose and hung like a thick gold mane. He smiled warmly.'Come in, Sarah.' He said, and waved her into the house. Sarah followed staring at him. She could see muscle through that shirt. Mr. Lions must work out at least some. He moved with such grace and power, even when he was just crossing the living room. He was tall and while not broadly built, conveyed a sense of big shoulders that merely need to be expected, not actually exist. He turned and looked at her, with his eyebrow raised.'Am I really so fascinating a subject Sarah?' He said with a warm smile. Sarah tried to look down, but he walked up to her and took her chin in his hands. 'No. Look at me. If you let your awe of me over come you, you will never be my equal.' Sarah felt like her body was on fire. Mr. Lions backed up and continued. 'I notice things, Sarah. I notice the way you look at me while I'm teaching. The way you stare. The way your fingers move. The way you breathe. I'm not an unobservant man. I've watched you, and I know you have the capacity for greatness. You are holding yourself back.' He said matter-of-factly. 'What you need is more self control. What you need is a little more...discipline.' He stared hard into her eyes as he said it, and Sarah felt the words like leather gloves running over her body. 'The first thing you need is to acknowledge this discipline. You will not call me Mr. Lions. You will call me Master. Do you understand?'Sarah gulped. 'Um, okay.''Say, `Yes Master'.' 'Yes, Master' Sarah said, almost choking on her words.'Now the second thing we must work on is your posture. Stand here,' He demanded. Sarah walked over to the spot. Mr. Lion's then went over to the piano stool nearby and pulled out a length of rope. He bent down at Sarah's legs, and wordlessly began to tie them together. Sarah's breath grew shallow and ragged as she felt the cool silk rope twine itself around her legs. Mr. Lions tie the rope together at her waist, then handed her her violin and bow and picked up his own. 'Now play as I do.' He moved his legs together and drew the bow across the strings slowly. Sarah copied him almost perfectly. He then went a note higher. Sarah copied him again. He went higher again. Sarah copied him with some effort. He then went much higher, and Sarah tried desperately to copy him, but the note was impure. Mr. Lions walked behind her and grabbed her hair. 'Keep you head like this,' he said coolly, without a trace of force in his voice but with an iron grip on Sarah's hair. 'Now, C, G, A, B,' Sarah accidentally hit D instead, and suddenly felt a sharp whap on her thigh as Lions struck her sharply with his bow. Sarah gasped. She wiggled uncontrollably, and was rewarded with another whap on the thigh, this one harder. Sarah gasped again but this time stayed still. 'Now, C, A, D,' she heard whispered in her ear. His breathe was hot. Sarah continued trying to hit each note as he said it, but was whacked every time she was off. Soon she was whacked when she wasn't fast enough. The whacks were growing into a steady tempo as the notes rattled on. Large red welts began to appear on her thighs. Sarah could not help wiggling, which only brought more whacks. As she wiggled, her skirt began to ride further and further up. She made a move as if to pull it down again, but Lions pulled her hair back sharply. She resumed her playing. Soon her skirt ridden up so high that her cunt and butt were completely exposed, and the fabric had wedged itself into the rope. Sara felt absolutely humiliated, but the idea of being naked in front of Mr. Lions turned her on immensely. 'E, F, G, A,' he panted into her ear. The notes were getting higher, and the tension of the strings was cutting into her fingers. Suddenly she felt Mr. Lions' bow move down between her legs as he rubbed it hard back and forth against her cunt. 'OH!' Sarah yelled, and almost fell over. She quickly recovered. The notes were coming higher now. She did her best to concentrate on her bow throughout the enormous pleasure she was feeling. Sarah grit her teeth as she drove out each note. Lion's rubbed the bow faster. The pain in her fingers was burning, but she could hardly feel it. The notes began to escalate, soon reaching a fevered pitch. Sarah played faster and faster, torn between wishing to block the hellish pain or the agonizing pleasure. Her bow flew across the strings, shrieking out in the fury she wished she could voice herself. The violin cried and sang as the pitch grew. Sarah shuddered, and with one final stroke, her body burning for release, she pulled the bow to release an orgasmic pitch. Her body shook violently as orgasm overtook her, and she fell to the floor in a heap. Soft red liquid poured from her fingers.Lions was on her in an instant. He brought each bloodied finger to his mouth and sucked it softly. He looked into her eyes again. 'Now I am going to fuck you, and not only that, you will beg me to fuck you. Now. Beg.' He said, his voice like a velvet caress.'Please master,' Sarah panted, 'please fuck me. Please God, fuck me master.' Sarah arched her hips off the floor. With a growl Lions pulled off his pants and grabbed her, roughly shoving his cock into her from behind. 'Oh Yes!' Sarah screamed. 'Fuck me master! Please fuck me!' Lions began to pound into her hard. Each thrust pressed Sarah's body against the floor. His cock felt huge inside her. His rough hands reached in front of her and grabbed her tits. Sarah moaned. She could feel his hot breath against her neck. 'God Yes, Oh Holy Fuck Yes,' she babbled as the thrusts quickened even further. Sarah desperately pushed back to meet his hard thrusts. Sarah began to scream, and her voice joined the deep throated growl of Mr. Lions and the smack of there flesh meeting as one. 'Oh God Holy Fuck Yes,' Sarah cried. Mr. Lions growled. 'Now my beautiful slut, I want you to come for me. I want you to come for your master. I want you to scream it out as your cunt squeezes me.' He grabbed her hair. 'Do it for your master. Show me you are mine. Now.' and with that he kissed her hard and full. 'MASTER I'M COMING FOR YOU!' Sarah shook with orgasm, thrashing against her bond screaming. Lions held her head as her entire body shook and spasemed. The pleasure was almost painful with it's intensity. Slowly, her orgasm subsided, and Lion's withdrew his cock. 'Now you will finish me off my little bella forte,' he said, and thrust his cock into Sarah's mouth, which she hungrily accepted. Lions slowly groaned as Sarah sucked him faster and faster, desperate to do anything to please her wonderful new master. Her tongue slide across the salty shaft as she sucked her juices from him. Lions began to thrust his hips against her as he pulled her head down onto his cock, almost gagging her. 'Oh, my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD,' Lions shouted as a thick torrent of cum shot down Sarah's throat. Sarah gulped hungrily at it.Lions bent to kiss her. Sarah smiled up at him. 'Thank you Master.''Please, call me John. Now when should we schedule the next music lesson?' Orgasm in C Minor'No, no, no. Keep your arm up and your back straight. Posture is everything.'

6/4/2008 4:54:27 AM
Just do as I say..................“Just listen to me and do as I say,” I told her. “Take a hot bath and freshen up for me. Put on one of your tight tops and your short red leather skirt. And I want you to wear my favorite panties, you know which ones. And put some champagne on ice. I’ll be home in an hour.”On my way home, just thinking about the night ahead gave me a raging hard-on. When I walked in the door, Andi met me with a glass of champagne. Her hair was hanging loose, her firm breasts pushed out against the tight top, and her skirt was so short that she could not sit down without revealing her creamy thighs. Andi had also added her own touches to her outfit, red sling-backed high heels, and bright red lipstick.After downing half the glass of champagne, I removed my tie, and jacket and sat down/ “Come stand in front of me,” I told her. She quickly obeyed. As she stood still, I ran my hands up her thighs to her buttocks. I firmly kneaded her cheeks while she whimpered. I rubbed my face against her breasts, and occasionally nibbled at her nipples, watching them grow erect and clearly visible through the wet cotton.“Raise your shirt so I can see your breasts,” I said. Andi tugged hard to get the tight shirt over her beautiful breasts. I played with her exposed nipples as she moaned.“Play with your breasts for me,” I told her. Andi didn’t hesitate, grabbing her breasts and rubbing them with genuine enthusiasm. “Put one in my mouth,” I directed. When Andi held her breast to my mouth, I wasted no time licking and sucking it to my hearts content. As I nibbled on her hardened nipple, I felt her body tense and she began rocking on her heels. “Now the other one,” I told her, and delivered the same biting and sucking on her other breast, well aware that she liked the feel of teeth nipping at her tender nipples.“That’s enough,” Disappointed but obedient, Andi dropped her arms from her chest. “Now, turn around.” Andi did as she was told. “Lift up your skirt.” Gathering the leather, Andi lifted the skirt until she was holding it above her waist. Her well-toned buttocks were a lovely shade of pink from my squeezing them earlier, but there was something wrong. She was wearing a white thong that had lace trim on the back where it rode up between her cheeks. I was expecting my favorite black thong with its sexy black strap nestled in between those perfect ass cheeks.“I told you to wear my favorite panties! Either you disobeyed me because you like the white ones better, or you like the spankings you get when you don’t follow my instructions,” I said with a firm slap to her ass. Andi yelped when my hand made contact with her bottom. “Turn sideways, bend over and grab you ankles.”When she assumed the position, I practically came in my shorts, but there was work to do. “When—“ I slapped her right cheek hard, “I give you—“ another slap, this time on the left one, “an order—“ the right cheek again, “I expect it—“ another slap to the left, “to be obeyed.” Another slap to the right. The spanks were hard enough that Andi had to struggle not to fall forward. “Do-you-understand-me?” Each word accompanied by another hard smack until Andi cried out “YES!”Now go put on the proper panties!” I yelled as I gave her a final hard slap. Andi rushed off to the bedroom while I enjoyed some more champagne.When she returned, she had a downcast look, but I could tell she was thrilled with what had transpired so far. “Let’s try this again,” I told her. “Stand in front of me so I can see your pretty butt when you lift up your skirt.” Andi assumed the position and held her skirt up high. With my finger, I traced up and down the delightful crevice of her ass. Starting way up in the small of her back and sliding down the crack to her swollen lips. I watched every beautiful muscle tense up and then relax. I let my finger linger between her legs and felt her moisture building. My finger pressed harder against her opening, sawing back and forth gently and I knew she was tempted to cry out and beg me to stick a finger inside her.“Put your hands down flat on the coffee table in front of you, but don’t bend your knees. I want your legs nice and straight and your pretty ass right in front of my face.” Andi followed my directions exactly. For a few moments, I simply admired her blushing buns, but then I just had to kiss and lick them all over. Using her hips as handles, I held her firmly so my tongue could reach every delicious spot. When her skirt got in the way, I had her undo I and drop it to the floor. As I continued to lick her, I used my left hand to pull aside the thong and hooked my thumb inside her pussy. It sank deep into her wetness as Andi rocked back to meet the thrusts of my thumb.Having stretched the opening for a few minutes, I knew she was now ready for something bigger. Putting three fingers together, I pushed them inside her and began to massage her until she was moaning. Her sweet ass rose and fell as she tried to drive my hand even deeper inside her. I licked the rim of her asshole while my fingers continued to squirm inside her. The rotation of her ass became more frantic, so I knew she was enjoying having both openings stimulated at the same time.I was able to get a bit of saliva inside the opening, enough to help me ease in the forefinger of my other hand. Andi began bucking her ass even more vigorously, pushing back hard against my fingers. We were enjoying ourselves, but it was time to change the action so I could receive more direct pleasure.As I removed my fingers, Andi shuddered. “Down on the floor and take off your top.” Andi knelt down and struggled to pull the tight top over her head. I stood up and removed my clothes and then sat down. Opening my legs, I pointed to my erection. “Start by licking the tip, then take it inside your mouth.” Andi hungrily licked my erection. The way she skillfully slid the head in and out of her dainty moth made my cock look even bigger. Now it was my breathing that came in gasps as her mouth worked its magic.“I want you to take my balls in your mouth,” I told her as I stood up, “and give them a nice tongue-bath.” Using my thighs to brace herself, Andi adroitly put her lips over my balls, and all at once they were inside her warm mouth. I must have moaned for five minutes while she gave them the most delicious caress they had ever had. Slowly pulling away from her, I said, “I am going to sit back down and I want you to sit on my lap facing me.” Andi’s face lit up at the prospect of feeling me between her legs. As she straddled my lap, I pulled back her panties so that I could slide my cock inside her. Once the head of my shaft pushed past her wet opening, Andi suddenly plunged down with all her weight. “Fuck me,” I whispered.Using her strong upper thighs, Andi rose up on my shaft and then plunged down again as though she was riding a wild beast. When I wet my middle finger and began to rim her asshole again, her hips pressed down harder. Once my finger slipped inside that tight opening, Andi ground down harder on my finger and my cock. This double penetration made her even more frenzied. As I felt my own passions burn free, I was pulling her hair and biting her neck. I felt myself growing closer to the edge, the head of my cock swelled, as I pulled her to me, and came deeply with in her. Andi was still riding towards her own orgasm, as she hoarsely whispered, “Whatever you say, I’ll do whatever you say.” And moments later, she slammed down on me one last time, threw her head back, grabbed hold of her breasts and cried out with pleasure, as she climaxed on top of me. When we had both calmed down, I curled her up in my arms, held her close, and just sat there, happy to hold her, knowing she is so special to me. When my strength came back enough to me, that my legs were no longer jello, I lifted her up in my arms, and carried her to the bed, where we slowly, and more softly made love all night long. It was dawn by the time we finally feel asleep, her curled up against my chest, my cock nestled snuggly against her ass…………..Just do as I say..................“Just listen to me and do as I say,” I told her.

5/28/2008 2:50:52 PM
Music.........................................................'No, no, no. Keep your arm up and your back straight. Posture is everything.' Sarah had heard this so many times today she just wanted to cry. The violin quivered in her fingers. Mr. Lions looked over at her, then closed his eyes while running his hand down his face. He sighed. 'I suppose this is enough for today. You seem overly tired.' He sighed again, and began to pack his own violin in it's black case. Sarah watched him sadly. She so loved the violin. She had been taking lessons since she was 15, and after three years of practice, she was actually quite good. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't hold a candle to a virtuoso like Mr. Lions. The way he drew the bow made her shiver, as did the way he could make his instrument cry and sing under his delicate touch. He moved so gracefully, like a cat dreamily curling up for a nap. Even now as he packed up, he moved with a fluid grace. He stopped for a moment and looked into her eyes.'Does something about me interest you Miss Helens?' He said coolly, raising an eyebrow at her. Sarah realized she had been staring at him and quickly looked down. Suddenly her cheeks seemed unbearably hot. 'Sometimes I wonder if you are cut out to play the violin at all and if I'm not wasting my time,' He half muttered to himself.Sarah looked up sharply. 'Oh no, please Mr. Lions! I love violin more than I love anything else in the world! Please!''Really?' There was that look again. Sarah suppressed a shiver.'Yes, really. Maybe I just need some more practice? Everyone says I have talent, even my Mom. You can't just let that go to waste can you?' Mr. Lions smiled. One of Mr. Lion's smiles was like looking into the face of a faintly amused panther. 'There may be something I can do. Would your parents be agreeable to letting me teach you at my home tonight? I have better materials and acoustics there anyway.' he said quietly.'You would do that? I mean, really? For me? Thank You! I'm, I'm honored. I don't know what to say...' Sarah immediately started to babble until Mr. Lions placed a finger against her lips and shushed her.'It will cost a little more. After all, my time is valuable. But since your parents are more than likely counting on you getting an artistic scholarship, I'm sure they will more than understand. Now I must be going. The school will be closing in an hour anyway.' Mr. Lions neatly placed his sheet music into his briefcase, and then with a smile and a wave left the small dingy high school music room. Sarah sighed. It was like a dream come true. Alone and in private with Mr. Lions. He was so cool. She almost felt like a different person around him. Everyone else always talked about how dry he was, but Sarah knew he must have some passion built up within him to be able to play the way he did. She had had a crush on him for the longest time, although she would certainly never admit it to her friends. After all, he was, like, old. He must have been at least 30. Sarah drove home and told her parents about Mr. Lions generous offer. Her mom brushed her aside and went back to her paper work. Her father grinned and almost began telling the story of how his grandfather had played the violin for President, but Sarah managed to escape in time to avoid her father butchering what might have been an interesting anecdote. She went to her room. She looked at her self in the mirror.There she was. She was too fat. Sarah sighed at her uncooperative body. She had been trying to lose weight recently, but meeting with only limited success. She teased a her hair and sighed. There was just no way of getting the straight black mop too do anything interesting. She twiddled with the ends, wondering if she had them cut too short. Still, even if her body wasn't the best, she could still try to look sexy for Mr. Lions. Sarah barely understood why she wanted to, but began to rummage in her closet anyway. She slid out of her jeans and T-shirt and put on a black miniskirt and a white blouse. She looked at herself again. She looked almost classy. Sarah smiled. She threw her panties in the dirty clothes and went to finds a fresh pair. She searched through her underwear drawer several minutes. Socks, socks, socks, that vibrator she stole from Mom, more socks...No underwear made itself apparent. Sarah sighed and moved to retrieve the underwear she had worn.The she had a thought. A wicked smile crept over Sarah's face.Sarah looked in the mirror. As long as she kept her legs a certain way, the skirt was just long enough to conceal her lack of panties. Sarah smiled again, and flashed herself in the mirror. She laughed and then went downstairs, carefully avoiding her parents so as to not have to answer any uncomfortable questions about her clothes.Sarah drove up into Mr. Lion's driveway. He had a beautiful house in the historical district. Sarah walked up to the door and rang the bell. Mr. Lion's answered the door. He had changed too. Rather than the suit he wore to school, he was just wearing a white dress shirt and a pair of simple black pants. His long hair which he normally kept bound was loose and hung like a thick gold mane. He smiled warmly.'Come in, Sarah.' He said, and waved her into the house. Sarah followed staring at him. She could see muscle through that shirt. Mr. Lions must work out at least some. He moved with such grace and power, even when he was just crossing the living room. He was tall and while not broadly built, conveyed a sense of big shoulders that merely need to be expected, not actually exist. He turned and looked at her, with his eyebrow raised.'Am I really so fascinating a subject Sarah?' He said with a warm smile. Sarah tried to look down, but he walked up to her and took her chin in his hands. 'No. Look at me. If you let your awe of me over come you, you will never be my equal.' Sarah felt like her body was on fire. Mr. Lions backed up and continued. 'I notice things, Sarah. I notice the way you look at me while I'm teaching. The way you stare. The way your fingers move. The way you breathe. I'm not an unobservant man. I've watched you, and I know you have the capacity for greatness. You are holding yourself back.' He said matter-of-factly. 'What you need is more self control. What you need is a little more...discipline.' He stared hard into her eyes as he said it, and Sarah felt the words like leather gloves running over her body. 'The first thing you need is to acknowledge this discipline. You will not call me Mr. Lions. You will call me Master. Do you understand?'Sarah gulped. 'Um, okay.''Say, `Yes Master'.' 'Yes, Master' Sarah said, almost choking on her words.'Now the second thing we must work on is your posture. Stand here,' He demanded. Sarah walked over to the spot. Mr. Lion's then went over to the piano stool nearby and pulled out a length of rope. He bent down at Sarah's legs, and wordlessly began to tie them together. Sarah's breath grew shallow and ragged as she felt the cool silk rope twine itself around her legs. Mr. Lions tie the rope together at her waist, then handed her her violin and bow and picked up his own. 'Now play as I do.' He moved his legs together and drew the bow across the strings slowly. Sarah copied him almost perfectly. He then went a note higher. Sarah copied him again. He went higher again. Sarah copied him with some effort. He then went much higher, and Sarah tried desperately to copy him, but the note was impure. Mr. Lions walked behind her and grabbed her hair. 'Keep you head like this,' he said coolly, without a trace of force in his voice but with an iron grip on Sarah's hair. 'Now, C, G, A, B,' Sarah accidentally hit D instead, and suddenly felt a sharp whap on her thigh as Lions struck her sharply with his bow. Sarah gasped. She wiggled uncontrollably, and was rewarded with another whap on the thigh, this one harder. Sarah gasped again but this time stayed still. 'Now, C, A, D,' she heard whispered in her ear. His breathe was hot. Sarah continued trying to hit each note as he said it, but was whacked every time she was off. Soon she was whacked when she wasn't fast enough. The whacks were growing into a steady tempo as the notes rattled on. Large red welts began to appear on her thighs. Sarah could not help wiggling, which only brought more whacks. As she wiggled, her skirt began to ride further and further up. She made a move as if to pull it down again, but Lions pulled her hair back sharply. She resumed her playing. Soon her skirt ridden up so high that her cunt and butt were completely exposed, and the fabric had wedged itself into the rope. Sara felt absolutely humiliated, but the idea of being naked in front of Mr. Lions turned her on immensely. 'E, F, G, A,' he panted into her ear. The notes were getting higher, and the tension of the strings was cutting into her fingers. Suddenly she felt Mr. Lions' bow move down between her legs as he rubbed it hard back and forth against her cunt. 'OH!' Sarah yelled, and almost fell over. She quickly recovered. The notes were coming higher now. She did her best to concentrate on her bow throughout the enormous pleasure she was feeling. Sarah grit her teeth as she drove out each note. Lion's rubbed the bow faster. The pain in her fingers was burning, but she could hardly feel it. The notes began to escalate, soon reaching a fevered pitch. Sarah played faster and faster, torn between wishing to block the hellish pain or the agonizing pleasure. Her bow flew across the strings, shrieking out in the fury she wished she could voice herself. The violin cried and sang as the pitch grew. Sarah shuddered, and with one final stroke, her body burning for release, she pulled the bow to release an orgasmic pitch. Her body shook violently as orgasm overtook her, and she fell to the floor in a heap. Soft red liquid poured from her fingers.Lions was on her in an instant. He brought each bloodied finger to his mouth and sucked it softly. He looked into her eyes again. 'Now I am going to fuck you, and not only that, you will beg me to fuck you. Now. Beg.' He said, his voice like a velvet caress.'Please master,' Sarah panted, 'please fuck me. Please God, fuck me master.' Sarah arched her hips off the floor. With a growl Lions pulled off his pants and grabbed her, roughly shoving his cock into her from behind. 'Oh Yes!' Sarah screamed. 'Fuck me master! Please fuck me!' Lions began to pound into her hard. Each thrust pressed Sarah's body against the floor. His cock felt huge inside her. His rough hands reached in front of her and grabbed her tits. Sarah moaned. She could feel his hot breath against her neck. 'God Yes, Oh Holy Fuck Yes,' she babbled as the thrusts quickened even further. Sarah desperately pushed back to meet his hard thrusts. Sarah began to scream, and her voice joined the deep throated growl of Mr. Lions and the smack of there flesh meeting as one. 'Oh God Holy Fuck Yes,' Sarah cried. Mr. Lions growled. 'Now my beautiful slut, I want you to come for me. I want you to come for your master. I want you to scream it out as your cunt squeezes me.' He grabbed her hair. 'Do it for your master. Show me you are mine. Now.' and with that he kissed her hard and full. 'MASTER I'M COMING FOR YOU!' Sarah shook with orgasm, thrashing against her bond screaming. Lions held her head as her entire body shook and spasemed. The pleasure was almost painful with it's intensity. Slowly, her orgasm subsided, and Lion's withdrew his cock. 'Now you will finish me off my little bella forte,' he said, and thrust his cock into Sarah's mouth, which she hungrily accepted. Lions slowly groaned as Sarah sucked him faster and faster, desperate to do anything to please her wonderful new master. Her tongue slide across the salty shaft as she sucked her juices from him. Lions began to thrust his hips against her as he pulled her head down onto his cock, almost gagging her. 'Oh, my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD,' Lions shouted as a thick torrent of cum shot down Sarah's throat. Sarah gulped hungrily at it.Lions bent to kiss her. Sarah smiled up at him. 'Thank you Master.''Please, call me John. Now when should we schedule the next music lesson?'Music.........................................................'No, no, no. Keep your arm up an

5/26/2008 6:08:09 PM
She Meets Me...Mmmmm......So I couldn't believe it...but she agreed to meet me....I told which room I wanted her to get so she would be close to me...I wanted her to wear a skirt with no panties on. I also told her to leave the door slightly open and to be waiting on the bed, on her hands and knees...ass in the air, submitting to me completely. As I walked in....she was kneeling there just as I told her to be. 'Hello, Pet!. Are you ready for me?' I said.'Yess-s-sir!' she replied, almost breathlessly. I was hard already. Oh my! I was going to love this! She did exactly as I asked! What an excellent little pet!I came up behind her and ran my hands over her sweet, firm delicous ass. She wiggled a bit and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. it seemed as if she was waiting for this and wanted it bad. I loved that. I spanked her ass a few times and she moaned in pleasure. She WAS liking this...Mmmmmmm. I just had to see more...I lifted up her skirt and draped it over her hips. Her lovely rosebud of feminism was splayed out there before me for the taking. I wanted her now. I didn't want to rush though. I wanted her to enjoy every minute. (I planned to make love to her all night long.)Getting a chair and sitting behind her, I kissed and nibbled and licked and fingered her sweet, tight pussy, all the while holding her ass cheeks wide apart for my touches. She was so wet already! Damn! Was I ever glad she came!...(and would cummmm!)I had one, then two, then three fingers in her pussy, and at the same time, I was rubbing her clit with the thumb of the same hand. She was just grinding against my hand and moaning...I was melting. I stood up when she started quivering uncontrollably and spanked her pussy with my cock. She shuddered and I slid just the head in, massaging her back and ass as I prepared to slide in further.'Do you want me to fuck you pet'?, I asked her.'Yesss!Yes Sir!' she sighed.'Beg me then dear', I commanded.'Please..pplease...fuck me Sir!' she blurted out. I was so wanting her now too. OMG!I slid in all the way...and kept it right there...I could almost feel her cummming already as her tight, warm pussy gripped my hardness firmly...Then...I started to thrust with a renewed fervor...touching bottom with each thrust...(Do you want to know more about what happens?)Hmmmmmmm dear one? She Meets Me...Mmmmm......So I couldn't believe it...but she agreed to meet me....I told

5/24/2008 4:37:33 AM
She looked so vulnerable, and that heightened her sexiness in My eyes. The bedroom was quite dark overall, the only light coming from the two once-tall pillar candles upon the dresser, the candles burnt down to about half of their original height, thus testifying to just how long I had been tormenting My loving slave. I thought for a moment of how she had struck a match in the darkness, then lit each candle, blowing out the flame of the match before it could scorch her small succulent fingers. How long ago had that been? I had lost all sense of time in the interim, as I was not wearing My watch and the unexpected loss of electricity to the entire neighborhood prevented the alarm clock's analog hands from moving. At that moment, My sweet slave was upon the massive bed, her wrists and ankles encased within thick leather cuffs lined with soft rabbit fur. Each limb was extended toward the nearest oak bedpost, attached by a lengthy heavy chain to a secure bolt placed near the base of the bedpost, yet she had just enough slack to allow her to pull at her bonds, to enjoy a very limited range of movement as I enjoyed making her squirm and cry out. Those sounds – so sweet, sultry, sirenic sounds I so thoroughly enjoyed hearing from her – had been muffled almost since the beginning of the evening's scene by the penis gag which violated her mouth. The hood covering the majority of her face also prevented her from seeing Me and what I was about to do to her, adding to her aura of vulnerability. The daintiness of her thin bejeweled collar was rendered obscene by the large D-ring at its front, the same D-ring through which ran the chain connecting the weighted clamps which tortured her proud, sensitive nipples. In the candlelight, I sat beside her upon the bed. I gently stroked her stomach, dipping a fingertip playfully into her navel, as My gaze traveled up and down her small frame. I had ceased pussywhipping her quite some time ago, yet her loins still bore a redness – now somewhat faded – signaling the power of the heavy flogger I had used upon her. My hand slipped subtly toward her punished sex, My fingers pressing into her just a little, just enough to cause My beautiful slave to whimper around the fake phallus filling her small mouth, just enough to cause the willing captive to squirm from My touch. Certainly, she could not see My smile, but she certainly knew Me well enough after all these years to know that I was smiling at her reaction to My touch upon her reddened skin. My fingers continued the southward journey, ultimately reaching the feminine folds within which I had sheathed Myself so many times, upon which I had feasted merrily so many more times than I could ever hope to count. Following the pussywhipping, about a dozen clothespins had tortured her labia, swaying with her every subtle movement in reaction to the pain in her most special of places. But now, My fingers glided over the multiple square-shaped indentations in her most pliable skin, and My wonderful wife cried out around the fake phallus once again, her body instinctively attempting to jerk quickly away yet encountering the loving resistance of her secured bonds. The dozen clothespins atop each breast remained in place, however, swaying with the movement of her breasts as her body reacted to My touches, My reigniting of the pain at the base of her torso, and her every movement – no matter how slight – produced another muffled sound escaping around the fake phallus lodged within her small mouth, another muffled sound which further hardened My own phallus. Not surprisingly, My fingers encountered a telltale wetness, seeping slowly from between the tortured labia. I was a little surprised, even after all these years, that My loving slave could find some eroticism in the various ways I could torture her body, the multiple methods I could employ to hurt her with My deep, intense love. Slowly, I gathered some of the sweet nectar upon My fingers and spread it upon her sex, ultimately using the liquid love to strum her clitoris more easily, more quickly, and cause the willing captive to struggle and cry out from both pain and pleasure. she was truly vulnerable: naked, sightless, practically voiceless, unable to free herself, her feminine swells prickling with clamps and clothespins, her feminine folds throbbing from the phantom memories of other clothespins, her body wracked by a cocktail of pleasure and pain. her vulnerability only enhanced her beauty, only brought U/us ever closer to create a single loving entity in the semi-darkness of a candlelit bedroom in a sleepy suburb. She looked so vulnerable, and that heightened her sexiness in My eyes. The bedroom was quite d

5/16/2008 4:39:46 PM
We pulled up at the car park that overlooked the beach and sucked air in unison, the sight that greeted us was perfect 5ft and offshore beach breaking heaven. I hadn't been surfing in quite a while so I could hardly wait to feel the first rush of cold water down the back of my wetsuit. There were a few people surfing but it was by no means crowded and I could see larger set waves going unridden. We began to unpack the surfboards from the roof of my car, my buddy Mark wasted no time in jumping into his wetsuit and running off with his surfboard under his arm. 'Hey Mark what about the luggage,' I shouted after him.'Leave it till later man,' he called, as he disappeared around the corner towards the beach. I considered leaving it and heading for the waves, but there was a box of food in the car boot that I had to get inside soon or it would spoil. So as quickly as possible I unpacked the car and began the short walk to the cottage we had hired for our fabulous week of surfing and larking. I reached the cottage and fumbled in my pocket for the key, but before I could find it the door swung open and a lady introduced her self as Jody the owner of the cottage. At a guess she was about mid thirties but obviously looked after herself with an athletic figure and the kind of healthy skin colour that comes with living by the coast. She apologised for still being in the cottage when I arrived, only the surf had been that good that she had been late cleaning it from the last occupants, I assured her it was no problem and that I intended to be surfing myself as soon as I had dumped the bags. She offered to walk to the beach with me and point out the best spot to line up for the best waves. We went back inside and I searched amongst the bags for my wetsuit, I couldn't believe it when I realised I had left it behind, the look on my face must have given it away. Jody asked what was wrong and I explained how I had left my wetsuit at home. 'No problem, I own a surf shop in the town come down with me and I'll do you a good deal on a new one,' she offered. Well what could I do the sea in the UK is cold all year and you just have to have a wetsuit or you freeze your balls off. We strolled through the streets and Jody explained that the cottage had been her father's who had died three years ago now, she used the revenue gained from renting the cottage to open the villages first surf shop and now things were going great for her. As we strolled down a narrow lane a young kid on a skateboard came flying around the corner and nearly knocked Jody over, she fell into my arms to avoid him and as I helped her back upright I smelt the sea on her hair and skin. We reached the surf shop and Jody introduced me to the guy behind the counter, we chatted for a short while then she showed me downstairs to the wetsuit store. I browsed the rack and picked out a couple I was interested in, Jody explained how important it was to get the size of your wetsuit correct and that she would measure me first. She skipped off into the back of the store to fetch her measure and as she left I got a good view of her bottom, she was wearing a pair of ladies board shorts that left little to the imagination, I instantly felt my groin twitch. When she returned I was looking the other way at some surfboards leaning against the wall, she playfully flicked my arse with the tape measure using it like a whip. She giggled at me as I yelped and span round in mock horror. 'OK get your kit off,' she demanded still laughing. I was slightly worried now as I had a slight semi-erection and I didn't want Jody to think I was some sort of pervert, but I had no choice and took off my t-shirt first. 'Come on shorts as well, I can't measure correctly if your gonna be a shy boy,' she teased. I smirked and took down my shorts, I have a pretty good body not huge but defined, Jody looked me up and down and nodded her approval, I laughed at her and we exchanged flirty looks. She came in close to me and measured around my chest and stomach then she knelt in front of me to measure my inside leg. As she pressed the tape against my thigh I visibly jumped, she looked up and placed a reassuring hand around the back of my thigh. I was in trouble now and could feel an erection growing and there was nothing I could do to stop it! She seemed to be taking an age to measure my leg, but with hindsight she must have been teasing. I was wearing a pair of briefs which were now bulging and the tip of my helmet had just began to peak out above the waistband. Suddenly Jody broke the silence. 'I can't measure you properly with that thing in the way. It would be my pleasure to make it go away,' she said, looking up at me. I just nodded unable to speak, my mouth had just dried up completely. I just stood there as she slowly peeled down my pants, my cock sprang out and bobbed in front of Jody's face, she wrapped her fingers around my thick shaft and began slowly pumping it back and fourth. I could feel my legs wobbling. Jody rose up as she continued wanking me and pushed her body against mine, we kissed slow and long with just a few tentative touches of each other's tongues. I rubbed her breasts through her t-shirt, which made her lean into me and sigh. I was now near cumming which she must have realised as she moved to my side and cupped her hand over my helmet. I groaned as I gushed shot after shot of hot cum into Jody's hand, when I was drained she fetched some toilet paper and cleaned up, we kissed a little while longer. Then she said that she felt compelled to explain herself to me as I must think her a slut. She explained that I was the first man she had touched in 18 months after a very messy divorce, I assured her that I understood and that I found her very attractive and would love to take her for drinks, to my amazement she agreed. She fitted me for the wetsuit and I joined my buddy for the remainder of the afternoons surfing, but I couldn't take my mind off Jody, I know that she was about ten years my senior but something had clicked between us. I told my friend that he would have to amuse himself for the evening as I had a date with a beautiful lady. I met Jody from the surf shop at 7:00pm as arranged and we walked to her apartment so she could change. It was a really lovely evening and Jody took my hand as we walked through the streets. 'Fancy a walk on the beach?' she asked. 'Sure,' I said.We took off our shoes and walked on the beach a while before heading back to her place. She had a great apartment right on the beach, she told me to make myself comfortable while she took a shower, she strolled out of the room and a few minutes later I heard the shower start. It was just like the movies, I looked up and could see through the open door Jody's naked body in the mirrors reflection, she was about to step into the shower and must have left the door open for my pleasure. I had no choice but to get my aching cock out and masturbate whilst watching Jody in the mirror, she had to know I was watching but she never looked up, she just stood upright with her eyes closed and begin gently rubbing her erect nipples her other hand moved to her pussy which was shaven apart from the obligatory Hollywood strip. I had a great view and unfastened my jeans and tugged them off quickly followed by my shirt, I don't think I've ever had such a large erection as I sat naked watching the sexy Jody masturbate in front of me. After a few minutes of mutual masturbation and voyeurism Jody looked up and we made eye contact, she strode from the bathroom, her body was moist from the steam of the shower and her pussy was moist from lust for my massive erection. She came right at me consumed by desire and virtually leapt onto my lap, she immediately straddled my cock and pushed her soaked vagina against my throbbing helmet, there was slight resistance before I slid my shaft deep inside her !!! She leaned into my body and nibbled my neck as I pushed my groin up to gain maximum penetration, she leaned back which allowed me the opportunity to suck at her nipples, and we were both panting heavily. Over Jody's shoulder I could see our reflection in a large mirror, her perfect arse was spread and I could clearly see my cock sliding in and out of her soaking pussy, we were both near orgasm as I reached around and rubbed my finger around her arse hole, this tipped Jody over the edge and she had a huge orgasm, quickly followed by myself as I pumped hot semen deep inside her. She stayed put with my cock still inside her as we kissed passionately, I could feel the mixture of sexual juices running from her and coating my balls, she gently began gyrating, I could feel my erection returning.Her gyrating moved up a gear as we began round two, only this time once I was fully erect she climbed off my cock and moved down onto the floor pulling me with her. Once on the floor she went to work on my cock, gently running her tongue around my slippery helmet, her bottom stuck in the air to the right of my face and I could see her pussy peeping out between her thighs, I pulled her across me so that she straddled my face, her pussy was totally soaking with a mixture of our cum, I pulled her down onto me and pushed my tongue in deep, my nose rubbed against her arse hole and she gave out a moan. Her pussy tasted amazing the mixture of juices and the aroma had my head spinning, I nibbled at her clit and she pushed down hard against my tongue and nose, every time my nose even touched her ass hole she would wiggle in delight and gasp out load, she continued to work on my cock by now taking most of it into her mouth and sucking off all the juices of her own pussy. I couldn't fail to notice how sensitive her ass hole was so I gently rubbed my finger in her pussy juices and began pushing it into her hole, she came almost immediately and then again a minute later, I felt close to cumming myself so I pushed her down my body so her back was to me and lifted her onto my cock just for a few thrusts so as to coat it in lubricating juices. She seemed to get the idea as she lifted herself off my cock and began lining up her ass with my shiny helmet, it took a couple of pushes but the slippery juices I had been rubbing in with my nose did the trick and my cock slowly slid into her ass hole! It felt amazing, so tight and enveloping, Jody came immediately as she began to pump up and down, I leaned forward and reached around her so as to rub her breast, this action forced my cock right up inside her and she groaned noisily before another huge orgasm, the contracting of her ass hole started my own orgasm and I began pumping copious amounts of hot spunk into her arse, we slumped to a halt and Jody leaned back against me panting and gasping for air. We stayed like this for a few minutes before she rolled off my cock and lay next to me with her head on my chest, neither of us spoke but we both knew that it had been the best fuck we had ever had.We pulled up at the car park that overlooked the beach and sucked air in unison, the sight tha

5/8/2008 1:09:00 PM
'Let's go upstairs,' he says.'OK. You go up. I'll be right behind you,' she says.They kiss once more, long and deep. She moans. He goes upstairs to the bedroom. He kicks off his jeans. Their make-out session has caused his semi-hard dick to dribble pre-cum, and the wet spot is clearly visible on his boxer shorts. For a moment, he grips his shaft through the fabric, but quickly releases it. He takes off his shirt and lies down in bed. He props himself up on some pillows and waits.After a minute or two she enters the room. She stops beside the dresser and looks at him.'Hey baby,' she says.'Hey,' he replies.They smile.'Come over here,' he says as he climbs out of bed. She stands before him. He touches her face. His fingers trail lightly down the sides of her neck. His hands cup her face, and he kisses her. They continue to kiss. He slides his hands down her arms. When they reach her wrists, he breaks the kiss and grips her wrists tightly. He pins her hands to her sides and stares into her eyes. He is looking that little spark of wickedness in her expression, and he finds it.'You have more clothes on than I do,' he says, 'Take them off.'He releases his grip and sits on the edge of the bed. She steps back and slowly strips down to her sexy red bra and thong underwear. All the while, he stares intently. She reaches back to unhook her bra, but he stops her. He stands behind her and runs his hands over her still-confined breasts. He pauses to pinch her nipples through the lacy fabric. She bites her lip and suppresses a moan. He parts her long hair and kisses the back of her neck. Her eyes are half closed. He unhooks her bra and lets it fall. Her nipples stiffen as the cool air hits them. They are aching for attention. He places a chair in front of her.'Put your hands here,' he tells her, indicating a spot toward the back of the seat.She bends gracefully and rests her palms on the seat as she is directed.'Good,' he says.He takes a moment to admire her beautiful form. Her straight legs hoist her beautiful backside up in the air. Her tits hang seductively beneath her arched back. Her hair drapes down along her toned arms. He runs the tip of his index finger down her neck, her back, and the tiny strip of silk between the cheeks of her ass. He grasps the thong and gives it a gentle tug. The fabric digs into her pussy and she gasps. He slips a finger past her panties and into her pussy. She is wet. Very wet.'This has to come off too,' he claims.He pulls the thong roughly to her ankles.'Oh!' she cries.Her response excites him and he feels the urge to immediately burry his face in her exposed pussy. He resists. Instead, he stands beside her.'Spread your legs,' he commands.She shifts her weight and does as she is told. Glancing back at him, she can see the tent his erection is making in his boxers. Her mouth waters. Just then, his open hand lands firmly on her ass. Smack!'Oh!' she cries again.'Keep your knees straight,' he says.She hadn't noticed they were buckling. She quickly corrects her stance.'You look so good,' he whispers to her.She feels so safe-and yet so exposed. Smack! Another stinging blow. And two more in quick succession. Her pussy is practically dripping now. He can no longer resist tasting it. He kneels down and licks the length of her slick opening. Another night, they will play this out for as long as they can, but tonight she cannot wait to feel him inside her.'Fuck me now,' she says, 'Please just fuck me now.'He steps out of his boxers and guides his dick to the entrance of her pussy. She rests on her elbows. With one smooth stroke, his turgid shaft is buried to the hilt. He grinds his hips against her ass, and they both release a moan of pure ecstasy. There is no more subtlety tonight. Now, they fuck intensely. Each stroke is harder and faster than the one before. Soon she mumbles obscenities and backs into each violent thrust. He grips her hips tightly and goes up on his toes, trying to ram his cock even deeper. They are desperate for release, and they get it. Muscles tense. Spasms rock both their bodies. He sprays his cum inside her. They freeze in place and let their orgasms wash over them. After several seconds, he pulls out of her slowly. She drops to her knees. They are panting and sweating. She feels a trickle of cum run down her thigh.'Mmmmm,' she purrs.  
deeper. They are desperate for release, and they get it. Muscles tense. Spasms rock both their bodies. He sprays his cum inside her. They freeze in place and let their orgasms wash over them. After several seconds, he pulls out of her slowly. She drops to her knees. They are panting and sweating. She feels a trickle of cum run down her thigh.'Mmmmm,' she purrs.  
 Submit 'Let's go upstairs,' he says.'OK. You go up. I'll be right behind you,' she says.They

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She is so mine........ I'm dreaming and it feels wonderful. My cock is on the receiving end of a wonderful blow job from my Kitty Kat. Slowly it filters through to my brain that it's not a dream and the sensations I am feeling are real. I open my eyes and look down to see your beautiful face looking up at me. Giving my cock one last lick you say 'Good morning Sir. How may I please you?' You punctuate this by taking me deep in your throat. I groan as I feel my cock in your throat. 'Continue as you are little one I'm sure you would like some cream for breakfast' I say. You bob your head up and down with my cock in your mouth. 'But slowly little one I want you to work for your reward' you groan around my cock. After 10 minutes of the wonderful sensations of your mouth I decide its time for your reward. 'Present' I say. You look at me in confusion. 'PRESENT' little one...NOW!' You jump up and get into the 'present' position. I smile as I look at you knelt like that. 'Beautiful' I whisper. Getting out of bed, I move in front of you. 'We will deal with that later little one. This is the position that I want you in from now on when I cum in your mouth so you will always remember I am your SIR.' With that I grab the back of your head and pull you back to my cock. After your wonderful blow job all I want to do now is fuck your face and cum in your mouth. So that is what I proceed to do. You groan as I start to use your mouth. I almost orgasm, as you feel me explode in your throat. 'Make sure its all clean little one' I tell you. 'After you clean up, lie in the middle of the bed little one' and you jump up and do as I request. Taking four lengths of restraints out of my bag, I tie you up spread eagle on the bed.As you are tied up, I add to my fun by placing a blindfold on you. Now that you are blindfolded I take a small butt plug out and lube it up and a vibrator. I slowly start to tease your rose bud with my tongue and fingers. 'Oh god Sir your little one is so hot please?' I smile reach down and place the plug at the entrance of your ass. 'Don't you dare cum little one' I say as I push the plug into place. 'OHHH Goooddd. Please Sir... Please?,' you groan. When the plug is in place, I sit back and watch you squirm. I then lean forward and with the tip of my tongue flick your clit. 'OOOOOHHHHHHHH' is all that comes out of your mouth. Reaching for the vibe, I continue to just flick your clit until you feel me slide the vibe into your wet pussy. 'NNNNOOOOOOO SIR please nooooo. OOOHHH GGoooDD need too cum Noooottt aaalllooowwwed, oooohhhh ggoooddd.' I leave you with your ass and pussy full and you struggling on the bed. I go to the ice bucket and get some ice. 'Are you all hot little one? Do you want me to cool you down?' I ask. 'OOHH SSSSOOOO HHOOOOTTTT SIR Pleeaassse' then you jump as you feel me trace your nipple with an ice cube. 'Still hot little one?' 'PPPLLLEAseee SSSSIIIRR' you stop and scream 'Cuuuuummmmmiiinnnnngg' as you feel the other cube in my hand trace your clit. 'So, my little one does not follow orders? Well if you want to cum little one, then cum you shall.' With that said, I place your thong from last night in your mouth and turn on the vibe in your pussy on full. 'Now you can CUM all you want little one' I whisper in your ear. I turn around and head to the bathroom to shower and let you enjoy your orgasms.I smile to myself as I move into the bathroom. I get in the shower and wash myself thinking about how I'm going to play with your body. 20 minutes later I come back into the bedroom. I look at you shaking and squirming all over the bed. The sheets between your legs are pooled with your juices and you look so sexy. Turning the vibe down, I reach up and take the panties out of your mouth. 'Oh God please Sir, no more, I can't take any more' you croak. Taking a glass of water I feed you sips until your throat feels normal again. Now that your throat is back to normal, I turn up the vibe again. 'Oohhh GOD SIR you are evil to me' you gasp. 'You wanted to cum little cum you will' I reply. 'ooooHHHH nnnOOO nnnnooottt aaaggaaiiin' you scream as you cum again. To keep you quiet, I kneel astride your face and feed you my cock. 'Suck little one and make it good' I say as I grasp your nipples and twist. Keeping the pressure on your nipples, you give me head as though your life depends on it. Once I'm nice and hard, I let go of your nips and turn down the vibe. Letting you recover slightly, I reach down and take out the butt plug. Grabbing some lube I cover my cock in it. You feel me get between your legs. Then feel the head of my cock at your rosebud. 'OHHH please Sir fuck my ass... use your little one's slutty ass... PLEASE FUCK MY ASS SIR I NEED IT.' You end in a scream as I ram my hard cock up your ass. Releasing your legs from their restraints, I raise you up and start to fuck your ass. As I do this, my stomach pushes the vibe in and out of your pussy so it feels like your getting fucked by two people at once. I reach down and turn the vibe up again and start to fuck your ass hard till I can take no more and fill your ass with my cum. This causes a massive explosion in your body and you blackout with pleasure. You come round to find that I have released your arms and am holding you in my arms stroking your hair. 'Thank you Sir. Your slut thanks you for using her Sir' you mumble as you drift off to sleep in my arms.When you slowly come back to life after your orgasm induced sleep, you find yourself curled up in my arms. When you realize it's my arms around you, you snuggle in closer and think about what has, is and will happen. Thinking about this makes you purr. 'This is so right. I am my master's toy and I feel free. When I am with him all that matters is him and his pleasure and through his pleasure I am happy. I want to stay here forever in my Sirs arms, at his feet, with his cock in my mouth, pussy or ass. I am his. I finally belong.' You snuggling and purring rouse's me. I kiss the top of your head and you look up. 'Hello little one. How are you feeling?' I ask.'Oh Sir, so many things. Ecstatically happy, a little sore but most of all I feel I belong to you Sir. Thank you. I never knew I was allowed or could feel this peaceful with myself' you reply as you snuggle closer. I smile at you. 'I'm glad that I make you feel that way little one. I am very proud of you so far little one, but the weekend is not over yet.' You frown. 'Sir, I don't care what else you do to me. That you are getting pleasure from your toy is all I care about Sir, so please, please do as you wish to me. I will try my best not to let you down.' 'I know you will little one. It's time for a shower before we start the rest of the day little one' you nod and rise taking me by the hand and you lead me to the shower.Holding your hands in mine, I walk backward, leading you toward the shower. I say to you, 'follow me Sir, I would very much like to show you my appreciation.' You respond, 'sounds intriguing, little one.' As you glance into my eyes, you see them sparkling with a little twinkle. Once we have reached the shower, I want to hold you close and bring your body against mine. With my left arm wrapped around your lower back and my right arm wrapped over your shoulder, my hand laying across your upper back, I pull you against me and tell you how much I love my Sir and how much you mean to me. I then proceed to kiss you by gently caressing your lips with mine, outline your lips with my warm, wet tongue. Slowly, I slip it through your soft lips and tickle your tongue. My heart melts. I am holding my Sir so close and it feels so good. You are so warm, and comforting and I feel safe and secure knowing that you love me and care for me. I lean into the shower and turn on the water. I step inside, turn around and take your hand, guiding you inside the shower. Once inside I turn you to face me as I gently guide you into the falling water. I lean forward to kiss you again while the water splashes over our heads, wetting our hair. My hands and fingers glide over your head as I pull you in closer to my wanting lips. Next, I take the bath gel and squeeze a small amount in the bath sponge and work up a nice thick lather. At this point my pussy is getting really hot and I can feel her beginning to throb. Slowly, I begin to bathe you. Starting at your neck...I give your neck a gentle nibble as I kiss it, followed by the sponge as I massage the foam into your skin. Next, I kiss your chest, nipples, and stomach, as they too are followed by a soft massage of the sponge. I do the same thing with your shoulders, arms and hands, taking your fingers and seductively sucking each fingertip. As I bathe you lower, I notice that you are very excited. Your cock stands out at attention as if to say 'don't forget about me little one.' I think to myself...'oh, how could I ever forget Sir's cock?' At this point, I take the 'present' position and kneel down in front of you and kiss your cock. Like a giddy little school girl, I giggle and say, 'look Sir, no hands!' I then wrap my hands around your thighs pulling you in close as I begin to bathe your cock using my tongue. I make sure to get every inch of him. As I slip my lips over your cock I slide my mouth down your shaft as I try to take in every inch, completely. I am in heaven. Here I am, at my Sirs feet attending to his needs and I am happy, very happy. I am at peace and very content. There is no other place that I would rather be. For a brief moment, I release you only to place my cheek against your legs and hug you close and very tight. 'Sir, you have no idea how happy I am right now. I have never been happier in my whole entire life. Thank you.' I say. I proceed to pull your cock back into my waiting mouth eager to show you how much I adore your cock. Sucking gently but firmly, I slide my mouth up and down your cock as I begin to hear faint moans drifting in the air. I look up to see you watching me. Oh how it turns me on to see you watching me. As you look into my eyes you respond by saying, 'good girl, little one, you please me so much.' I respond, 'thank you Sir, my mission is to please you always.' You then begin to stroke my hair, while I continue sucking your cock. Again, my mouth slides up and down your thick hard cock, and I begin to feel it start to pulse. I know that my Sir is ready to give his little kitty kat some wonderful cream. It happens to be the best cream in the world, mmm. I say, 'Please Sir, don't hold back, I want your cream and I need your cream. Kitty Kat is very thirsty Sir.' You begin to push your cock into my face, fucking my mouth. I can feel that your explosion is almost imminent. You brace your hands against the sides of the shower as you fuck my mouth with increasing speed and force. You then take a hand reach down and grab my hair pulling me in closer. All of a sudden there it is...that taste...that wonderful taste...the taste of the finest cream in all the world and I get to have it. No one else. I have to swallow fast as the next spurts come quickly, and I don't want to choke. Not on Sir's cum. That would be a waste. I greedily lick up every drop of your fine cream and proceed to continue kissing all the parts of your body. 'You're a good girl little one,' I see that you got every last drop now, didn't you?' you say with a smile. 'My only thought Sir is to please you. Everything I do, I do to please you.' I respond. I gently turn you around and continue bathing you. I kiss your left ass cheek and massage it with the soapy sponge, I continue in the same manner with your right ass cheek. Then taking the soapy sponge, I begin to trace the crack of your ass with the sponge, pushing it gently along the crease, concentrating on your rosebud. 'Sir? Would you please step under the water to rinse the soap off,' I request. 'Certainly, little one,' you reply. After you have rinsed, I begin to poke my tongue across your rosebud. Pushing your ass cheeks aside, I plant a kiss directly on top of your rosebud pressing my tongue just inside. Next, I turn you back around and spreading your legs, I kiss the inside of your thighs giving you little nibbles, and then proceed to massage the soap into your skin. I continue again, in this manner with your thighs, knees, calves and feet, taking great care not to throw you off balance when I lift them. As I ask you to step under the water again to rinse, I stop and think to myself...'oh this is the best life a subbie could ever have...I have the best Sir in the world, pleasing him and making him happy, makes me happy. I am the luckiest subbie in the world.' I then stand up and look into your eyes and say, 'oh Sir, thank you for allowing me to care for you, if I do nothing else the rest of my life except spend the rest of my life loving you and taking care of you it will be well worth it. This little subbie loves you and wants nothing more than to please you and make you happy.' 'Oh little one,' you say, 'I love you very much and it pleases me to know that you want to please me and make me happy. You sure do know how to take care of me, thank you my pet. You please me very much little one.' Switching places in the shower, I quickly wash myself as you watch in amazement. I turn off the water and grab the towel that is on the towel rack. Stepping outside the shower I take your hand and lure you out. Placing the towel over your head, I begin to gently pat your face and hair dry. I continue drying you...first your neck, your shoulders, your arms and hands, and your chest. Taking the towel, I slowly stroke the towel in my hands up and down your chest, turning you around; I dry your back and ass. Turning you to face me again, I begin to dry your lower abdomen and cock, then your legs. Kneeling down, I begin to dry your right leg and then your left. I get off of one knee and set my foot down on the floor presenting my thigh as a footstool. 'Sir, would you please put your feet up here so that I can do a thorough job of drying them off?' I ask. You smile, placing a foot on my leg. I dry it off and proceed to dry off the other foot. 'Now, Sir, if we are to have a busy day ahead of us, while I dry off, won't you please go to the closet and choose something for me to wear today?' 'It would be my pleasure little one.' You then walk out of the bathroom toward the closet.After such a wonderful shower with my little one, I cross to the wardrobe to pick out today's outfit. I decide on a navy blue halter dress, which will allow a fair amount of cleavage to show. With this I add three inch strapped heels by jimmy choo. I lay these out on the bed and wait for my little one to come out of the bathroom. You emerge from the bathroom looking fresh and alive. Naked you pad across the room and fall to your knees at my feet. I stroke your hair and say. 'Thank you little one for a wonderful shower, today we will be going out and having some fun,' you look up at me in slight surprise 'Trust me little one you will enjoy it.' 'As you wish Sir.' is your reply. 'Stand up little one and retrieve your last pair of thongs you bought yesterday.' You jump up saying 'Yes Sir.' You cross to the drawer and get the ball of string. Coming back to me you hand it to me. As you stand in front of me I kneel down so that I can put it on for you. Sliding the string up your legs, I turn you round to make sure it fits in the crack of your ass. Turning you back I'm now faced with your pussy. You can feel my breath on your clit. I make sure that the single strand coming down is straight and that where it splits in two is on the outside of your pussy lips. You have a thong on but your whole pussy is still exposed. Reaching behind you to the bed also brings me closer to your pussy. I slowly lick your clit. You moan 'Oh yes.' I grab the ben-wa balls off the bed and while still licking your clit, insert them. 'What are they Sir?' you ask in surprise as you feel them enter you. 'Just something to remind you who owns this pussy and a training device. You wouldn't want to cum in public would you little one, so now you will learn a little control' I reply. Sliding up your body I notice your nipples are getting erect so I take each in turn and bring them to full length. 'Get dressed little one I'm hungry. It's time for breakfast' I tell you. 'Yes Sir.' Fifteen minutes later, after a light sprinkling of make-up to enhance your beauty, we leave for breakfast.As we walk to the lift you feel the balls move in your pussy causing you to groan. 'Is there a problem little one?' I ask with a smile on my face. 'NNOO SIR' you gasp in reply. Waiting for the lift, you try to stand still so as to keep the balls from moving. When the lift arrives we step in. As soon as the doors close I spin you round and kiss you hard. Invading your mouth with my tongue, you melt in my arms. The lift stops at the next floor so I turn my back on you. A couple gets in, and I decide to have some fun. With my left hand I reach back and stroke your clit through your skirt. You gasp as I make contact. This causes the lady to look at you, and ask, 'Are you ok?' 'Yes, just a shiver' you reply, trying to keep a straight face. I increase the pressure on your clit. You move closer which causes the balls to move and you fight to keep quiet. You notice the lady looking at you with a sparkle in her eyes. She mouths at you 'I wish that was me' you grin as you realize she knows what we are doing and blush. With my fingers working on your clit and the knowledge that someone else knows what I am doing is making you get close to orgasm. The lift judders as it stops at the next floor causing another gasp from you. Four more people enter the lift pushing me back into you. The next thing you feel is someone pulling on your nipple, you look down and see that the lady has your right nipple in one of her hands. You look her in the eyes and she mouths 'quiet' you nod your head. I see this and smile. She notices and smiles too. I increase the pressure on your clit as she increases the pull on your nipple. As we reach the ground floor and everyone departs, I push hard on my clit and she pulls hard on your nipple and you cum. As she leaves she says, 'I love those sort of shivers.' You blush deeper but say nothing.I smile at you as we get out of the lift. 'Did you enjoy that little one?' ' Sir.' you reply blushing furiously. 'Good girl.' A smile flits across your lips. I lead you across to the dining room so that we can have some breakfast. You blush harder as you realize that our server is the room service boy. He also blushed obviously remembering the hot woman from room 212. This caused your pussy to tighten around the balls a little. You stifle a moan. We order breakfast while we are waiting for it to arrive I say, 'Toy, play with your clit while we wait, but do not CUM.' You look at me wide eyed, 'BBBUUUTTT wwee aarree iinn ppublic Sir,' you stutter. 'AND?' I reply, 'Are you disobeying me TOY?' I add as I stare at you. 'Nnnooo Ssiirr.' you say as you drop your right hand into your lap. 'That's better, Toy, but we will deal with your insolence later.' I say. You drop your eyes to the table hoping against hope that no one notices what you are doing. I enjoy watching you squirm and the color rising in your face. 'Look at me as you play, Toy.' I tell you. You raise your eyes, in them I can see fear and lust fighting for control. 'Remember you are MY toy. Your body is here for MY pleasure not yours.' I say. She is so mine........ I'm dreaming and it feels wonderful. My cock is on the receiving e

4/11/2008 1:35:20 PM
We met online, in a chat room. We both were seeking something more than we presently had. She is married with two pre-teen boys. I am divorced with one daughter nearly the same age as she. She needed a Master. I needed a slave. We found each other.We talked some online and she agreed to meet Me for a 'look-see', and perhaps more. She was directed to come to My residence wearing no underpants and to say only, 'Sir, slave is here as directed!' Then she would sit and we would talk. If she was uncertain she would say, 'Sir, may we continue our talk, if it pleases Sir?' which was her way of saying she was uncomfortable. On the other hand, all she had to do to indicate that she was ready to submit as My slave was, 'Sir, how may slave serve You, Master!' The doorbell rings. I see it is her. 'Come in and sit, slave,' I say.She sits and we talk for a few minutes concerning her expectations and My demands. They were all consistent with our earlier online chats and instant messages. I was impressed with her willingness and apparent need. It nicely matched My need.Rather quickly she spoke those magic words: 'Sir, how may slave serve You, Master!' My reply was, 'Naked, now, on your knees!'Instantly she kneels, her nose touching My rug as her dress fell to her mid thighs. She has nothing else except shoes on, which she quickly manages to kick off. Her simple sundress follows in a heap on top of her shoes.I stand and move to her. Reaching down, I pull and twist a handful of her lovely hair and pull her toward Me. Slowly I drag her naked body to My chair.I sit down, still holding a handful of her hair, I pull her face close to me, twisting so I can reach her ear I say 'Slave is pleasing to her Master!' A short quick kiss on the ear is followed immediately by a hard and longer bite on the same ear. She is lovely; every naked sex slave is lovely! Half twisted, lying across My chest and legs I can tell she is not comfortable but she is not supposed to be. Again I smile and say, 'Slave remove Master's shoes and worship My feet!' Like a child on Christmas morning she unties My shoe laces and begins to caress, kiss, lick and suck My feet and toes as she kneels at My feet. After a few minutes I take hold of her hair again, pulling her toward Me. Holding her head by both ears, I smile and say, 'Slave is doing adequately. But slaves need to be spanked.' I pull My slave by the ears dragging her from the living room to the dining room where I bend her over the dining room table.Quickly I slap her right ass cheek 7 times. Then I bend over My slave, nearly kneeling as I squat and I spread her ass cheeks and look at her tightest hole. My thumb rubs her ass. A nice cute ass, and one that I will soon be deep inside, I think. Slave's need is obvious. Slave is not simply wet but is dripping with wetness. Her shaved pussy area is deep red and glistening. Her aroma is wonderful. I continue to admire her ass. I probe My thumb to its base into that tight hole. I pull it out and bend over to bite first the right side and then the left side of her ass, Each bite lasts about 2 minutes, just long enough to leave My teeth marks for a few hours but not enough to break her skin.I begin to spank her again. Slave is still bent over the dining room table, but this time I spank more slowly, more methodically, more determined to give slave both the pleasure and the pain that a spanking can provide and that she so obviously seeks.When I am ready I move to her ear and another bite is followed by, 'Slave did well,' and I force her to turn around and crawl back to Me.I walk back to the living room and use the remote to turn on the CNN news. She crawls to Me. Her nose is nearly on the rug. I jerk her head up by her hair, forcing her to look at me. 'Kneel with your back perpendicular to the floor!'She obeys and I smile and touch her nipples for the first time. They are erect and hard. Her body is glistening in sweat, more from excitement and need and her own sexual heat than the temperature in the room. As I roll her nipples between My thumb and fingers I act as If I am bored and I ask the TV, 'What should I do with you slave? What should I do with you?' Then looking down at her, I see her back is straight but her eyes are looking down and I say, 'Well slave, look at Master and answer.'Her lovely eyes look up to Me and she answers, 'Master, girl is your slave. Whatever Master wishes!' My already hard erection throbs and seems to grow another inch in My need. I think to myself, she is indeed a well trained slave!I stand; she continues to kneel.I grab her hair and pull her to the bedroomTossing her face down on the bed, I spank her ass and bite her again. I continue to alternate between spanking and biting for a while enjoying the feel of her fine fanny. Then I roll her over onto her back to tie her wrists to the bed post. I bite her ear again.I review our discussion about safe words once more. Spreading her legs I begin to slap her shaved, hairless, smooth and swollen pussy lips. I pause only because she seems near to an orgasm!I move to her nipples as I kiss and play with her breasts and erect tits! Her nipples are wonderful. I stop for a moment and say, 'Slave is close to an orgasm, isn't she!' and she says 'Ohhhhhhh. Yes, Master. Yes!'I return to her nipples and think, I have been at this for over 2 hours since she undressed. I smile and say, 'Slave may cum while I bite her nipples and finger her slave ass!' So I proceed and so does slave, cumming over and over for the next few minutes!Once slave quiets down, I place My throbbing cock into her mouth and she gobbles it down like she was starving! She nearly has another orgasm while sucking Me.I withdraw my cock from her mouth and begin to spank her clit and pussy area once again. I so enjoy exploring the area where pain and pleasure join into something unique and wonderful. I spank her to a few more orgasms.I return to her nipples. So wonderful, erotic, sensual!Finally I roll her over and spread her slave ass cheeks and position myself over her. 'Beg Slave, beg your Master to fuck your slave ass!' I begin to spank her again, this time even harder than before. She begs in such a lovely way, that I cannot help but take her ass.Holding her nipples tight, I enter her ass from behind, and she cums at least 5 more times while I fuck her ass! I pull out and command slave, 'Suck it. Suck Master's cock, slave.' Reaching for a warm wash cloth, she wipes off my member and then swallows every inch until her mouth rests next to My balls.At last it is My turn to moan. Thanking the gods of sexuality for whoever trained this wonderful slave, I finally explode. I have felt better before in My life but it has been a long time ago.I pat her head. 'Good girl, slave!' and she begins to lick My unshaven balls.Satisfied, I look down, grabbing a handful of her hair. I place her head on My chest and say, 'Slave did well! Does slave have any questions?'Her eyes look at mine and her only question is, 'Master, when can slave do this again?!'Yes, I must thank the gods of sexuality for this slave.Finally We met online, in a chat room. We both were seeking something more than we presently

4/9/2008 9:33:12 AM
The Night  
Silently, I let Myself in through the unlocked back door. Night is falling, but as yet, you haven't put on the lights - the film you are concentrating on has a few minutes left. From the kitchen, I can see you, your face illuminated by the flicker of the scenes taking place on the other side of the room. You look comfortable in the high-backed leather chair, really bought for those hours spent at the computer but now more of a long-term friend, the years together having moulded the cushions to fit you snugly.I see some bedroom footage appearing on the television and the softened light from the screen allows Me to slip into the lounge unnoticed. I kneel behind the chair, then in My measured, but firm tone, say 'Don't move!' You jump in your seat, startled by My voice. 'I said, don't move!' I repeat, still measured and firmly in control. 'yes, Sir. It's great to see you, Sir,' comes the reply, as you look demurely downwards and try to contain your childlike excitement, that excitement that I so love about you.I drape your hands, first one, then the other, over the arm and around the back of the chair. Upon each wrist I fasten a studded leather cuff, and when both are on, I clip the two together securely. The width of the chair, as luck would have it, is just right to hold you pinned to the chair comfortably, yet any attempt to free yourself is painful enough to dissuade you from attempting it.Turning the chair around, I take a pair of thigh cuffs. They are a little oversize; however, for what I have in mind, they will fit perfectly. I lift one leg up onto the arm of the chair and thread the cuff underneath, fastening your thigh tightly to the chair leg, locking it in place with one of a pair of like-keyed padlocks, though as your arms will restrain you, the padlocks are really just symbolic.You have remembered My instructions regarding underwear well; I can see this as a quick glance under your short black leather skirt reveals all - there is already a glisten appearing on your moist lips. I smile at you, and I see that smile returned; yours, though, is a willing smile of submission to Me. You know that I have you all to Myself, that I am in control and that you know that only the mercy cry of our agreed stop-word or the sweet release of orgasm will return any of that control to you now.I run My finger slowly up one creamy-white thigh and stroke gently down your pussy lips, just enough to moisten that finger a little. You gasp as I do so, but are powerless to resist Me and you know it, which only serves to heighten your pleasure. I notice your eyes fixed upon Me as I raise My moistened finger to My lips and lick, then suck it erotically before pursing My lips against your mouth, parting your teeth, then teasing your tongue with My own.The extent of control I have over you at this point, somewhat belatedly, hits Me. The realisation that I can do anything I like, as long as I don't violate your trust of Me, registers in My mind and I break the kiss with My impish grin, resulting in a mix of anticipation and apprehension in the beautiful face before Me. I catch sight of your erect nipples pushing your silk blouse toward Me and, without warning, bite one and tug at it with My teeth. Again, you gasp, and squeal a little as the mixture of pleasure and pain courses through your body. I swivel the chair a few degrees and repeat the bite on the other teat. 'Aaah!' you yelp, as you wince and recoil into the chair.I then kiss each nipple tenderly through their silky covering and slowly unfasten the buttons of your blouse, showering the freshly-exposed flesh with tender kisses as I go. Once revealed, the pink protrusions look even more beautiful to Me. I kiss both again, dwelling on the second to take it softly into My mouth, where I circle it slowly and gently with My tongue. As I do so, one of My hands drops beneath your skirt to test the water and finds you very wet. I offer you a taste of your juices, while I suck and lick and tease your breast; you gratefully and hungrily accept, lapping every drop of your sweet, thick mucus from the finger I have offered to you.I move, to swap breasts, and as I do so, one hand rests gently on your neck. I mimic the movements of My tongue with My fingers, gently caressing the nape of your neck as My mouth teases your teat. You whimper with pleasure as I play with you, My touch causing you to shudder occasionally as your senses and emotions respond to My ministrations.Again, I reach down to touch your soft, shaven, swollen wet lips and I feel the juices run over My fingers as I do. The semi-permeable nature of the leather skirt means that a small pool is beginning to form, rising up from the cheeks of your gorgeous, ample ass. I continue to stroke the outside of your pussy and you moan softly as I tease. More of your lovely juices emerge from between your pussy lips and I slide My finger just inside, bathing it with the fluids of your passion and yearning.Thrusting two fingers deep inside causes you to cry out, 'Oh yes, yes… fuck Me with your fingers!' I sternly remind you that I am in control, and direct My fingers instead up toward your clit, by now is tender and aching for My caress, which it gets in full measure.Taking your love-bud between My fingers, I squeeze it and roll it, then allow My fingers to dance on it alternately and rapidly. You gasp, writhe and cry out as My continual teasing of your most sensitive place takes you higher and higher. You ask if you can cum and I whisper, 'Not yet, sweetheart. When I am ready.'Again I plunge My fingers, wet with your juices, deep into your hole. You try to grip them with your cunt walls but the slipperiness of both those walls and My fingers, lubricated by your pleasure simply squeezes them back out toward Me. I bury My fingers deep inside you, again and again. You writhe and gasp and beg Me to let you cum, but I ignore your pleas for now. The hand caressing your neck, thwarted in its planned trek down your back by the chair, instead wanders around to one breast, where it tweaks, pulls and rubs your hard nipple, before repeating the performance on the other one.I add a third finger to My thrusting down below, and use My thumb to squeeze your clit against your pubic area at the depth of every stroke. The brief and repeated contact sends pulses of pleasure rippling through your body; as I thrust deeper and harder, and quicken My rhythm, so the pulses intensify and become more frequent. You want My touch so badly that you are almost rocking the chair onto My fingers at each stroke and now are begging Me for release. I keep thrusting, silently, until you can take no more of My exquisite teasing, fighting against your orgasm, when I whisper quietly into your ear: 'You may cum freely, darling.' Almost immediately, you start convulsing and shaking in the chair, a soft, dreamy moaning making way for a loud and vocal expression of your impending eruption. As your noises become more guttural, I feel you soak My hand with more of your juices, accompanied by your cries of, 'Oh, yes, I'm cumming…'As your motion and sounds of love begin to subside, I slow My movements, both the thrusting and the squeezing of your clit. I share the taste of you, with you, from My hand and kiss you deeply and passionately. I place the key to the padlocks in one of the locks. 'Do not move from the chair for at least ten minutes,' I say. I walk around to the back of the chair and unlink the wrist cuffs from each other, before kissing the back of your neck one last time. The next sound you hear is the click of the back door closing behind Me.The Night Silently, I let Myself in through the unlocked back door. Night is falling, but as

4/1/2008 10:31:27 AM
MineYou're laying on the edge of the bed, with your legs dangling out into space, parted so as to expose your beautiful pussy for me, with its wonderful plump lips, and a small tuft of black curls. I kneel on the floor before you, my hands gliding up along your legs, rubbing over your knee and thighs, getting you to open them wider for me. Your breath catches as I lower my mouth to your pussy, and kiss you there, drawing in your warmth and the wonderful womanly scent. My tongue extends, sliding lazily over your folds, and then between them, tasting you. You're already starting to get wet, and my lapping only hastens it. As my tongue finds your sensitive areas, and plunges in and out of you, teasing the walls of your cunt, ignoring your clit completely, you begin to wiggle and shift, trying to direct me to it. I smile up at you, give it a couple licks, and then go back to licking your slit. Your breaths start coming faster, harsher, intercut with little moans and mewls, your body begging me for release. I love the power I have over you, how I can play your pussy like a fine instrument. Instead of letting you cum, I move up your body, kissing my way along your belly and breasts, your shoulders, and neck, and then your mouth. I kiss you deeply, my mouth tasting of your juices, my tongue sneaking past your lips. I press the length of my body against yours, stretched out over you, covering you. I continue kissing you, your chin and neck, sucking on the lobe of your ear. My breath is warm on your ear as I whisper, 'You're my little kitty slut. Meow and purr for me.'You let my words sink in, loving the effect they have on you. With my body claiming yours, covering every bit of you, you feel so small and sexy, my little kitty, my slut. You wiggle against me, feeling your nipples rub against my hairy chest, and let out a soft, tentative meow. You feel a little silly doing it, but my hand slides between our bodies, rubbing the lips of your pussy, teasing out your clit, and you begin to meow and purr more insistently. You arch your back, pushing up against me, spreading your legs for me, tilting your head up, meowing passionately. I lick along your neck, as my fingers enter you, begin plunging in and out of you, and my thumb rolls lazily over your clit. Soon your pussy is flowing with juices, and my fingers are soaked. I bring them up and rub your nipples, then begin sucking on the nubs, delighting in your shivers.You feel my hard cock resting against your stomach, its swollen head leaking fluid. You reach down, and take it in your hand. It's so hot, and hard, the soft skin pulled taught. I lift up a bit, and whisper in your ear, 'Put it in.'We have to adjust our positions, but you manage to lift yourself up, and impale yourself on my hard cock. It slips inside your wet folds, it's thickness making you shudder as it pushes along your walls. Finally it sinks all the way in, and you begin riding it, your hips moving up and down on my cock. I let you do this a couple times, and then I grab your hands, and hold your arms over your head. You bite your lip as I begin controlling the momentum. A couple times I enter you harder or faster than you'd like, but the pain makes you even wetter, because I am claiming you, making you my little kitty slut. I draw my cock out slowly, letting you feel every inch of it, until only the swollen head remains embedded in you, then I sink back into you, all the way on one thrust. I'm pistoning into you, my buttocks clenching. Oh how you want to reach down, and feel them as they flex, rub the small of my back, hold me tightly as I thrust into you, but I have your hands trapped over your head, and all you can do is moan and meow.You scream out when I bite you. It's totally unexpected, slashing through the heavy fog of pleasure that had enfolded your mind. The pain is intense. I've bitten you on the neck, and hold your flesh between my teeth, pulling on it. You whimper in pain and total submission. My cock doesn't even pause. It continues plunging into you with its steady rhythm as you spasm and clench against me. When I finally let you go, you're bleeding. I've torn the skin, and a trickle of blood flows across your shoulder. The sweat of your neck, the night air, and blood sting as it touches the raw edges of the bite, and tears are falling across your cheeks. I lick the wound, lapping up your blood, and it feels so good, my cock thrusting into you, rubbing your clit, my tongue on your neck, the sharp pain. Your mind is overwhelmed with all the senses, and you feel yourself approaching your climax. You beg me to let you cum, and for several long moments, I don't say anything, I just continue thrusting into you, and licking your wound. Your pleadings become more urgent as your orgasm nears. What will happen if you cum without permission? Normally it wouldn't be an issue, but you don't think you can hold back. Every time you try to, the mixed pain-pleasure from the wound spears through your brain as I lick you, or my thickness claims a new spot in your pussy. Oh you want to cum, so bad, there's such an ache inside you, you need to cum, with every part of your body - and then you hear the words, 'Yes, cum for me, my kitty slut.' And your pussy spasms against my cock. The muscles in your stomach clench and release, the fire spills out, and you are cumming. You grind yourself up onto me, trying to burry my cock deeper inside you, to feel full as it overtakes you. You're panting, breathless, your soul aglow with pleasure. We lay for a couple moments, in stillness, as you recover from such intense pleasure. Then, when I see your eyes flutter open, I smile at you, and kiss your nose. Then I pull out of you. You feel an emptiness rush in as my shaft withdraws, and you want to keep me there, keep that connection there forever, joined at the hips, but it's not to be. I lay on my back, releasing your hands, and stroke my cock a couple times, feeling your slick juices coat it. It looks so lovely. Thick and brown, the vein on the side engorged with blood, dripping with your body's lubricant. I smile at you again, and say only, 'Suck me.' You blush with the excitement of submission, being your Master's little cock-slut, offering up your mouth for the sake of my pleasure, with no return of your own, save in the pleasure you receive by pleasing me. We both know that is the greatest pleasure for you anyway. You climb over to me, lowering your mouth to my shaft, your warmth and wetness overtaking me. Your taste is very strong on my cock, and you swirl your tongue around the head and shaft to get every drop of it. You go down part-way, sucking in your cheeks to graze the sensitive glans of my cock. Then you draw it out, keeping the head in, your tongue tracing the ridged underside beneath the cap. You let my cock slide all the way out of your mouth, and then give a bunch of licks and nibbles and kisses to the shaft, before taking me inside again. This time you take me all the way into your mouth, my cock brushing against the back of your throat. When you let me out and take me in again more shallowly, that's when I cum. Without notice, or hint, or anything. You're surprised by it, and begin to sputter, almost choking as copious amounts of semen spill out, but you're a well-trained kitty, and relax, swallowing all of it, not letting a drop fall out. My arm goes around your shoulder, and I hug you lovingly. I tell you a number of sweet things, but you're only partially listening, my soft cock still in your mouth, your pussy warm in the pleasurable afterglow of coitus, your neck stinging, but no longer painful, secure in my arms, content, happy, absolutely certain of your place as my kitty. You purr, and smile up at me. I hug you tighter, and smile back. Then I say, 'Get me hard again, pet. I'm going to fuck your ass now.' MineYou're laying on the edge of the bed, with your legs dangling out into space, parted so as

3/16/2008 3:28:30 PM
The Phone Call    
'Hello?' Linda answered her cell phone with a cheerful tone. 'Where are you, pet?' She smiled at Paul's blunt greeting. It was Saturday afternoon, and she knew that she could expect a call from her weekend master at any time. She shouldn't have been so surprised though, as it had been two weeks since he had taken her to that incredible party. 'Having lunch with a friend at Earls.' She smiled at her female co-worker that she often went out with shopping and for casual lunches such as this one. They were in a semi-crowded, popular restaurant that was perhaps half full. 'Excuse yourself and go to the bathroom with your purse. I'll call back in one minute.'Linda smiled to herself then to her friend and she closed her cell phone, and politely excused herself. She hustled to the ladies washroom and waited impatiently inside. It was a warm day, and she had opted for a loose button up blouse and a short, black skirt with pumps. It was a simple look, but over her body it caught the eye of every man and most women she passed. The blouse was tucked neatly inside the tight waistband of her skirt, and unbuttoned to the point where her bra showed. Not that it needed to. She has chosen a black, lacey bra to wear under the semi-sheer fabric of the shirt, making the outline of her large breasts very evident. She toyed with her hem of her short skirt that stopped well above mid-thigh and waited for the expected ring.'Hi, Master,' she purred when she opened the phone again and placed it to her ear. 'Hello, pet,' Paul's deep voice rumbled. 'What are you wearing today?''Nothing special. Just a white blouse with a pushup bra, and short skirt, no panties.' She giggled at that.'Good, go into one of the stalls.''Okay, Master,' she said as she carefully closed and locked the door. Her heart started racing and her pussy was already tingling. 'Take the dildo out of your purse and place it somewhere close.'Linda smiled. She never went anywhere without her dildo. It was a flesh coloured, soft toy, about seven inches long and nicely rounded. It wasn't as large as Paul's, or some of the men she infrequently saw during the week, but it was what she would consider average. And she liked it very much. More than one occasion saw her at work in a very similar situation, all alone in the bathroom trying to feed her insatiable appetite. She pulled it out and placed it on the toilet paper dispenser.'Okay, it's out.''Unbottun your blouse. And unclasp your bra.' Linda quickly pulled her blouse out and undid the remaining buttons. Another habit of hers was front clasping bras. She didn't own a single one that clasped at the back. She liked the freedom to be able to free her tits at a moment's notice. 'Now, sit down and pull your skirt up over your waist as you do.''Okay, Master,' she purred as she dropped the seat cover down and sat ass naked on top of it. 'Roam your naked flesh with your free hand and describe to me what you are doing.'She smiled and rubbed her long nails against her cheek. 'I'm starting with my smooth cheek, Master. I like the way my long, sharp nails drag against the soft skin. It gives me goose bumps, and makes me wet.' She giggled and moaned slightly. 'Now I'm dragging my nails down across my neck. You know sensitive my neck is. It makes my whole body burn to have the skin there teased like this. But I would rather have it nipped and licked and kissed. Mmmm. Now I'm moving my hand down over my chest onto to my left tit. I love my tits, Master. They're so big and sensitive. I love to have them groped and kneaded like I'm doing to it right now. I love how they are so much bigger than my hand and can be mauled so much. Mmmm. I'm rubbing my big, hard nipple with my thumb and forefinger. Feels so good. Ahhhh. I could do this all day and make myself cum and cum just from the touch. Mmmmm. Yessss, I could do this forever. It feels so good, Master, makes my cunt so wet. Ahhh, mmmm. 'Now I'm moving my hand down across my stomach. It's just the way I like it, flat and smooth. It's shapely and just soft enough to be feminine, not all ripped like some women do. I hate that look on a woman. A woman's body should be smooth and inviting.' She giggled again. 'My belly button is so ticklish, especially when I scratch my nail across and around it. Mmmm. Now, I'm finally moving my hand down even lower, over the tops of my legs and along my inner thighs. I would die if someone spent hours just adoring my legs and thighs. It feels so good to touch myself. Ooohh, Master, I wish you were here touching me right now. 'I could do that forever, but I want to touch my cunt now. It is so smooth, I just shaved it this morning. The skin it so fresh feeling, and so wet. Master, I'm touching the lips of my pussy and I can feel my juices all over them. Ahh, I just brushed my clit. It almost made me cum. Mmmm. I'm sliding one of my fingers into my cunt. Feels so good. My finger is already soaked. Now I'm licking it off. Mmmm. I taste so good, Master. You should be here to taste how good I am. You would want to eat me forever.''Yes, pet, I probably would.' Paul's voice broke her revere, and her eyes snapped open. 'I want you to grab your dildo and suck on it.''Yes, Master.' It was something she had done many times before. Grabbing her favorite of many toys, she eager slurped it into her mouth and sucked it into her mouth. She began sucking it in and out her mouth, fucking the toy into her throat. The flavour lacked that of a real cock, but the texture and flexibility were all very realistic, which is the main reason she loved it so much. She ran her tongue along the shaft, swallowing it even more until the tip of her tongue lapped at the fake balls hanging from the base. She had a sudden mental picture of how she must have looked at that moment with her blouse open, exposing her heavy tits, and her short skirt pulled up to her waist as she mouth fucked a dildo while talking on her cell phone. She nearly choked.The sounds of slurping filled the room and echoed into the cell phone as Linda messily attacked the rubber cock. Saliva dripped from the shaft and onto her chin as she sucked away.'Rub the dildo all over your tits, now, pet.''Yes, Master,' Linda replied sadly after reluctantly pulling the cock out of her mouth with a plop. The disappointment soon turned to a groan as she rubbed the wet toy over her sensitive tits and nipples. 'Mmmm, Master, that feels good. It feels like a real cock rubbing all over my tits, all hot and wet. I wish it was a real cock and could cum all over my tits.''That's enough pet. Now, I want you to fuck yourself with the dildo. I want you to fuck yourself hard and I want to hear you enjoy even second of it until you cum.''Okay, Master,' she cooed. She rocked forward so that her ass was on the very edge of the seat, and lifted one leg to rest it against the toilet paper dispenser. If she was a spectacle before, with the dildo in her mouth, she was about to become a major attraction as she lined the cock up with her dripping cunt. 'I'm ready, Master.''Then shove it in, and let me hear all of it.''Ahhh, Master, it feels so good.' She took a firm grip of the rubber cock and forced it against her cunt hole. She was so slick and ready, the toy easily slid half way inside of her. 'Oh, yesss. It feels so good. Oh yess. Oh fuck. I love it. I love being fucked in my cunt. The hard cock deep inside my cunt.' She grunted as she rammed the entire length deep inside of herself. 'Ahh, so deep. Deeper. I need more. Master, yes, oh fuck.'Linda began writhing on the toilet seat as she moaned and babbled incoherently into the phone. She fucked herself hard and fast, her cunt muscles clenching with every thrust, igniting every nerve ending.'Oh, god, I'm going to cum.' Linda vaguely heard the door to the washroom open and close. She couldn't have stopped then if she wanted to, and likely wouldn't have if she could. 'Master, please may I come. Master, I want to cum so bad. Say I can. Please, Master.''Yes, cum for me, pet,' Paul rasped. 'Let me hear you cum.''Yes, of fuck. Oh, Master, yes, I'm cumming. Ohh. OHHHHH.' Linda's whole body shook and quivered and she had to let go of the dildo and grab the wall to keep from falling from the toilet seat. Her screeching wails echoed in the tiled room as her cunt and body spasmed in massive orgasm. When she finally regained her wits, she weakly caught the dildo before it fell from her relaxing cunt and wiped her brow.'Make sure you clean the dildo off good, and enjoy the rest of your lunch.''Thank you, Master,' Linda whispered before hanging up. She put the cock back in her mouth, sucking her juices clean from the rubber before putting it back in her purse. Glancing at her watch, she was shocked that only ten minutes had passed. But her friend would be getting concerned, no doubt, and she hastily fixed up her clothes and stepped out of the stall.The Phone Call   'Hello?' Linda answered her cell phone with a cheerful tone. 'Wher

2/26/2008 7:20:06 PM
Passions DripShe, so tied upon my bedand me, so standing by her headShe takes me in her mouth so warmIn my loins my blood does swarmThe thrusting into her wetness yetIt will be an eventful night, you betShe's so spread eagle and open wideand Me, not fully in my strideI thrust my fingers into her lairand with my fist, I clench her hairShe wants to cummm, but I think notIt's on my command and in her spotFor when she loves me on her kneesmy eyes do tear, my soul she'll pleaseI pound her deep into the nightnot with much pain or lots of frightI'll treat her the way a Master shouldonly spanking her when she isn't goodBut wait! I think I hear a sighShe wants to cummm, she wants to flyFinally, I allow pet to explodeher dam erupts a mother loadI love it when she squirts for meutter joy and ecstacyShe is mine forever moreNever again will she need the doorI will untie her eventuallywhen I am satisfied and full of gleeThe I will cuddle her in my armsand she will enjoy her Masters charmsFor only true Masters can make her seeThe simple purpose of serving me.Master SteelPassions DripShe, so tied upon my bedand me, so standing by her headShe takes me in her mouth

2/21/2008 4:36:14 PM
I met her one night at a local bar. She sat all alone at a table in the darkest corner of the room. She was looking down at her drink and stirring it with her index finger. She looked lonely and bored.She didn't notice me as I sat down at an adjacent table.I supposed she must be waiting for someone since there was no reason a woman who looked as good as she did would be alone unless she wanted to be. I sat down at the table next to hers and watched her absently stirring her drink. She wore a short little black leather skirt that hugged her shapely thighs, medium height black heels, a bright green shiny knit short sleeved top that buttoned up the front. In this case there were few buttons actually buttoned. Her breasts pressed out against the material and I couldn't tell if there was a bra under the top or not. Her hair was dark brown with flecks of gold and hung in waves below her shoulders. She had long slender fingers and thin, yet obviously strong, arms. Her legs were muscular without being masculine and she kept them scrupulously crossed the whole time I had been looking at her. She looked up from her drink at someone coming in the door. I could see her face showed character. It wasn't the blank empty face of the catalog models, but the face of a woman who was real. There were a few minor imperfections, a small scar on her chin and her nose was a little larger than the arbitrary ideal. It was a beautiful face but the most outstanding features were her large dark eyes. I couldn't tell the color in the dim light. Her cheekbones were high and prominent and she had full soft lips. She was obviously getting tired as she stopped stirring her drink, closed her eyes, and reached above her head to stretch. This forced her breasts to strain against the material of her blouse and I could tell she did have a bra on, but it was very thin. In that position, her nipples stood out like beacons.I had been watching her for about ten minutes when she started her lengthy stretch. When she finished it, she put her arms down and opened her eyes. At that moment we made eye contact for the first time. She immediately looked away. Very interesting, I thought. I continued to look at her. Several times she started to steal a glance my way, but stopped at the last second. Finally, her head tilted in my direction and our eyes met again. I locked my gaze onto her eyes, determined not to let her look away again. The moment seemed to last an hour. She attempted a bright smile, but couldn't quite pull it off. Her lips quivered slightly and the corners of her mouth turned up, but it was obviously strained. I maintained eye contact with her and saw that she was trying to turn her head away, but just couldn't make herself do it. As she struggled to turn her head, I said 'Don't.''Don't what,' she said.'Don't turn away. Are you frightened?''What's to be frightened of?''Me.''Are you dangerous?''I'll ask the questions,' I told her. 'Are you waiting for someone?''No.''I think you are. I think you're waiting for me.''That's not very clever. Why would I be waiting for someone I don't know?''I think you've been waiting for me, or someone like me, for a long time.''I still don't know what you mean.''Yes you do. You have fantasized about someone who would take responsibility for you and to whom you could surrender.'Her eyes grew wider and she gasped as if she'd had the wind knocked out of her.'You want someone who will take control and make you free from your own inhibitions.'Again, the wide-eyed stare as if she saw something from another world.'How can you know about my thoughts? I've never told anyone.''You told me. You said it in the way you looked at me and in the way you tried not to look at me.''Oh….''Come here and sit next to me,' I said, thinking we'll see now if she's ready.She stood up and walked straight over to the chair next to me, which I pulled closer so she would have to be touching me if she sat down.She sat down hesitantly and our legs touched almost from knee to hip.'Tell me your name,' I said firmly.'Valerie Swanson,' she replied with trembling in her voice. 'What do you want from me?''I want you, Valerie. I want all of you. I want you to give yourself to me. You've already started to. You did that when you sat down here. It's what you want isn't it?''Uh, yes?''Yes, Sir.''Yes, sir,' she said.I put my arm around the back of her chair and reached over her right shoulder, letting my hand hang down in front of her chest. She offered no resistance. I let my hand settle with my fingertips just barely touching her right nipple through her clothes. She shivered. 'Are you cold?' I asked.'No, sir'I began to circle her nipple with my index finger and felt it harden and thrust itself against the restraining fabric of her bra and blouse, all the while continuing to look into her eyes. She hardly blinked. She looked frightened and yet the excitement was apparent. Her nipple was as hard as a pebble.I took my other hand and inserted it between her legs forcing her legs apart, which caused her to uncross them. I pushed my hand under her skirt until I reached her, now soaked, panties.'Your panties are a mess,' I told her.'Yes, sir. I'm sorry sir''Take them off and give them to me.'She immediately rose to her feet.'Where do you think you're going?' I said sharply.'To the ladies room to do as you said.''I never said to go to the ladies room.''But, you wanted me to remove my panties for you.''Yes, and you will.'Understanding flashed across her face. She understood now. Fear followed the understanding. She looked as if she wanted to bolt and run, but she sat back down.'Do it now,' I told her.She pulled her skirt up as high as she thought she could without baring her all to the rest of the bar. She reached up under her skirt first with her right hand, and pulled the waistband of the panties off her left hip, and then the mirror image action with her left hand. Then she raised up slightly in her seat and pulled to get the panties down below her bottom. She pulled them down and gingerly lifted first her left and then her right leg out of the panties. Then she tried to hand them to me under the table. I refused to take them and she looked at me with knitted brow. She was supremely puzzled. She was trying to do as I said, but I wasn't accepting them. What was wrong?I held out my hand above the table and said, 'Give them to me.'Her face turned the brightest crimson and she slowly raised the panties from under the table and placed them in my hand. They were soft and black with lace panels above the crotch on either side of the center.I took them from her, feeling the moisture that had drenched them. I snapped them in the air like a small whip and held them to my nose, breathing deeply of her intoxicating scent. She looked wildly about the bar to see if anyone was looking. Several patrons had noticed the scene evolving in the corner and were watching with keen interest.I took her by the hand and, dangling the panties in my other hand, walked toward the door. As we passed the table of one of the men who had been watching her remove her panties, I dropped them on the table in front of him saying, 'These are for you.' Then we left the bar.I took her to my car and we drove to my house in silence. Several times she seemed to want to say something, but thought better of it and just sat quietly.When we entered my house, I told her to sit down. Valerie sat on the edge of the couch with her knees together and her back as straight as if she had a board inside her top.'Are you ready to learn about all those things you've only fantasized about until now?' I asked her.'I don't know. I don't know what's going to happen. What are you going to do?' she asked.'That's one of the things you will learn about. The unknown can be both terrifying and exciting. Are you willing to trust me? If not, I'll take you back where I found you.' I said.'Yes, I want to trust you,' she said. 'You won't hurt me will you?' she pleaded.'Only as much as is necessary,' I said. I could see the fear building inside her. Her eyes gave her away. They spoke of her fear and yet her excitement. I reached over to run my hand between her legs again and feel her cunt. It was soaking wet. Her skirt was wet and I was sure it was seeping through onto my couch.'You are free to leave whenever you want. I won't ask more of you than you can give. Anytime you want to stop what we are doing, you must say the word ORANGE. Whatever we are doing will stop immediately. Do you understand?' I said.'Yes,' she replied meekly.'Yes, Sir.' 'Yes, Sir,' she responded immediately.'You know your dripping cunt is staining my couch, don't you?''Oh, my. I'm sorry, I didn't realize,' she said, her face turning bright red.'When you address me you will call me Sir. Failure to do so will result in punishment. Is that clear?' 'Yes, Sir.''Staining my couch is very rude, don't you think?' 'Yes Sir.''Rudeness should be punished.' I said.'Yes Sir,' she responded.'You will come here to me and pull your skirt off, now.' I commanded.She came to me immediately while unfastening her skirt and pulled it off carefully, lifting each leg out of the waistband. 'Now bend over my knees and spread your legs wide,' I said. She did as she was told and I was presented with a beautiful sight. Her ass was firm and heart shaped. Smooth skin which met in the center in that delightful cleft which I had to pry apart to see that most secret of places. It was tiny, puckered and just a couple of shades darker than the surrounding skin. There would be much enjoyment found there. She lay over my knees with her ass in the air and her hands on the floor. I raised my right hand high in the air above her ass and told her that she was about to receive her punishment for staining the couch. 'Yes sir,' was her only reply.I struck her right cheek smartly and she gasped. I slowly raised my hand again and struck the left cheek with the same amount of force. Now there were two identical handprints in a lovely shade of red on that gorgeous ass. She sucked in a mighty breath again. I could feel her leg muscles tighten up as she braced herself for more. I didn't disappoint her. I began a rhythm that was neither slow nor fast, just steady. Each blow caused a little ripple to flow across her ass. Even though her ass was firm, it still had that thin layer of fat that made it soft and oh so spankable. After every few strokes on her ass, I would strike almost horizontally to the underside of her ass cheeks, which also struck her cunt in between them. She began to make little animal noises with each blow. No words, just grunts and gasps. Finally, she couldn't hold back any longer and she started to plead. She begged me to stop and promised never to do such a thing again. Her ass was a bright red and I could tell there would be some bruises on it for a few days. Even in her pleading, she remembered to address me as Sir.She began to squirm on my legs and I discovered she had set up her own rhythm. She was rubbing her cunt against my pant leg. I stopped spanking her and her ass continued to move in small circles as she tried to rub enough to get herself off. I reached beneath her ass and felt her cunt. I found the juices literally running out of it. She was more excited than any woman I had ever had. She tried to impale herself on my hand and begged me to 'make love to her.' I told her that was too nice an expression for such a slut to use when she asked to be fucked. Then she said 'Please fuck me, Sir. I need to be fucked now. I need to feel your cock in me. Please?'I told her I would fuck her when I was ready and not before. She replied, 'Yes, Sir.'Then I reached under her ass and began to fondle the outer folds of her cunt. Her breathing quickened and she began to squirm. I put one finger in and twirled it around inside her cunt. It was sloppy with juices. I inserted a second finger and started stroking them in and out of her cunt. Very slowly I would pull my fingers almost out and then push them back in. When they were on the outstroke I would sometimes hold them there, just barely touching her cunt. When I did that, she pushed back with her hips trying to get them inside her again. Gradually, I increased the speed of the strokes along with the force. Soon, I was ramming my fingers into her cunt as hard and fast as I could. Her juices were running out of her cunt and making my trouser leg wet. I felt her cunt start to spasm as it began to clutch and grasp at my fingers. Her orgasm began with a scream and then she alternated between begging me to stop and then to continue. I kept it up until her cunt stopped its spasms. She was exhausted, but said 'Oh thank you, Sir. I've never felt like this before.''What are you thanking me for?' I asked.'For my wonderful orgasm, Sir,' she answered.'I think you should be thanking me for more than that,' I said.She looked over her shoulder at me with a puzzled expression on her face. Then I could see the recognition in her eyes as she understood. She said, 'Yes Sir, thank you for my spanking and teaching me to be a good little slut for you.'Oh yes, this one is special, I thought. I stood up and she fell off my knees to the floor landing on her back. I took hold of her hands and lifted her to her knees in front of me. 'Now you will suck my cock,' I said.She immediately reached for my zipper and pulled it down. She started to unbuckle my belt, but I stopped her and told her to just suck my cock through the fly. She reached in and pulled it out through the opening. She started to just gently lick the head, but I grabbed her head and rammed it in as far as it would go. I could feel it hit the back of her throat and was very satisfied when she gagged and began to pull away. I held her head in position and told her to fight the gag reflex and that she had better not take my cock from her mouth. She grunted and started breathing around my cock. I then told her to use her tongue to swirl around the head while she held it in her mouth. She did and it felt great. She was a good student. After just a little while, I began to fuck her mouth in earnest. I drove my cock into her face as if it were her cunt. I could feel her nose hitting my pelvic bone on every thrust. She was sputtering and saliva was running out of her mouth as I fucked it. I told her to fondle my balls. She reached up and cradled them in one hand and began to roll them around like big marbles in the palm of her hand while I continued to fuck her mouth. I told her what a slut she was for doing these nasty things. She only grunted something in response that I couldn't understand. I felt my orgasm building deep inside and decided to come in her mouth. It would be interesting to see how she handled that. As I rammed my cock in her mouth, I grabbed two handfuls of her beautiful hair and started shooting my semen into her mouth. I held her head on my cock so she couldn't pull away and she started to gag again. I told her not to let any of it spill out of her mouth and to swallow it all.She had a hard time, but she did succeed in swallowing everything I gave her. After I stopped coming, she started sucking and licking my cock again as if she were trying to get the last drops off of it. When I pulled her head away from my crotch, her lips made a popping/slurping sound as they parted company with my cock. She was an amazing cocksucker and I told her so.She replied, 'Thank you Sir for telling me that and for letting me suck your cock.''You're welcome, my little slut. You know where you belong now, don't you Valerie?' I said.'Yes Sir. I belong wherever you want me to be. I belong to you,' she said.Yes, she is very special indeed, I thought. 'Valerie, let's go to the bedroom. You're staying here tonight,' I said.'Yes, Sir,' she answered.I had her remove the rest of her clothing and lie down on the bed. I attached an ankle cuff to her right leg and to a rope that was attached to the footboard. She never questioned it. She merely looked at me and smiled. I got into bed with her after removing my clothes and shut off the lights. I drifted off to sleep while fondling her small, perfect breasts.Squirm I met her one night at a local bar. She sat all alone at a table in the darkest corner

2/17/2008 3:49:25 PM
She entered the house, carrying a paper sack from the local supermarket. She was wearing one of his favorite outfits: a clingy white camisole with slim shoulder straps made of a thin, soft cotton knit that showed off her ripe tits with their jutting nipples, and a swingy, cheerleader-style skirt in bubblegum pink, which displayed her long, tanned legs and barely covered her shapely ass, which was swathed in a pair of virginal white cotton panties. She was a full-grown woman in the clothes of a 15-year-old. He had been watching television in the den when he heard her come in. he knew she would head directly into the kitchen and start to unpack the few, specific things that she had picked up, on his orders, from the supermarket. Her instructions were to enter the kitchen, unpack the groceries onto the table, and stand, awaiting further directions. He decided to give her 10 minutes—his program would be over, then.In the kitchen, she set the sack down on the table, put her purse and her keys on the counter, and then turned back to the table and withdrew two items from the bag: a large can of vegetable shortening, and a cucumber, about 10 inches in length, 2 ½ inches around, very firm, with a slightly nubby texture. She had been told to purchase these, and only these, items, and she had blushed in the checkout line as the bag boy stared openly at her braless tits while the middle-aged female cashier rang up her purchases with a judgmental smirk. The boy had asked her, hopefully, if he could help her out to her car, but she had muttered, 'No, thanks, I'm fine,' and left the store, hearing the clucks of the cashier behind her.Now, recalling her humiliation at the store prompted her to slide one finger beneath her skirt, into the white cotton panties, parting the lips of her pussy to feel the slick wetness there. The wetness had started as a slight twinge when she had received her orders to go to the store. It had grown into a slick of shame and desire as she had made her purchases amid the smirks and knowing stares at the grocery store—but they didn't know the half of it. They thought she was just some lonely bitch, horny for a dick, attached or not. But they didn't have the imagination to conceive of what really happened to her in the privacy of this house. A little pussy-pool with a cuke was way too tame.Now the wetness was accompanied by a throb of desire and need that quickened her pulse as she stood, waiting. She rubbed her clit, teasingly, but she knew she wasn't allowed to come, yet. That would ruin everything. She brought her hand back out of her panties and put it up to her mouth, slipping her finger into her mouth to taste the juices of her pussy.'Couldn't wait to get a little taste, could you?' demanded her master sharply, as he stepped abruptly into the room. 'Were you trying to get started without me?' he snapped.'N-No sir, I'm sorry, sir,' she stammered, dropping her eyes to the floor and her hands to her sides, 'At your orders, sir.''Damn straight. I see you have made your purchases as ordered. Turn around and face the table.' She turned to the table, showing him her back. 'Now,' he continued, 'Pull your panties down to mid-thigh. Hike your skirt up to your waist, and bend over the table.' She did as she was told, exposing to him her tight, puckered asshole and glistening pink pussy.'Very nice. Open up that can of grease and scoop out a nice blob on your finger.'Staying bent over the table, her firm ass on display for her master, she popped the lid off the shortening and dipped her middle finger into the can, gathering a glob of the slick stuff. She waited with her finger extended and loaded with shortening.'Wipe it on your asshole,' he directed, feeling his cock thickening with anticipation. 'Yes, rub your tight little asshole. Now stick your finger up that shit all up inside your ass.'As she slid her long, slender middle finger into her waiting asshole, working it in and out for his viewing pleasure, he unzipped his pants and took his swollen cock in his hand. He commanded her to take her finger out of her ass and pick up the huge cucumber.'Take that cucumber and push it into that can of grease,' he directed, rubbing his cock slowly. 'Get a good coat of slick on that dick,' he joked. 'You know where it's going, don't you? You want that big, hard dick up your ass, don't you, slut,' he purred, hand working his cock, 'Put it in your ass, baby.'She reached back, clutching the dry end of the greasy cuke, and began rubbing the end on her puckered, throbbing asshole. It was so big! She didn't know if she could take it. But she knew she wanted to; he was right about that. She started pushing against her asshole. The end of the cucumber started to slide into her pounding sphincter. She pushed harder, harder; then the huge vegetable popped up into her ass. She gasped at the sudden intrusion; stopped pushing, frozen.'Keep going!' her master commanded. 'Fuck yourself with it!'Her ass was throbbing, stretched wide by the thick cuke. Her pussy dripped with ecstasy. She loved to be controlled, to be tortured. Being made to violate herself in the ass with this huge, organic dildo was so fucking twisted and sexy. She pushed it further inside, moaning with pain and pleasure. 'Fuck yourself with it,faster! Fuck yourself nice and hard!'She started pushing and pulling, driving the big green dildo in and out of her swollen anus, faster and harder, as he spat curses and abuse at her. Melted shortening ran out of her ass as the cucumber was shoved into her rectum again and again. He exhorted her to fuck herself harder and harder as he jerked his huge cock to her torture. She tried to follow his orders, but she was getting worn out. It was so hard to keep reaching around and pushing that big thing into her tight asshole, and her supporting arm was tired and sore. She was dripping with sweat from the effort, and she gasped, 'I-I-I can't, c-can't keep on—''I'll show you how your ass should be fucked!' he roared. He sprang forward, grabbed the dildo from her ass and tossed it onto the table, then stuffed his huge cock up her tortured ass, fucking her long and hard while she braced herself against the table, tits bouncing wildly, moaning and screaming and trying not to pass out with the pressure. She came thunderously, legs trembling, pussy juices running down her thighs, and still he fucked her, urgently, mercilessly, until his huge prick exploded inside her, filling her ass with his hot cum.He collapsed against her for a moment, pinning her onto the table. He panted with exhaustion as he toyed with her nipples through the thin knit of her camisole. His cock still plugged her ass as he hunched over her, catching his breath.'Okay, that was part one of our little party,' he breathed into her ear, as he reached over and grasped the cucumber lying on the table. Her eyes widened as she wondered what he could possibly still do to her. She thought she couldn't take another thing. But she would have to.Holding the cucumber in one hand, he raised himself off of her and slowly slid his massive tool out of her asshole. Before much of his cum was able to run out, he quickly pushed the cucumber into her ass, sliding it all the way in until the other end disappeared up her butt. She moaned as the vegetable went farther than it had before. Her pussy gushed with passion.He yanked her panties back up to further insure the huge plug in her ass would stay secure. 'You just keep that up in there, baby,' he cooed, 'We're going to go for a little ride on the bike.'She shivered with anticipation as she thought of riding behind him on the motorcycle: the thrum of the huge engine sending vibrations through the seat as she straddled the big machine. She had come before as she rode behind him, tilting her hips to get her clit against the pulsating seat, grinding as she clutched him, her cries of satisfaction eclipsed by the powerful roar and borne away by the wind. He was well aware of the effect the bike's vibes had on her. She imagined how much more intense it would be with the huge plug in her ass.They mounted the bike and took off toward the countryside. As she'd anticipated, the combination of the bike's vibration and the throbbing of her used, plugged asshole combined to make her come twice before they got to their destination. She gasped for breath and trembled as the waves of orgasm pulsed through her body. By the time they pulled off a dirt road out in the sticks, she felt helpless and wrung out, but she knew there was more to come...He got off the bike, took off his helmet, and stretched deliciously, but she stayed on her seat, hands at her sides, eyes downcast, waiting for his orders. He walked to her, removed her helmet and ran his fingers through her hair. He pulled the white camisole off over her head and fondled her tits, smiling at the small cries she would utter when he got a little rough, pinching and tugging her sensitive nipples. Sometimes he would make her go on errands wearing a pair of tight nipple clamps, knowing how it excited her to be right out in public, engaging in transactions with people who had no earthly idea that she was being sexually tortured even as they took her dry cleaning or rented videos to her. She would return home, pussy dripping and nipples on fire, begging to be released from her pain. He never took the clips off immediately, though; she always had to endure something, first, to earn the privilege of being relieved of the pain. He liked to have her eat his ass and then suck his cock, swallowing every drop of his cum, before he would remove the cruel clips. He would then allow her to lick and suck her nipples to alleviate the pain; of course, she had to thank him for this kindness.Now, he ordered her to get off the bike and remove her skirt and panties. She stood before him in nothing but shoes, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her skin and the throb of the cucumber up her ass.'You're going to have to get me hard again so I can fuck you, slave girl,' he said as he unzipped his fly, 'Get on your knees and suck my cock.'She did as she was told, and she did a good job; it didn't take long for his organ to swell and stiffen in her mouth. He slid his dick out of her mouth and ordered her to stand up, then to bend over the bike. He came behind her and slid his big cock into her waiting slit, fucking her in long, deep strokes, relentlessly banging against her stuffed ass so that she could have the sensation of being fucked in both holes.After a good long session of screwing his slave, he experienced a fantastic, explosive orgasm that filled her pussy with a hot gush of cum. He took a few moments to let the last waves of pleasure die away, then pulled out, shook off and zipped up. As always, she stayed in position, bent over the bike with cum dripping from her used pussy, waiting for his directions. 'Okay, now that I've had my pleasure, you may have yours. These are your orders: you are going to squat over there on the grass and tickle your clit until you come. You must keep the cucumber up inside your ass until you reach orgasm, and then you will let the cucumber fall out onto the grass as you come.'She hesitated, embarrassed.'Now!' he barked. She jumped up from her position on the bike and stepped over to the area he had indicated. Her cheeks flushed red with shame, but there would be no disobeying his orders. She squatted down as ordered and parted the folds of her pussy lips with one hand, found her clit with the fingers of the other and began to rub, gently and quickly. He sat on the grass in front of her, watching her stroke off with great interest. She began to get lost in the sensations of her aching, throbbing ass, cunt, and clit, moaning as she got closer and closer to orgasm. At last she felt the throbbing waves of pleasure break over her. As the feeling of release started to hit her, she relaxed her asshole, and the big cucumber slid out of her ass with a pop. She had never before had this sensation, and she cried out with the intensity of this new feeling as a powerful orgasm rocked her. Her master chuckled at her yelp of surprise and pleasure. He always knew what was best for her, and he had many more new experiences planned.When she had finished, he ordered his drained slave to use her white panties to clean off her oozing pussy and ass, then to leave them there, alongside the cucumber that lay in the grass. It was all biodegradable, of course. After she put the rest of her clothes back on, they remounted the bike for the trip back. She knew, as her uncovered pussy rubbed against the black leather seat, giving up its last juices, that she would be commanded to lick the seat clean when they returned. She couldn't wait.She entered the house, carrying a paper sack from the local supermarket. She was wearing one o

2/13/2008 1:48:12 PM
A few months ago, Robert received a blind e-mail. The woman, Shelly, was known only as 'pet' on-line, and she asked if he might be interested in her. Robert replied, and found the woman open, eager and very sexual. They spent many a night in cyberspace, talking, kissing, even making cyber love together. She lived in the same state he did, and they knew the on-line fun could only end one way, with the two of them meeting.He had left early that morning, driving north to the state's largest city. His 'pet' was driving east at that same moment, heading to their pre-planned rendezvous. Robert thought back quickly to the conversations the two of them had, and the plans they had made.A hotel had been reserved, and 'pet' arrived first, since she lived 100 miles closer to the city than Robert did. She got the key and entered the room. She took out an overnight bag and shed her clothes. She walked into the bathroom and drew a bath, filling the tub with scented bubble bath. As she lay in the tub, she remembered Robert's orders, and started masturbating.Five minutes passed, and 'pet' needed to cum. Her fingers were sliding all over her body, but mostly focused on her clit. She squirmed in the water, but did not cum. Her Master had ordered her not to, but had told her to masturbate every hour that day.She had been forced to stop once on the way to the city to obey his order. The truck stop had been crowded, but her hour had arrived, and she could not disobey Robert's order. She hoped no one would notice her as she slid her hand up her skirt and massaged her clit.But her hopes were shattered when she threw her head back and moaned. She had forgotten about her car's sun roof, and she saw a man in an 18-wheel truck looking down on her. From the motions of his arm, it was obvious he was masturbating while watching her.She smiled inwardly and then opened the front of her blouse. Her large breasts, 40D in size, flopped out. Her hand started massaging her erect nipples, now knowingly teasing the truck driver. She pulled her skirt up, allowing him to see her masturbation. The driver stroked harder and faster as 'pet' thrust fingers into her pussy.The driver's eyes squeezed shut, and 'pet' barely saw a quick stream of white appear over the bottom of the truck's window before falling back down. The man's face had grimaced, but now was taking on the relaxed look of a man who had just cum. His eyes sparkled and his mouth was in a big smile.As the man started to open his door, 'pet' reached down, started her car, and peeled out, heading back on to the interstate. She had no intention of giving that man what she was saving for Robert. As she drove, she hastily adjusted her clothes, as her exit had been quick and her skirt was still bunched around her waist.Now, alone in the tub, she brought herself to the brink of orgasm,then stopped. This was the fourth time this day she has masturbated, and she needed to cum soon. She looked at her watch and knew Robert would be here within the hour, if all went well. She smiled, finished her bath, dried off, and went back to prepare the room.Robert's foot seemed to press the accelerator pedal harder the closer to the city he got. He hoped his 'pet' had remembered her orders, including calling his cell phone so he would know exactly where to go.As he got to the city limits, his cell started chiming. 'Pet' was on the phone, telling him where the hotel was, and which room belonged to them. She ended the conversation with 'Hurry, Master. I need you.'The driving foot hit the floorboard, and Robert rocketed the last 10 miles to the hotel. Bypassing the main entrance, Robert parked in the rear. He took the hotel steps two at a time and entered the third floor hallway. He stopped a minute to catch his breath, and softly knocked on the door to room 314.'Pet' opened the door, and Robert slipped into the room, closing and locking the door behind him. Then Robert turned and gazed on her for the first time. She was naked, her skin fairly glowing in anticipation. She was on her knees, showing him honor, respect and submission. He could smell her sexual odor coming from her pussy.'Rise and kiss me,' Robert says. 'Pet' obeyed quickly, getting off her knees and almost jumping into his arms. Her naked body pushed against his clothed one, and they kissed deeply.'Pet' moved her hands between her body and Robert's. She pulled at the buttons on his shirt, almost breaking them off in her desire. After his shirt was undone, she slid it off him, letting it fall on the floor. Her hands moved to his pants, and she expertly undid his belt. Only after she had undone the clasp and zipper on his trousers did they break their kiss.As Robert's pants fell to the floor, 'pet' followed them. Her knees hit the floor, and her mouth found the bulge in his underwear, kissing the shape gently. She then grabbed his underwear in her teeth, and skinned them to the floor. in a flash, she was back up and, without using her hands, sucked his cock into her mouth.Three years, Robert thought. three long years in which the only joy he had received came from his left hand. And now that drought was over. 'Pet' was sucking happily away on his cock, and he could feel it engorging in her mouth.She was in heaven. She loved sucking cock, and now she had in her mouth the one cock she had wanted since they had met online. She put all her love and soul into this blow-job, wanting her Master to remember this forever. Up and down his shaft she went, sucking and licking, all the while with her hands behind her back.Finally 'pet' moved her hands. She cupped his balls sac, and gently scraped her fingernails over it. the sensation caused Robert's cock to twitch in her mouth, and both people moaned in happiness.Robert was close to orgasm, but he didn't want to cum yet. He pulled her mouth off his rod, and she looked up at him, a small drop of saliva falling down her chin.'Bed, My pet,' Robert said. The woman quickly obeyed, lying on her back, looking at him in anticipation. Robert climbed up and kissed her. Their tongues darted together and she automatically moved her hands around him.Robert broke the kiss quickly. 'No, pet,' he said. 'No holding me until you are allowed.' She lowered her hands reluctantly but obediently. Robert then proceeded to start to kiss down her body. At each point, her moans increased.Her nipples were already hard as rocks when he kissed and licked them. Her moans increased in timbre, as her breasts were very sensitive. He bit into them, marking her with his teeth. He pulled the nipples with his teeth, and her moans doubled in intensity.Just when she thought she would cum just from his breast play, Robert moved lower. 'Pet' caught her breath to prepare for more, and was just under control when she felt Robert's breath on her clit.His tongue flashed out, licking at the enlarged clit. 'Pet' squeezed her eyes shut, fighting back her orgasm. But she knew it was a lost cause. With a cry of pleasure, 'pet' came, her pussy overflowing with her love juices, her mind reeling with joy for the man who had brought this orgasm.Robert smiled as his 'pet' came. He still had the touch. But then he realized that she had cum without permission. He lifted his mouth off 'pet's' clit and said 'Bad pet. You should not have cum. Now you must get punished. Roll over.'The woman obediently rolled. Robert lifted his hand, and lowered it onto her upraised ass, bringing a resounding 'Smack' sound from her ass, and a red spot where his palm had landed.'Pet' gasped in pain as she was spanked. Robert repeated the process and 'pet' gasped again. The pain was there, yes, but she could also feel herself getting wet between her legs again. This was turning her on, and as he kept spanking, she got wetter and wetter.'Pet' had learned her lesson, though. She held back as she felt her orgasm building up. Finally she cried out 'Master, let pet cum!''Cum, girl,' Robert said. He then lowered his mouth and got a second helping of her sweet/sour orgasmic juices as she came, harder than the first time.As the orgasm faded, Robert laid back on the bed, his cock sticking straight up. He nodded slightly at his hard-on, and 'pet' squealed in delight. She threw her leg over her Master's body, and lowered herself onto his cock. She sighed in delight as she felt him fill her wet pussy, and he moaned as her pussy lips kegeled on his rod.'Pet' started moving, up and down on his hard organ. Her juices resumed flowing, lubricating him and letting her slide up and down faster. Her breasts bounced with each stroke of his cock into her, and he was in joy.Robert reached up to grasp her nipples, and when he had them, he pulled. 'Pet' got even wetter, and started moaning. Each moan got louder and stronger, as her moans matched his. The room was filled with the echoes of their lovemaking.Robert came first, his cock spasming, then shooting deep into her body. 'Pet', knowing she was allowed to orgasm whenever he came, closed her eyes and enjoyed her third orgasm of the night. Together, Robert and 'pet' held each other and came, each enjoying their own orgasm and their partner's.Slowly their movements stopped, and almost as slowly, Robert rolled over, his spent organ slipping out of 'pet''s pussy. They cuddled together and lightly dozed, each dreaming of what was to come the rest of the day. Pet A few months ago, Robert received a blind e-mail. The woman, Shelly, was known only

2/11/2008 12:20:32 PM
I went to the room and opened the door walking in and leaving it open....I knew she wasn't far behind me..She had better be!I sat in the chair and waited. Sure enough,she opened the door moments after and slid in, closing and locking it behind her.I allowed her to walk in and told her...'Turn around.'She did.'Put your hands against the wall.'Again she did as she was told.I came up behind her and pulled her skirt up and her panties down in two quick movements.Then I went back to sit down. She knew she could not move. She was such a good little girl.Admiring her delicousness, i stood back up again and proceeded to spank her round, firm ass. She loved it. I know she did. It was not our first meeting. She submitted to me so completely. I could get hard just thinking about her willingness. I reached around and undid her blouse, telling her to put her arms down while I stripped the blouse off and undid her bra, letting it fall to the floor. I bit her neck and felt her shudder against me. (For some reason she could almost orgasm when I bit her...and I loved it!) We had the whole weekend to each other. Or rather I had the whole weekend with her. She was so mine...I slid my fingers inside her easily...she was already wet from the elevator...I fingered her and slid my thumb in her ass at the same time. She was creaming in my hand. I held her up against wall by my fingers almost. Her knees buckled slightly and I lifted her back up again by my other arm around her waist. She came like that on my fingers..trembling...crying out but quietly...and finally I turned her around and pushed her face down on the bed onto all fours. Her ass looked so inviting..The moonlight shone on my target...I gripped myself and spanked her clit with my hardness...she trembled in anticipation...I slid into her and grabbed her hair in my fist at the same time thrusting nice and slow but deep and long...I was loving this...I went to the room and opened the door walking in and leaving it open....I knew she wasn't far

2/10/2008 1:54:25 PM
I had her in the elevator....her arms pinned behind her...and my fingers massaging her down there...She knew I would have her. She wanted this as much as I did. I nibbled her neck and gave her a quick blood no...Just passion...The doors opened and I left her there, breathless and wanting more.I would have her when I was ready. She was so mine...I had her in the elevator....her arms pinned behind her...and my fingers massaging her down th

2/9/2008 6:39:06 PM
The Search for a Master******************I thought I would write this short but sweetpost about finding a Master.I very often find submissive womenseeking a Dom/Master and many times they have no idea what exactly to look for. Being that I have been a Master for quite some time, I thought I would write someguidelines and some advice for women searching for their Masters.********************1. Decide how rough you want to play!This is most important! Do you want just some light spanking? Or do you want to have your hair pulled and have nipple clamps and whips and chains? Do you want to be slapped? Abused? Or just mild BDSM? Of course, you must make sure that your new Master uses a 'safe word' with you. I suggest also that you hang out with this person a few times before you allow him to tie you the bed. Ask questions. Lots of them. If he gets angry and doesn't want to talk about it. Then dump him. He probably will not be that loving Master that you are seeking.2. Is He Safe?Clean? Does He have clean habits? Use protection? Does he ask if you do?  No one wants to die just because they had a little 'fun'!3. 24/7 or Part-Time?Distinguish between all the time and some of the time. Find out how he stands and how you stand on the matter.4. Don't Meet Alone!Master gets you dripping, then by all means meet him! However, DO NOT meet them alone! Meet them in a public place, preferably with a friend sitting a few tables away. have some sort of sign so you can let your friend know what you think of him.5. 100% is the Only Way!If you do decide that he is 'The One' then remember...give yourself to him completely 100%!Don't be hemming and hawing when he asks you to do something. Master love nothing better than when his slave-pet/sub is waiting for him when he gets there in the 'ready' position...which is head bowed, ready to totally submit.Some men like it when the sub is kneeling and others don't. If he is a good Master he will tell you what he wants.I wish you luck and oh, yes...if your Master cuddles with's an extra-special bonus....wouldn't you say?Good Luck and Happy 'submission'!MasterSteel007The Search for a Master******************I thought I would write this short but sweetpost abou


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