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3/12/2012 5:53:18 PM
what I don't like is being manipulated by the authorities to help them do things they should be able to do themselves.what I don't like is being manipulated by the authorities to help them do things they should b

3/25/2011 3:45:17 PM
Responses to my pointed questions  
I like to tell my submissives I want an immediate response (no thinking or planning what they are going to say) to questions such as:  
If I do such and such for you, what will you do or give me?  
Some responses I get are, 'i will give you oral pleasure' or 'i will suck your toes' or 'i will take a marker and write Your name on my body' If they offer this last one, I like to draw an arrow on their back down to their anus with a large letter caption that says 'Mistress, please fuck my ass'  
What are the punishments you hate the most?  
'enemas' Ah, then we have to administer one straight away to see just how much they hate them.  
What are your favorite rewards?  
'latex sex'    
Responses to my pointed questions I like to tell my submissives I want an immediate response

3/25/2011 2:25:02 PM
Basic Ass Licking  
It's fun to use technology but there is nothing quite like the basics. Forcing the submissive's face and tongue onto your anus. With a cane and a leash it's possible to stay clean all day and all night.Basic Ass Licking It's fun to use technology but there is nothing quite like the basics. Forc

3/24/2011 3:20:47 PM
Photovoltaics and a Fucking Machine  
Knowing a little something about solar panels, owning an inverter (converts DC into AC current), and a very good fucking machine, a day poolside or at the beach on a partly cloudy day can be very amusing.  
Jenny is strapped down with the head of an 8 inch dildo in her pussy. The dildo is at the end of the fucking machine attached to the inverter. Suddenly the sun breaks through and the speed increases dramatically.  
'Oh my god!' Jenny screams as the dildo cycles quickly. A slow moving cloud comes by and the dildo goes dormant.Photovoltaics and a Fucking Machine Knowing a little something about solar panels, owning an

3/23/2011 4:09:36 PM
Don't Do Unto Others What They Can Do to You  
One of my favorite things is designing a scene with two female submissives so that neither submissive can cum unless the other sustains a high level of pain.  
Tie up two females in a bunk bed with electrosex tubes in their pussies and asses. Take a large hand massager and stimulate the subbie in the top bunk while turning up the power on the subbie in the bottom bunk. 'Stevie can't cum unless you can keep it this hot, Alice.' Alice will start whining and crying and Stevie will start begging to cum.  
If Stevie is going too fast or Alice is not in enough pain, change the balance. I turn up the juice on Alice. Alice starts swearing at me. 'You fucking cunt! Turn that fucking thing down! I don't care if Stevie cums. It fucking hurts, bitch!' And Stevie is now beginning to cum 'Alice please let me cum! Please Alice!' They both start screaming. Alice from pain and Stevie from ecstasy.  
'Stevie,' I tell her, 'you are a bigger sadist than I am. You filthy selfish slut.'  
Then, I turn the tables on them, and start the game over. Now Stevie is getting electrocuted and Alice wants to squirt all over the room.  
 Don't Do Unto Others What They Can Do to You One of my favorite things is designing a scene w

3/14/2011 2:28:59 AM
She Comes inside Him  
My female submissive is highly orgasmic and squirts. My male submissive is an ass whore. By properly positioning her over him while he is on his back and his legs in the air, by using a funnel in his ass, I can get her to come in his ass. After a couple good, healthy squirts, I plug him up and have him carry a load for a while.She Comes inside Him My female submissive is highly orgasmic and squirts. My male submissive

3/11/2011 5:30:18 PM
Portable Dungeons: How to Travel Well  
Note: Not every country is kink-friendly at the airport.  
I found this out the hard way several times. The first time was in 1998 going through customs in Sydney, Australia. I was arrested for having handcuffs in my suitcase. This may no longer be the case, but handcuffs were considered restricted for law enforcement use only.  
On another occasion, I was prevented from returning to the United States from Montreal, Canada because I had several crops and whips in my carry-on luggage. I was detained four hours and was only able to leave the country with the consent and signature of a representative from the airline (we became more than friends subsequently).  
Rule 1: Get through security.  
Portable massage tables make nice torture tables  
I bought a portable massage table from Extreme Restraints for approximately 300USD. One can buy hospital restraints to go with it. I have several sets of leather wrist and ankle cuffs that work great. The best feature is access to the submissive's entire body. I prefer to lock them down face up so they can see what I am doing while I am doing it.  
Toybag or Suitcase Specials  
Think of it as camping for perverts. When I travel, I pack an entire dominant leather outfit, crop, telescoping cane, ball-gag, pissgag, clamps, lube, dildos, along with a telescoping tripod so I can photograph my victims being abused. I have gotten love notes from TSA, things have been moved around and placed on top to let me know they know, but since my problems in Montreal and Sydney, I have had no problems with these toys and bondage gear.  
Rule 2: Carry the least amount of the highest quality toys.  
Hardware Stores are Everywhere  
The more time you spend enjoying this lifestyle, the more you will spend in the hardware store.  
 Portable Dungeons: How to Travel Well Note: Not every country is kink-friendly at the airport

3/7/2011 5:11:32 PM
Bound Tightly, She Comes  
Christine came once tied in the doorway of my bedroom closet. I learned that all I had to do was to use rope, cuffs and chains, fasten her to the St. Anthony's Cross, or mummify her to the point where she could not move. When she was unable to move and struggling produced nothing, nothing at all, her eyes would roll up in her head, she would let out this groan, and, to my amazement, the spasms of orgasms would grip her entire body. She would shake and moan for minutes. I video recorded it once to prove it to her since she would not believe it happened.  
Knowing this became a challenge to me. What would the most extreme form of immobility be? How could I use it without preventing breathing? This would disturb my thoughts until I had the answer to a scene like no other.  
'Christine, I need you to come over tonight. Bathe and shave everything. I have a surprise for you.'  
'Thank You, Mistress. What is the surprise?'  
'Silly, if I tell you then it isn't a surprise, is it?'  
'Oh, ha, I guess not, Mistress. I'll be there in an hour.'  
I had the answer. It took a while to be delivered and it was not inexpensive, but I absolutely had the answer to make Christine completely immobile. I was excited thinking about how she would react.  
It takes two people to help create a full body cast. Plus, a strange and varied assortment of materials. I elected to go the fiberglass route and make a full body wax figure of Christine at the end. My other choice was plaster but I wasn't sure how much heat Christine's body could tolerate. As plaster dries, it gives off heat. The person in the mold cannot move and cannot escape the rising temperature. To make it more challenging for Christine, I decided that she would have to stand during the whole thing. I was prepared for lots of whining and crying from her since this process would take several hours to complete.  
At the last minute, I decided to change the casting. I wanted her in a seated position. I wanted her breasts uncovered and her crotch uncast, as well. I hired an artist with full body casting experience. It took several hours to complete. FIrst, her legs and torso were covered, then her back was covered. I also decided not to cover her above her neck.  
When it dried, she was completely immobile, her breasts and crotch exposed. Next, we painted her cast pink and as flesh-like as possible. In order to get her out into public this way, I pulled a teeshirt over her to cover her breasts and pulled a skirt up to cover her exposed nether region. Because she was now completely immobile in a seated position, we were able to move her into wheelchair.  
First, I wheeled her in front of a full length mirror, so she could see herself.  
'Oh My God!' she exclaimed. 'I can't believe it.'  
'Well, believe it, Christine,' I said, 'because you are going to be in this state for as long as it pleases me. You are now like a baby. You can't eat, drink, piss, or shit without my help.'  
'Oh My God, Mistress!' And at that moment, I locked a ball gag into her mouth, and covered much of her face with bandages. If someone tried to communicate with Christine, people would think she was having difficulty trying to speak due to an injury. At this point, I reached between her legs, and I noticed her pussy was soaking wet.  
Now, the real fun could begin. It was mild weather outside, so I decided to take my immobile property for a walk. Occasionally, I would stop to straighten the blanket covering her legs so I could reach between her legs and see how wet her pussy was.  
All this in public, in broad daylight. With the teeshirt covering her breasts and the skirt and blanket covering her pussy, she looked like someone who had been in a really bad accident.  
'Oh, poor thing.' A woman said when we passed them in the neighborhood.  
'Can I touch her?' some pre-adolescent boy asked. I immediately gave him a stern look. 'Okay, I suppose.' I saw Christine winch a little and 'Mmmhph' make some garbled remark.  
'Can't she speak?' he asked as he touched the cast around her legs. He tapped the cast.  
'She was badly injured in a car accident, and she can't speak yet.'  
Another woman turned and wanted to speak. In the back of my mind I could sense that this turned her on; that Christine's encasement excited her. 'Um, oh my!' she almost whispered. 'How does she...'  
 Bound Tightly, She Comes Christine came once tied in the doorway of my bedroom closet. I lear

2/28/2011 2:55:10 AM
Planning Janine's First BDSM Gangbang  
The day of the gangbang, my instructions to her were clear: get naked, leave the back door unlocked, put on a blind fold, and cuff yourself to the staircase. I was careful to suspend my security system for 24 hours. Only the hidden cameras were still in use.  
Janine was my first 24/7 submissive. She was a blonde, blue-eyed, and petite South African. We met in Sydney at the Opera House, and I knew I wanted to own her from the moment I saw her.  
'What is going to happen to me? How many people are coming here? Are they all men?' Janine was frightened and aroused at the same time wondering what would happen to her while I was traveling out of town. She trusted me, but it was unusual for me to put her in such a vulnerable situation. 'It will be very exciting. It has been your fantasy the three years we have been together. I think it's time you experienced a gangbang.'  
Janine was an anal slut. She made the most amazing sounds while she was getting fucked in the ass. Sounds coming up from deep insider her, visceral, more than merely animal sounds. She often orgasmed while being pounded anally. I often wondered how much she could take.  
The challenge in planning a gangbang is choosing the right people. Gangbang means different things to different people. When one meets special people, particularly male slaves, there is a bond that is formed. So much is communicated without words. These men have full lives, work as professionals in law, medicine, and education. Having served me, they understand my values. Loyalty and obedience being among the most important. It takes time to schedule such events, particularly with such busy gentlemen. But i pleaded my case and may have had to have made some future commitments of time, but Janine was worth it to me.  
The backdoor was open as instructed. The three men entered the house just after dark. THey arrived in separate cars wearing their work clothes. Someone in the neighborhood might have been impressed by their business attire and their smart automobiles. They found the items i had promised them on the top shelf of the hallway closet.  
In the weeks leading up to the event, I started making subtle statements about securing the house. 'Janine, you forgot to lock the backdoor. Someone may come in here and hurt you.' 'Janine, how many times do I have to tell you to keep this back door locked.'  
Janine could probably hear them enter the house. She tried to count how many of them were there. 'Hello? Who's there? Elizabeth?' No answer.  
The three men walked past her, up the stairs, softly, surely, on a mission. The last man reached out and touched her back then continued up the stairs. 'Hello?!'On the top shelf, they took down the locked box with the ski masks, spreader bar, rope, and handcuffs. All three men undressed. There, inside the box, was the key to the cuffs locking the naked Janine to the bottom of the staircase.  
The men quickly and roughly picked her off the floor, stretched her out from the staircase, unlocked her cuffs, and moved her to the carpet in front of the fireplace in the living room. Janine was kicking and screaming. One of the things that I enjoyed the most about Janine was her struggling.  
One held her kicking legs. Another held her under her arms. The shortest yet stockiest man positioned himself on the floor on his back. He was already erect and ready for what would happen next. The taller, more slender men quickly tied her ankles and wrists together, locked the spreader bar to her ankles. They quickly flipped her over on top of the man on the floor with her blindfold still in place. Her face was down on his chest near his face. But not for long. THe two men positioned themselves at opposite ends of your body. A strong hand grabbed her hair and yanked her head up. 'Open your mouth, bitch!' She refused and tossed her head back and forth. The man yanked her head up higher and used his other hand to grasp her nose forcing her to open her mouth to gasp for air. Before he could shove his cock in her mouth, the man underneath began working his huge cock into her surprisingly wet cunt. 'I couldn't believe how wet I was!' she would tell me later. 'Janine, silly slut, you knew what was going to happen.'  
A cock sliding in and out of her throat and a cock rising up and down in her pussy. What could possibly happen next to Janine, my asswhore submissive? For a few minutes, two cocks were in her pussy, stretching her, working inside of her long enough to get the eight inch cock meant for her ass, wet. Janine felt the head of this huge cock now pressing at her anus. She tried to spread her legs further, arch her back, open up for this anticipated experience.  
A few details I forgot to mention. Ron, the man in Janine's ass, pounding all 8 inches where Janine wanted it most, I was his key holder. In preparation for this event, I had kept Ron in chastity for a month. He rode and spanked her ass to work off a month's life savings.  
Janine said later, 'That man in my ass never stopped! I came too many times to count. The other men gave up, but he never stopped! I think he came at least 5 times in my ass!'  
When it was over, 3 hours later, Janine was a quivering lump on the floor. The men left her there on the floor still blindfolded. They showered, dressed, and returned all the items to the locked box, untied only her left wrist and ankle, swatted her ass for good measure, and left as quietly as they arrived. After a while, Janine was able to remove the blindfold and untie her right wrist and ankle. Covered in sweat, her ass a crimson red, cum dripping from every orifice, face covered in sperm, she managed to find a phone and call me.  
When you care about someone, you consider what makes them happy. 'God Mistress. I never thought you would really do it! I love you, Mistress!'  
Ron called me later and said, 'Mistress. I was in chastity for You over a month. I would do longer to be part of something like this again. I would have stopped after I came the third time, but the animal noises she was making.. well she just keep me going. Thank you so much Mistress Elizabeth.'Planning Janine's First BDSM Gangbang The day of the gangbang, my instructions to her were cl

2/27/2011 6:51:44 PM
The Five Stages of Forced Feminization  
Note: This is not an exhaustive description or prescription. More can be said about each and every phase. Journal entries are intended to be read in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.  
My experience has shown that there are five stages of forced feminization. How does one go from a 'regular guy' scratching his balls, addicted to sports, to a pantyed, bitched out cock-sucking, cum swallowing, ass-fucking sissy?  
Depending upon how insecure and poorly formed the male sub's personality, it is possible to achieve remarkable results in as short a time period as one year. Generally speaking it takes longer, since society has brain washed males into thinking they have to behave in preset ways.  
Hank was the All American boy. I met him at a bar in Palm Beach, Florida. He was innocent and old fashioned. He was slender but well-built. He projected a macho look and often had a slight swagger in his walk.  
Stage 1: Isolation  
'My name is Hank,' he introduced himself.  
'Ah, nice to meet you, Hank. My friends call me Elizabeth.'  
He smirked holding his beer and said, 'Well, then I don't know what to you call you.'  
'Call me 'Bossy Bitch', then,' I told him making my eye contact sharp to let him know he wasn't being funny; he was being annoying.  
'Bossy Bitch, huh. I don't know many like you' he said. Hank was simple but had relatively fine features. His skin was not as oily as most men. I could tell Hank had potential.  
'Well, Hank. You need to get to know me. A woman like me can change your life. You may not realize it yet, but you need me.'  
Hank smiled probably thinking he was going to get lucky. 'C'mon Hank. Come home with me. I want to get to know you better. I have beer in my refrigerator.'  
It's important in the very beginning to make life pleasurable for the male you are going to feminize. Natural and society have conspired to program males in very predictable ways. It is rather unfortunate.  
I gave Hank a hand job but made it last over an hour. Whenever he would get close, I would slow down and talk dirty to him. 'Hank, or should I call  you, Wank, you are so controlled by your cock. I bet I could do this to you for hours.'  
'Oh yeah, Liz.' he grunted.  
'From now on, you will address me as Miss Elizabeth.'  
He thought that was funny, so I grabbed him by the balls and slapped his cock as hard as possible. I thought he was going to shit himself. 'I didn't hear you. You can keep getting a nice handjob and come, or I can crush your balls and slap your cock. Your choice.'  
A long hesitation is always interpreted as a 'No', so I squeezed his balls. 'Oww! Okay! Miss Elizabeth!'  
'Good boy. We're getting somewhere.' I smiled and continued to prolong his release.  
Stage 2: Orgasm Control  
 I gradually took control of Hank's member. He came when I wanted him to. I made that happen frequently. I even arranged for other women to help me. I had control of his orgasm in the beginning by giving him pleasure. He learned to associate me with his pleasure. I was his pleasure. Without realizing it, he needed me to have an orgasm.  
Then, I taught Hank how to beg. This is important. He associated me with sex and orgasm. In the beginning, I gave him more orgasms than he was prepared for. Over time, however, I changed the equation. I showed him how to pleasure me. If he wanted my attentions, he would have to satisfy me, first. Instead of pursuing him and giving him pleasure, now he had to give me pleasure and satisfy my needs.  
I do recommend chastity devices especially the ones that are entirely plastic, even the locks. so that your property can go through airport security without drawing attention.  
'How long do I have to keep this thing on?'  
'Forever' I tell him. He gets a hurt pouty look on his face. He is learning that this reaction makes me hot.  
Stage 3: Introduction of Corporeal Punishment  
At some point, the target tries to escape this control. It can be overt or it can be subtle. If you have chosen your submissive well, he will not have a strong network of male friends to pull him back. If you have done a good job of selection, then you will get through Stage 1 Isolation and Stage 2 Orgasm Control without much difficulty. However, if you started with a 'regular' guy, chances are his friends will wonder just what happened to him.  
'Hank, we don't see you much any more? Are you going to the game this Sunday?' The Hanks of the world may have fond memories that all your time and attention has not yet overcome. It is important to give your submissive maximum attention and pleasure in the early stages.  
Having said this, if all else fails, you will come to a crossroad when you will have to take a stand and mete out the rules. And, if the rules are violated, then punishment will be necessary. A good caning can provide the necessary motivation and transformation required.  
This is the stage at which you will have taken control of the male's finances.  
'We're going shopping, Hanna. Spring is coming. You need some new skirts and tops.'  
'Yes, Miss.'  
'I'll take you to Macy's. I know the sales people there.'  
'Yes, Miss.'  
Stage 4: Alternative Means to Orgasm  
Even before cross-dressing, I like to introduce alternative means to orgasm for males. If you have isolated him, control when and how he orgasms, the next stage is to teach him how to reach higher and higher states of arousal using nipple and anal/prostate stimulation. A simple prescription is nipple twisting-squeezing-rolling 3 times per day for 15 minutes without letting him touch his cock. After two weeks, then introduce anal/prostate stimulation along with this. Allow the submissive to come this way without touching his cock. Most males never experience a full body orgasm. Your submissive will be given this great gift. This is perhaps as close as a male will ever come to experiencing what a female experiences. I recommend getting him a dildo with a suction cup. Make sure the dildos he puts in his ass are always larger than his cock. This helps put him in his place. I recommended a dildo with a suction cup so he can practice fucking his own ass in the bathtub every day. Reward him for prostatic orgasms. Help him with his next one - hurt his nipples and talk dirty to him while he works the dildo in and out of his own ass.  
Also, to prepare your sissy bitch to be a cum slut, it's important that when s/he does cum, there is never any lost sperm. Every drop must be swallowed. It has to become second nature sucking down this viscous white liquid. Make sure every drop goes down his/her throat. Ask for proof. Praise him/her.  
'Stick out your tongue.'  
'Yes, Miss.'  
'More. I don't see much.'  
'Did you swallow the rest?'  
'Yes, Mistress. It tasted good.'  
It may be necessary to unlock him and let him touch his cock in the early stages, however, the more prostatic orgasm is associated with these alternative means of arousal the better. If you have done your job properly, start telling him to beg to be fucked in the ass like a bitch; start telling him to beg to suck a cock. Have a dildo harness and wear it as much as possible. Deny him actual penetration until the begging is constant and convincing. The idea is to create intense associations. You are rewiring the submissive's body and nervous system. This can be done with or without dressing him. This is a good time to start insisting that he at least wear women's underwear under his clothes. He can never wear anything but women's clothes in your presence. Body hair is history. Make that his responsibility. Do regular and irregular inspections. Use corporeal punishment for failure to remove hair. I prefer that males undergoing feminization wear bras and crotchless panties in my presence. This means not having to remove any clothing to penetrate him with the strapon.  
Orgasm is a reward for obedience and practicing alternative means to orgasm. No other orgasms will ever be granted again. If he is exceptionally good and feminine, it might be time to start inviting your girlfriends over to watch.  
There are herb-based hormone treatments that you can try on him. They're called phytoestrogens. I call it 'training wheel' hormones. If taken at earlier ages and with caution to protect the liver, he will grow small cup titties, his nipples will grow and become very sensitive. This is a point at which you may want to stop. You have a trained cock sucking and ass-fucked sissy at this point. He will be very close to you; you own him at this point. Now, you can decide if you want to spend the effort turning him into a female. It's a lot of work but s/he becomes a great status symbol for a Domme.  
Stage 5: Pygmalion: Full-tilt dressing and SRS consideration  
At this stage, you have made a decision to take your sissy to the final stages of feminization, either non-op transgender or pre-op. Hair removal has been scheduled using electrolysis or laser. All traces of maleness have been displaced. The wardrobe is now 100% female. Appointments with plastic surgeons have been arranged. A TS friendly internist has been brought in to help with developing hormone therapies. You may want to give him/her a series of affirmations to practice first thing in the morning and just before sleep at night. I recommend makeover specialists who can help your shemale discover her best look - hair, makeup, clothing.  
Hanna aka Hank had a peak experience looking at him/herself in the mirror. S/he actually became somewhat arrogant about his/her look. It was a revelation. I could see it in her eyes. 'I look fucking good' is what it said.  
'Miss, I can't believe this is me. I look... um.. hot!'  
'Yes, Hanna. Don't let it go to your head, dear.' The arrogance is annoying but the result is what is important. Now Hanna wants to look good, wants to be seen, wants to be female. Now she goes to the ladies restroom. Now she shops for women's clothes, makeup, bags, accessories. How fast you get to this point depends upon the submissive and your dominance and techniques.  
Understand that even at Stage 5 it is possible that things will not progress. I am a firm believer that if the male does not have the fine features, a slender build, the line between the cheekbone and the eyebrow, that it might not work out. The goal is to create a passable transgender. One has to be realistic about this and step back and make objective judgments regarding his/her appearance and the probability of success.  
I prefer creating ladies not sluts. Anyone can create a slut. Teaching her style in selecting clothing, jewelry, and accessories, how to walk confidently in pumps, and show manners in public reflects on the Domme's pedigree. She can be your dirty little slut behind closed doors. In the mall shopping with you, she is a perfect friend and lady.  
You want your bitch to look like a woman not a drag queen. No big hair, no ridiculous outfits. The idea is to look NORMAL not BE normal.  
1. Isolate him, have his full attention  
2. Take control of his orgasms  
3. Apply corporeal punishment as needed  
4. Provide alternative means of orgasm  
5. Make him into a herThe Five Stages of Forced Feminization Note: This is not an exhaustive description or prescri

2/24/2011 3:02:08 AM
Breath Play, Meet Water Sports (pushing limits while managing topping from the bottom)  
Bathrooms generally have a bathtub not far from the porcelain. No need to let the urine go cold. Nothing worse than cold urine. Keep the submissive comfortable while being humiliated. See, I have a humane side.  
Vanessa was becoming more demanding about her desire for breath play. I never used the expression 'Topping from the bottom' but it certainly crossed my mind. It also helped that I knew she was not fond of water sports.  
'Yes, Vanessa, I know how much you love breath play. It's dangerous and you don't listen to my instructions carefully enough before we begin.'  
'I promise, Mistress. I will listen.'  
One evening, while treating her as my pet, bathing her, I grabbed her neck and firmly began to press her press into the water. I could feel her body relax.  
'Vanessa, I am going to make you cum.'  
I stopped, stripped to my bra and panties, and positioned myself along side her but  outside the tub.  
'First, Vanessa, I want you to pee. We won't start until you pee in the tub.' I handed her one of the water bottles I had prepared for this occasion.  
'But Mistress, then I'll smell like pee.'  
'Vanessa, drink this water. Drink it all. I'm tired of your complaining. You have been whining about wanting breath play for weeks. I will give you what you want, but you have to do something for me, too.' It took a while. More whining and complaining. I am patient. Eventually, I could see the yellow colour emanating from her bottom diffusing throughout the water.  
'Good girl. That's a nice start. We need more pee than that.' I firmly pressed her face down into the water and held here there for a count of 30. I slowly released her and she started panting.  
'God Mistress! I can smell the pee! I don't want my hair in it.'  
'Life is like that, Vanessa. We have to take the bad with the good.' I pressed her face back into the water. 'I expect more pee, too.' I counted to 30 and slowly released her again. Now I intertwined my fingers in her hair to get a better grip. I tugged at her hair. 'I mean it, you dirty slut. More pee, or I will hurt you.' This time I pushed her entire head down into the water getting her hair completely wet. After a count of 30, I let her bounce up to the surface. She was spitting out the tainted water.  
'Fuck! Mistress! I can smell the pee. Oh my God! I can taste it!'  
I tugged her head back and slapped her left cheek hard with the palm of my hand. 'Vanessa, you promised me you were going to take instructions. Don't talk to me that way, again.' I slapped her face and violently pushed her face back into the water. I released her and she gasped for air. 'You've been a bitch all week. I'm going to fix this attitude problem.' Now she was struggling trying to get out of the tub. I noticed she peed again. It was just starting to get good. The struggling was making her hot. I could see the colour of her skin changing. Her eyes were starting to roll back in her head.  
'Vanessa, you dirty slut. Pissmop. I know you say you hate this, but your body says otherwise.' I put the fingers from my left hand inside her. She was getting quite wet. I continued to alternate 30 seconds in the yellow water, 30 seconds out. Her face and hair were quite soaked. She did smell like pee.  
'When this is over you will think me.' I said. 'You will be more attentive to my needs and what I want.' I pressed her head back into the water and counted to 30. She came up gasping and crying. 'I'm sorry Mistress. I want to make you happy. I'm so sorry.'  
'Sorry is not good enough. I want real change.' I shoved her head violently into the water. This time I counted to 45. She was struggling and fighting this time. I had to use both hands to hold her down. She came up out of the water, trying to rise up and stand up in the tub. I held her down in the water.  
'Now I want you to lay in your pee and cum for me right now.'  
'Yes, Mistress.' She obeyed. She came and screamed my name 3 times, her body shuddered and she collapsed into the water.  
I made her sit in that water for another hour. Afterwards, I washed her body from head to toe with a strongly scented soap. I washed her hair. Then, I let her shower. I toweled her off like my pet and stroked and kissed her.  
'Now, that's my good girl.'  
She smiled and clung to me with both arms with all her might. 'I love you, Mistress.'  
Breath Play, Meet Water Sports (pushing limits while managing topping from the bottom) B

2/23/2011 5:22:11 AM
How to Take Better Profile Photos of Yourself  
Here are a few tips on how to improve your profile photos. This is perhaps the most important sales job you will ever perform. Why not learn to do it properly?  
Never never take a picture of yourself holding your camera. When I receive that type of photo, I assume that you are casual about how you look. Some time and effort is required. This is not Facebook.  
The photo should just be you not a group. If you have to cut out or block out people and body parts, take or use another photo. Photoshop layering is an immediate turnoff.  
Assuming that you either cannot afford a professional fetish photographer (they exist) or at least a glamour photographer, there are things that you can do to take better photos of yourself.  
1. Use a tripod. There are small ones that telescope to more than 4 feet. Avoid pictures taken in front of mirrors. If your camera has a flash, we won't be able to see you. Photographs taken from above (camera higher than subject) will make you look thinner if that is a concern.  
2. Pose. Get a camera with a delayed shutter. That means you can take the time to get into the pose you really want. You will need 5 and ideally 10 seconds to relax.  
3. Smile. Show your face and ideally a smile. Nothing overcomes any fears you have about your face or body like a smile.  
4. Show off. Show as much skin as you feel comfortable with. Think about this carefully. It helps define who you are. Some want elegant and want to keep some things hidden. Others will want to express their slutiness and desire for this to be controlled. One cannot fake being an exhibitionist. Don't try if you are not one. If you are, and feel comfortable with less clothing, then show shaved pussies and cocks. The less hair the better.  
5. Light is everything. Use a flash or as much light as possible. From a technical perspective, this is probably the most important thing. Get as much light on your face as possible. Light that shines directly on your face is best. Otherwise, you will create shadows that will distort how you look. Yes, natural or outdoor light is best but not always possible when showing off.  
6. Control the Background. For a backdrop, you can use a white sheet. You can use a staple gun to attach it to the wall behind you in a large area. Single colour curtains work.  
7. Minimize props. Some bondage gear is nice. Cuffs or a leather collar. A leash. Something simple that tells a great deal about you.  
8. Ladies, you will need a little makeup and show off your hair and colouring. These are your gifts. Use them. A good profile photo belongs to Jujuba on CM.  
9. Gentlemen, show off some muscle without coming across as a gym rat. Dommes like handsome men, well groomed, little or no body hair.  
10. Trans. It is critical that you do what it takes to be passable. That means hair and makeup. Wearing women's underwear does not make you femme. Absolutely positively no body hair. Hide that adam's apple.  
11. Couples. Show something edgy and suggestive. Show the sexual tension one expects when there are two people involved.  
They say that people make up their mind about you in 8 seconds.  
more to follow...How to Take Better Profile Photos of Yourself Here are a few tips on how to improve your prof

2/22/2011 1:40:20 PM
Modifying a Massage Table into a Torture Table  
Even the neighbors can't be suspicious when you have a portable massage table delivered. It is the perfect height to reach everything for tit/nipple torture and CBT, IV forced feeding and enemas. The fact that is it rather portable and folds up nicely makes it useful for parties and special travels.Modifying a Massage Table into a Torture Table Even the neighbors can't be suspicious when yo

2/22/2011 1:37:14 PM
Continued Love of Latex Paint  
I cannot emphasize how much I love painting subs/slaves with latex paint. 4 of more coats leaves them almost immobile. With a few strategic openings, it is possible to insert dildos, electrodes, feeding tubes, sounds, butt plugs, spikes, and anything else that strikes my fancy.  
I bought another 2 gallons - 1 red and 1 black.  
There is just something sexy about a latex humanoid object that responds to pain and pleasure.Continued Love of Latex Paint I cannot emphasize how much I love painting subs/slaves with la

2/22/2011 1:57:31 AM
Spiked Bras  
I am adding some interesting items to my wardrobe. Tell me how much you love my hugs.  
Spiked Bras I am adding some interesting items to my wardrobe. Tell me how much you love my h

2/19/2011 1:08:06 PM
How Many Angels Can You Put On the Head of a Pin?  
Certainly, one of the riskiest scenes involves needles. Some beautiful artwork has been created using needles and human flesh. The age old question, 'How many angels can you put on the head of a pin?' takes on new meaning in BDSM circles. I like to call my females angels.  
It was going to be a private party of close friends. I had recently purchased a massage table to use as a torture table. The sub/slave is cuffed and locked down on the table so that the Dom/me can walk around the sub/slave and have total access to their entire body. One of the nice features of the table was its portability. It folded up nicely and fit very easily in the trunk of my car. The table provided me with the ability to surprise my friends at a party. I enjoyed the 'juice' from having such a capability.  
When we get together we try to think of creative new ways to use our subs/slaves. It's often interesting to try to get many people involved the same scene at the same time. Many of the females had pierced nipples; a few of the males, as well. I had always been interested in seeing how many humans could be daisy-chained together using just needle and thread.  
more to follow...How Many Angels Can You Put On the Head of a Pin? Certainly, one of the riskiest scenes invol

2/18/2011 4:43:07 AM
The Glass Tomb  
The new administration building was insufficiently funded. Some shortcuts were taken. It was a magnificent looking facility standing in front of the entrance to the campus. Sometimes we make places too secure. But it had some unusual aspects that provided a means of transforming even the most difficult person.  
I worked teaching at this east coast university years ago. I shared some of the resources with other instructors. We didn't have a full time, permanent assistant. We had Donna. Donna was temp, but that didn't prevent her from showing off her attitude and letting us know just how essential she was. 'That's not in my job description,' she would say, every time I tried to give her work to do. 'Donna. I need this report copied and sent to the Dean today. It's important to me.'  
'Sorry, Miss Jaubert. I haven't had a break since lunch time. I promise to get to it when I get back.' I was livid. For no particular reason I followed her to see where she was going on her break. She went out a back hallway that was generally unused. This hallway seemed to be out of place. It exited into a glass enclosure that also exited into the back of the building. A few employees were aware of this parking lot, but to get to and from one's car, a fairly long walk around the building was required.  
I remember it was spring, and in our New England town, one could say the weather was was mild and the sun was shining. I stood behind a closet door just off the hallway and noticed her drop her drop and sit back against the back glass wall. It was then I realized she had no tan lines. She topless in the glass enclosed area, her eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of sunlight on her beautiful, round, full breasts. Her blond hair behind her back, her eyes closed. I thought it was a shame she was such a difficult personality, since it was clear she had value. I imagined what it would be like to torture those nipples.  
I decided to return to the office unnoticed. I felt a little silly realizing that I had transformed from an angry employer to a voyeur in just a few minutes.  
She returned and, as I expected, did not remember my request to make the copies of my report to the Dean. 'Donna?'  
'Yes, Miss Jaubert?'  
'Aren't you forgetting something?'  
She stared back at me with those big green eyes. 'Forget?'  
'Donna, you promised me you would make copies of my report for the Dean when you got back from your break. Did you forget?'  
'Of course not, I was just getting settled. Don't be so mean to me all the time. I work hard. You're not the only one I work for you know.'  
Spring turned into Summer and Donna managed to stay employed. I amused myself telling myself it had nothing to do with the fact that most of the other instructors were male and none of them had ever noticed she didn't bother to wear underwear. One Friday just before a three day weekend, it rained most of the day. However, just before quitting time, the rain broke and the sun came out. Donna said she was going on a break. 'But Donna, you promised me you would call the security company for me.' She ignored me and walked right past me into the hallway. That was it, as far as I was concerned.  
I forgot to mention one tiny detail about the back exit. The outer door gets locked by our security guard at closing time, 5PM. The inner door opens into the glass entryway but not in reverse. If one entered the glass 'room' or entryway and the outside door was locked, one would have to wait for the security guard to open it. Or, maybe someone in the parking lot would notice and be willing to go fetch the security guard. The fact that this compartment was all heavy glass made this possibility seem more remote, after all, 'I can see out and others can see in' so one should be able to move freely back and forth.  
I scribbled a note, sealed it in an envelop, and put it on top of Donna's desk. I then followed her to her secret mini nudist camp. I noticed as she entered the room, she dropped her top outside the door. As she closed her eyes to feel the sunlight, I noticed there were no cars in the parking lot. Everyone was headed home early to get the full force of the three day weekend.  As I returned to the office, I closed some of the doors leading to the hallway.  
I cleared off my desk, went out the other direction out into the parking lot, and home for the weekend.  
It was quite a scandal and did not make the university look good in the eyes of the public. An employee half naked in a doorway until Saturday evening. Some teenage boys planning on using the back of the building to play touch football discovered her, and one of the boys had taken several pictures of the woman who was unsuccessfully  trying to cover herself. Within seconds he had uploaded them to his Facebook page and a nice video clip to YouTube. The boy was reprimanded, of course, but the photos and video went viral. An anonymous tip was received by the police at about the same time.  
The poor thing had tried to hide her bodily fluids and waste with the little bit of clothing she had left. The police and ambulance driver asked her how it was that she had lost her top just outside the door. They were concerned that she might have been sexually assaulted. All she could do was to cry and put her face into her hands.  
As I expected, she returned to work the very next day. A broken girl. I tried to console her, petted her hair, my arm around her. As I returned to my office, I noticed the envelop on her desk, my eyes giving its presence away.  
There were some inquiries that were made about why that glass door way had a one way inner door when it could be locked on the outside. There were some inquiries made about why no security guard was called to work Friday night.  
Donna noticed it was my handwriting. She read it silently. 'Donna, please don't forget that George, our regular security guard, will be leaving promptly at 5PM on Friday. Please call the security company and get a replacement for the evening shift.' I smiled and waved to Donna from my office.  
 The Glass Tomb The new administration building was insufficiently funded. Some shortcuts were

2/13/2011 4:15:17 AM
Never Make the Driver Angry (or, am I the only Domme who likes to lick away tears?)  
I rarely pick up hitch hikers. It was around midnight in the Riverside Valley. The headlights of my car were like two laser beams shining out into the absolute darkness surrounding me. I knew it was rural. I could smell the cow manure. Suddenly, two young women wearing only bikinis flashed in front of my headlights. Then, in an instant, they were gone. It had happened so quickly, if the stark images of their relative nudity had not gotten my attention, their exposed skin, top of their breasts, their uncovered abdomens and legs, I would probably have thought I made it up to amuse myself while driving. No, these women were real. I stopped the car. The front and back doors opened almost simultaneously. I had passengers. Very young and attractive passengers.  
I travel fairly extensively. I am a card-carrying member of the NRA, and I check my Glock 17 9mm when I travel. I keep it under my seat when I am driving alone and when I stopped I reached for it. I had heard stories about how robbers had used young women hitchhikers as bait to get drivers to stop, then come up out of the darkness, and rob them.  
'How come you girls are out here on the road so late at night? You're dressed like you're going to the beach.'  
The fair skinned red head sitting next to me in the front seat spoke up, 'We were at the beach but we had a fight with the boys who were supposed to drive us home.'  
'And they just dumped you on the side of the road?'  
'Pretty much.' I began driving away slowly and let go of the Glock so I could use both hands to drive.  
'Why would they do that?' I asked.  
The blonde spoke this time from the backseat, 'We wouldn't fuck them.' A fairly blunt answer. I detected a slight shrug.  
'Well, how do you feel about now? Ditched. It's cold and it's midnight.'  
Neither answered.  
'So why didn't you call someone to come get you?'  
'Our cell phone batteries died. We didn't check them until we got dumped.'  
'I think you should have fucked them,' I told them. 'Then you would be home safe and warm. You're just lucky I was driving along when I did. Some pyscho could have picked you up.'  
The red head ask, 'Why were you driving along here at night? There haven't been many cars come on this road.'  
'I'm on business. I got lost. I'm trying to find the road my hotel is on. Maybe you can help me. Maybe we can even party together at the hotel.'  
'No way!' the blonde said from the backseat. 'We don't know you, and we need to get home right away.'  
'Well, you are going to have to change your attitude if you want me to drive you home. I don't know where you live and it's probably out of my way. How about you help me find my hotel and you can call a taxi from there.' I handed the red head the paper with my hotel's name and address. 'Can you help me find it?'  
'That's stupid.' The blonde said. 'You don't know where your hotel is?' I was beginning to like this girl less and less. I was beginning to wonder if this girl's mouth was the reason the boys or whoever was driving threw them out of the car on the drive back from the beach.  
I drove to my hotel, checked in, and escorted my new found prey to my room. I like a room that is at the far end of the hotel, away from the elevator, quieter, ideally with windows on two sides of the corner suite. I am also very skilled at packing. In a single suitcase, I can get all my lingerie, clothes, makeup, toiletries, my dominatrix outfit, a small telescoping tripod, a telescoping cane, a tawse, clamps, ball gag, police handcuffs, strap-on harness, and even a small staple gun.  
'By the way, my name is Elizabeth. What are your names?'  
The blonde grunted something. 'I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said.' She ignored me. The red head said, 'My name is Jackie. She's Laura.'   
'How about this - I order food and we have some beers delivered. After we eat, you can call a taxi. How does that sound?'  
'That sounds nice!' Jackie responded quickly. I looked her up and down, made eye contract. She blushed and looked away. 'How about you, Laura?'  
'I guess so. As long as you're buying, and we get home before morning.'  
After an hour of inebriates, I was running my fingers along Jackie's thigh, looking furtively into her green eyes. She smiled. 'How are you feeling?' I asked Jackie. 'Oh my god I feel so relaxed!' she cooed. Jackie was enjoying the something extra I slipped her. She was more relaxed than she realized. Laura, on the other hand, I left in her natural state.  
Laura, on the other hand, was still agitated. 'What time is it?' she complained. 'I think it's been two hours. Call us a taxi or drive us home. This was all your idea.'  
'OKay Laura, what is your address?' I lifted the hotel phone and pretended to dial the front desk holding the flash hook down to keep the phone off. 'Hello? Yes, I need a taxi. The address is....'  
I went to the hotel door and locked the double bolt and hooked the chain in the slot behind the door. 'You know, Laura. I have had just about enough of your bad attitude. I picked you up from the dessert, drove you into town, fed you and got you high. And all you have done since I met you was complain complain complain. I've really had it with you. Now it's time for you to learn your lesson.'  
'You stupid bitch! We're out of here!' and she headed for the hotel door. She was still in her bikini, green with black straps. It barely covered her voluptuous curves. I could see that Laura did not always wear a swimsuit since the tan lines around her breasts were faint. As she stepped around me, I tripped her on her face, dropped my knee in her back, cuffed her, and pulled back on her face with both hands. As she started to scream garbling that when the taxi arrived I was going to pay. I then broke the tragic news to her that no taxi was coming. I untied and pulled her top off and used it to mock strangle her, pulling back as hard as I could. 'Shut up Laura and I won't strangle you. I have had enough of your bad attitude. Now it's time for you to learn your lesson.' She kicked and struggled. I kept my knee in her back pulling the bikini top back hard, bending her head at a terrible angle. Laura's face was turning a deep red.  
Jackie was still sitting in the chair I put her in. She was barely aware of her surroundings.  
I started punching the back of Laura's head. 'Shut up! I'll stop choking you when you shut up.' After another ten minutes of kicking and struggling, Laura started to tire. I could hear her whimpering and crying. 'You're not such a tough bitch now are you, Laura? Now be quiet and I'll stop choking you.' I rolled her over on her back, pulled her bikini bottom off, and stuffed it into her mouth as far as it would go. Her eyes got big and she started screaming muffled into the suit. I dragged her over to the left side of the bed, and sprawled her across the length of the king sized bed. I tied her left ankle to the left bed post using an old pair of nylons. I moved her around until her head was almost to the foot end of the bed. I sacrificed another pair of nylons to tie the luscious Laura's right ankle to the bed.   
Now for Jackie. I tenderly removed Jackie's bikini top. Her skin was fair and smooth and her whole body just smelled good. I licked her armpits. She tasted good. She smiled and moaned. I took the Jackie's top and used it to tie Laura's feet together. 'Before I teach you a lesson, I want you to service your friend, Jackie. Jackie deserves some attention after being respectful and friendly. Not like you, Laura.'  
I picked up Jackie under her arms and moved her over to the bed. I arranged Jackie in a sixty-nine position on top of Laura. I went to my suitcase and pulled out nipple clamps, the telescoping cane, and the tawse.  
I pulled the bikini bottom out of Laura's mouth. 'Okay Laura. Now we are going to find out just HOW good you really are. You don't fuck men. You speak in a rude and disrespectful manner. I want to see you at least do something to please another human being. I want you to service Jackie's pussy.'  
'FUCK YOU BITCH!' Laura screamed. I slapped her face with full force. She looked stunned. I slapped her face again as hard as I could. I lifted Jackie just enough to put the clamps on her nipples. 'OWW!' she whined. I cracked both thighs with the now full 18' cane. 'Now stick out your tongue and service Jackie. Or, we can continue.' She winced and slammed her eyes tightly shut. She stuck her tongue out as if she were being forced to taste poison. 'I said lick her pussy, damnit!' I started full strokes with the cane. Up and down her legs and thighs. I tugged on the chain connecting the nipple clamps. Suddenly she sprang into action licking Jackie's pussy as if her very life depended upon it.  
I unzipped my skirt, let it drop to the floor, and removed my panties.  
'Good girl. Maybe you do have some redeeming qualities after all, Laura.' I tugged the chain hard. She shuttered and licked faster. 'Okay, my turn, Laura.' I set the cane down on Laura's side and moved Jackie to the right side of the bed, climbed up on top of Laura reverse cow-girl, my ass in her face, gripping her labia in each hand tugging and squeezing. 'It has been a long day for me. I have been on a plane for hours, driven through the valley. My ass needs some freshening up, Laura. You have been disrespectful to me and I want you to make it up to me.' She turned her head side to side to avoid my anus. I tugged her lips hard. She screamed. 'Do that again, I dare you.' I picked up the cane and started strong strokes on her pussy and labia. I pushed my buttocks back hard on her head. I continued to strike her with as much force as possible tugging her lips with my other hand. Laura moaned and her legs went from rigid to limp. She was past her pain threshold. I looked behind me and told her 'You have one more chance to clean me. Do it now or I will hurt you.' She started slowly at first but began to fully lick my anus and buttocks. I tugged on the nipple clamp chain. I saw her eyes starting to roll up into her head. She was yielding to me. This woman who was so rude and self-absorbed. Now here she was licking my ass as if it were candy. 'Oh, Laura. Who knew what a good ass licker you are. And who knew you could lick your friend Jackie's pussy like that. No wonder you won't fuck boys. Now tell me, Laura. Are you going to keep talking to me the way you did when I met you?'  
A weak 'No.'   
'I can't hear you?' I tugged her lips in both hands. 'NO. I WON'T DO IT AGAIN. I'M SORRY. LET ME GO.'  
'Let you go? I doubt if you have learned anything. No, I'm not nearly done with you.'  
I untied Laura's ankles, ripped off the nipple clamps, and turned her around 180 degrees on the bed. Then I flipped her over. Jackie was still smiling on her side next to the now very red Laura. That was when I noticed that Laura's driver license fell out on the floor when I pulled off her top. I had her name now not just her address.  
I took a moment to set up my portable tripod and attach my new Canon camera with HD video.  
I spent time time fondling and finger teasing Jackie. Her clit was swollen. I went to my suitcase and pulled out the dominatrix outfit. I moved Jackie around and managed to dress her in my outfit. I repositioned Laura so she has her face on a pillow, ass up at the edge of the bed.  
'Okay, Jackie.' I slapped her face. She blinked at me, startled. 'I need you to wake up. It's time to fuck Laura like the bitch she is.' I got Jackie to her feet and managed to get the strap-on onto her wobbly body. I put my fingers in Laura's pussy. 'Laura, you slut.' I lubed Jackie's dildo and stood behind her guiding her into Laura's cane-reddened pussy.  
'Okay Jackie I need you to fuck Laura.' I slapped her face again. She obeyed. Moving slowly, pressing the cock deep inside her friend. 'C'mon. I don't have all night. It's late. I want to sleep.' I slapped her face again. She moved faster, deeper. She was enjoying the rhythm.  
'C'mon Jackie. I know you hate Laura. She is a controlling bitch. I bet she got you into this mess. Fuck her hard. Fuck her like the bitch she is.' Jackie was driving into her full stroke. I started the camera. Laura was moaning now. Pressing her ass into Jackie's thrusting. I turned the camera off. 'Okay. That's enough. I don't need my toys and clothes getting wrecked by the likes of you stupid girls.'  
I wasn't done with Laura. I put Jackie back on the bed. She was exhausted and falling asleep at this point. With Laura's ass in the air already, I started with the tawse. She rolled over to avoid me. I pulled her legs until they fell off the bed.  
The tawse makes a loud noise and stings. It doesn't leave the same marks as the cane and usually I use it first to toughen the skin for the cane. Laura was special and deserved a different treatment.  
'Please. Please let us go. I'm sorry for being a bitch earlier. I didn't mean it.' Tears were rolling down her face. I leaned in and licked them off her face. She was delicious.  
I continued with the tawse for another 20 minutes using full strokes. Laura's round globes of flesh were completely crimson. I could see some cuts. I reached into my suitcase and came back with a bottle of alcohol. I splashed it over Laura's buttocks. She screamed as the alcohol went from cooling to burning. It was at that moment that Laura had a full body orgasm. She shuddered and groaned and spurted all over Jackie and the dildo.  
I tied them together face to face and took even more still photos.  
'Next time someone stops to help you, you show some appreciation. I know who you are, Laura, and where you live. I have photos of you being fucked by your friend, Jackie, apparently, a budding lesbian dominatrix.'  
I took a nap. When the sun came up I called a taxi, and I released them.Laura was whimpering like a baby at one point clinging to my ankles and legs. I petted Laura's hair and stroked her face with its tracks of dried tears. Such a transformation in this woman in such a short period of time. I helped dress Jackie and licked her face and armpits one last time. The room itself had the scent of cum.  
I paid the driver to take them straight home their bikinis not quite as clean as when they first flashed into my view.  
Later in the day, I had second thoughts, wondering if Laura had really learned some manners. I uploaded the video and photos to a website, and looked Laura up on Facebook. I sent her a private and persuasive message.  Some call it 'blackmail'. I call it continuing education units. Laura faithfully comes to visit me in my hotel all these years later. Her tears are like a fine wine. The taste only gets better with time.  
 Never Make the Driver Angry (or, am I the only Domme who likes to lick away tears?) I rarely

2/12/2011 3:39:01 AM
Jessica's first time out on a leash  
There is no stereotypical Owner profile. Historically, it has been the wealthy, leisure classes in various societies who have had the privilege of owning other humans. However, most recently, the collapse of Eastern Europe made for some interesting opportunities for the wealthy in the West. About a decade ago, there were photos on the front pages of major newspapers showing children being stockpiled in orphanages in places like Romania. If one were older and more enterprising (more alluring), other opportunities to escape were available.  
Which brings me to Jessica, a beautiful Romanian woman, now in her early 20s, who was introduced to Poly and D/s at the tender age of 13. Some might say she was taken advantage of, economically and sexually; others would say she was saved from a horrendous, slow, starving-to-death fate.  
Jessica knew what her gifts were - her youth and good looks. Rich, dark hair, green eyes, perfect teeth, full lips. Fair white skin yet darker nipples and labia. Her owners were particularly pleased with their new prize.  
Mrs. Smith decided to introduce Jessica to a private club that she and Mr. Smith belonged to. Jessica was about 18 and had never been to one of these private clubs before. Before leaving the limo, Mr. asked Mrs. to put on their pet's leash, which Mrs. did. Jessica was dressed in a white dress, her hair up on her head. She looked like a princess. Only she was being lead into the club front door on a leash like an animal, a common housepet. People on the busy street stopped and noticed. Some were surprised enough to turn and look a second time. Jessica was feeling the alternating waves of humiliation and pride. Humiliated to be on a leash like a dog yet she knew how beautiful she was. The smile on her face reflected her pride. The redness of her cheeks and growing wet heat between her legs revealed how the public humiliation was truly affecting her body.  
Such a simple thing  - this thin yet elegant collar around her neck. Bejeweled. Not an inexpensive item. But then neither was Jessica.  
Her owners treated her well and gave her the things she would never have dreamed about the old country. And they expected things in return, too.Jessica's first time out on a leash There is no stereotypical Owner profile. Historically, it

2/11/2011 5:59:40 PM
Melissa was Looking for Daddy but Found Mommy InsteadMelissa was Looking for Daddy but Found Mommy Inste

2/11/2011 5:15:59 PM
Tag Team  
When I was younger, I would go out to bars with some male friends who swore to protect me. That wasn't always the case. Once they found someone they wanted to go home with, I was pretty much on my own.  
When I was in my late 20s and early 30s, I had two friends, Jackie and Linda, who were bodybuilders, spent time at the gym, and would often wrestle men and other competitive women for extra money and a few laughs.  
While they, too, would wander around looking for someone to play with and go home with, they at least continued to look after me and occasionally looked across the room or dance floor and wink at me to let me know they had my back.  
It was around this time that I had my implants done. My legs were always fabulous, but with these new accessories, I was getting serious attention. Having not had sex reassignment surgery, the only way that my full identity was ever revealed out clubbing was after some serious, close dancing. Which is exactly what happened one night.  
I had been drinking and I felt quite good. Standing there at the bar with my 38Ds, my shocking red hair, and legs to Sunday popping out of my patent red leather skirt, wearing my FM high heels. It was only ten thirty and the night was young.  
I felt my feet and I wanted to dance. A young man was standing next to me at the bar and I leaned into him and ran my right hand along his leg, 'Can you do more than dance?' I asked him. Before he answered, I took his hand and yanked him onto the dance floor. The music had a fast tempo and I was able to twist my hips, do tight twirls, and swing my breasts into his view. I felt like flirting. I had no fear. Jackie and Linda were no far away.  
Then I felt his hand reach right into my crotch. He had been drinking, too, and his facial expression went from devilish to horrified. Instead of letting go, he squeezed me tighter. I screamed, 'Stop hurting me you asshole!' And at that moment, he punched me full in the face, knocking me to the floor. I was conscious but I was seeing stars.  
Faster than you can say 'you're a fucking dude!' or 'Jackie, Linda, I need you' these very tall, muscular women pounced on this poor man and between the two of them were literally pulling him apart by pulling both arms. Jackie had him in a head lock and he was struggling for air.  
I was able to get to my feet. 'Ladies, don't hurt him... too much. I want to repay him for the dance.'  
While they held him and he struggled, I unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants and his boxer shorts, revealing a very inadequate male member. He started shouting 'Let go of me you fucking amazons!' and tried to get his arms free and tried to hide himself.  
I turned to the crowd, 'I ask you, is this a dick you women want to go home with? It's about as big as my thumb.' I reached over and squeezed his balls as hard as I could. He let out this blood curdling scream. The crowd laughed. 'Well just because you can feel your balls doesn't mean they work.' I put my weight on my back foot and yanked them as hard as I could, causing him to fall down to his knees but still held up by Jackie and Linda. I squeezed harder. Tears were forming in the corners of his eyes. 'You want to suck my cock, don't you?' I squeezed harder. 'Say it.' He still being hostile. I used both hands and squeezed his balls as hard as I could. 'Yes, I want to suck your cock. Now let go.'  
'No. Not sincere enough. I'll let go when you say it. SAY IT.' I squeezed hard again and he jumped and tried to break away. Jackie and Linda were able to get his trousers off completely. They were threatening to pull off his boxers completely, too.  
I was feeling much more satisfied with the outcome of the evening, but I was unsteady now from getting punched, the alcohol had earlier, and all this excitement; and, at that point, I just wanted to go somewhere and sit down. I asked my girlfriends, 'Take this tiny-dicked cocksucker outside and show him a 'good time'.'  
It was cold and raining and the alley-way echoed sounds of a man being beaten and tossed into a dumpster were nearly audible over the dance music. I spend the night holding an ice pack to the side of my face and realized how important it was for a girl to have such good friends.  
 Tag Team When I was younger, I would go out to bars with some male friends who swore to prote

2/11/2011 3:22:19 PM
Cosmetic Surgery  
For future reference, if you are under consideration by a TS dominant, it might be a good idea to ask her if she is close personal friends with plastic surgeons in foreign countries.  
Billy had had thoughts about feminization but was not completely convinced that was what he wanted to do. I had started using hypnosis to help him make up his mind, but I decided this was taking waay too long.  
Billie had shoulder length blond hair, and was very slender, long smooth legs, but s/he had virtually no boobs. Years of nipple training made her nipples very large and they protruded through whatever s/he was wearing. Billie's facial features were very feminine - small V-shaped chin, high cheekbones, thin nose, full lips, and s/he had a beautiful, photogenic smile. Two years of corset training were paying off giving Billie an amazingly small waist. Charming, feminine, sweet. That is how I would have described Billie. I was always pleased at how s/he learned to walk in those black high heeled pumps. Tight black leather skirt up to her gender. Low cut tops showing her smooth white shoulders. Standing at the bar, s/he was drop dead gorgeous. To me, at least. But when a woman with larger breasts walked by, the men all turned and followed her with their eyes.  
After dressing Billie up and taking him to a club, and trying to pimp him out to several of the men at the bar, it became clear to me that s/he could never compete with genetic females without breasts. I asked Billie how s/he felt about implants. Billie said, 'I'm not ready for that.'  
'But,' I said, 'Billie, you tried to pick up at least ten different men without any success. Don't you really want to solve this problem? How will you ever become a real girl if you can't attract and have sex with men?'  
'Yeah, I know. I want to be more attractive, but I am not ready to have implants, Mistress.'  
'Billie, this is ridiculous! Look at you. You're 33 years old, you've been dressing for almost 5 years. You have a closet full of women's clothes. You're dressed more than not these days. You really need to make up you mind whether you want to become a woman or not.'  
It had been 4 almost 5 years of feminization. How much more time were we going to beat around the bushes? I knew Billie very well and decided it was time for his Mistress to take matters into Her own hands.  
We decided that we would go to Cancun together. I went through the motions of making arrangements. However, I did not discuss with Billie where s/he would be staying. Not a hotel!  
I like to use private pilots for these discrete trips. ideally, people who know me and have worked for me before either in a scene capacity or a business one. When I called Francisco he knew what I was planning. 'Have I met this one?' he asked. 'No, but you will adore her. Especially when I'm done with her!' His voice seemed to smile, 'Yes, Mistress. I can't wait to meet her.'  
The flight was uneventful. Billie was dressed as Bill to get through customs. Once we were inside the limo, I handed Billie a small case with everything s/he would need for that day. I handed Bill a flask and asked him to take a drink. He likes liquors, was thirsty from the long flight, and downed most of the spiked liquid. 'God, I feel light headed,' he said shortly thereafter.  
'Where am I?' Billie awoke in the Recovery Room in the private facility tucked away on the outskirts of Cancun. 'What the F..' Billie felt the sharp pain and pressure on his chest. 'Oh My God! What have you done to me?!' she screamed.  
'Darling, I haven't done anything to you that you didn't want. You would never have done this for yourself. Would you?'  
'No but..' Billie winced from the pain, but her eyes rolled up into her head, drifting off while the IV drip return her to a calm state. I lifted the sheet to see my friend's handywork. 36D on a tall slender girl. Some healing to do, but what an amazing transformation in just a few hours. I felt warm all over having done something for Billie s/he wanted but would never have done on her own.  
Needless to say, despite the fact that s/he needed to replace her old wardrobe, Billie had no problem being noticed and taken home by the men she wanted. Those 36Ds changed her life. She now lives with a man back East, and she tells me she is very much in love and owes it all to Me!Cosmetic Surgery For future reference, if you are under consideration by a TS dominant, it mi

2/11/2011 4:07:44 AM
Cleaning out my closets  
If you have been a friend and think that gives you permission to disrespect me, think again. I have no problem blocking and ignoring anyone, including people I have been very close to. Piss me off, pay the consequences.Cleaning out my closets If you have been a friend and think that gives you permission to disr

2/10/2011 10:46:04 AM
Happy Valentine's Day to all my monsters. If thoughts of Me help you strike out at a loved one, it shall all not have been in vain.Happy Valentine's Day to all my monsters. If thoughts of Me help you strike out at a loved one

2/8/2011 7:08:28 PM
Who's Got the Prettiest Pony  
It was a perfect day. Sunny. A light breeze. A spring day with promise. The sweet scent of spring blossoms and morning dew on the grass. More quickly now, the ponies, both male and female, were arriving at the south side of the barn, shedding their human clothing, in the same stalls, all together, no gender discrimination, and all getting ready for a rigorous yet potentially rewarding day of exquisite role playing, perhaps the most coveted form of animal play, human pony play.  
A small section of stadium seats outlined both sides of the starting road. The secret society has promoted the day well among its relatively few members, and, despite the early hour, 7AM on a Saturday morning, few spots were left bare. Attendance was perhaps nearly one hundred anticipating patrons.  
Jessica was a statuesque red head, perhaps, six feet tall. She was the first to appear from the West side of the barn, naked but for her harness, red feather plumed head dress, hooves, and a bit gag already in place. She was proud and maintained her posture and poise, anxious to begin, trying to appear as though she accepted the other ponies being so slow.  
James was next Muscular, hairless, a stud by all accounts. He also was wearing his gear and took his place a few feet from Jessica. Suddenly, the herd of beautiful ponies swelled to capacity, filling the road. Their handlers pulled up with the carriages and a small team of helpers, most slaves belonging to the handlers, helped place the ponies and their bridles for this non-competitive race.  
My eyes continued to follow my favorites, Jessica and James, who were in the front of the group of ponies. Each were now securely fastened by bridles and their respective Mistresses rehearsed in earnest the use of a singletail and riding crop making a careful decision on which would provide the best motivation.  
I was not paying attention to the fanfare and the start of the race. I was looking at the ponies beginning their gallop away from the judges stand and off along the road that would take them around the entire property. I also took the time to see who else was at the event, how many of them had also had slaves on leashes. Clearly, it was the place to be since, there level of dress was better than I expected. A fair amount of high quality black leather was seen in the form of jackets, boots, and skirts. This was not a society without means.  
After approximately forty minutes we could hear the return of the ponies. James was clearly going to cross the finish line first. His gleaming physique was shining in the sunlight, several noticeable red stripes across his back, sides of his buttocks, and shoulders. He was breathing heavily but smiling brightly as he carried his somewhat smug yet very proud Mistress to victory. She brought him to a halt, dismounted from her carriage, and held his shoulders in her hands, telling him how proud she was of his performance, and reaching into her bag for a water bottle and an apple.  
Jessica was not far behind. She was amazingly strong in her strides. Her beautiful long legs gracefully moving over the road, her hooves making that special sound, her face gleaming, smiling, beads of perspiration on her breasts and face. If anything the sweat made her even more surreal - her breasts bouncing, nipples hard like diamonds. This human pony, with straight posture, regal poise, and fiery eyes, cross the finish line and continued to prance even though the race was done.Who's Got the Prettiest Pony It was a perfect day. Sunny. A light breeze. A spring day with p

2/8/2011 12:00:00 PM
The Wisdomlessness of the Crowd  
'When people are free to do as they please, they tend to imitate one another.' - Eric Hoffer  
 The Wisdomlessness of the Crowd 'When people are free to do as they please, they tend to imit

2/8/2011 8:44:59 AM
The Wet Suit  
Anna, a friend of mine, was a Domme with means and an imagination. She was in a romantic D/s relationship with her submissive, nancy. Anna had a special latex suit custom-fit for nancy that covered nancy's body from head to toe. What made this suit unique were the tubes that were inserted inwardly in nancy's vagina and rectum.  
Anna would take nancy to parties and events on a leash to show nancy off. She was voluptuous and exceptionally statuesque at six feet tall. It was rare if at least one person did not want to play with or have sex with this gorgeous object. nancy was not allowed to speak or to resist anyone's advances. nancy's face was covered except for breathing holes. Her ears were covered so she was not able to hear everything. Guests and partygoers treated her as this gorgeous black doll - they played with her through the latex, inserted objects into her orifices, and often fucked her.  
The suit would be removed once they got home from the event, and the suit and any bodily fluids were easily cleaned and the suit properly dried: at-the-ready for the next experience.The Wet Suit Anna, a friend of mine, was a Domme with means and an imagination. She was in a

2/7/2011 5:49:41 PM
Pickled Pink  
Apple vinegar is not expensive and can be purchased in gallon containers.  
The submissive is cuffed and placed in either an old wetsuit with cuffs behind the back and with the crotch cut out, or wrapped into mummification with cellophane with a hole cut out for the private area.  
Apple vinegar is obviously an acid.  A weak one, but eventually it can turn a stiff cuke into a soft pickle, pink flesh into mush. I begin by adding ice to the bathtub full of apple vinegar. I 'dip' the submissive into the briny cold and watch the submissive's private area and use a hidden timer. Just the mental anguish on the submissive's face alone makes the smelly episode worth while. A good one will last until the petals turn a whiter shade of pale. I also recommend using Easter egg dying kits to get different colors.Pickled Pink Apple vinegar is not expensive and can be purchased in gallon containers. The s

2/5/2011 8:13:37 AM
Salt in Her Wounds  
After 30 to 40 minutes of the cane, the backside of a submissive gets relatively red, sore, and cut. If the session seems ordinary and the submissive appears to have a high threshold of pain, there is always a simple way to add a bit more excitement. Have a squeeze bottle of saline solution handy when you get tired. A good hosing down with salt water has amazing effects. But hey it is very sterile.Salt in Her Wounds After 30 to 40 minutes of the cane, the backside of a submissive gets rela

2/5/2011 8:07:20 AM
Forced Feeding and Enemas Using Y-Shaped Connector Tube  
To make things easier, try using a Y-shaped connector tube at the end of the enema tube. That way, you can simultaneously force fed and force bowel ingest of the same liquids and viscous mixtures including such delightful substances as chocolate syrup and baby food - both favorites of mine.Forced Feeding and Enemas Using Y-Shaped Connector Tube To make things easier, try using a Y-

2/5/2011 4:16:01 AM
Many Drunk from a Few Bottles of Wine  
It's good to have a strong suspension capability in your dungeon. Then, for fun, you can suspend a submissive whose carefully and thoroughly cleaned entrails can hold several gallons of wine - up above the heads of thirsty slave partygoers - each taking a turn at the spigot. The fun starts filling up the submissive with wine using several flows from the enema bag. If more than a single bottle of wine can be inserted at a time, all the better. Nothing worse than keeping guests waiting.Many Drunk from a Few Bottles of Wine It's good to have a strong suspension capability in you

2/5/2011 4:09:08 AM
Morning Sexness  
There is an amazing rare experience - morning sickness combined with sexual intercourse. A visiting submissive, Rory, dark hair, brown eyes, strong creamy scent, she was in her mid-20s, would be clutching the toilet bowl with both hands, vomiting, likely from morning sickness, while I fucked her from behind. The convulsions from her vomiting felt wonderful and often encouraged me to want to penetrate her anally. Some mornings, i was certain that she was going to prolapse, vomiting and gasping for air, shaking, and telling me not to stop.Morning Sexness There is an amazing rare experience - morning sickness combined with sexual i

2/5/2011 2:34:38 AM
Chocolate Syrup  
Many enjoy using hot wax in BDSM play. I actually prefer the use of food and especially chocolate. I like to bathe my submissive in chocolate syrup usually in a bath tub. I ask the submissive to strip and kneel in the bathtub. I buy chocolate in large quantities. It is best to warm the liquid first. It has an especially sensual effect as it it is poured slowly over the head, hair, and skin.  
As a spice, it can be used externally, forced fed, and inserted using an enema bag.  
For those who think they really love chocolate.  
 Chocolate Syrup Many enjoy using hot wax in BDSM play. I actually prefer the use of food and

2/5/2011 1:45:31 AM
Ice Fishing  
Many don't realize that one can fish despite the season. Lakes and other fresh water areas freeze over during the winter providing some ingenious fishermen with a way to avoid the family, drink, wank off, and catch fish, generally at the same time. In some areas, this has been raised to a science. Fishermen build small wooden shelters on the ice and cut holes into the ice to catch their prey.  
Even in the winter, the thing that is in common is the fish hook. One cannot catch one's prey without them. Depending upon the gage, it is possible to catch larger fish, and to yank them out of the icy water.  
It is enough to submit to having fish hooks pulled through one's labia, but this submissive was laying on a table in one of these shelters, dealing with freezing temperature as well as having fairly large hooks, one on each large outer labia, pierced through and used to pull her pussy open. It was clear to me that either she was an extreme masochist or really had no idea how painful it would be to have fish hooks pushed and pulled through a particularly sensitive part of her anatomy.  
There was a shocked scream when the first hook was pushed and pulled through. There was fairly constant and loud screaming when the second fish hook was pushed and pulled through.Ice Fishing Many don't realize that one can fish despite the season. Lakes and other fresh wa

2/4/2011 9:24:48 PM
Pont Neuf  
Her assignment was simple. At 6AM CET, in the twilight before rush hour, disrobe in the middle of the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris, put on nipple clamps, and walk at least half way towards the horse-mounted statue of Henry IV. Then, return, remove the clamps, and put her clothes back on. All total, that is about 100M.  
She made it but was picked up by a plainclothes policeman before she could leave the bridge. Last I heard they were having a coffee.Pont Neuf Her assignment was simple. At 6AM CET, in the twilight before rush hour, disrobe in

2/4/2011 7:14:58 PM
Pussy Online  
There are times when I cannot touch those I care about. That does not mean that I cannot remind them who they belong to. While I am traveling, I expect mine to use a Google Calendar so I know where they are and what they are doing every hour of the day. With that special toy inserted in her pussy, I can send her some good vibrations over the mobile phone network. It doesn't matter if I am overseas or down the street. I do miss seeing the look on their faces, however *sigh*.Pussy Online There are times when I cannot touch those I care about. That does not mean that

2/4/2011 12:27:20 AM
Watersports: The Garden and the Gardener  
I like to make the younger male submissive the Gardner. Younger males generally have better bladder control, and if I start them on vitamins - for their health of course - in advance, I am likely to get him to produce a very rich, yellow juice. This is all made possible by a devious little two-submissive device referred to as the pissgag with tube and cock condom. The pissgag goes on the recipiant's mouth. This male is usually the transgressor, the passive player, or, as I like to refer to him, The Garden. The cock condom, which nicely seals the active player's cock to prevent against the loss of any liquid, belongs to The Gardener. The game is quite simple. Attach the two ends of the device. Fill the Gardener up with lots of liquids and vitamins. Hook them up together and be patient.  
Several weeks ago, we had a problem with one of the male submissives.  He would show up late. We could tell he had been drinking. He spoiled a couple easy scenes by having to urinate. This meant freeing him constantly, therefore, leaving some of the scenes broken or ruined. After a couple hours of this, I had had enough.  
'That's it. We're changing the game, now. You. Come over here and get on your knees.' My slave put cuffs on him behind his back. 'Open your mouth.' I attached the pissgag inserting the large leather opening into his mouth, checking the tube, and locking it behind his head. 'We'll skip the blindfold in this case. You need to see the punishment.' I saw him wince, and show a hurt look in his eyes. 'We have ourselves a Garden. Let's water it.'  
'You. Come here.' I placed an obedient and loyal younger male slave in front of him. 'No, stay standing.' I attached the cock sheath-condom. 'Get this slave something to drink. Would you like a beer?' He smiled and nodded. 'We have ourselves a Gardener. No Garden grows without proper watering.' I took my place on the large high chair in the center of the room. I sat up and slightly back looking over the scene. 'I suspect that after an hour or so, you will remember to never show up in my dungeon late and to never waste our precious time. If you do, you will get much worse the next time.' I nodded to the standing slave. The yellow juice began to flow. A bad situation was averted; a lesson was learned.Watersports: The Garden and the Gardener I like to make the younger male submissive the Gardn

2/3/2011 6:55:39 PM
Pushing Limits or 'No Fucking Way I'm Ever Letting You Do That to Me!'  
I have know Janine for three years, now. When I met her, I recognized that in many ways, she represents the new submissive - demanding, identifying in advance all her wants, especially how she wants to be satisfied. She even had an entourage of safe male and female dominants at her beck and call.  
Over time, we have had many conversations about limits. 'Disgusting. No way I'll ever let anyone do that to me.' Once I heard those words, I planned my attack. Not only would I give Janine an enema, but I would make her beg me for it - repeatedly.  
No one pushes limits on their own. Then, they really aren't limits, are they - they are fantasies. It takes patience to push the very limits that one knows over time are the submissive's absolute limits.  
'I'm really tired of you topping from the bottom, Janine. I think it's about time to teach you a real lesson.' She smirked, almost hissed at me, in calm defiance. She was naked - a bad time to resist me. I whipped her around and cuffed her wrists quickly behind her. 'Ouch!' she complained.  
'I've really had it with you, you spoiled bitch.' I shoved her over my massage table. I climbed up on top of her and put my knee into her back. I had just enough black rope to tie her ankles and wrap rope around the legs of the table. I stepped off the table, holding the cuffs at her wrists reaching far enough from the table to reach another red length of rope which I used to tie her cuffs to the front legs of the table. She was kicking and trying to wiggle out of her bonds, but it was too late.  
I wheeled out an IV stand and attached a full enema bag. Janine could see the bag and started screaming, 'No fucking way! Get that thing away from me goddamn it!'  
Now she is beginning to understand. I smiled. 'No worries, Janine. I'm not going to use anything on you ever that you don't beg me for. You'll be begging for that water before I'm through with your ass.'  
I started with the 18' crop with a nice red rubber handle. I started with full strokes. An even ten for warmup. Janine was hyperventilating.' Oh, God, that hurts! Please stop!' Thwack! The double-lined red marks forming with each stroke.  
'I've really had it with you. You treat me with such disrespect. I am not going to stop until you learn your lesson.'  
'I'm sorry, Mistress. I will be more respectful. I want you to be happy with me.'  
'I would like to believe you, but you still haven't reached the point where I know you will change.' I replaced the 18' cane with a 36' cane with a black rubber handle. I continued full strokes on her buttocks, back of her thighs, and a few strokes for good measure on her back.  
She was crying noticeably, tears running down her face, her makeup smearing into the massage table. Sweat now in a slow trickle from her back down to her ass crack. 'I'll do anything, just please stop!'  
'There is only one thing that will make me stop.'  
'Oh God,' she whimpered. 'Okay. I'll do an enema. Please stop!'  
I paused for a couple minutes. I was perspiring. Beads of sweat were forming on my bare shoulders and my breasts. 'I know you would say anything now to make me stop. I know you will just go back to the same old brat.' I started again, this time with one of my favorites - the English tawse. It's the sound it makes, despite that it's real reputation is its unique sting. Thwackk! I continue for another 15 minutes. Janine makes a sound from deep inside herself. A strange guttural animal sound I had never heard her make before. I paused.  
'I want you to remember this. I am not going back to the way things were. From now on, you belong to me.' I lubed the double Bardex nozzle, connected it to the tube at the end of the enema bag, inserted it into her anus, and pumped the double nozzle so it could not be forced out. Janine groaned. I looked at her face. Her eyes were rolled up into her head. In her confused state, she was losing touch with the room around her. I told her to beg me, or I would use the cane again.  
In a weak raspy voice I heard her say, 'Please Mistress. Give me an enema.'  
'I can't hear you, Janine. Beg me again.'  
Suddenly, as if anger had been turned against itself, she screamed out, 'PLEASE MISTRESS. I WANT AN ENEMA! PLEEEEEASE!!' I could feel the power the energy leaving her body and entering mine. I realized how aroused I was at that moment. 'Yes, Janine. Feel this entering your body. It is me. I am filling you up entirely.' In minutes, the entire two gallons had flowed into her entrails. I watched her eyes. The pain and moaning was building. I totally owned her. I knew after this that she would never rebuke me again. She would foreswear all other dominants and worship me.  
I released her and let her go to the bathroom. She returned and crawled to my feet and wrapped her arms around my legs as if to never let me go. I knelt down and held her tightly for some time. I kissed her forehead and told her how please I was with her. She cried and shook. I licked away her tears. The taste was sublime. She was mine.Pushing Limits or 'No Fucking Way I'm Ever Letting You Do That to Me!' I have know Janine for

2/3/2011 5:50:58 PM
Mummy Knows Best  
There are times when I second guess myself. It is good to hold out a bottle for him to pee into, but, perhaps, the better thing to do is to put in a catheter before I wrap him and leave him for hours at a time over a three-day period.  
I made sure he was able to drink water through a bent straw and was able to see what I was wearing Saturday night on my date. High protein drink is okay, but no food. I can handle my own shit in a scene, but I'm not handling his. 'Sorry. I don't want you making a mess in that plastic for me to clean up in two days. Drink this.'  
He is wobbly trying to steady himself, yesterday, using his legs for the first time in days. I try to remain passive and unemotional when he feebly attempts to smell my perfume and kiss my shoulder. 'Thank you, Mistress,' in his raspy voice, one last glimpse over his shoulder, my eyes preoccupied, as he leaves the no-longer dark room.Mummy Knows Best There are times when I second guess myself. It is good to hold out a bottle

2/1/2011 1:12:56 PM
I awoke with my hand on a woman's thigh. I could not immediately remember where I was. But that wasn't what was important...consciousness was returning... I was gradually awakening...and I was totally absorbed by the smoothness of your skin under my fingertips - so feminine, so warm. Nothing else existed. I could sense the shape of your leg under my stroking palm. Such a pure moment. The welts: a kind of embossment. Lightly raised and hot to the touch. A moment to savor, stay in, I faded back into sleep.  
'And that's the day I knew there was this entire life behind things, and... this incredibly benevolent force, that wanted me to know there was no reason to be afraid, ever. Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in.'  
''s hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst... And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain and I can't feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life... You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure. But don't worry... you will someday. '  
 You I awoke with my hand on a woman's thigh. I could not immediately remember where I was. Bu

1/31/2011 7:35:37 PM
The Day my Pet, Anne, Realized She was a PissMop  
How did I know you were ready for this? Why did I buy that gag a month before this scene? You seemed hurt at first. Then, resigned. I was insistent. You were beautiful and smelled fantastic. I helped bath and shave you. I was impressed that the leather showed no teeth marks. You are so totally owned now. Totally dominated. Darling, you have never been more beautiful than that moment you realized you were a pissmop.The Day my Pet, Anne, Realized She was a PissMop How did I know you were ready for this? Why

1/31/2011 6:41:09 PM
Jenny, My Personal Swedish Cow  
In our household, we believe in all things natural. When it is a choice between saving time and money, and doing things the right way, we spare no expense to live well and healthy. Jenny came to us from a local university, proud of her body and her desire to serve. Despite being a tall Swedish blonde, she had a pair of 40DD breasts - err udders, I stand corrected - and was desperate to share this wealth with all of us. It would be interesting to research just how often true submissives are altruistic by nature.  
Honestly, agricultural grade milking machines have that sterile look of torture gear. I prefer less metal in torture gear. But they serve their purpose: good nutrition.  
Obviously, one of the conditions was that Jennifer (not her real name) would live exclusively as a vegetarian. She also agreed to live appropriately, as a 'human animal', generally naked with a few bovine things. I wasn't creating an entire dairyfarm, so there was no real need for branding numbers into her udders or any of that sort of thing, even though the idea did make me wet.  
I was very curious in the beginning. I wanted to talk to an expert. I wanted to see how it worked. I went to visit a Master who had his own diaryfarm to learn more about the rewards and the investment.  
'Yes, we're very old school here' he said to me as one of the diary hands rounded up two voluptuous hucows, a white one, '722', and a black one, '724', both with numbers branded onto their breasts.  
'You've had more than 700 hucows here??'  
He chuckled. 'I wish. We started numbering at 700 because I let the first cow pick her own number.' That was a big mistake, I thought to myself, feeling that this information had ruined my image of a herd of hucows being corralled by a posse of dominant cowgirls.  
I noticed a huge bucket filled to capacity with what appeared to be human milk. 'Oh My God!'  
'Yep' he said. We are at record capacity. All five of my cows are at nearly 200mls each. Look at what we have this morning.  
I was in awe. I was licking my lips without thinking. He laughed at me and said, 'Let's walk the barn, then we'll go back to the house for a special treat'  
We walked through the barn, where I observed about 6 milking stalls, each with bars for locking the hucows in place. I counted 4 hucows in stalls not including the 2 who had been led out earlier. I had to ask the obvious question: 'Does the size of the udders determine how much milk they can give?'  
more to follow...Jenny, My Personal Swedish Cow In our household, we believe in all things natural. When it is

1/31/2011 5:50:51 PM
The Classic Student Wooden Desk  
This is one of my favorite albeit rare scenes. I won't give away the medical precautions. I have many. Especially when there will be blood. No, this is not a subliminal Home Depot ad.  
I explain the situation to the male submissive in advance. He is a painslut. The room has been arranged like a classroom. There is a chalkboard on casters in front of a few rows of classic wooden student desks. All right handed! That's discrimination!  
The student arrives. I begin the lecture. The student is not paying attention. I ask questions. The student does not provide the correct answer. 'That is incorrect! Did you study at all?'  
The submissive plays along. He gives me a sheepish look. 'No, Ma'am.' His eyes cast down, now. I stand behind the victim. I press my body against him. He feels my power.  
'Why not? Were you too busy partying and having sex last night to read your assignment?'  
He is into the scene now. No response. 'I knew it!' I grab him by the throat. 'So you think fucking someone is a reason to disrespect my class? my teachings? my time!?!' I slap the student's face hard *slap*. The student must surely be anticipating this but seems startled anyway.  
'How will you ever make anything of yourself if you are always fucking and never studying?!' *slap* My body is firmly against the student's now, his short black hair in my left hand, my burning hazel eyes glaring into his. 'Well, I am going to change your life. I am going to 'let' you finishing your reading assignment in class. That's how good a teach, I am. But, I'll give you a quiz. If you refuse, then I'm failing you.' *SLAP*  
'Oh please, Miss. I need this class to graduate. Don't fail me!' He wants to please me.  
'I'm sick of wasting my time on a bunch of lowlifes. Why do I prepare for these classes at all? All you slackers want to do is get high and fuck. Strip! You want to spend all your time naked and fucking? Strip!'  
I take rope and start circling the student's right wrist to the desk. The left wrist I tie to the seat. 'Open your legs!' I tie ankles tightly so that the legs are spread apart. 'Wider!' I wrap rope around and around the student's waist. 'We will be here all day if necessary.' Now my victim is completely immobilized. I got to my desk, remove a large, red ball gag. 'Open your mouth. I simply won't tolerate any screaming in class. It distracts me from my work. I'll take the gag out when you're ready to pass the quiz.'  
I stand back for a few minutes admiring my work. Now the piece de resistance - I return from my desk with a hammer and a sealed package of nails. Thin brad nails, but nails none the less. His eyes grew huge - a pained look on his face.  
(Reader: Understand that nothing is ever done without consent, even when there are risks. This young man understood the risks in advance even if all the details were not revealed. I had worked with him before, and he knew my proclivities.)  
The tightness of the ropes around the ankles is absolutely essential. There is no way to get access to the scrotum without this. For safety reasons, I pull the sac out as far as possible, spreading it out as much as possible, looking for the lightest areas and fewest blood vessels.  
It is best to hold the hammer while speaking. Make sure the student sees the hammer at all times. 'I warned the class how displeased I get when students do not study the material.' Seeing the hammer, the student begins to moan and whine. 'I expect you to read this paper and take a short quiz afterwards.' I place a blank piece of paper in front of him. 'The smart thing to do is to memorize the entire thing. I'll give you enough time to do that.'  
The classic wooden desk is smooth and the wood is relatively soft. I take out a nail and gently tap it into the desk just in front of the victim's scrotum. A muffled but loud reaction as the hammer taps 3 times, leaving only a small space between the head of the nail and the surface of the desk. 'I care about my students, and I only want the best for them.' I hold the hammer up while I speak to him. More moaning and struggling. I am afraid the desk may tip over. I place my right foot on the rung in the side of the desk. This time, I hold a brad on his spread scrotum. He tries to shout out through the gag, saliva running down his face. 'I expect you to get 100, too.' Tap tap tap. The first nail is in. Not flush but in. 'Don't move or you'll tear your balls off.' The whimpering increases now. 'Good boy.' I look for another spot on the other side. I believe in spreading things out, creating balance. Tap tap tap. The whining is fairly constant now. 'Are you studying the paper??!' I find another place. I start to see an erection. The scrotum looks like a filet as I place the third nail in place. Tap tap tap. Low animal sounds. Slumping over a bit. No struggling at this point. The erection is growing. Tap tap tap. Tap tap tap.  
I stop and admire my work. Beaming, I announce,'God, I love my job!' Tears are now visible. Perhaps, not the expected lesson. If nothing else, we want to teach the youth of today to adapt to change.  
Note: I use brad nails not because they are 'safer' but because they are easier to pull out with the hammer claw afterwards. When the scene is over, I just want to clean up and get the hell out.  
 The Classic Student Wooden Desk This is one of my favorite albeit rare scenes. I won't give a

1/31/2011 5:47:59 PM
Get the Chalk  
From that moment on, whenever he watched a TV show in which they draw a chalk outline around the corpse, he gets the shivers. There is a relationship between high heels and chalk.  
'Get the chalk, bitch' I whispered to him as I was dressing for a night out.  
I stood admiring my legs in the full length mirror. Caressing my calves. 'Look at these legs. Tell me what you see.'  
'Mistress, your legs are beautiful.'  
'Give me the chalk. Assume the position.'  
I have a walk in closet. Several rows of shelves are set aside for shoes. Tonight I am wearing stiletto-heel pumps. Walking down the line, I find the ideal candidate pair. Oh my.  
'Draw a circle,' I tell him.  
He draws a circle on the wood floor a few feet in front of the mirror.  
'That's too big! Erase it and start again!'  
He sticks out his tongue, expecting my response, and erases the ill formed circle.  
'Again.' This time the circle is small enough. 'On your belly, now. Get into position.'  
I see my figure in the mirror. I put my hands on my hips, running them down my black dress. I step forward. He is in position. His scrotum over the circle, his cock tucked underneath his belly. I place my right heel firmly on the flesh now covering the circle. 'Mmm. Yes, I do look good, don't you agree?'  
'Yes, Mistress' is the broken response.  
'I didn't hear you!'  
I turn, shifting my profile to the other side, changing my stance, placing the spike of my left heel onto the flesh, the toe firmly in the flesh of his ass cheeks. I pause for a long time. There it is. A low groan. I'm good.  
'Get up and clean up this mess on my wood floor.' And, feeling confident in my appearance, I close the door sharply behind me.Get the Chalk From that moment on, whenever he watched a TV show in which they draw a chalk o

1/31/2011 5:25:41 PM
Bloody Clips, Alligator Clips  
Half awake, half asleep. 'Waa?' That's what she said to my face leaving the apartment. I was dumbstruck by how insolent the girl was. She couldn't even remember how to address me. I was extremely insulted. This is how my day is starting.  
I keep a few special items for extreme situations. Times when face slapping or OTK is not appropriate but when I want discreetly to apply maximum pain. That is why I carry a dozen alligator clips in my purse. Cornering her, I was able to cuff her wrists behind her back, wrestle her around, and lift up her top, exposing her perfectly available, as-yet unscarred nipples. Having done this only a few times before, I still anticipated what was coming next. Holding her cuffed wrists back against the hallway wall, I reached for the clips. I pushed her hard into the wall, covered her mouth with my left hand, opened the tiny vice grip with my right hand, and snapped the teeth onto her left nipple. She jumped so hard she nearly knocked both of us to the floor. Her eyes were open wide.  
'Can't remember how to address Me? You have lost your mind! I intend to teach you a hard lesson, you ingrateful bitch!' She wrestled again. I snapped on a second clip on her right nipple. She was moaning in pain now. Leaning forward in front of me trying to avoid my free right hand. I switched my grip and grabbed her by her hair, yanking her head back up, staring into her eyes.  
'What is my name?''Mistress!'  
'Again? I can't hear you.' I threatened to get more of these devilish clips.  
I turned her around by her hair to face the clock in the hall. 'In 15 minutes, I'll remove them.'  
'OH MY GOD! IT HURTS. I'M BLEEDING!' It was true.  
'I don't care. If it doesn't hurt, you won't learn. I have 10 more in my purse.'  
These clips are very inexpensive, small, and provide amazing pain very quickly. I highly recommend them for those special situations when you do not have a cane or a whip or can't face slap effectively.  
Each morning thereafter I was properly addressed. Life is good.Bloody Clips, Alligator Clips Half awake, half asleep. 'Waa?' That's what she said to my face

1/30/2011 6:53:54 PM
The energy principle  
The contention of Vama Marga is that the awakening of kundalini is possible through the sexual interaction between man and woman. The concept behind this follows the same lines as the process of fission and fusion described in modern physics. Man and woman represent positive and negative energy. On a mental level they represent time and space. Ordinarily, these two forces stand at opposite poles. During sexual interaction, however, they move out of their position of polarity, towards the center. When they come together at the nucleus or center point, an explosion occurs and matter becomes manifest. This is the basic theme of tantric initiation.  
The natural event that takes place between a man and a woman is considered as the explosion of the energy center. In every speck of life, the union between the positive and the negative poles is responsible for creation. At the same time, union between the positive and negative poles is also responsible for enlightenment. The experience which takes place at the time of union is a glimpse of the higher experience.The energy principle The contention of Vama Marga is that the awakening of kundalini is possi

1/29/2011 6:21:05 PM
I have recently come to know Footman. He adores my feet. And he buys me expensive shoes so he can kiss and massage my feet. I'm so glad my desire to dominant matches his desire to keep me in shoes!  
Be honest, Ladies, wouldn't you spank or cane a man who gives you Ferragamos or Jimmy Choos?Footman I have recently come to know Footman. He adores my feet. And he buys me expensive sho

1/26/2011 5:42:14 AM
Dungeon Upgrade  
I am unhappy with my dungeon. I am spending some serious money to upgrade. Buying some new punishment benches and a nice leather torture table. I may spurge on some nice wide leather medical restraints. I want to add some suspension capabilities, too.  
Throwing out many old floggers, whips, canes, cuffs. Time to clean out my closet so to speak. Bought 2 gallons of latex body paint. 1 gallon of red, 1 gallon of black. ***The latex paint has arrived! I'm so excited!  
Yes, I have hidden cameras and DVRs. I just have to hook everything up.  
Wardrobe Upgrade  
Getting new leather skirts and bras (spiked and studded).Dungeon Upgrade I am unhappy with my dungeon. I am spending some serious money to upgrade. Bu

1/25/2011 8:26:25 AM
Simple pleasures for a weekend:  
Considering GPS genital piercings - think of it as virtual property tracking  
Considering a Facebook app that helps me track submissive progress while I am traveling  
Buying longer canes - short ones don't 'cut' it  
Shopping at the local hardware store - chains, locks, boating supplies  
Explaining to a stranger the joys of a canning funnel in watersports - I have a couple red ones  
Fondling the dressage whips at the Equine supplier  
Imagineering with craftsmen slaves (thank you thank you for that special chair)  
Having my riding boots cleaned the old fashioned way  
Fantasizing about encasing a submissive in a body-sized sealed plastic container, ideally underwater; the idea of possessing and capturing this person, keeping them in a container that one can see through, and hold under water, arouses me greatly  
Simple pleasures for a weekend: Considering GPS genital piercings - think of it as virtual

1/22/2011 6:12:24 PM
Objectification (and Second Skin)  
I am enjoying my new obsession which is objectifying men and women for sexual purposes. It is very humiliating and erotic at the same time.  
'Sexual objectification refers to the practice of regarding or treating another person merely as an instrument (object) towards one's sexual pleasure, and a sex object is a person who is regarded simply as an object of sexual gratification or who is sexually attractive. Objectification is an attitude that regards a person as a commodity or as an object for use, with insufficient regard for a person's personality' (  
This is something women are used to. Women have been objectified forever. Men, on the other hand, are just starting to get this treatment from women.  
Coeds have parties and invite men to come as objects - to be stripped and masturbated for the amusement of the women.  
Private parties are organized in the same way. Dommes with clothes, subs/slaves naked.  
I am going to rent some rural property and invite slaves for a week or weekend, have them leave their clothes at the door, and be subjected to my imagination. Such things are pairing slaves up for public amusement.Objectification (and Second Skin) I am enjoying my new obsession which is objectifying men an

1/19/2011 8:08:12 AM
Out of Town Abduction  
Post 9/11, these kidnappings are becoming more difficult to perform in airports. However, with several weeks of planning and an accomplice, I am still able to execute these pre-consented* abductions.  
I had known Ellen (not her real name) for almost 10 years. We had worked together for a startup company in San Francisco and were occasional lovers. She was still working as a consultant and traveling extensively. If one were patient and waited long enough, one would find Ellen passing through an airport no far from their home.  
Ellen knew I was kinky, but she didn't know the half of it; she didn't fully appreciate why so many young men and women were showing up at my house at all hours of the day and night. I remember asking her how she felt about rape and abduction role playing. She didn't hesitate or blink at all. She said, 'I fantasize about that all the time. I think about being surprised and taken from behind by a complete stranger - taken with force, fucked silly, with no idea who the person was who did it to me.' I felt a smile cross my lips. Now she had my attention, so I asked her, 'If such a thing could be arranged, would you consent in advance?' She laughed at her kinky red headed friend, perhaps, thinking I was kidding her, 'Sure, if you could promise me I would be in no real danger.'  
That was 5 years earlier. The real question now was, did pre-consent still apply? She probably forgot about our agreement. Hell, I hadn't even talked to her on the phone for years. She would remember me, but, perhaps, not in this context.  
I got a Facebook message from Ellen out of the blue. She said she was going to be stopping over, making a connection with an overnight layover through the airport nearest to my house. I remembered all the nights we spent dancing, talking, and fucking. And, I also remembered the time I asked her about rape and abduction role playing. Deep down, I knew we still loved each other. Another Brave Plan suddenly flashed in my mind's eye. In that instant I realized I had the power to do something for Ellen that probably no one on Earth could.  
One of the nice perks of being in the lifestyle is meeting so many different kinds of people working in so many different professions and trades. I met Harold (not his real name) in a private BDSM club. Harold was a magnificently hung African American submissive with a killer body. And, perhaps, best of all, as I thought about Ellen, Harold was a limo driver.  
Ellen left me a voice mail message saying what flight she would be arriving on. Her flight was due to arrive around 8PM and her connecting flight to London was not until the next morning. It was summer and often heavy thunderstorms would delay cross-country flights. That was the case that night, though the local weather was very pleasant and mild. Everything was perfect. With my wicked imagination, a solid plan, and an accomplice, nothing could possibly go wrong.  
Ellen's flight was delayed. I anticipated that there might be problems, and I was calling the airline every 30 minutes for an updated arrival time. Today, one could watch the flight in real time on the Internet - not so, then.  
Ellen arrived, went towards the baggage claim area, and saw Harold standing there with a sign with her last name written in capital letters: 'WHITTEN'. There was Harold dressed smartly in black suit, white dress shirt, and a black tie with his perfect smile. All 6 feet 4 inches of him. I can only imagine what went through her mind. 'Did my employer have a car sent for me to go to my hotel?' Or, perhaps, she wondered, 'Who knew I was making a stop over?' In any case, she asked Harold if he was there to pick her up, and he responded, 'Yes, Miss. I have been expecting you.' She took the bait and walked with Harold to the baggage claim area. Her fatal mistake.  
It was summer but after 9PM. The only light in the parking lot was from fluorescent lights. The walk to the car was in the dark, and the car was not parked in a particularly lit area.  
Harold waited patiently with Ellen for her luggage to appear on the carousel. Together, they walked outside to where Harold's limo was parked. Ellen stepped inside the car and was suddenly grabbed from inside the backseat before she could sit down - a leather gloved hand over her mouth, arms pulled together behind her back, and quickly plastic ties around her wrists. All in about 5 seconds. A gag was stuffed into her mouth, and a black sack pulled over her head. The woman was terrified and hyperventilating. I was dressed in black and wearing a ski mask, holding her down on the floor in the back of the limo.  
Harold sped off in the direction of the park where Ellen was going to be used and abused. The car moved to the predetermined spot and its lights went out. Now, only the interior lights were on. Harold got out of the car and removed his suit and underwear. i spoke softly, 'I want you to give her everything you've got.' I saw her turn her head as if she might have recognized my voice. Up until that moment, Ellen had been kicking and struggling. I was laying on top of her to get her to hold still. Harold and I used a knife to cut away her clothes - her pants and blouse, her bra, then her panties. Just part of her blouse was still covering her and the pieces were now on her arms behind her back with the plastic ties. Seeing her on her knees, that gorgeous ass of hers, and following my instructions, Harold's cock grew to its full potential.  
Harold and I got her up on her knees, face down on the backseat. Harold was powerful and was able to lift her and move her as if she were a sack of potatoes.  
I know people think I am cruel and extreme. That I was committing a criminal act. Perhaps, but I knew Ellen. I had talked to her about her most intimate fantasies. If I were totally uncaring, I would not have brought the lubricant to ease Harold into that tight cunt of hers. I handed him the lube, he worked it up and down that huge cock of his, and Harold put his strong hands on her shoulders and pressed the head of his cock to her pussy. I whispered to Ellen, 'Show us how good you are, Ellen. Show us what a wild cock-hungry cunt pig you really are.' I slapped her face. She seemed to relax a little.   
Harold entered her from behind, and I could hear a muffled groan through the gag in her mouth. As the strokes increased, Ellen backed into his cock. In the summer heat, she was perspiring heavily now, sweat dripping down the center of her back onto Harold's cock.  
I used one hand to pull the gag out of her mouth so I could hear her moaning and heavy breathing. The more Harold pounded her, the more she backed into his cock. I started to twist squeeze her nipples. There she was, naked except for shoes and a sack over her head. Her entire existence only had one purpose at this moment - to ride this monster cock. At about the moment I was certain that either Harold or Ellen would cum, I heard a dog bark. Yes, it was someone walking their dog! I told Harold, 'Don't you dare stop!' Like punctuation at the end of my sentence, Harold lunged forward pulling back hard on Ellen's shoulders, filling Ellen's cunt with burning hot cum. Yes, the barking was getting closer. I climbed over the front seat and fumbled for the keys. As I turned on the car and drove away, Ellen screamed 'OHH MY FUCKING GOD!' and writhed and came for several minutes. I was so pissed that I wasn't seeing the look on her face. The moment I had been waiting for.  
'Elizabeth you fucking crazy bitch! I fucking hate you!' Not the thank you I expected from Ellen. 'Oh My God that was incredible! I almost shit myself at the airport I was so frightened.' I had her in the hotel I had booked for the night naked her ankles and wrists tied together with rope, her ass in the air, her sex soaking wet. I had all my pain toys laid out on the bed next to Ellen.  
'Where did you find that man? He was huge. I thought he was going to rip me apart.' Harold was gone leaving me to my prey.   
I told her I wasn't sure she remembered giving me consent. She said she remembered for years, thinking I was just crazy enough to make good on my promise, but eventually forgot.  
I gagged Ellen and enjoy another 30 minutes of light caning and whipping. Her moaning and groaning back all the great memories. Her eyes rolled up into her head and I knew Ellen was more than a best friend forever. As usual, I made sure to add some full strokes to the line where her buttocks and legs meet so sitting in her next flight she would surely remember me.  
About a week ago I received this lovely note from Ellen, saying that traveling and going through airports was not the same. She  said she would never forget being kidnapped and raped at my hands. 'Thank you for giving me an experience no one else could. I love you, Mistress.'  
 Out of Town Abduction Post 9/11, these kidnappings are becoming more difficult to perform in

1/18/2011 3:19:07 PM
Weekend of Negotiation - Two Female Submissives Tied Together for the Weekend  
Being tied to another human being seems easy. Try it for 64 to 72 hours. Imagine two beautiful 30-something female submissives tied together for a looong weekend. Naked. One's ankles to the other's wrists. No, not face-to-face.  
I was going out of town for the weekend and decided to give Louiza and Jenny a chance to get to know each other a little better. Louiza (not her real name) was a dark skin south-of-the-border beauty, black hair, brown eyes, short, and well built. Jenny (not her real name) was the southern belle, blue-eyed blonde, tall, thin, athletic. I met them at a friend's party in Marina del Ray. They arrived at my apartment expected my exclusive time and attention. I explained that I had an emergency and needed to leave town, but wanted to bring them together in a more bonding, fascinating way. Not for a 4 or 8 hour scene. No. For an entire weekend! Louiza was not sure she could agree. She had made plans for Sunday. Jenny was going sailing Sunday. It was coming apart.  
I offered them glasses of wine and had them sit close together on my love seat. Some Brazilian folk music. I stood behind them and caressed them. Stroked their hair and faces. I told them how special and beautiful they were. That I rarely asked them to do things that interfered with their plans. I told them this was important to me. The women looked into each others' eyes. There was some chemistry. I told them I would delay a half day if they would change their plans as well. They knew I would not disappoint them.  
After 2 hours of wine, music, and petting, they agreed.  
Before we started, I asked them if either of the was having their periods. They both said no. Mentally, I drew a line through that. I asked them if they were on any meds. They said no.  
I brought out one of my leather toy bags, the one with ankle and wrist cuffs. I ran water in the bathtub. They asked me why. I told them they would understand later. Being a loving and caring Domme, I put out cloth towels on the floor in front of the bathtub. I went to the kitchen and filled all the tall glasses with water. I moved some food in the refrigerator to the lower shelves. The women looked perplexed. It was as if I were preparing the room for a handicapped person. I asked them to disrobe. They took turns. Louiza went first. She did a strip tease for Jenny. Jenny purred. The women were enjoying this. Next, Jenny removed all her clothes. I picked up their clothes and put them high up up the living room close shelf. I pulled down some blankets and put them on parts of the hardwood floor.  
Next, I took out 2 pairs of ankle and wrist cuffs. I took Louiza's left wrist, buckled the cuff, pulled Jenny gently towards Louiza, and put an ankle cuff on Jenny's right ankle. I took a small Master lock and locked the two cuffs together. The women stared at each other a little surprised. Was Mistress making a mistake? I attached Louiza's right wrist to Jenny's left ankle. I had them lay down on the floor to finish. I attached them so that they were not face to face, which is what I think they expected; I attached them so that they each had a close view of each other's pussy, ass, legs, and feet. Then it started to dawn on them how different this weekend was going to be. Jenny dropped her jaw, her eyes dilating.  
I turned the heat up a little since it was cooler on the floor than in the room.  
I spent some time teasing them. I had them crawl in the most unsettling manner, almost like a crab walking sideways, into the bedroom. I have a queen-sized platform bed. I had them practice getting into the bed. It was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing at them. They tried to coordinate arms and legs to get part of their bodies onto the bed. It took a good 10 minutes before they could get Louiza's head and Jenny's hips onto the bed, roll into the bed, and collapse momentarily from the effort it took. They were perspiring. I could smell their bodies. So could they. Now, they were exploring each other. I took that as my queue to leave. I turned on the security camera in the bedroom from the other room and locked them in behind me.  
I returned on Monday and found them in bed again only this time they were laughing and smiling. Seemingly exhausted but content. They told me how humiliating it was to go to the bathroom. How they were doing half handstands while the other sat on the toilet. They understood after I left why I put water in the bathtub. They used the towels and the water in the tub to clean themselves. They were ecstatic to be uncuffed. They wanted to immediately kiss and hug each other, put their faces together, feel the skin that had eluded them all weekend. It has been a long weekend staring into each other's nether regions. They were ready for some face time. I could sense that these women were totally bonded. After all, think about what they had gone through together.  
I promised them that the next time I would lock them face to face. They smiled at me and at each other. The spirit is strong but the flesh is weak, 'We're starved!'  
Years later that security video gives me hours of pleasure.  
More to follow...  
 Weekend of Negotiation - Two Female Submissives Tied Together for the Weekend Being tied to a

1/18/2011 11:30:42 AM
On Being A Good Team Player - Suck Cock or be Castrated  
I am dressed to kill. I just had my hair and nails done. I am wearing a PVC low-V dress, thigh-high laced boots, no panties or bra. I have two naked male submissives with me at the same time. I have them cuffed, hands behind their backs. I make them uncomfortable, threatening all sorts of bisexual tasks. I have them kneel across from one another, facing each other about 12' apart. I continue to talk about how I wonder how quickly they can get used to each other. I like the room to be a little warm to make them perspire. After they start to become aroused and fearful of what is coming next, I blindfold them. I briefly hold both cocks in my hands for maximum effect. I ask them if they can smell each other. Then, I use large rubber bands which I wrap tightly around their balls. My proposal is quite simple: Your balls are already losing circulation. (They are both at attention at this point. With a little luck, their cocks will reach out and touch each other.) While explaining how dire their situation is, I help them into position on their sides so they are facing the other's private parts - now a pre-cum 69. I tell them, if you want to save your balls, one of you needs to cum. Show me the proof, and I will set you both free. If neither one of you cums, you are both going to lose your balls. This little activity will require you to work as a team. Whoever cums first, 'wins', and gets to pleasure me. It starts out a little like bobbing for apples, then gets more serious. The 'loser' stays in cuffs and blindfold, and wears a dildo harness and a penis gag for the night. (I secretly set a timer for 7 minutes and cut away the rubber bands quickly if they reach this threshold.) I caress them and encourage them, a kind of Domme cheerleader, during the frantic next couple minutes of team play. In my experience, both the 'winner' and 'loser' seem to be pretty happy with the out-cum. It is gratifying to see men working so well together as a team.  
 On Being A Good Team Player - Suck Cock or be Castrated I am dressed to kill. I just had my h

1/17/2011 4:34:44 AM
3 Layers of Latex  
I ask what the submisssive's favorite color is. I buy the largest amount of latex body paint I can find in that color. Think 'lifetime supply'.  
I warm the room. I do the prep. S/he bathes and dries off, then stands still on a cloth for an hour. Anticipating. Wondering what it will feel like to be completely covered in wet but drying latex paint.  
She's now covered in red latex. Except for her hair and face. She wants to pee. No. She wants to sit down. No.  
He wants to touch himself. No. His balls itch under blue latex paint. He wants to pee. No.  
The paint dries. Instead of cutting any openings at this point, I start the next coat. This one applies faster. The shine and luster of latex is starting to show. I anticipate more whinging and crying.  
I really have to pee now. NO. I'm getting tired of standing, I want to sit down. NO.  
The third coat dries. I add the finisher. Now I am ready to cut openings.  
Oh...did I forget to mention that the submissive needs to be completely shaven first? That is, unless, you really DO want the latex and hair to become ONE.  
I haven't tried this yet, but I would like to apply full body latex - including face and scalp. I would ask the submissive to shave her head. I would paint around the nose and mouth openings but every inch of her would be completely covered. I would find eye patches to cover the eyes. She would become this living sculpture wrapped skin tight in bright colored latex. Breathing at my pleasure. All other senses shut out. It makes me hot and just thinking about it. I need a volunteer...  
 3 Layers of Latex I ask what the submisssive's favorite color is. I buy the largest amount of

1/15/2011 3:52:55 PM
Human Piggy Bank  
This used to be one of my favorite activities: creating human piggy banks.  
I used to save all my spare change in containers. Weeks would go by, and I would forget about the coins. When a submissive whined about not having any money, I would promise them I had a solution to that problem. Depending upon the mood I was in, I would clean the coins first or just use them 'as is'. I would have the whiney sub lay down on the floor face first, head down, ass up, as if they were going to receive an enema. I used a relatively wide but soft plastic tube about the size and diameter of a dildo.  I would insert the tube into the submissive's vagina or ass. (I prefer female piggy banks because I can see the results of my efforts  - a distended belly when the piggy bank is full.) I put a large red canning funnel at the top end of the tube. Next, with my other hand I would hold the tube up and start pouring in the coins out of the jars - pennies, dimes, and nickels - until either I could see coins in the tube or until I ran out of coins. With a gloved hand, I would make sure no coins escaped or were 'in limbo' - I pressed them down or plucked them out - which ever made more cents: A penny saved is a penny earned I always say. Filling a vagina might require that the sub prop herself up against a wall and scoot up until her legs and hips are well up the wall. That helps get more coins in and faster. I think I was able to get about 13 dollars into one 'poor' girl.Human Piggy Bank This used to be one of my favorite activities: creating human piggy banks.

1/15/2011 4:32:21 AM
Public humiliation and degradation  
Fun times to expose a female submissive is in public places. Long conveyor belts in airports or the very long escalators in subway stations are interesting places. Can the submissive get all her clothes off, have her picture taken, and be back in her clothes before the end of the ride? I have learned that the humiliation is greater when you make her remove her own clothing (it is the opposite with men).  
One of the sexiest things I have witnessed was a gorgeous female submissive completely stripping in my car in broad daylight in front of a busy restaurant. It was our first meeting. Who could refuse her at that point. She was absolutely comfortable with her body and being naked in public. It only encouraged me to find her limits. It took almost a whole week.  
More to follow...  
 Public humiliation and degradation Fun times to expose a female submissive is in public place

1/14/2011 6:51:05 PM
My Limits (or Lack of Limits):   
I am much more open to fewer limits than I used to be. I still exclude children and animals because they cannot give consent. However, I think bloodsports are acceptable if done carefully and legally. Scat is fairly advanced but if One is a Goddess it cannot be ruled out. Breathplay is risky not unaesthetic - something that really gets the submissive's attention. I believe practicing in bathtubs so I don't get my red hair too wet pressing struggling screaming faces into cold water. Branding banding figging are all okay but never with a novice. And if the sub likes it too much they probably won't use a safe word either - and I'll get arrested. That's why I warn against hardcore masochists - they are a liability.  
Yes, I have to admit the big change for me this year is being able to work with shit. One has to be comfortable working with their own. I'm told letting the submissive use sugar helps. Whatever. I confess I chuckle every time a sweet young submissive says s/he is 'no limits'. Also, where are all these femsubs begging for 'extreme'? I think it's just fantasy. When they get too close to reality, they run away.My Limits (or Lack of Limits):  I am much more open to fewer limits than I used to be.

1/13/2011 6:08:29 AM
Technology and Training Today's Submissive  
I have been asked about cell phone controlled vibrators.  
Here is an article that was published in 2004 on this subject.  
Notice that the UK is more enlightened in this area.  
Mistress ElizabethTechnology and Training Today's Submissive I have been asked about cell phone controlled vibr

1/12/2011 5:12:04 AM
MzElizabeth's 2011 New Years Resolution  
Select one extremely dedicated and obedient submissive  
Through humiliation, hypnosis, and daily assignments, arouse and stimulate this person's body and mind to the point of near insanity  
Using her or his new state of insanity, convert her or him into My bitch  
Will this one be a female? someone who secretly wants to explore and release her dark side?  
Will this one be a male? someone who needs to be broken?  
Will this one be a transgender? someone who needs total control and guidance?MzElizabeth's 2011 New Years Resolution Select one extremely dedicated and obedient submiss

1/11/2011 12:47:16 PM
Vanilla perspective? “Women raping men.”  
 Vanilla perspective? “Women raping men.”

1/9/2011 6:02:21 PM
Your Unspeakable Dreams  
There are things we fantasize about that we can tell no one. Only this time, I want to know what you think of that you can't tell another person on this earth. No one. I want to hear everything. Everything. Those dark secrets. Things that turn you on. Feelings that arise in you, shaking your soul, just before you cum. They terrify and excite you.  
Tell Me a fantasy that you would act out on a moment's notice, no questions asked, if it were proposed to you - right now.  
You want to tell Me, don't you?Your Unspeakable Dreams There are things we fantasize about that we can tell no one. Only thi

1/7/2011 6:31:13 PM
SSC vs. RACK  
Risk-aware consensual kink (RACK, also risk-accepted consensual kink) is an acronym used by some of the BDSM community to describe a philosophical view that is generally permissive of certain risky sexual behaviors, as long as the participants are fully aware of the risks. This is often viewed in contrast to Safe, Sane, and Consensual (SSC), which generally holds that only activities that are considered safe, sane, and consensual are permitted.  
RACK's tenets are best described by a deconstruction of the acronym:  
▪  Risk-aware: Both or all partners are well informed of the risks involved in the proposed activity.  
▪  Consensual: In light of those risks, both or all partners have, of sound mind, offered preliminary consent to engage in said activity.  
▪  Kink: Said activity can be classified as alternative sex.  
While 'Safe, Sane and Consensual' (SSC) attempts to describe and differentiate BDSM from abuse in ways that are easy for the 'vanilla' or non-BDSM public to comprehend, RACK differs from it in that it acknowledges that nothing is ever 100% inherently safe. By acknowledging that what may be safe or sane to one person may not be considered the same to another, the RACK philosophy tends to be more inclusive of activities that others may consider as edge play. There is no 'safe' or 'not safe' within RACK, only 'safer' and 'less safe'.  
Source: Wikipedia  
This might include assignments that are extreme and not considered 'safe'.  
 SSC vs. RACK Risk-aware consensual kink (RACK, also risk-accepted consensual kink) is an acro

1/7/2011 6:27:49 PM - The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

1/7/2011 2:52:45 PM
Potential adverse effects of long periods of male chastity or orgasm denial.  
It is said that males can be kept in denial for extended periods of up to several weeks (periods around 2 - 4 weeks each time are often quoted as being safe subject to proper skincare and regular checking), although there will be an emotional and psychological impact from the artificial suppression of such a powerful drive. However most websites also indicate that this is a long period subjectively for most people, and often informally suggest a shorter period such as 3 days or a week between release instead, especially when starting.The long term consequences for period beyond that are unclear, most sources seem to agree that the body will spontaneously reabsorb sperm, but that the prostate fluids should be removed fully and regularly, if not through orgasm then via internal prostatic massage (known as 'prostatic milking') to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and inflammation, atrophy (orgasm involves the prostate muscles) or tissue damage to the prostate. It is also said that if erection is inhibited for long periods the skin of the penis becomes less elastic which may cause pain or other difficulty in the future.The release felt by a man as a result of prostatic milking against a background of denial, is described as long, drawn out, but not reaching a resolution phase as with normal orgasm. It is therefore said to always leave an edge of not having had full satisfaction, or a yearning for more, as opposed to the 'drop' in responsiveness due to satiation after a full orgasm. For people who engage in lifestyle chastity and erotic denial, this may be desirable, since after orgasm a male is sated and released for some days of the tension which builds up with orgasm denial.   
Answer (Dr. Arthur Goldstein, MD, Urologist, 3/29/2006):   
During sexual arousal the prostate gland manufactures fluid that accounts for about 2/3 of the volume of ejaculate. The seminal vesicles are paired structures located behind the prostate gland that also manufacture fluid. Sperm from the testicles (which account for only 1-2% of the semen) travel up a series of tubes (epididymis and vas deferens) on each side to join the seminal vesicles forming the paired ejaculatory ducts. These structures empty into the prostatic portion of the urethra. At the time of ejaculation, prostatic fluid is discharged into the urethra (urinary canal) where it mixes with discharge from the ejaculatory ducts forming the semen. The semen volume is in the 2-6 cc range. A man may be able to voluntarily abstain but he cannot prevent sexual thoughts, fantasies and dreams all of which stimulate the prostate to secrete. Likewise, the same is true for erections which will occur spontaneously. The normal male has 3-5 erections nightly during the REM stage of sleep. Therefore, concern about damage to the penis from disuse (in a normally potent male) is unfounded. Most men also will have periodic nocturnal emissions (wet dreams). Arousal without ejaculation causes the prostate to swell with fluid producing tension on the prostate's capsule leading to symptoms of congestive prostatitis.   
Stool passing through the rectum actually pushes on the distended prostate producing the penile discharge. Prolonged sitting (you sit on the prostate) can cause thedischarge to be noted before voiding. At the end of urination, as the bladder is emptying out the last few drops of urine, it actually squeezes the prostate. If the prostate is congested, you will then note this fluid at the end of urination. With congestive prostatitis discomfort is often referred to the testicle(s), groin, low back or rectal area. This pain in the testicles is denoted by the slang terms: “blue balls” or “lover's nuts”. Irritative urinary symptoms may also occur. In some patients, only the discharge is noted. The discharge is generally immediately relieved by ejaculation and prevented by  avoiding sexual arousal without ejaculation. Sitting in a warm bathtub for 10-15 minutes daily will also provide some relief. From a strictly medical standpoind, it is healthy to periodically empty the prostate gland. The frequency depends on the age of the patient and how often they get aroused. This is usually determined by trial and error. For most younger men, this is in the 2-4 times a week range. With aging, the frequency lessens. I can tell you that emptying via prostatic massage is an uncomfortable technique, cetainly devoid of any pleasure or orgasm and not nearly efficient as natural ejaculation. Potential adverse effects of long periods of male chastity or orgasm denial. Question: It is

1/6/2011 3:16:52 PM
Times change. Methods change. Regardless of the methods used, the goal for Me is not to fuck your body; it's to fuck your mind.  
The old ways still have value but are being replaced and extended by new ways.  
Technology is changing how we relate to one another not just in general, but in BDSM, as well. People said Facebook would never replace email. When we travel a great deal, smartphones come into play now in managing and maintaining our relationships. Many of us travel, work for multinational corporations, yet want to be connected. We are busy people who have a deep commitment and interest in exploring our sexuality in every way imaginable. My submissive is not a potted plant tucked away in My basement.  
If one can only be part of this lifestyle by applying standards from the past, created by people who have never been out of their own neighborhood, don't own a passport, then many people may go with their interests and desires unsatisfied.  
Our basic values should include creativity, imagination, and daring. Not blind, dogmatic adoption of traditional methods. When everyone thinks alike, no one needs to think.  
The combination of vama marga tantric sex, orgasm control, and hypnosis may be unknown to you. I don't judge your for your lack of knowledge. However, I was trained this way as a submissive, I know it works, and I know its value. If you haven’t experienced it, then that is your loss. At the same time, that does not give you the right to tell people because what I do is not the same as what you do, that your way is better or that you know who I am. Some people like being followers, doing the same old things. Perhaps, old thinking, judgmental, jealous people are the only constant in life - after love and creativity. For the record, you could never pass My purity test for having an evil imagination, creating humiliation. For that matter, you could never pass my test for income, education, attractiveness, or creativity, either.  
At the end of the day, all that matters to Me is my personal relationship with My submissive. Any group or society that interferes with that is oppressive and immoral.  
 Times change. Methods change. Regardless of the methods used, the goal for Me is not to fuck y

1/5/2011 7:47:55 AM
Some are already annoying me by asking what 'assignments' are?  
Here are a few delicious examples:  
For females  - I want you to feel how special you are to Me. you will get more attention from Me than you have ever received from anyone before in your life. - have sex with your last 2 ex-boyfriends and/or ex-husband, one in your pussy, one in your ass or your mouth - and prove you did this. - buy sex toys in a sex shop and let the female store clerk photograph you either using one of them under your skirt or mock using all 3 of them in the store. - wear a prosthesis cock in your panties for a day. - take off panties in restaurants and put them on the table for servers to see.  
For males - buy women's underwear in a large department store and send me a statement from the sales clerks on the store receipts proving that you bought the items from her. - lock on an anal plug harness for at least day at a time. - prove to me how much you hate or love sucking a cock.  
Males will wear triple cock rings permanently; those who resist will be directed to break the key in half after the harness is locked on. Nipples must be pierced. Males will all practice dilation until they can accommodate large dildos.  
Females will be forbidden from wearing panties or bras permanently. Some genital jewelry will be expected in time. Nipples must be pierced.  
I like using cell-phone connected and activated dildos and butt plugs so I can find you anywhere on the planet.  
Only drink water at home from a dog bowl.  
ALL of my properties will be expected to masturbate up to but not coming for 15 minutes 3 times a day. I will tell you EXACTLY HOW I want this done. Don't forget a dash of creative watersports.  
Tell me your most humiliating fantasy and fulfill it in 3 days or less.  
If there is a male here who can have more than 17 orgasms in 24 hours, I want to know his name.  
This is not for the weak or the faint of heart. These are the training wheels. I'll have you up and running before you know what hit you.  
Mistress Elizabeth  
 Some are already annoying me by asking what 'assignments' are? Here are a few delicious examp


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