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10/14/2008 10:57:46 PM
"Strip. Right here. Take off all your clothes." "Are you serious?""Very."She  
began removing her clothes. Looking into his eyes, she stripped down to  
her bare skin and stood there, in front of ten or more couples. All  
friends of theirs. Some more than others. Conversation ceased. All eyes  
were on her but hers were focused on him, on his face, his eyes. He  
held out his hand and she moved towards him. She could hear people  
whispering, laughing, she didn't really care. Those people would never  
understand. She would always obey him. He would always take care of  
her. If this was what he wanted, it was her privilege and her pleasure  
to provide. Was she a slut? Yes, she was His slut. She would fuck  
every man and woman in the room if it pleased him. Did he own her? Yes,  
in every conceivable way. But it was ownership that was freely given  
and that was the intangible truth that made it so rare and so precious.  
He led her to the den, holding her by the hand, as one would lead  
a small child. Then he bound her hands behind her back, bound her arms  
tightly, causing her breasts to jut out invitingly.He pushed apart her  
legs and fingered her pussy as he sucked and played with her hardening  
nipples.Then, seating himself on the couch, he pushed her to her knees.  
Her back was to the door but she could hear and feel everyone watching  
her, it turned her on. "Your pussy is sopping wet."He released  
her arms but kept her hands tied behind her. He continued to finger her  
pussy, occasionally taking his fingers out of her and allowing her to  
suck them clean. Then he sat her on the couch beside him and really  
began to work her pussy hard. Wider and wider she spread her legs. Some  
of the people watching had begun to move into scenes of their own. Most  
of them, however, continued to watch.Slowly and patiently, he  
worked his hand, one finger at a time, inside her hot, wet, hole.  
Playing with her clit, just enough to feed her desire, but never  
allowing her to cum, he worked her pussy until his hand was inside her  
up to his wrist. As he began fucking her, fist fucking her, she began  
cumming. Squeezing his hand and wrist so forcefully at times he  
wondered if she might break it. Again and again he fucked her to  
climax. Her eyes were glazed, her hair hanging in wet strands from her  
face. Gently he removed his hand from inside her. He would allow her to  
rest for a bit, stroking her body, kissing her face, telling her over  
and over how she had pleased him. All she could see was his handsome  
"Strip. Right here. Take off all your clothes." "Are you serious?""Ve

10/14/2008 9:05:18 PM
Mommy was going out tonight. She had been looking forward to this event  
for weeks and was in the process of getting ready. The outfit she  
planned to wear was laid out on her bed. The jewelry was on the  
dressing table. The water was filling the tub. Expensive oils had been  
added, and the fragrance wafting from the tub was intoxicating. "Is  
there anything else I can get for you Ma'am?" Inquired the new upstairs  
maid, Claire. "Yes dear, as a matter of fact, there is something you  
can do for me." Mommy said, an evil grin on her beautiful face. I wish  
to welcome you personally to the staff, and perhaps give you a little  
clearer picture of what your duties are. Do you have a minute?" Mommy  
didn't wait for an answer. Instead she walked over to the enormous  
four-poster bed and removed her robe, dropping it onto the floor. It  
pleased her to see Claire jump to hang it, keeping her eyes averted  
from her Mistresses' naked body. "Claire...look at me dear...there you, come a little closer, a little closer, good girl."  
Holding the young girl's face by the chin, she looked into her eyes as  
she spoke. " I can be a very good mistress Claire, or I can be a brutal  
bitch. I can be generous with my money, or I can use it to make you  
disappear. It's no secret in this house that I enjoy the girls who work  
for me. You are here for my pleasure. Do you understand?" Letting go of  
the girl's face, Mommy sat on the bed and opened her legs. To her great  
satisfaction, Claire dropped to her knees and opening up her mistresses  
pussy with two fingers, slid two more into her and began sucking and  
licking on her clit. Mommy allowed Claire to bring her to a  
shuddering climax. Then she dressed for her event, instructed the  
downstairs maid exactly how to tie and position young Claire for her  
return,and drove away in the Mercedes. She could still smell the girl  
on her fingers, and smiled as her own scent arose from between her  
legs. She wouldn't stay long. Now that she had a little something to  
come home to.  
Mommy was going out tonight. She had been looking forward to this event for weeks and was in

10/14/2008 9:04:15 PM
"You've been a very bad girl." He said taking her by the arm. "You know  
what that means." "Yes Daddy." She replied. "I know what that means."  
Silently she stood in front of him and began to undress. She slipped  
off her little skirt and let it drop to the floor. Then, she hooked her  
thumbs into her little, white, cotton, panties, and slowly slid them  
over her round ass cheeks, and down her slender legs. She looked up at  
him as she demurely stepped out of the panties and let them drop on top  
of her skirt. Her pussy was hairless, having been shaved only a  
few minutes before, and it was easy to believe she was quite young.  
Until his eyes traveled to her breasts. That's when the reality of her  
womanhood hit him full force. Her breasts were beautiful, and they were  
big, and after he spanked her, he was going to plant his, now throbbing  
cock, in between those luscious tits and fuck them to his heart's  
content. After he spanked her. After making some adjustments for  
his erection, he had her lay across his lap, then he spread her cheeks  
and quickly inserted the tip of his index finger into her ass. " Mmmm,  
Daddy...." she said looking up at him over her shoulder. "Later baby,  
first you have to be punished." He said looking down at her with a  
grin. " You've been a very bad girl." Taking his hand he began to  
gently squeeze the cheeks of her supple ass. Then he began a series of  
gentle taps, three on each cheek, until the color began to rise, and  
then he increased the intensity of each series of three, until her ass  
was a bright red. The taking his whole hand he began to spank the whole  
of her ass, with great force. She was crying, begging him to stop,  
begging to be forgiven, begging, begging. Begging like a good slut.  
He awoke as if out of a trance, her ass was already starting to show  
finger shaped bruises, and she was sobbing, still bent over his lap.  
The heat that came off of her ass seemed to radiate off of her in  
visible waves. He picked her up by her waist, carried her into the  
bedroom and threw her onto the bed. Removing his clothes he watched her  
struggle to her knees with her bright red ass in the air. As the last  
of his clothing came off he planted his face in between the cheeks of  
her wounded ass. Ignoring her pain-filled moans, he gripped her cheeks  
and spread them, sliding his tongue into her ass, pushing his face  
against her, until he felt her begin to respond. Then, gently taking  
his index finger he slid the length of it into her, moving it inside of  
her. Pulling it out he added his middle finger and a little spit,  
before he penetrated her again. He fucked her like this for two or  
three strokes, and then added his remaining fingers. "Daddy has four  
fingers in your ass baby." He said fucking her hard. "Put your cock  
in me Daddy, fuck my ass with your cock, please..." she begged him,  
opening her ass with her own two hands. " Please Daddy, please, I need  
you to fuck me." He was only too happy to oblige.  
"You've been a very bad girl." He said taking her by the arm. "You know what t

9/11/2008 3:08:34 AM
They were out together, with friends, having a good time, when she saw  
her. Unknowingly she squeezed Shanon's leg in her excitement. This girl  
was a knockout. Guys were falling over themselves trying to get to her,  
buy her a drink, smell her perfume, anything. She had everyone's  
attention and she knew it, but, to her credit she tried to act as if  
she didn't. Shanon, feeling the pressure on his knee, turned  
towards his lover, and as he turned his head he caught a glimpse of the  
reason for her excitement. " Well you like to swing for the fence don't  
you babe?" He said laughingly. " Oh you don't think I can get her?" She  
asked him, a bit offended. " Oh no babe. I'm sure you can get  
her...once you get her attention. Good luck." He responded and turned  
back to their friends to clue them. " Oh ye of little faith." She said,  
rising and starting her approach. It was true, the girl was  
surrounded by people wanting her attention, but those people would soon  
fade away. She knew she could make it happen. She did it all the time.  
As she got closer , she forced herself not to look , acting as if the  
girl and her beauty simply did not exist. She ordered a drink and  
managed to sit right next to her, but turned her back and faced the  
opposite way. She didn't have to wait long. "Excuse me." Said the girl.  
" Do you know where the ladies room is? I've never been here before and  
I really have to pee." " Well sure I do sugar...c'mon, I'll go with  
you." She replied, taking the girl's hand. " I have to pee too."  
Holding hands like school girls they pushed through the crowd towards  
the back of the club. "We'll use the one upstairs. It won't be as  
crowded.""You're a lifesaver." The girl giggled, and smiled.  
At the sinks, she asked the girl for her name, " Leslie. Leslie De  
Armin. And you are...?" " Fanny. Fanny Laurence. Pleased to meet you  
Leslie. Very pleased." She said giving the girl an obvious once-over. "  
And may I say that you have the most fuckable mouth I've ever seen on a  
bitch.I think I'd like to taste you." And that was all it took. She  
stepped up to the girl, grabbed her by the hair and kissed her hard on  
the mouth, sliding one hand over her breast and grabbing it firmly.  
Then she backed the girl up to the counter in front of the mirror, and  
sat her on top of the counter, spreading her legs as she did so. Then  
bending the girls head down, she began kissing and biting the girl on  
her neck. " Oh God that feels so good." The girl whispered, arching her  
back and pushing out her tits. Within 5 minutes of entering the  
ladies room, the girl's top was open and her panties were balled up on  
the floor. She was sitting on the counter with her tits hanging out and  
her feet up on the counter, spreading open her pussy, watching as two,  
then three fingers were slid into her, and she was about to cum. " Oh no baby...not yet...we need to go downstairs and get my old man." " Oh God! Don't stop...please...oh God."  
"Awww, what's the matter pretty girl, do you want to cum? Don't worry.  
You're going to cum, just not now." Then putting her pussy coated  
fingers up to the girls mouth, she ordered them to be cleaned. " That's  
a good girl. Now, let's go get Shanon and go home." The girl began  
buttoning up her blouse. " Oh no, sorry leave that shirt  
wide open, or you can stay right here. " But everyone will see my  
tits!" The girl exclaimed. " That's right...keep whining and they'll be  
seeing your pussy too." And so they walked through the crowded bar with  
the girl's shirt wide open, and as they approached the table, she  
slapped and pinched the girl's nipples, Shanon looked up, and grinned.  
Then he stood up and held out his hand saying, "Pay up  
up. That was fifty bucks apiece." "C'mon Shanon, let's take this  
dirty slut home and fuck her.I really want to watch her suck your cock,  
while I put my fist in her pussy." 'That's one of the many reasons I  
love you, you perverted little chick magnet" Said Shanon."Let's go home  
and fuck."  
They were out together, with friends, having a good time, when she saw her. Unknowingly she s

9/11/2008 1:42:10 AM
She wanted to be fucked. She wanted to be spread open, naked, unable to  
resist. She wanted to be wet and begging for release. She wanted to  
feel the rope tight around her aching breasts and the teeth of the  
clamps on her nipples. She wanted to feel the cool air on her freshly  
spanked and throbbing ass. She wanted to feel the intensity of having  
her ass stretched around the size of his long, thick, cock. She  
wanted to scream and cry and beg, sweating and drooling, grunting and  
moaning. She wanted to be made to crawl on her hands and knees,  
spreading her ass and pussy, covered in cum, made better for all her  
suffering. She wanted to be precious to one man. One man who understood  
her, accepted her, pushed her and punished her. One man strong enough  
to own her and fearless enough to love her.  
She wanted to be fucked. She wanted to be spread open, naked, unable to resist. She wanted to

9/11/2008 1:41:31 AM
She was waiting for Him. Her heart was beating fast in anticipation.  
She did not have to wait very long. With firm but gentle hands he  
placed her, on her knees, on top of the bed. He was already hard and  
slid into her with just the right amount of resistance. She moaned and  
gripped the bedsheets tightly, lifting her hips to meet his long, deep  
thrusts. She felt him rubbing her asshole with his thumb, and tried to  
relax as he pushed it into her. " Oh yes." she murmured and spread her  
knees a little further apart. Laughingly he spoke to her, " Oh you want  
this do you? You want something in that tight, little ass of yours.  
Well, Daddy's going to fuck your ass baby girl, oh yes, Daddy's gonna  
tear that ass apart." Without missing a stroke, he pushed himself  
into her ass and spread her cheeks apart with his hands. " Oh fuck yes  
baby...Daddy's gonna fuck that sweet ass of take this like  
a good girl...take this fucking." He was slamming himself into her hot,  
tight hole. Long, deep strokes that caused her to grunt with pleasure.  
She became an animal on the end of his cock. Opening herself to him.  
Allowing herself to ride the intensity of his powerful thrusts. Harder  
and harder he fucked her. Her tight ring gaping open and aching for  
more. She could feel herself cumming and squirting helplessly. She was  
screaming and begging for more as he finally released himself into her  
ass. As he lay beside her, and his cock slid from her hole, she  
cleaned him off with her mouth. Smiling and satisfied they both fell  
She was waiting for Him. Her heart was beating fast in anticipation. She did not have to wait

9/11/2008 1:41:00 AM
He spread the cheeks of her ass apart and watched as his cock pushed  
open the ring of tightly gathered muscles and sank itself into her. Her  
sounds were those of an animal. There were no words, none that he could  
recognize. He pulled himself out of her and slid the slick monster  
of his cock into the waiting mouth of the girl on the bottom. " Suck",  
he told her, and she opened her mouth wide to take as much of him as  
possible. " Yes, baby, yes!" He said as he reached for one of the  
little, dimpled, brightly colored balls. Taking his cock out of the  
mouth of the girl on the bottom,he popped in one of the little, dimpled  
balls. " Get that nice and wet baby. Now give it back to me and suck  
that cock like before." As he felt her mouth around his cock, he took  
the little ball and pushed it into the ass of the girl on top. " Open  
up baby, take this, take this, you want it." Once it disappeared inside  
of her, he reached for another ball. Taking his cock out of the  
mouth of the girl on the bottom, he popped in the little ball. "Get it  
wet baby, and that's right, spit it back in my hand." This time he did  
not return his cock to the waiting mouth of the girl on the bottom.  
This time, after pushing in the little, dimpled ball, he put the head  
of his cock into the hole. " You can do it baby. Take it. Take it. Just  
a little, there, just a little. " He said as he reached for another  
little ball. "Where do you want it baby, your pussy or your ass?" The  
girl's fingers went to her ass, pulling it open. He pushed in the third  
little ball,closely followed by the head of his big, thick cock.  
He could feel her straining to take the awkward intrusion into her  
tight ass. He could feel her shaking. Her suffering was unlike anything  
else he had ever known. In and out of her tortured hole he moved his  
cock without mercy. Again and again he forced her to submit.  
Finally he released himself into her bowels. Waiting until the last  
spasm before totally removing himself from her hole. Once he was out of  
her he waited. Telling the girl on the bottom to get ready and open her  
mouth. One by one the little, dimpled balls came out of the girl on  
top. Little, dimpled balls, covered in his cum. They popped out of the  
girl on top, and into the waiting mouth of the girl on the bottom. "  
Clean them off." He said. 'And spit them into my hand."  
He spread the cheeks of her ass apart and watched as his cock pushed open the ring of tightly

8/22/2008 9:21:34 PM
He said he would spank me. " I'll blister that tight little ass! " were  
his exact words. My nipples got harder than Chinese arithmetic! He  
KNOWS what lighting up my ass does to me. I go from zero to Mach V in  
the blink of an eye. Instant crazy, horny, fuck me, fuck me,fuck me!!!  
Wearing impossibly high, high-heels, silk stockings,black lace garter,  
black lace demi-cup push-up bra, black lace boy-shorts pulled down to  
my knees. Bent over his lap. One of his hands on the small of my back,  
the other rubbing the cheeks of my ass in a circular or figure eight  
motion. My legs slightly spread. I am waiting...he has to remind me to  
breath. CRACK! The sting of his bare hand on my bare flesh. Hand  
print immediately visible, finger shaped welts. CRACK! I grunt in pain  
and pleasure. " Oh Yes!" is all I can say. CRACK! " Oh FUCK YES  
DADDY!!" CRACK! " Fuck that hurts, FUCK!" The sting is beginning to  
take on a life of it's own. Fucking shit hurts so goddamn good. More, I  
want more. I want him to make me cry. " Spank that fucking ass Daddy,  
do it, baby, please, again ...harder." I tell him through gritted  
teeth. " Are you sure? " He asks me. " I'm sure. Spank me. Fucking hurt  
me. And then fuck the shit out of me. Do it goddamn it...spank my nasty  
fucking ass!" CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Oh fuck yes! I don't know  
my name. Tears are flowing down my face. My ass is so red it's fucking  
purple in places. I need his help to stand up. I feel him turn me to  
face the bed and then he pushes me face down on top of it. He shoves  
his fingers into my sopping wet pussy. I start to cum. He pulls his  
fingers out of me. " Get on your knees bitch. Get that ass up in the  
air." He shoves his long, thick cock so far into me, he hits my  
cervix. I can't even flinch. He fucks me and fucks me. His cock so deep  
inside of me, filling me up so completely, all I can do is cum. Wave  
after wave, clenching around him, milking him like a hot, wet fist. He  
shoots his load inside of me, shoving his thumb into my ass as he  
releases. He collapses on top of me, " Goddamn girl, your ass is hot!"  
He says, laughing a little, curling himself around me.  
He said he would spank me. " I'll blister that tight little ass! " were his exact w

8/20/2008 12:07:27 AM
He spread her legs and slid his cock inside her. She was wet, and she  
was tight, and she was willing. He would do everything he wanted, and a  
few things he made up on the spot,he would do every nasty little thing  
he ever thought about doing to a woman. He would stand her in between  
two wooden posts, tie her arms out to each side, and he would tear at  
her clothing until he could see for himself that her big, beautiful  
tits were finally exposed. He would slap those tits. He would twist and  
slap her nipples. He would suck on those big, firm tits.. He would add  
more weight to her nipples. Back and forth between the slapping and  
the paddle. He would make her pay for having such luscious breasts. The  
way she moaned. The way she took the pain made him want to fuck her  
some more.Going behind her, he kicked her legs a little farther apart,  
felt her pussy with his fingers, and then slid himself into her,  
bending her forward slightly. Then, taking the first two fingers of  
each hand, he hooked himself onto the sides of her mouth, stretching  
her mouth, and began to pound her pussy. The weights on her nipples  
began to swing in wide arcs. He could feel her wanting to scream. But  
no sound came out. He fucked her hard.  
He spread her legs and slid his cock inside her. She was wet, and she was tight, and she was

8/20/2008 12:06:56 AM
He loved it when she dressed up for him. Short. little skirt. Knee  
socks, white, button-down shirt. He couldn't see them but he knew she  
was wearing white, cotton panties, and a white bra. She was his  
perfect, little girl. It was the week-end and Mommy was going  
shopping. Mommy always went shopping. He didn't mind. It gave him lots  
of time to spend with his baby girl. As he watched his wife pull out of  
the driveway and head into town, his cock began to grow hard, and he  
knew what he had to do. He entered her bedroom, to find her sitting  
on the edge of the bed,looking so pretty with her hair in pig-tails.  
"Baby girl, you sure look pretty today" He said, taking a seat next to  
her and placing his hand on her knee. " Thank you Daddy. I dressed up  
just for you. Are we going to play our little game now?" She said,  
smiling sweetly up at him. " Yes, baby, yes we are. You like Daddy's  
little game, don't you?" " Oh yes, Daddy. I love our game.This time I'm  
going to win!" As his perfect, little girl began rubbing his rock  
hard cock, he lay back on the bed and closed his eyes. Her little hand  
felt so good. " Oh that's very good baby. You're making Daddy feel very  
good. Take it out of Daddy's pants now and put it in your mouth, like  
Daddy taught you." "Yes Daddy" She said obediently. And just like that,  
he felt her little mouth around the head of his stiff cock. " Lick it.  
That's right. Oh that's very good baby. Lick it and suck on the head.  
Oh you're such a good girl. Daddy loves you very much." Without opening  
his eyes he felt around for her skirt and unzipped it. Then sliding his  
hand into her panties he felt for her wet slit and pushed a finger  
inside of her. Damn she was tight. Before he reached the point of no  
return, he put her on her back, and unbuttoned her shirt, lifting her  
bra over her little titties. Gently he sucked on them, slowly moving  
down her body until his mouth was on her wet cunt. Licking and sucking  
and working his fingers into her, he had her on the verge of orgasm in  
no time. "This might hurt a bit baby, but it has to happen." " Okay  
Daddy, I'll be brave." He felt slight resistance as he took her  
virginity, and then he lost himself in the warm tightness of her young  
pussy. He wondered how long it would take him to open up her ass?  
He loved it when she dressed up for him. Short. little skirt. Knee socks, white, button-down

8/20/2008 12:06:20 AM
She wasn't wearing much. He liked it that way. When he walked into the  
room she dropped to her knees and bowed her head. He sat in his  
favorite chair and snapped his fingers. She crawled over to him,  
unzipped his pants and began stroking his cock. He closed his eyes and  
moaned with pleasure. He had trained her well. When his cock was  
rock hard she pushed it up and began licking his balls, sucking them  
into her hot, wet, mouth. As soon as he placed his hands on the back of  
her head, she took her hands away, and opened her mouth. She looked up  
at him as he began to fuck her face. He liked making a mess of her  
carefully applied makeup. He enjoyed controlling her ability to breath.  
Grabbing her by the hair he pulled her mouth off of his cock and  
flung her to the floor. "Ass." was all he needed to say. She took the  
position, face to the floor, ass in the air. He heard her gasp as he  
roughly entered her. Both her hands were now on her ass, pulling it  
open. He fucked her like an animal, using her holes for his pleasure.  
When he felt himself ready to cum, he pulled his cock from her ass, and  
stroked it while she brought her face to him. He shoved his cock into  
her mouth, excited to watch as she tasted her own ass, and then he came  
all over her face. When he returned to his chair, she cleaned him  
off with her tongue, and patiently waited for him to use her again. It  
was a good life.  
She wasn't wearing much. He liked it that way. When he walked into the room she dropped to he

8/20/2008 12:05:42 AM
She was naked, having had her clothes literally torn from her body,and  
she was loving life! The guy behind her, the one gripping her by her  
upper arms, was filling her pussy with his thick, hard cock. The guy in  
front of her, was standing on the couch, and stuffing her face with his  
balls. Her face reflected the hard use to which she was being  
put. Her mascara was melting off her eyelashes and down her face. Her  
lipstick was smeared in a red ring all around her mouth. Every so  
often, the guy in front, would pull her head back, by the hair, and  
order her to open her mouth. When she complied he would spit in it and  
then slap her face with his cock. She looked like a little girl,  
the way she would look up at him, but she swallowed cock like a whore.  
The harder he fucked her throat, the better she liked it. He would fill  
her mouth with his cock and then push her head down and hold it there,  
cutting off her air. He could feel the muscles in her throat,  
contracting around him, milking him, and if he wasn't careful he was  
going to blow a load all over her pretty face. The guy behind her  
was thrusting his entire length into her. Her pussy was really wet and  
despite the savage fucking, incredibly tight. He had to force himself  
to slow down. He didn't want to cum just yet. There were a lot more  
things he wanted to do the her.  
She was naked, having had her clothes literally torn from her body,and she was loving life! T

8/20/2008 12:04:52 AM
The girl is beautiful. Big eyes, full lips, clear, soft skin. She is  
graceful, sensual,and very, very, willing. On her knees before him, she  
cups her breasts and offers them to him. He grabs them roughly, sliding  
his long, thick cock between the soft, warm flesh. Every stroke between  
her breasts increases his lust. He wants to pound her holes. He wants  
to fuck her like an animal, without mercy,until he finds his release.  
He grabs her by her hair and slaps her face with his hardness. "Open  
your mouth." He tells her, his voice is a raspy whisper. "Open your  
mouth whore." He says as he shoves his cock between her open lips. He  
is not gentle. He likes the sounds she makes, gagging, coughing,  
choking. Her beauty is enhanced by the tears and the spit,which soon  
cover her face, and drip from her chin. Over and over he drives  
the length of his cock down her throat, pushing her head down until he  
can feel her lips on his belly. Over and over he holds her to him until  
she struggles to free herself and gasps for air. She is on her knees, before him, serving him. She is the picture of submission.  
The girl is beautiful. Big eyes, full lips, clear, soft skin. She is graceful, sensual,and ve

7/28/2008 1:20:08 AM
I watched him fuck her. He knew I was watching. She didn't. She was a right nasty little bitch. Young. Probably half my age, long legs, firm titties, even firmer ass. Long brown hair, sexy mouth, big blue eyes. He could pick 'em. I watched him undress her. I watched as he kissed her and put her back up against the wall. Sliding his hand between her legs, cupping her breast, slowly unbuttoning her shirt. He left her bra on, but pulled her tits out, sucked on each one, biting the nipples playfully. I saw him turn her around to face the wall and spread her legs. She kept her ass glued to his belly, only moving apart long enough to let her skirt hit the floor, her head thrown back and laying on his shoulder. He put both of his arms around her. One hand on her tits. The other hand inside her panties, middle finger deep inside her pussy. I could hear how wet her pussy was and when he pulled his finger out and stuck it in her mouth, I could see the glisten.I watched as he turned her back to face him, giving her a long kiss before pushing her to her knees and taking his cock from his pants. I saw him rub it across her parted lips, and then lift it up so she could suck on his balls. When he finally allowed her to suck his cock into her mouth, she attacked it with a vengeance. Wrapping her hand around the shaft, she stroked it like a pro, licking around the head, and up and down the shaft. I heard him tell her to take her hand away and open up her mouth. I could see his hands were on her head and underneath her chin. The sweet sounds of her gagging and choking, the wet, sloppy sounds of him fucking her mouth, filled the room. And I watched as he slid his cock in and out of her mouth, his head back, eyes closed with pleasure.When he finally released her from her oral service, she was beautiful. A picture of submission and animal lust. He moved her to the bed, put her on her hands and knees, and slid his cock into her ass. I watched as she struggled to accommodate his size, finally giving in to the pleasure and the intensity, her ass stretched and gaping. I watched as he gave her orgasm after orgasm, fucking her balls deep, pulling out of her and sliding himself back in. Spreading her ass cheeks with his hands, climbing up behind her, going even deeper into her ass. I watched as he fucked her, hearing in his voice the approach of his own release. I watched as he pulled himself from her and shot long, white streams of cum across her back and over her ass. I watched it all knowing it would soon be me.I watched him fuck her. He knew I was watching. She didn't. She was a right nasty little bitch

7/28/2008 1:19:13 AM
She was crying. 'Please don't make me!' Begging him. Thinking he would pity her. She was wrong. Her tears and her pleading, indeed, her desperation, made his dick hard. She was his. He had taken her and she belonged to him. The sooner she realized and accepted her fate the easier it would be on her. He was going to use her and nothing she could say or do, no amount of tears, was going to change that fact. He pulled her to her feet and holding her firmly by the arm, walked her into the other room. Her knees buckled when she saw the men that were waiting to fuck her. Had he not been holding her she would have hit the floor. ' Oh God! No! Please, please, I'm begging you...' He could feel her shaking. Her terror made her even more beautiful to him.Ignoring her pleading, he led her to a padded bench, and indicated she should lay down. When she hesitated, he shoved her down and tied her hands above her head, securing the rope to a wooden pillar a few feet away from the bench. Then, pulling a large hunting knife from a sheath on his belt, he began cutting off her clothes. Once her shirt was in pieces, he took one of the sleeves and made a gag tying it tightly around her head. The other sleeve he used as a blindfold. Once it was secure he cut off her bra and laying down the knife, began squeezing her breasts and twisting and pinching her nipples.The others had drawn closer to the bench, watching and eagerly waiting for their turns. He stood and indicated they should all enjoy her breasts. When the girl felt their hands on her she began shaking her head from side to side and moaning, fresh tears escaped her blindfold. He laughed and got undressed. As the men continued to hold her, he straddled her body and rubbed his long, thick cock all over her face, slapping her mouth, and putting as much of it in her mouth as the gag would allow. ' You will learn to open your mouth and your throat to me, but not today. Today I break you in. Today you learn that I own you.' And with one hand he reached down and pulled her panties off with a single tug. He put the ruined silk to his face and inhaled her scent. 'Spread her legs.' He said to the men. 'Spread her legs wide so I can eat her pussy. Let's see if we can force a few orgasms out of her.' The girl was in for a very long night.She was crying. 'Please don't make me!' Begging him. Thinking he would pity her. She was wrong

7/8/2008 12:05:58 AM
"I want you to watch me." I said, looking him in the eyes. " With a  
woman". "I think I could do that." He said with a grin. "I want you to  
watch. Not participate." I said. I was not grinning. " What kind of fun  
would that be?" He asked. I could tell he was confused. " Listen baby,  
there are going to be plenty of times that we share women. I love  
sharing women with you. This is different. I want you to watch me fuck  
a woman. I want to know you're watching, getting excited, getting  
frustrated. And I want to know that when I'm done with her, and after  
she leaves, you are going to take out that frustration on me." He  
agreed to do it but I could tell he wasn't sure. That was alright. I  
was. I have a friend, her name is Lisa, and Lisa loves to be  
watched. She had no problem with Shanon sitting in the recliner,  
watching. I sat backwards in one of the wooden chairs from the kitchen.  
Resting my chin on one hand on the back of the chair. My hair was up. I  
had on a long dress that buttoned down the front, a peek-a-boo black  
bra, matching garter black stockings, and lovely, high-heeled black  
pumps. Lisa came out of the bedroom wearing a long, white dressing  
gown, white garter, white stockings, and red, high-heels. She walked up  
to me and I undid her robe, sliding it off her shoulders, and letting  
it hit the floor. Cupping her breasts I began sucking and licking her  
nipples. She ran her hands along the sides of my face, and then took my  
hair down out of the bun. We kissed, mouths open, tongues dancing, and  
then I fell upon her soft, white neck. As I kissed and bit her neck, I  
looked over at Shanon. He smiled at me and rubbed his swelling cock  
through his pants. I took off Lisa's bra and got a little rougher  
with her nipples. Biting and twisting them until she cried out and  
pulled away. I took her by the arm and brought her around in front of  
me, and bent her over my knee, with her ass facing Shanon. Starting  
with light smacks, first one cheek and then the other, I reddened  
Lisa's ass, the smacks gradually becoming harder and harder. When her  
ass felt warm enough, I spread her cheeks with my fingers, spit on her  
asshole and worked it into her, using one finger, and then two, telling  
her to spread her legs like a good little slut. Lisa was wiggling  
her ass, moaning, spreading her cheeks with both her hands, and begging  
me to fuck her harder. I positioned her on the bed, with her ass in the  
air, making sure Shanon could see her ass and her face at the same  
time. He had remained silent, his cock straining against his jeans, but  
as I began to tongue fuck Lisa's ass, he moaned loudly. When I looked  
over at him, I could tell he was begging me to touch himself, or join  
in, but I didn't give in. I simply shook my head and began fingering  
Lisa's ass again, keeping an eye on Shanon. I had three fingers in  
her ass, rubbing her clit with my other hand, and calling her a "filthy  
fucking whore" when she came, screaming into the mattress. We kissed  
for a few minutes while she got her breath and then I drew her a nice  
hot bubble bath, watching as she slid into the steaming tub.  
Shanon was already naked by the time I returned. His cock was erect,  
and possibly bigger than it had ever been. He was stroking it and  
smiling at me. " You are in for some serious fucking little girl." "  
That's the whole idea Daddy. That's the whole idea." TO BE CONTINUED.  
"I want you to watch me." I said, looking him in the eyes. " With a woman"

6/27/2008 7:05:12 AM
I saw a girl at work the other night. There was something about her, something hungry in her eyes, that caught my attention. She saw me looking at her, so I smiled, and she smiled back. About five minutes later, she approached the bar and began to chat me up. As I answered her questions, I took stock of her assets. She was thin, but not skinny. She had a nice butt, not much tit, and she was tall. Long blonde hair that fell to her waist, and big brown eyes. She had the kind of eyes that look good filled with tears. She said her name was Cheryl. About ten minutes later, she was joined by a guy, younger, on the plump side, definately not my type, and I hoped not hers either. He turned out to be her brother. He said 'If you want a ride home, let's go.' So I leaned into their conversation and looking Cheryl in the eyes, I said,' If you'd like to stay I can see that you get home.' Cheryl stayed.From my spot behind the bar I watched her. She danced with a lot of men, who usually bought her a drink, or tried to anyway. And she seemed to be having a good time. When last call came she helped me close the place. As we walked out to my car, I invited her home. She accepted. Once we were inside the car, I kissed her, a long, slow, kiss, and I looked into her eyes. 'Cheryl,' I said, ' I have something to tell you.' 'Oh God!' She said, 'What is it? You aren't a serial killer are you?!' ' No' I answered. 'I'm not a serial killer. But I am living with someone, so if you come home with me you'll be having sex with both of us.' ' Oh God!' She said, rolling her eyes. ' The way you said that I thought it was going to be something bad.' On the way home she got undressed. I love doing that to women. I love playing with them, fingering their pussies and slapping their tits. I made her get out of the car that way and walk naked to the door, and wait for me to open it. As I walked in, I called out to Shanon, ' Hey Baby, come see what I found at the bar!' ' What is it?' He yelled back from the bedroom. ' It's a fuck-dolly Baby,a pretty, little, fuck doll for us to use.' 'No shit?!' Said Shanon, walking out of the bedroom, totally naked and sporting a huge hard-on. 'Wow, you weren't kidding. ' Said Shanon when he saw Cheryl, standing there naked in our hallway. That's when I grabbed Cheryl by the hair and put her on her knees. 'Suck his cock.' I told her. Then I went into the bedroom and put the toys by the bed. When I came back out I was naked, and Cheryl was really enjoying Shanon's cock.This was a huge turn on for me, so I continued to watch her for a few minutes before suggesting we all go into the bedroom. As Cheryl began to stand up, I wrapped my hand in her hair and keeping her on her knees, I had her crawl into the room.Shanon stretched out on the bed, stroking his big, fat cock, and I put Cheryl back between his legs. Her face in his crotch and her ass in the air. ' Don't stop what you're doing.' I told her as I began eating her pussy from the backside. Running my tongue all the way from her pussy to her asshole, and back. I stuck my tongue inside her ass as far as it would go.' Cheryl, spread your ass open for me.' I said, knowing this would take her hands off of Shanon's cock and allow him to really start fucking her face and throat. And sure enough the sloppy sounds of gagging and choaking soon followed. And I happily watched as Shanon put his cock in her mouth up to his belly, and held her there, while she turned beet red, and then began to struggle.We kept this up until poor Cheryl's face was a ruined mess of lipstick and mascara, spit, and snot, and tears. Then Shanon laid on his back and Cheryl mounted him, facing him, while I got a nice sized dildo out and began to lube up her ass. Shanon pulled her towards him, making it easier for me to slide the toy into her ass, and we both fucked her like this, until she came, bucking and screaming.Once she had recovered, I lay on my back, with Cheryl between my legs, her face in my pussy, and her ass in the air for Shanon to fuck and fill. She did a good enough job eating my pussy, but what got me off was watching Shanon fuck her ass. I could tell he was close to cumming, so I moved from under her and got my mouth close to her ass. As he pulled out of her, stroking his cock, I put my mouth on him and he exploded into it, filling it with his hot, sweet cum. I didn't spill a drop.As Shanon lay back on the bank of pillows at the head of the bed, I put Cheryl's ass in the air again and talking to her the whole time, I lubed up my hand and slowly worked it into her pussy. I began by just fingering her and getting her almost to the breaking point, and then backing off. Then I said, ' Cheryl, do you like the way this feels?' As I slid a third and then a fourth finger into her hot cunt. ' Oh God yes!' She answered. ' Oh fuck yes, mmm, that's good, oh fuck don't stop, mmm, oh yeah, fuck my little pussy.' As I cupped my hand and made the final push into her, she gasped and said, ' Are you fisting me?' 'Yes I am Cheryl. My entire hand and wrist are up inside your cunt.' And began fucking her in ernest. ' Oh GOD! Oh God! OH MY Fucking GOD!...yes yes, fuck me, oh my god, fuck me fuck me, fuck me...'Cheryl left a couple of hours later, in a cab I gladly paid for, and only after Shanon and I had fucked her a couple more times each. We lay snuggled up in our bed, smelling like sex, and drifted off to sleep, thankful to have found another who believed as we do, And thankful to have found one another.I saw a girl at work the other night. There was something about her, something hungry in her e

6/25/2008 3:07:43 AM
Uncle Jimmy  
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Walking home from school, shaking her ass, she knew she looked good. Not even the Catholic school uniform could disguise the fact that she had big tits, a tiny, little waist, and legs that seemed to go on for miles. She knew the boys at school liked her. but she didn't want any of them. She liked older guys.When she turned the corner, she could see her house, and she saw her uncle's car in the driveway. Uncle Jimmy was her dad's younger brother, a year or two younger than her dad. She liked Uncle Jimmy. He paid attention to her, listened to her, and when he looked at her, there was a little something extra in his eyes.' Hey Uncle Jimmy!' She said as she walked in the house. ' Well hello darlin'. I swear you get better looking every time I see you.' He said, planting a kiss on her forehead. ' Where's mom and dad?' She asked. ' Sugar, they had to go out of town in a hurry. Your mom's Aunt Lilly is real sick. But I'm going to stay with you and your brother till they get back. By the way where is your brother?' ' He's got football practice today, won't be home until around 5:30 or 6. Hey Uncle Jimmy, will you help me with my math homework? ' She asked, heading up the stairs to her room. She waited halfway up the stairs, knowing if he stuck his head around the corner, he'd be able to see up her skirt. Which And just like she hoped, Uncle Jimmy looked up at her and turned red as a beet. ' Sure dar...oh my God!' ' What's the matter Uncle Jimmy?' She asked him coyly, turning around and slowly unbuttoning her top. ' Haven't you ever seen a girl's ass before?' She walked back down the stairs towards him, removing her top and her bra. When she was directly in front of him she lifted her tits up, offering them to him, and jiggled them a little. ' Why you little slut!' Uncle Jimmy said grinning, 'Where did you learn to act this way?' ' What's the matter Uncle Jimmy? If it's good enough for my daddy it ought to be good enough for you. Daddy says I suck cock better than any whore...want me to prove it? C'mon, Please Uncle Jimmy, let me suck your cock...please.' As she turned her big, blue, eyes up to him, she took him by the hand and led him into her bedroom. Laughing she pushed him down on her bed. Then kneeling between his legs she undid his belt buckle, and unzipped his jeans. Reaching her hand into his pants, she stroked her uncle's cock and eased it out of his pants. ' Damn Uncle Jimmy! Your cock is way bigger than Daddy's. It's so long and fat! I think this is the biggest cock I've ever seen!' She spit into her cupped hand and began stroking the thick shaft. She swirled her tongue around the fat tip, and tasted the drop of precum that had oozed out. Then with a little giggle she began licking up and down the long, thick shaft, paying special attention to the balls, sucking each one into her hot, wet mouth. Then she slid her uncle's cock into her mouth and tried to ease it into her throat. Suddenly, her uncle pulled her head out of his lap. ' Wait! Stop! This can't be happening.I can't fuck my brother's little girl!' ' Sure you can Uncle Jimmy. Daddy fucks me all the time. I like it. Daddy taught me how to do everything real good. I promise you'll have a good time. Please Uncle Jimmy! Please fuck me. All Daddy's friends do it. And I like you alot more than my Dad's stupid buddies. Please...You can even fuck me in the ass...Please Uncle Jimmy.'Hours later, as her dear uncle lay sleeping, exhausted in her bed, she slipped into her parents room and got the digital camera out of the drawer. She would snap a couple of pictures of her uncle, naked, in her bed, download them onto the computer and print a few copies. She would show them to her uncle right after she apologized for lying to him about her dad and his buddies. She wondered exactly how much cash Jimmy had on him...she was grinning from ear to ear Uncle Jimmy Jun 29, 2008 5:43 am0 Views Walking home from school, shaking her ass, s

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He left her to her own devices the other night and told her to be creative. ' Exactly how creative? ' she wondered. She didn't think he'd want her to set the place on fire, but somehow, changing her hair color wasn't quite bold enough. ' I know! I'll bust out the boobs and the web cam!' A brilliant idea if she'd ever had one. Looking in her closet, wondering what to wear, and searching through the utility drawer for some type of rope, she pictured his face and tried to put herself in his mind. Scary place, but one that was becoming increasingly familiar.Feeling like she was getting ready for a date, she did her hair and makeup, put on a brand new pair of black, silk hose, a black, lace garter belt, a pair of lacy, black boy-shorts, and the black, patent leather, thigh-high boots she had been wearing the first time they had gone out together. That had been a very good night.She sat in front of the computer, turned on the web cam and adjusted all the settings. Then, looking up slightly, and directly into the camera, she slowly and precisely wound the length of black cotton rope around each of her breasts. She looked up into the lens of the camera often, as if she were looking into his crystal blue eyes. When she was finished, she ran her hands over her now bulging breasts, enjoying the firmness, and cupped her hands underneath each breasts, as if offering them to the unseen viewer.She opened the box containing the wooden clothespins and quickly clipped one onto each nipple. She flicked each one a couple of times, as she imagined he would have done, and then she lit a couple of candles. Holding the candles at an angle over her chest, the wax began to drip rapidly onto her tits. When she looked up into the camera there were genuine tears in her eyes.Setting the candles down she stood up and slowly removes the boy-shorts. Then she re-posiotoned the camera, sat down and spread her legs. Soon wax was dripping down onto her shaved pussy and covering her clit. She took her pyrex dildo with the flanged end out of it's little velvet bag, and spit on it, spreading the spit with her fingers. Then spitting on her fingers she turned her ass towards the camera and rubbed the moisture onto her tight little hole. She imagined his face as she pushed the thick glass cock into her ass. Once it was inside of her, she spread her legs a little wider and fucked her ass a couple of good deep strokes. Then leaving that dildo in her ass, she pulled out another slightly larger pyrex cock and slid it into her pussy. Checking over her shoulder, she re-positioned herself slightly, and then began to dp herself with ernest. She could feel herself beginning to cum and forced herself to stop. She didn't like cumming without him, and she knew he would be there soon enough. As she cleaned up her little mess,she watched the playback of the little movied she had just made and decided she looked pretty good for an old broadHe left her to her own devices the other night and told her to be creative. ' Exactly how crea

6/15/2008 11:06:02 AM
  She had to admit she liked the idea of men stroking their cocks while they looked at her naked body. She had to admit she liked being put on display. She liked being treated as an object, a toy, something to be used.   She liked being told to undress. She knew men wanted to see her tits. he knew they wanted to do things to them. Nasty, lewd, sometimes painful things, and that excited her.  She would cup her breasts and offer them to the man or men fucking her. She would arch her back and stick those big tits out, hoping they would be slapped, praying they would be tightly bound and abused.   She loved having her legs forced apart and her pussy opened up for anyone to see, or finger, or fuck. She loved being taken by a man with a big, thick cock. The harder he fucked her the better she liked it. Hard and deep and lots of it. She wanted to be forced to take it all.   And while she loved sucking a man's cock, what she really liked was being throat fucked. She wanted to gag, and choke, she wanted it rough. She liked looking up at a man, through tear-filled eyes, with the spit covering her face and dripping down over her tightly bound tits.  But the thing she liked the best, the thing she wanted most of all, was anal sex. She loved the feeling of having a big, thick cock deep in her ass, fucking her ass. There was nothing nastier a man could do to her. There was nothing that made her feel more like the dirty slut she knew she was. When a man was  fucking her that way, he owned her, she would do anything and everything he wanted her to do. And if she was being video taped, or if people were watching her it sent her over the top. Her orgasms could last forever, she became an animal. She became His animal.   She had to admit she liked the idea of men stroking their cocks while they looked at he

6/13/2008 11:03:54 PM
He had bound her breasts and they were turning a lovely shade of purple. He couldn't resist slapping them a few times and grabbing them roughly. The sound of her moaning made his cock swell and throb. He rubbed it across her full, pouty, lips. She complied by opening her mouth, as a well trained slut should comply, and she was well trained. He fucked her mouth going deeper with each stroke and encountered no resistance.  Sliding his thickness into her throat he held the back of her head, pushing her down further onto his cock and held her there. When he felt her begin to squirm, he hed her for a few more seconds, and then released her head. allowing her to gulp a few breaths of air. The sound of her gagging and the thick ropes of spit that fell from her mouth, turned him on even more. He was ready to fuck her.  He wanted her on top of him. That way he could watch her tightly bound breasts bounce as he fucked her.  'Ride my cock you filthy slut.' He said as he pushed into her hot, wet hole. He slapped her breasts and pinched her distended nipples as she worked her pussy up and down his thick, rock-hard shaft. This girl's pussy was tight. He would have to loosen her up if he wanted to fist her later. Grabbing her around her waist he flipped her onto her back and pushed her knees up towards her chest. He began to fuck her hard. Long, fast strokes that made her grunt and moan. Her pussy, although still firmly gripping his cock, began to loosen up. He pulled out of her completely and immediately shoved two fingers inside of her, working her pussy and stroking the walls of her hot cunt.   Pulling his fingers out of her he grabbed the bottle of lube and coated his hand and the outside of her cunt. Then quickly shoved four fingers into her, working them deep into her, and pullng them back out. Then cupping his fingers and thumb together, he slowly began to slide them into her. Slowly rotating his hand and pushing it ever deeper into her, turning and pushing, turning and pushing. 'Oh God!' the girl exclaimed as his knuckles entered her wet hole. 'There is no God here.' He replied as his hand was swallowed up by her hungry cunt. He slid his hand into her up to his wrist and then began truly fucking her and licking her clit.  She was no longer making any noise, but only whipping her head from side to side. He could feel her cunt muscles beginning to tighten around his hand and fist and he knew she was about to cum.  He felt the release of warm liquid all around his hand, felt the contractions of her cunt, waited for them to subside, and then slowly removed his hand from inside her. He gave her a deep kiss and rolled her over onto her stomach. 'Get on your knees my little slut. Point your fine ass into the air, and spread those cheeks for your daddy.' He said as he coated his rock-hard cock with more lube. Then placing his cock between the cheeks of her ass, he put the fat head directly on her rosebud asshole and pushed the tip inside her ass. He felt the ring of muscles pop as he slid his cock inside of her. He entered her with his entire length and held himself there waiting for the passage to accept the intrusion.  Then grabbing her by the hair he began to fuck her with log practised strokes, out to the tip, and back in balls deep. Her ass was even tighter than her pussy had been and he was ready to cum withing a few minutes.   Pulling out of her ass he positioned himself over her tits and sprayed his hot load over her chest, slapping her tortured breasts with his cock after emptying his balls. He would fuck her again.He had bound her breasts and they were turning a lovely shade of purple. He couldn't resist sl

6/6/2008 9:20:18 PM
The girl was naked. She was shivering. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was sitting on a wooden chair. There were three men in the room with her, but they did not speak to her or to eachother.Communicating with hand signals they removed their clothing and started stroking their cocks. The sound caused her to sit up a little straighter and push out her breasts. She knew what was expected of her. She was ready.One of the men approached her and rubbed his cock across her face. She opened her mouth and as he brushed against her lips, she licked along the shaft, moaning softly. The man allowed her to suck and lick his hard cock for a few minutes, then he stepped away and allowed one of the others to take his place. There were now five naked men in the room, waiting their turn, stroking themselves, and touching the girl. Soon they had her standing, fingering her pussy and grabbing her breasts. She felt herself being lowered onto the cock of a man who was sitting on the floor. As soon as she was settled, there was a cock at her mouth, and she began to suck. Someone untied her hands and sonn there was a cock in each one. Someone behind her pushed her forward, and she felt him push his cock into her tight, little ass. They fucked her like a dirty whore, grabbing her breasts and spitting on her ass and into her mouth. Every so often they would all change positions, but her holes and her hands were always full. The rhythm of their thrusts were increasing and she could tell they were going to begin cumming.First she felt the man in her ass, pull out and cum all over her back. When he presented his wilting cock to her mouth the man she had been sucking took his place, but not before the man in her pussy pulled out of her and sprayed his hot cum all over her flat belly. For the first time since the fucking had started her pussy was empty. It seemed her ass was the favorite hole and she was put on her knees with her face against the floor. The remaining three men, took their turns fucking her gaping ass, two of them chosing to cum on her face, and the last one in her mouth. One by one they presented their cocks to her mouth for her to clean, and then left her alone. When she removed the blindfold,she was smiling, covered in cum, well fucked, and quite a happy little slut. She couldn't wait to watch the video.The girl was naked. She was shivering. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was sitting

6/6/2008 9:19:35 PM
He wanted to watch me take off my clothes. I wanted to make him happy, and, I wanted to turn him on. I began to unbutton my shirt, smiling and looking him straight in the eye. When all the buttons were open, I slowly slid the shirt off my shoulders, and turned my back to him. I gave him a look over my shoulder as I dropped the shirt to the floor and reached behind my back and unhooked my bra. As it slid off my breasts I cupped them in my hands and turned back to face him. I gave them a squeeze and pushed them up towards my face,and began licking and kissing my nipples. I moved towards him, offering my breasts to him, and allowed him to suck each one briefly before pulling away. I gave my nipples a nice, hard tweak, and then slapped each one.His cock was getting hard inside his pants and he began stroking it. As I unzipped my jeans and rolled them down past my hips, he took his now fully erect cock out of his pants and worked it while he stared at me. I stepped out of my jeans and bent over, touching the floor, to give him a good view of my ass and my pussy. ThenI stood up, and rolled my panties halfway down my ass. As I turned to face him I pulled my panties up into my pussy and tugged it a few times. Then, cupping one breast, I slid my other hand down and cupped my pussy, sliding a finger into my hot, little hole. I pulled my finger out of my pussy and stuck it in his mouth. As he sucked on it I pulled my panties off and held them to my face. Then, tossing him the panties, I bent over again and spread my ass with both hands. That's when he stuffed the panties in his mouth and motioned for me to approach him.I walked slowly over to him and he gave me a long, deep kiss, looking into my eyes. I straddled him as he sat on the bed and slowly slid his big, hard cock into my hot, little hole. It was so big. He put his hands on my hips and we both began grinding into each other. I leaned towards him and wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing and biting him. I whispered into his ear, telling him all the filthy things I wanted him to do to me. Suddenly, he flipped me onto my back, pushed my knees up to my chest and began to seriously pound my cunt. After a few seconds of his fat cock working me, I began to cum, my pussy tightening around his cock. But he was not going to let me off so easily. He pulled his cock out of me and positioned me on my knees with my ass in the air. I arched my back pushing my pussy up as he slid himself into me. He reached around and began rubbing my clit with one hand, and fingering my asshole with the other. I began to shake and as I came for him, I squirted all over his cock and his belly. He rubbed my juice all over his face and leaned down to kiss me before pushing his cock into my ass. I could feel his balls slapping my wet pussy as he fucked my ass. Every stroke was balls deep and before long he groaned and I could feel his hot cum shooting into my ass. Without taking his cock out of me, we both fell, exhausted on our sides, curled up like two spoons in a drawer.He wanted to watch me take off my clothes. I wanted to make him happy, and, I wanted to turn h

5/25/2008 11:50:51 PM
Wrapping my long hair around his fist, he pulled me down, until I was at his knees. Then he said,' What's my name?' Nothing he hadn't done before, only this time we were in public, and people were watching us. I didn't even blink. 'Daddy.' I answered,looking him in the eye. ' You're my Daddy.' 'Awww, you're giving me a hard-on. Feel.' Lovingly I stroked his stiffening cock through his Levi's. ' Take your clothes off, I'm going to fuck you right here.' Without hesitation I began removing my top. As I lifted it over my head, he stopped me, ' You'd really do it wouldn't you?' 'In a heart-beat Daddy.'Wrapping my long hair around his fist, he pulled me down, until I was at his knees. Then he sa

5/25/2008 11:50:14 PM
Fucking Other People  
May 4, 2008 1:40 pm127 Views  
I just had the hottest conversation with my boyfriend, Shanon, about fucking other people. 'Tell me how you feel about including other people in our sex life.' He said, looking me square in the face, with those beautiful crystal blue eyes. ' I think it would be a lot of fun as long as certain ground rules were established and followed.' I answered, a bit apprehensively. ' I'm not sure I want to watch you fuck a bunch of guys.' He said, scooping me into his arms. ' Well, I wouldn't just be fucking a bunch of guys. I'd be fucking whoever you told me to fuck, because I would be your little fuck doll, and eager to please you. I mean you know how much you love it when I suck your cock. Well imagine watching me suck another guy's cock, while you are deep in my ass, your hands buried in my hair, forcing my head down, listening to the sounds of my gasping for air, my choking, while you are pounding my ass, making me take all of your big, fat cock. Fuck! My pussy's wet just talking about it!' 'You have a point.' He said.'And just think how hot it would be to see me abuse another woman. Knowing how I get off on spanking a slutty bottom. Watching me open up her pussy and her ass with my cruel and demanding fingers. Having me drag her over to where you are sitting, and order her to ' suck Daddy's dick', while I fuck her pussy with my fist. I know I would love to watch you shoot your cum all over her face and then wipe it off with my pussy while she eats me out.Doesn't that sound good to you Daddy?' I asked him as I lay naked on the bed in front of him. ' It does give a man something to think about.' He answered...slowly. Fucking Other People May 4, 2008 1:40 pm127 Views I just had the hottest conversatio

5/25/2008 11:49:37 PM
Well, there I was, naked, sweaty,swearing. Doing my level best to grind my pussy into the poor girl's face,and devour Shanon's cock with my ass. Not really thinking about much else except for the carnal feast in front of me, and he said it, he said, 'IT'. You know, those three little words, every girl wants to hear. He said them to me. Directly to me, looking me in the eye. Not, 'I love the way you fuck me.' Not, 'love ya babe.' He said , ' I love you.' I stared at him like a total moron. I stared at him like I was having a stroke or had lost my mastry of the English language. I stopped fucking...briefly. He looked at me with a puzzled expression on his handsome face, and said, 'Did you hear me?' I nodded my head, still staring at him like he was going to sprout another head, ' You said you love me...are you sure? I mean, don't say it if you aren't sure, because...' That was as far as I got,before he grabbed my head and kissed me hard, and then bit the shit out of my neck. He bit me so hard I damn near peed myself. ' Yes you goofy, magical bitch, I'm fucking sure. You 'get' me. You understand my quirks, my perversions. You accomodate my kinks. You share women with me. You suck my cock like your life depends on it. And you look at me with those eyes of yours, the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen, and I've never seen anything or anyone I've ever wanted more. You are the nastiest, filthiest, most perverted little slut, it has ever been my pleasure to fuck, and I fucking love you.' ' Okay'. I said. ' As long as you're sure.'Well, there I was, naked, sweaty,swearing. Doing my level best to grind my pussy into the poor

5/25/2008 11:49:05 PM
When Somebody Loves You  
May 15, 2008 9:14 am48 Views  
I wanted him to love me, but then again, I didn't. I was afraid if he loved me it would ruin everything. He would forget about doing and being all the wonderful, exciting, sexually 'forbidden', things he had done and been, that had attracted me to him in the first place. He wouldn't want to share me. He would 'make love' to me instead of, straight-up 'fucking' me. He wouldn't want to call me all those horribly nasty names I love to be called, like, 'fuck-hole', and 'dirty whore'. I was terrified I was going to lose the best lover I had ever had. I should have had a little more faith in the perverted son of a fist-fucking bitch.'You didn't think I was going to take it easy on your slutty, little ass, just because I fell in love with you, did you?' He asked me sweetly as he swatted my ass with the ping pong paddle. ' You take your fucking clothes off and present that ass to me, or I'll twist your fucking tits off, my lovely little fuck-hole. Daddy feels like raping your butt-hole tonight.' ' Yes, Sir!' I said, grin stretching from ear to ear. ' Good girl. Now while you're doing that Daddy has a little surprise for you in the car.' I quickly took off all my clothes and positioned myself on the floor with my ass in the air, my face on the floor, and spread my ass-cheeks open with both of my hands. I had just finished positioning myself when I heard them walk in. 'Oh my!' The girl with him exclaimed at the sight of my naked and spread open ass. ' This is my cunt.' He said to the girl. ' Only I may call her that. You may call her Miss, Miss Fanny, Momma, or Ma'am. Now be a good girl and take your clothes off.' He said as he began to work his fingers into my pussy and ass. Once the girl was naked he pushe his fingers into her mouth and then had her spit on them. As she assumed the position he worked his spit-covered fingers into my ass. ' You are such a nasty slut. ' He said to me. ' You have three of my fingers deep in your ass and I can tell you want more.' He walked over the the big recliner and unzipped his pants as he sat down.' Well baby, you know what to do, for Daddy, don't you?' Without a word I stood up, wrapped my hand in the girl's hair and had her crawl over to his chair. ' Suck cock bitch', I said to her. ' Get it nice and wet because it's going in my ass.' Then taking his hand, whose fingers had been in my ass, I stuck those fingers in my mouth and began licking and sucking, tasting my ass. ' Oh you dirty whore.' He said to me. ' Bend over that bed.' Not wanting to leave the girl out in the cold. I positioned her on her back underneath me, and as he slowly stuffed his hard cock into my ass, she buried her face in my pussy, and I buried mine in hers. My ass opened up for his cock within a few strokes, and he was fucking me balls deep, occasionally taking his cock out of me and sliding it down the girls throat. I could feel myself beginning to cum, but before I could ask, he whispered to me. ' Daddy wants you to cum all over his cock baby-girl. Milk Daddy's cock with your tight ass, baby. Then Daddy's gonna fill your ass with his cum and let the girl eat it out of you. Would you like that you fucking slut?' ' Oh fuck yes Daddy!' Oh Fuck Yes! When Somebody Loves You May 15, 2008 9:14 am48 Views I wanted him to love me, but th

5/25/2008 11:48:26 PM
When You Look At Me  
May 26, 2008 2:19 am26 Views  
I love it when you look at me,and take me to my knees.Your hands in my hair, guiding me.You speak to me so seductively,I live only to obey.I love the way you look at me,I open up to you,and crawl across the floor,I am your dirty whore,your slut, your hole, and so much more. I only live to please. You take me to my knees.When I'm alone with you and you just look at me When You Look At Me May 26, 2008 2:19 am26 Views I love it when you look at me,and t

4/21/2008 5:44:12 AM
    The Urge to Fuck You                                                                                 so... if you tied me to the bed,tied my hands above my head,and then spread my legs so wide, to slide your fingers up inside...and as I lay there on the bed,my hands tied way above my head,my lovely legs so widely spread,would my hunger then be fed?  
    The Urge to Fuck You          

4/21/2008 5:43:16 AM
   The Taste of the Fear                                                                                   The blood has all dried. The bruises have faded. Now there is only the memory to sustain me. And well I remember the way that you held me and the taste of the fear in my mouth.  
   The Taste of the Fear           

4/17/2008 4:46:27 AM
Nasty Bitch (cont.)                                           I would watch as he held her hair up out of  
the way. I would watch as she licked around the head of his cock and up  
and down the shaft. I would listen to him moan with pleasure. Then I  
would walk over to him and kiss him deeply before turning my attention  
to the girl between his legs. " Take your hand away love." I would say,  
as I gently pushed her head lower and lower. " And look up at him when  
he's fucking your face." Then I would position myself behind her and  
begin tongue fucking her ass. The sound of him sliding that big, hard  
cock in and out of her throat, always turned me on and my ass-eating  
became inspired. I could often get 3 or sometimes even 4 fingers deep  
inside the girls ass without so much as a whimper. And if there was any  
objection on her part, I would suggest she play with her clit, after  
all, it's not like she was using her hands for anything else. As  
soon as he felt himself beginning to cum, he would pull out of the  
girl's mouth and shoot his hot, slippery load all over her face. She  
never had to worry about wiping it off because that's when I'd straddle  
her messy mug and tell her to," Eat mommy's pussy, like a good little  
whore, or I'll spank your ass until it blisters." He would lay back and  
watch until he was ready for more. I always loved putting on a good  
show for him. I'd let the girl eat my pussy just enough to get me  
going. Then I'd flip her onto her belly and go back to loosening up  
that ass. Depending on my mood, I'd end up fucking her ass with one of  
our 5 butt plugs. Sometimes I'd have both ends of a double dildo in her  
ass, using the middle like a handle, with a vibe on her clit, until she  
came. Then I'd teach her all about her g-spot, and show her how to  
squirt, until she came a few more times before falling exhausted at my  
feet. That's when I'd straddle her face again and tilt my ass up.  
Feeling him enter my tight little hole in that position was always a  
huge turn-on for me. I liked it when he would pull his cock out of my  
ass, and slide it into the girls mouth, and then back into my gaping  
ass. It never took me very long to cum that way and when my tight, hot  
ass began clenching around his cock, it wasn't long before he filled me  
full of cum. Then as he lay back I would lovingly clean him off with my  
mouth, and then call for our guest to receive his cum from my ass,  
which I would then kiss from her mouth into my own, show it to him and  
then swallow every drop. Then turning to the girl, I would kiss her and  
ask if she was up for round 2?  
Nasty Bitch (cont.)            &

4/17/2008 4:45:41 AM
Nasty Bitch                                                 What a nasty little bitch you are!" He said  
with a smile on his handsome face. " I really can't wait to watch you  
fuck another woman." " Well why wait?" I asked him. "Why can't we go  
find a woman to fuck?" So that's how it started. Every so often  
we would come across a woman both of us found attractive, who responded  
to us, and we would take her home. He liked to watch me pick them up.  
It always made him laugh how much easier it was for me than it was for  
him. I'd chat the girl up, maybe buy her a drink, dance with her, and  
then, suggest we step outside for some air. He would walk up while I  
was kissing her. I would introduce them and then usually I would ride  
with the woman, in her car,and we would all go back to our place.  
Usually by the time we arrived she would be naked from the waist up,  
nipples hard as rocks,and breasts jutting out and eager for more  
attention. I would remove the rest of her clothes in the living room,  
lay her back on the couch and watch as he kissed her and played with  
her tits. Sometimes I would get a few ice cubes, and press one up  
against her clit, watching her squirm while it melted. Then I would  
strip, slowly, allowing him to run his hands over my body while she  
watched. Then, taking another ice cube from the bowl, I would slip it  
inside her pussy, holding it there with my finger, while I began  
licking and sucking on her pussy. When she would begin to grind herself  
on my face, I would stop, pull back and grab her, not too roughly, by  
the hair. I would lift her to her feet, then get her on her knees, and  
with my hand still in her hair, I would make her crawl over to him, and  
place her head in his lap. " Suck his cock, you filthy, little, slut.  
Momma wants to watch." I would say as I sat down and began to play with  
my pussy. Knowing he was feeling what she was doing to him while he was  
watching me, I would exaggerate my movements, and often just hold my  
lips open, so he had a real good view of my open wet hole.  
Nasty Bitch             

4/8/2008 7:37:48 AM
You are such a slut! " He said  
with a smile. " Oh my God! " I replied. " You know I love it when you  
talk so sweet to me! " " Take your clothes off slut. Make my dick  
hard." " Your dick is already hard!" But I knew what he wanted. I  
slowly unzipped my skirt, and let it fall down my legs, exposing my  
stockings and garter. I spread my legs and opened up my pussy with one  
hand. Slowly sliding my finger into my cunt I turned away from him and  
began to unbutton my blouse. I dropped the silk into his lap, reached  
behind my back and undid my bra, dropping it into his lap as well. I  
put my hands on the arms of the chair, leaned forward and shook my 36  
DD's right in his face. When he reached for them I moved away. I walked  
to the closet, removed a length of white cotton clothesline from the  
dresser drawer and dropped it into his lap. " Tie my tits up Daddy." I  
asked him. " Tie them up nice and tight." I didn't have to ask twice.  
It wasn't long before my breasts were turning a lovely shade of purple  
and became extremely sensitive to the touch. He removed his belt and  
lightly slapped my tits. Then he picked up the hairbrush and ran the  
bristles across them several times. Then grabbing my hair and forcing  
me to my knees he pulled his thick cock out of his pants and beat it  
against my aching breasts. " Suck my cock whore." He said grabbing my  
hair again and forcing my head down. " And look at me when I'm fucking  
your face. That's my good little hole." He forced his cock deeper and  
deeper into my mouth and down my throat. I gagged and tried to pull  
away but he wouldn't let me. My eyes watered, my nose ran, I could feel  
vomit in the back of my throat, my vision began to dim. Just as I was  
passing out he pulled his cock from my throat. Lifting me by my hair he  
threw me face down onto the bed. The pain in my breasts flared and I  
cried out. I tried to push up with my arms but he pushed me back down.  
Then grabbing me by my hips he lifted my ass into the air. " On your  
knees whore." was all he said before roughly shoving his cock into me. "  
Fuck girl your pussy is so tight! " He said slapping my ass hard and  
thrusting deep. " Oh Daddy fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" I shouted  
feeling myself on the verge of cumming. " Slow down girl, I have a  
surprise for you." Saying that he leaned forward and took a fat dildo I  
had never seen before out of the drawer in the night stand. Spitting on  
it he then began shoving it into my pussy which was already full with  
his fat cock. " Oh my God! Oh my God!" I whispered, not believing  
anything else could fit in my tight little hole. Slowly he worked the  
monster into me. Pushing it in and out and fucking me open. Finally  
when the dildo was in me as far as it could go, he held it there and  
began pounding me with his own fat tool. Harder and harder he fucked  
me. Slapping my ass, pushing his thumb into my ass, calling me his  
slut, and spitting on my pussy. My release started somewhere  
outside of the universe and came up my toes and shot out the top of my  
head. As my spasming cunt milked his cock he also released and pumped  
load after load into my well-fucked hole. Then slowly untying my  
breasts, he turned me over and kissed me. " You are such a slut!" He  
whispered as he fell asleep.  
You are such a slut! " He said with a smile. " Oh my God! " I replied. "

4/8/2008 7:37:02 AM
When I was a little girl,  
growing up in Odessa, Texas, momma washed our clothes in a tub with a  
wringer, then she hung them on the line outside to dry. I use to love  
running underneath the bed sheets as they began to dry. God help you if  
you pulled one of them off the line, into the dirt,or forgot about the  
Popsicle that was still in your hand. Momma would make you pay. She  
would snatch up a piece of that very same clothes line and whip your  
ass, holding you up by one arm and punctuating her speech with blows.  
So there it was, something I loved so much, and derived so much  
pleasure from, permanently linked with punishment and pain and a  
sincere desire for release. A pervert was born. I was fascinated with  
that cotton rope. Seems like I always had a piece of it with me. When  
no one was watching I would pull it out and violently whip the shit out  
of all my dolls. When whipping them wasn't enough, I developed  
elaborate dual hanging devices and hung most of my dolls over the  
railing of our front porch. I was 6 at the time. It caused concern  
among our neighbors. Alot of kids weren't allowed to play with me. I  
didn't care. I continued to whip them in private and hang them in  
public. As I grew older, I added to my rope collection, but the  
white, cotton, clothes line remained my favorite. I spent hours in my  
room, as a teenager, trying to find the best way to restrain myself, by  
myself. I felt like I was the only person on the planet who derived  
sexual pleasure from being restrained with white, cotton, clothes line.  
Luckily that was not true. When I was 12, my parents sent me to  
Girl Scout Camp, for two weeks. At first it was the usual, sickening  
camp fires and nature walks. But on the third night, my cabin  
"kidnapped" our counselor, tied her to a tree, and painted her face  
yellow. Suddenly there I was living my fantasy, in a socially  
acceptable setting! Pre-pubescent girls, in baby doll pajamas hopping  
all around, laughing and teasing the 18 year old 'victim',who was tied  
to a tree, and wearing a paint drenched t-shirt, no bra, and sporting  
two of the hardest nipples I had ever seen. I knew what I had to  
do. Once I was back home, I began inviting my girlfriends over, one at  
a time, to spend the night. I hit pay dirt with the third invitation.  
As Emily lay next to me that night, whispering and giggling, I placed  
my hand on her breast. " Gee Em, your breasts are really nice. Can I  
see them? Please? Just lift up your top. Oh wow, Em, they're so pretty.  
I think you should let me kiss them. Shh. Don't worry, we won't get  
caught. But I'll tell you what. I'll tie your hands up above your head  
and that way if my parents should come in you can say I made you do it,  
and it won't be your fault." Reaching under my pillow I pulled out  
a couple of sections of my white, cotton, clothes line, and before you  
could say, " First lesbian bdsm experience, I had little Emily, quiet  
little Emily, bound, gagged, and bucking her hips, trying to stuff more  
of her pussy into my mouth. By the time I released her, she was no  
longer a virgin, having been violated by several of my fingers, an  
empty Coke bottle, and the handle of my hairbrush. By the time she  
moved away six months later, I had even taken the cherry from her ass.  
And it all started with white, cotton, clothes line.  
When I was a little girl, growing up in Odessa, Texas, momma washed our clothes in a tub wit

4/8/2008 7:24:43 AM
As He Turns Me Over   ( cont. )  My legs are spread. Tied to the  
bed. My hands above my head. He lays down next to me and runs his hand  
up and down my body. He strokes my face and kisses me, never taking his  
eyes from my face,his hand glides over my belly. I have goosebumps.  
Moaning. " Please Daddy. Please." He slides a finger into my warm, wet  
pussy. Never taking his eyes from my face he slides his finger into his  
mouth and tastes me for the very first time. He closes his eyes and  
kisses me. " Oh God baby. Oh my God."  
    As He Turns Me Over   ( cont. )  My legs are spread. Tied t

4/8/2008 7:24:18 AM
As He Turns Me Over   I look into his eyes as he turns  
me over. Those piercing blue eyes...I'm so nervous...god! How he makes  
me tremble. He runs his hands along the length of my body. My back  
arches. I will do anything to keep his contact with my skin. He rolls  
my hard nipples between his fingers. Pinching and twisting them until I  
cry out. "Please!" " Shhh! Little one. Patience, my love. Patience." He  
ties me to the bed.  
     As He Turns Me Over   I look into his eyes as he turns me

4/8/2008 7:23:47 AM
Friends With the Ex   He had me email pictures of my  
tits to his ex-wife. They are still great friends. It took them a  
number of years to get to this point. Initially they hated each other  
with a passion. But when she remarried, to one of his best friends, he  
was the one that gave her away. She's a pretty, little thing, his  
ex-wife. Dark hair, green eyes, tiny little waist, big tits, nice ass,  
and totally perverted. She swears she's going to take me away from him.  
He's not worried. He has no reason to be. So, at his request, I sent  
her a couple of pictures of 'the girls'. I also sent her a couple of  
pictures of my ass. Now she knows she isn't the only one. She  
wants to fuck me while her husband is tied up and forced to watch. I  
hated to tell her she wouldn't be fucking me, I'd be fucking her. I  
know just how I'd do it too. I can see her crawling around on the  
floor, clover clamps on her nipples, butt plug stuck up her ass, the  
kind with the horses tail on the protruding end. Asking me very sweetly  
for permission to eat my pussy. I can see me pulling her head back by  
that long, dark hair, and spitting into her open mouth. I might even  
let her make me cum. I can see her on her hands and knees, with  
that nice ass pointed in the air, accepting one, then two, then, three,  
four fingers, and finally my entire hand inside her ass. Then while my  
hand is still inside of her, I will ask her to tell her poor husband,  
who it is that owns her. I will make her say," I am Lady Fanny's fuck  
hole. I belong only to Her." Then perhaps, if I am feeling generous, I  
will allow my fuck toy to service the poor cuckold. I haven't decided  
    Friends With the Ex   He had me email pictures of my tits to hi

4/8/2008 7:23:23 AM
Chosen     I asked for it. I asked for it  
and I got it. In spades! I wanted someone to fuck the living shit out  
of me and that's what I got. It was fucking incredible. All I had to do  
was whisper the least little kinky thing that turned me on and, the  
next thing you know, we were doing it. I told him I liked being a  
bad girl and getting my spankings over Daddy's knee. Two seconds later  
I was in big trouble and "Daddy" was warming up his hand. He made me  
take off my pants and my panties and stand in front of him while he  
went down a laundry list of things I had done wrong. As he verbally  
prepared me he circled me and looked me up and down in the most  
possessive fashion. He squeezed my breasts and twisted my nipples  
through my shirt. Then he had me spread my legs and he spanked my pussy  
with an upward motion of his hand. On the last spank his hand lingered  
on my, now hot and throbbing, little mound, and he quickly inserted a  
finger into my pussy. Then leaving his finger inside of me, he sat on  
the side of the bed and positioned me across his lap. He rubbed his  
hand over my ass a few times before he landed the first smack. It was  
harder then I had expected. That's when I realized he was serious. The  
next five or six swats reddened my ass, and left finger-shaped welts on  
my cheeks. He kissed me as he stood me up and asked if there was  
anything he needed to know before fucking my ass. I told him I always  
liked a warm,soapy, enema before any kind of serious anal sex, and 10  
minutes later I was holding my ankles in the bathroom as he filled me  
up with warm, soapy water. He gave me the option of immediately  
elimination the water or trying to see how long I could hold it for "  
Daddy ". I have to say I didn't last very long, but then I'm not use to  
holding my water while a 5 speed vibrator is held on my clit.  
Now, with my ass nice and clean, he set about preparing me to take his  
big, thick cock. He started with his fingers, and a lot of lube. He was  
gentle and patient, and before long he had four fingers inside my ass.  
Two on each side of my asshole, stretching and spreading it. He  
whispered to me what a pretty, little fuck toy I was, and how he was  
going to fuck and fill my hot, nasty, ass. He called me his little  
whore, and his favorite fuck hole, and every so often he would drop his  
spit into my ass, and work it in with his fingers. By the time he  
actually put his cock into my ass, I was begging him for it, begging  
him to fuck me, begging him to fuck my hot, wet, ass. He fucked me so  
good I wanted to cry. By the time he was done my ass was a gaping,  
cum-filled hole and I was his forever.  
      Chosen     I asked for it. I asked for it

4/8/2008 7:22:42 AM
To Make You See  ( cont. )   He hadn't cleaned her up from the  
night before and he knew she was hungry. He put some scrambled eggs in  
a dog dish and filled another dog dish with water. She'd learn to eat  
and drink out of them if she knew what was good for her. Her eyes  
opened the second he stepped into the room. She sat up and tried to  
back against the wall. He laughed and set down the dishes. He went and  
got an old coffee can out of the back of his truck and set it down for  
her indicating it was her toilet. She began to cry. The sound of her  
distress made his dick hard. He removed the gag from her mouth and  
allowed her a few seconds to adjust. Then he brutally shoved his cock  
into her mouth. To his surprise she accepted it and actually began  
trying to suck on it. But it wasn't a blow job he was after. He grabbed  
the back of her head and skull fucked her, ignoring her gagging and  
choking, which only made him harder and more eager to cum. He fucked  
her face, slapping her every time she turned her eyes away. By the time  
he unloaded on her pretty face, she knew what was expected of her. He  
filled her face with cum, leaving the gag off as a reward for her  
acceptance, and left the building. He had some toys to buy. He would be  
back in a few hours and her training would really begin.  
    To Make You See  ( cont. )   He hadn't cleaned her up from

4/8/2008 7:22:02 AM
To Make You See    He was thinking that maybe, by  
now, she had thought about his offer some more, and her answer would be  
different. He was hopeful. Her situation had certainly changed from the  
first time he asked her. That first time he had been a wreck. He hadn't  
been in control. This time he was the one in charge. That first time  
she had been in familiar surroundings, free to move about, independent.  
This time, she was, to be blunt, his prisoner. He had broken into her  
apartment and waited for her to come home. He had subdued her,  
blindfolded her, tied her up, and driven her to a warehouse, out in the  
middle of nowhere. That first time he had been in awe of her. Her  
beautiful clothes, her makeup, the way she smelled. This time, she was  
stripped naked, mer makeup was smeared all over her face, and she had  
pissed herself in her fright. She was little more than an animal to him  
now and he intended to treat her like an animal until she came to her  
senses. He also intended to fuck her like an animal. He planned on  
fucking every hole she had and he wasn't going to be nice about it. He  
planned on fisting her, forcing her to orgasm, and having a few of his  
friends come around for gangbangs, two or three times a week. He  
looked at her, tied down, gagged, eyes huge with fear, and he wanted  
her. He could feel his cock hardening underneath his pants. His pulse  
quickened. He began slapping and pinching her breasts. She was crying  
behind the gag. It made his cock hard just to hear the pitiful sound of  
her voice. He shoved two fingers inside her pussy, pulled them out,  
spit on them and began fucking her with them. She moaned like a whore.  
He took out his cock and shoved it brutally inside of her. Her mouth  
widened, as if she wanted to scream, but no sound came out. He pounded  
her pussy unmercifully, until at last he felt himslef beginning to cum.  
Then, pulling out of her, he shot his hot, slippery load all over her  
face, breasts, and belly. Then he pulled up his pants, twisted her  
nipple and left the building. It was enough for one day.  
  To Make You See    He was thinking that maybe, by now, she had thought

4/8/2008 7:21:35 AM
   What's A Girl Gotta Do?   Excuse me, but what do you have to do to get fucked around here? I'm  
not talking your standard fuck, I'm talking about the sweat in your  
eyes, bent over, can't get enough of your cock, all-night fuck...they  
still make them don't they? I'm not asking for the world. I'm not  
asking for anything I'm not willing to give myself. I just want a guy  
that's going to use me the way I was meant to be used. I want him to  
tie my hands back and force feed me his cock. I want to look up at him  
through tear-filled eyes, with his cock fucking my throat, and spit  
dripping down my face and onto my naked breasts. I want him to grab and  
squeeze, and pinch and slap my breasts. I want him to bind them, oil  
them up and fuck them. I want him to spread my legs and fuck my pussy  
hard enough to make me squirt, and then I want him to fuck my ass hard  
enough to make me scream. I want to be bent over his lap and spanked  
until my ass is bright red and throbbing. I want my legs tied open and  
my pussy spanked, and fingered and fisted, until I can't take anymore.  
I want to be used hard and used well, and then I want to be kissed and  
cuddled and cleaned up and put to bed. I want to be whispered to about  
all the fuckings to come.  
   What's A Girl Gotta Do?   Excuse me, but what do you have to do to ge

4/8/2008 7:21:08 AM
Did You Have a Good Day at School?   She was going to be in so much  
trouble if her parents found out. Her mom would tie her to the whipping  
chair and punish her breasts. She could handle that. Her dad would  
chain her to the wall in the basement and cane her, whip her and crop  
her tits. Then he would fuck someone else right in front of her face  
and make her lick his cock and the cunt he had just finished fucking.  
That she could not handle. It always bothered her when dad fucked  
someone else. Even mom. She had to talk to Mr. L. Almost in a panic  
she ran for the teacher's office. What if he had already called her  
parents? She didn't want to think about that. Mr L. was alone in his  
office when she knocked. " I suppose you've come to talk to me about  
calling your parents." He said coldly when he saw it was her. " Yes,  
Sir. I know I should be punished but you don't understand what that  
means to people like my parents." She turned her back to him and  
dropped her skirt to the floor. " Oh my God! Child, you are a master  
piece of cane work. I've never seen such exquisite detail in scarring  
before. Whoever did this to you wanted you unmistakably marked for  
life. A great deal of thought and care went into you, do you realize  
that?" Suddenly she felt dizzy,as if she might vomit, it was no use, he  
was one of them. She felt blackness over take her. When she opened  
her eyes she was still in her teachers office but she was suspended off  
the floor. She could not turn her head, her hair had been worked into a  
restraint, she was somewhere in between sitting up and laying back but  
her legs had been spread wide, her breasts were bound and her hands  
were above her head. " I called your let them know you  
were helping me with an after school project. I have decided to use you  
and your situation to my advantage. If you displease me in any way I  
will notify your parents of your original offense, and I will inform  
them of this betrayal, with me as well. Do you understand?" " Yes Sir". " Good, lets begin."She  
was at his mercy, but there was no mercy to be found that day. She was  
forced to suck his long, thick cock.He slapped her face every time he  
looked at her and she was not looking up at him. Her pain and confusion  
earned her several more slaps. She was trapped. She was a fuck toy .  
She was a hole. That first day Mr. L used her very well.  
    Did You Have a Good Day at School?   She was going to be in so m

4/8/2008 7:20:35 AM
Family Ties    It's time you stepped up and  
became the man of this family." His mother said. " Step up? What are  
you talking about? I have stepped up. I have a job after school, and I  
give you all my money, what else do you want?" The boy replied angrily.  
" Well," she said looking down at the rug, " there are certain things  
your father use to do for me. Things I need done very badly and you're  
the only one who can help me." She took him by the hand and led him  
into the bedroom his parents had shared before his father died. She sat  
on the edge of the bed and opened up her robe just a little. Then  
reaching her arms up behind her head she let down her long brown hair.  
" Come here." She said to him in a whisper. " Come touch me, put your  
hands on me. Don't be afraid. It's really very natural. I can teach you  
so much." Silently he walked toward her. As he neared the bed, she  
shook off her robe and sat before him naked. Her breasts were large and  
firm. Her skin was smooth. He slowly reached out his hand and cupped  
her left breast. Without thinking he rubbed his thumb across her nipple  
and watched amazed as it sprang to life. " Good boy." She said " Now  
suck on it."  
   Family Ties    It's time you stepped up and became the man of th

4/8/2008 7:20:00 AM
Just To Feel  ( cont. )   When he was ready he would fuck  
her. He would lay her down, untie her hands, and stand above her as he  
took off his belt. Depending on his mood he might use the end of that  
belt to slap her aching, throbbing breasts. He might just tell her to  
spread her legs. Looking down on her naked and bound body, he would  
stroke his cock, still wet from her mouth, taking the time to enjoy the  
sight of her trembling beneath him. Then he would attach more of the  
clothes pins to her shaved, smooth pussy lips, saving the ones for her  
clit for the very last. Then he would flick at them with his fingers.  
He loved the sight of her, helpless, struggling to keep her legs  
spread, moaning with the pain and aroused. Her pussy would be so wet it  
would glisten. Her pussy would be so wet it would makes sucking sounds  
as he pushed the fat glass dildo in and out of her. He loved  
watching her struggle with the obvious pain she felt and the obvious  
pleasure. He knew it was that very struggle that released the true  
inner slut that she was. An animal needing only to be fucked. She would  
open herself to him, allowing him, indeed, begging him to keep fucking  
her. Her bound breasts moving violently with every stroke turned him on  
so much he would have to fuck her or at least fist her, his need  
becoming so much greater than her own. Patiently he would work his hand  
inside of her. Finger by finger, coating his hand in lube, he would  
push his hand inside of her, listening to her almost scream at him  
because it felt so fucking good. When she came her pussy would squeeze  
his hand and wrist and forearm with a strength that always surprised  
him. She would grip him so hard he sometimes wondered if his wrist  
would snap. With her pussy still squeezing wave after wave of  
convulsions around his hand, he would roughly knock off the clothes  
pins attached to her lips and clit. Then slowly removing his hand from  
inside of her he would roll her over onto her belly and pour some lube  
between the cheeks of her ass. Using his long, thick fingers, he  
would lovingly oil her rosebud asshole. Without being told she would  
prop up on her knees, pushing her pussy up, exposing both of her wet  
holes to him for the real fucking she knew was coming. He would slide  
as many as 4 of his fingers in and out of her hole, opening it wider  
and wider to take his massive cock. Then he would plunge the entire  
length of his meat, violently into her hole. Sometimes she would  
immediately begin to cum, screaming into the mattress beneath her.  
   Just To Feel  ( cont. )   When he was ready he would fuck her. H

4/8/2008 7:19:26 AM
Just To Feel   Tonight he would use her. He  
would see to it that all her holes were well-fucked, and filled. He  
would strip her naked and order her to present herself to him. He would  
inspect every inch of her body, he would slip his fingers inside of her  
to determine her wetness, he would allow her to lick those same fingers  
clean. He would tie her hands in front of her and then raise them  
up over her head, securing her to an eye bolt he had fastened to the  
ceiling. Then he would walk around her, stroking her body and lifting  
up her breasts. Kissing and biting her neck. Then he would patiently  
and lovingly bind her beautifully large breasts.He would watch them  
change color,feeling their firmness as he gripped them and pinched her  
nipples. He would hear her moan as he attached the clothes pins to her  
distended flesh. He would oil her tortured breasts lovingly and  
lowering her to her knees, he would slide his hard cock between them,  
fucking them, agonizing them further, gripping them harder and harder.  
It excited him to watch her bear the pain. He knew she would endure  
much to please him. By now her breasts would be throbbing, the  
slightest touch, an ocean of pain. He would reward her with his cock.  
Slapping her breasts with his hard cock, then slapping her pretty face.  
Ordering her to open her mouth and look up at him, he would slowly fill  
her mouth with his cock. Holding her face he would move his thickness  
in and out of her mouth. In and out, and then a little further in every  
time, until his balls rested on her face. And then he would hold her  
there, pressed up against him, mouth and throat full of cock, unable to  
breath. And he would feel her begin to struggle.He would feel her  
throat convulse as she began to gag and choke. Then he would release  
her. Allowing her to gasp a few breaths before starting the process all  
over again. The ropes of thickened spit would trail off his cock  
and out of her mouth, covering her face and chest, dripping down onto  
her belly and over her tight, wet, pussy. The tears would fall from her  
upturned eyes, her mascara would run, snot would flow and bubble from  
her nose. He would make her truly beautiful. The perfect picture of  
submission. He would laugh as he slowly and methodically continued to  
fuck her face and torture those beautiful breasts.  
   Just To Feel   Tonight he would use her. He would see to it that all

3/9/2008 4:25:39 AM
Damn it! It happened again. Someone was speaking to her and she missed it. Daydreaming. Good thing she wasn't at work. Good thing she wasn't driving. Driving...she had been driving the first time she laid eyes on him. He had stepped out in front of her car and she had come very close to running him over. He laughed when she told him about it. He had a sexy laugh.   She liked the way he was always looking into her eyes. It made her feel very open and exposed. It made her feel like everyone else was looking at her as well and she enjoyed feeling that way. It also made her feel like the only woman on the planet. Like he would never look at another woman the same way. That was a feeling she would have to get use to.   She had gone with him to see his studio. He wanted to take some pictures. She noticed his computer and state of the art web cam. " Do you know that your cam is on?" She had asked him. " Oh yes, I leave it on almost all of the time. I have several hundred subscribers who enjoy watching me do whatever it is that I do. " He answered. " Are they watching now?" She asked. He pointed to the display line that informed her 600 people were watching at that very moment. Suddenly her pussy was very wet. " Would you care to give them something a bit more exciting to watch?" He asked her as he stepped in close and gave her a long, seductive kiss. She couldn't speak so she just nodded her head. Her heart was pounding. Six hundred people were going to watch her fuck. Surely she had died and gone to pervert heaven.   He pulled up a chair in front of the camera and sat down. " Take off all your clothes." Quickly, she did as she was told. " Now come here to me and get on your knees. Good girl." As she knelt before him he began to rub and squeeze her breasts, playfully pinching the nipples and twisting them. " Ah, little one, I see you enjoy a little pain with your pleasure. Would you like your breasts bound?" Saying this he produced a length of white cotton clothes line and proceeded to expertly tie her breasts.  When he had finished, he sat her in the chair and stepped back to admire his handiwork. " You have perfect breasts for binding." He said to her as he applied oil to her darkening flesh. When he grabbed them forcefully she moaned and leaned into him. He pushed her back and slapped at her nipples with just the tips of his fingers. She shivered with the exquisite flashes of pain. He took off his belt and began to slap her breasts with the soft, folded leather. She was keenly aware of the agony in her flesh, but the rhythm he developed soothed her, and soon she felt as if she were floating.  Suddenly his big, warm hands were caressing her breasts, and she felt him attach clothespins to her distended nipples. She wanted to cry out but when she opened her mouth he slid his cock up to her lips. Grabbing her by the back of her head, he roughly shoved his cock into her mouth. She did not attempt to pull away or bring her hands up to her face. She only looked up at him as she choked a little on his cock. He pushed his cock further into her mouth, into her willing throat, and fucked her like that for several strokes. Her eyes were streaming tears, and her nose was beginning to run. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and slapped her face with it. Then placing it up to her lips with his hand, he slid the entire thing into her throat, and forced her head down until he felt her lips on his stomach. He held her there. She began to choke and gag so he allowed her to raise her head. As she took a huge breath he leaned over her and spit into her mouth. She accepted it without question. He pushed her back into the chair and slapped both of her breasts hard, with the meat of his hand. Finger shaped welts began to appear on the sides of each breast. She looked up at him and smiled.  
Damn it! It happened again. Someone was speaking to her and she missed it. Daydreaming. Good t

2/29/2008 1:32:19 AM
Tied to a chair, blindfolded, and half naked, she sat with her legs spread, waiting. " Sit up straight, girl! Push those monster tits of yours out where I can see them! Nice! Those nipples are getting hard. You like this don't you  slut?"  He said to her, laughing at her, and feeling her breast. " Oh yes! You fucking love it!" It was true. Everything he said was true. She loved being forced. She adored having her breasts tightly bound and her nipples clamped. She lived for the exquisite pain of having those breasts flogged and slapped.  She sat up straighter in her chair, pushing out her, now purple, breasts, and was rewarded with a fat cock shoved in her face. Opening her mouth, like the greedy pig she was, she slurped and gagged and tried to swallow, as that cock was repeatedly pushed and pulled from her mouth and throat. " That's right, you fucking whore, open that filthy mouth of yours  and stick out your tongue. Daddy wants you to lick his balls .  What's the matter hole? Is  Daddy's fat cock blocking your air? "  His laughter sounded as if he was talking inside a tunnel.  " God you're fucking beautiful." He said to her as he untied her from the chair.  " Now get down on your hands and knees and point your ass into the air, my beautiful, little fuck hole. Daddy is going to fuck you hard."  She felt his fingers slide into her hot, wet, pussy, and she moaned as he pulled them out and pushed them into her tight ass hole. " You want Daddy's cock in your ass baby girl?" He asked her. " Yes Daddy." " Then beg for it bitch! Beg Daddy to fuck you in the ass. " " Please Daddy, please fuck my hot, little ass, with your fat, hard cock. Please Daddy. I'll be so good. I'll do anything you say Daddy. Please. Please."    He placed the head of his cock up against her hole, and ever so slowly, began pushing his hard cock into her. " Oh God Daddy, please, please, fuck me. Please!" She reached around behind her and grabbing her cheeks, spread them wide, totally exposing her waiting hole.  She felt that if he didn't fuck her ass, she would lose her fucking mind.  " Please!"  She begged him, the urgency clear in her voice.  " Please Daddy!"   She heard him laugh at her and then he filled her ass with his cock. Plunging the entire length of his  9 1/2 " cock into her until his balls slapped against her ass, again and again, as hard and as deep as he could.  He loved fucking her .  He pulled his cock out of her now gaping hole and plunged two fingers into her.  Then he grabbed her by the hair and shoved his cock into her mouth. " Taste your ass slut. Taste that fucking ass juice." He said before pulling his cock out of her mouth and returning it to her gaping hole.   Harder and harder he pounded her ass.  In the distance she could hear someone screaming. As he continued to fuck her she suddenly realized she was the one that was screaming. " Oh Daddy, baby girl needs to cum, please. Oh God please let me cum. Please!" She begged him as the orgasm began to hit her. Before he could answer , the clenching waves of her release, began milking his hard cock.  He came deep in her ass.  As he felt the last spurts of his hot cum fill her  ass, he whispered, " Oh little girl, you are really in trouble now."  
Tied to a chair, blindfolded, and half naked, she sat with her legs spread, waiting. " Si

2/14/2008 12:57:19 PM
Mommy was gone and I knew that meant Daddy would want to fuck. He'd want me to wear  a short skirt with white cotton panties underneath. A white, button-down shirt and a white cotton bra. He'd want my long hair in pig tails, my face clean of make-up, and I knew he'd get everything he wanted. Everything.   I'd get down on my knees infront of him, inhaling his scent, as he pulled his fat cock out of his pants and slapped my face with it. As soon as he allowed me to put it in my mouth, I'd look up at him while he fucked my pretty face. He'd say,'That's the way babygirl. Take all of Daddy's cock.' I knew my face would be covered in spit and snot and cum before he was ready to fuck my other holes. Sometimes, depending on how long Mommy would be gone, he would tie my breasts, slapping and torturing them, while I whimpered and moaned the way he taught me. Then, shoving me roughly back onto my little bed, he would push my legs back, opening my sweet, little pussy wide for his violent thrusting. He would call me his little slut and tell me how tight my pussy was around his fat cock. My Daddy loved to fuck me hard. He liked to make me cum. Although I always had to beg him to let me release. He loved to feel my pussy clenching around his dick. When he was ready to cum he would pull out of me and shoot his hot load all over my face and breasts. Then I would suck him clean. I love being my Daddy's little whore.  I better get ready. He'll be coming up the stairs very soon.  Mommy was gone and I knew that meant Daddy would want to fuck. He'd want me to wear  a sh

12/31/2007 9:51:59 AM
It was my night to close the bar. The football game had been over for hours and the only two people left were a very handsome young man and his date. I could feel them watching me as I went about my routine. So it didn't surprise me when the girl said,' You've sure got some big tits.' I turned towards her, looked her dead in the eye, and as I walked closer to her, I asked her,' Would you like to see them, sugar? Think before you answer. Because as nice as these titties are, if you see them, you are going to want to touch them, and if you touch them, well, your boyfriend just might come uncorked.' We both turned our heads to look at the massive bulge in the young man's crotch.   I smiled and undid a few more buttons, giving them a better view, then I cupped them in my hands and gave them a squeeze and a little jiggle. 'Fuck me!' The young man said hoarsely, staring at the twins. 'That's a given baby.' I said with a grin as I locked the front and back doors and turned down the lights.  As I walked back towards their table I opened my blouse the rest of the way, and slowly dropped it onto the floor. I pulled my 36 DD's out of my bra and shook them in the girl's face. As she began licking and sucking on my breast, I put my hand in her hair and began moving her from breast to breast, every so often pulling her head back and kissing her full on the mouth and tracing my tongue down her neck. 'Why don't you take that monster out of your pants before it explodes.' I said to the young man. He immediately dropped his pants and revealed a long, thick cock oozing precum, and hard as a rock.  I let go of the girl's head and turned towards him. As I dropped to my knees I told the girl to strip naked and get on the bar. It wasn't easy getting his cock in my mouth, much less sucking him slowly into my throat, but I was determined to give him the blow job a cock like his deserved. To her credit the girl was patient. All she said was,'Fuck yes! Watching her suck your cock is so fucking hot baby! I love it!'  Once the young man had his cock down my throat, he began fucking my throat and face, causing me to gag, repeatedly, my eyes to tear up and snot to pour from my nose. He was fucking my throat harder and faster, about to go over the edge so I pulled away from him and turned to the girl sitting with her legs spread on the bar.  As I put my face between her long legs, the guy came up behind me and slid himself into my hot, wet pussy. 'No baby.' Said the girl, 'Not in her pussy, fuck this bitch in the ass! I want to see you fiuck her ass!' As he complied with her request, I slid my fingers into her wet pussy . She responded pushing herself doiwn on my face and hand. Her boyfriend buried his cock into my helpless ass, thrusting in and out as hard as he could. I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers as her boyfriends thrusts became more frenzied and my own release began to build.  As the young man began to cum he pulled his cock from my gaping ass and shot thick white ropes of cum across my back, seeing this his girlfriend began to squeeze my fingers with her own orgasm. As she lay quaking on the bar I climbed ontop of her and put my aching hole over her face. She wasted no time and grabbing my hips pulled me on to her mouth and sucking and licking my swollen clit until I came gushing into her mouth. We stayed at the bar for awhile, leaving shortly before the morning bartender arrived. As I locked the doors behind me, the girl slipped her arm in mine and suggested a room with a jacuzzi. I had a feeling I might be late for work.It was my night to close the bar. The football game had been over for hours and the only two p

10/7/2007 7:21:12 AM
I wonder if you miss me, not just the fact that I am no longer around, but deep down in your gut miss me, miss who I am. I wonder if you are capable of that depth of grief. Don't get me wrong, I don't wish for you to suffer, no prolonged experience of debilitating sorrow. I just wonder if you realize my uniqueness and acknowledge the fact that there will never be another like me, ever. I doubt it. I imagine you have written me off as just another impossible bitch. A good fuck but, in the long run, not worth the trouble to keep around. Well, at least you think of me as a good fuck, a great fuck. I was that. Wasn't I? One hell off a cock sucker. " Bitch could suck a dick! " I can hear you saying that about me. " Yeah, that bitch could suck a fucking dick." Nasty little whore. Nasty little whore that loved sucking dick. That's why it was so good. I love doing it. I love everything about it. I love undoing the belt, pulling down the zipper, reaching into the fly and pulling out the object of my adoration. Stroking it, looking up at you, cupping your balls. Feeling you grow harder in my hand. Licking the head, swirling my tongue and taking you into my mouth. Hearing you. "Uh, oh God, mmmm... oh yessss, baby. Shit, baby, do it, yeah girl, suck that dick." Feeling you grow harder and longer in my mouth, stroking you harder with my hand, taking you further into my mouth, deeper, taking you in my throat. Sucking your balls into my hot mouth. " Oh fuck yes baby! Fucking slut!" Feeling you grab a handful of my hair,and violently push and pull my head off and back on to your cock. Looking up at you, eyes tearing, make-up running, hands down. Feeling you struggle for control. Both of us totally alive, focused, wanting. The ultimate picture of power and submission. I am where I belong,at that moment,I am at you feet, under your control. I gave that to you. Did you know that? That was only a portion of my gift, but I gave it to you willingly and joyfully, only I don't think you ever knew that. I wonder.  
I wonder if you miss me, not just the fact that I am no longer around, but deep down in your

9/26/2007 9:12:26 AM
Weak in the Knees Have you ever been fucked so good that you momentarily forget who you are, where you are, and even, who it was that just fucked you? Have you ever woke up, throughly fucked, possibly alone, and unsure of where your clothes may be? I know, I know, none of this is unheard of, admittedly, it is not the norm, but it's not unheard of. Have you ever tried to get up and realized part or all of you was still tied to the bed? This is where my story begins. I slowly open one eye. The room is unfamiliar, but I'm pretty sure, it's a hotel. I can tell that I'm naked. Not just because I feel naked, but because, even with one eye, I can see most of my clothing scattered about the room. I try to roll over, and immediately encounter resistance, due to the fact that my left leg is still tied to the bed. I sit up and begin undoing the knots, in what looks like,a brand new length of white, cotton, clothesline. Laughing I get out of bed and, scratching my ass, make my way to the toilet. That's when I saw my reflection in the mirror. Jesus Christ! No fucking wonder I just woke up alone! I look like what would happen if Alice Cooper fucked Marilyn Manson, and implanted the embryo, in Tits McGee! My hair is sticking up in almost every conceivable direction, except for a charming patch on the left side of my head, which has chosen to remain smashed flat against my skull. My eyeliner has melted and left large, black tracks running up into my hairline,(suggesting at some point I was upside down), as well as down my cheeks, over my chin, and down my neck. My once, deep red lipstick, has been smeared around my mouth in a "Bozo the Clown" effect, which I'm sure is a testament to my attempting to put my money where my mouth get my point. I have red indentations all around my breasts, and bruises, already quite colorful, all over me. I look like human spin art! I get in the shower and somewhere in the steam and soap, I find my memories of the night before. My big , soft titties were rock hard and purple, nicely and tightly bound with white cotton rope. Fingers were sliding in and out of my pussy. Fingers were sliding in and out of my ass. There was a fat cock in my mouth and I was a hungry bitch. I was a nasty slut with an open cunt. It took him a long time to get his hand inside of me, but he was patient, and I wanted it so much, so fucking much, so very fucking much. Each finger, each and every finger, the delicious pressure, as slowly, my pussy opened up. The fucking I got. The hard, deep fucking I got, once his hand was inside of me. His hand was so fucking deep inside of me. Tongues and fingers in all my hot, little holes. Cock after fat, hard cock, in my mouth, my pussy, my ass. Cumming like a freight train, squirting, cumming again, even harder, cumming again, and again, and again, and again. Grabbing that pretty blond I picked up at the bar, letting her lick the cum off of my belly, my tits, my thighs. Sucking her toes into my mouth as soy wax is dribbled onto her swollen clit,and her rock hard nipples. Showing her what it feels like to have another woman lick her pussy. Feeling her cum on my face. Sticking my tongue in her pretty, little rosebud asshole. Being under her and watching a fat cock fuck her and then taking that cock in my throat. Thinking about all of this makes me want to fuck some more. Thinking about what I did and what was done to me makes me want more. More cock. More licking, more sucking, more fucking. Closing my eyes in the shower, feeling weak in the knees. Inhaling the steam, leaning up against the tile and feeling a little weak in the knees.  
Weak in the Knees Have you ever been fucked so good that you momentarily forget who you a

8/31/2007 8:58:51 PM
   I think he could see that I needed to please him. I needed it like a hungry bitch needs food. I needed to take him into my mouth. I needed to breath in his scent. Stroking him firmly with my hands, flicking and swirling my tongue , licking and sucking his balls. Feeling him grow longer and fatter and harder. Wrapping my tits around his cock, squeezing them together and rubbing them up and down.  I needed to hear him moan. I needed to hear him whisper ,'Suck it you nasty little bitch. That's it. Suck Daddy's cock like a good little slut. Oh yes! Suck that cock my little whore.' Taking him deeper and deeper into my mouth.    I needed to feel his hands on the back of my head, pushing my mouth further and further down on his long, thick cock. Pushing my head down until I could lick his balls  and then holding my head there and telling me to,'Take it all. Take it all you filthy slut.'   Knowing that he wanted to feel me choke and gag and struggle to breath. Knowing that he wanted me to look up at him, my eyes tearing, snot running from my nose, saliva, thick inside my throat, spilling out of my mouth and covering my breasts and belly. A beautiful picture of my desire and willingness to serve him, to submit to him, to be used by him.   As the thrusting of his hips quickens, I hear his moans, I feel him release . Hot, sweet, slippery cum shooting into my throat, filling my mouth, spraying across my face, dripping onto my tits. I rub it into my skin, licking it from my hands and fingers.   I push two of my fingers into my wet, throbbing pussy. Slowly I slide them in and out, fucking myself. My pussy is hot and tight and very, very, wet. I add another finger,  fucking myself. I close my eyes.                                                                                                  I think he could see that I needed to please him. I needed it like a hungry bitch

8/29/2007 2:27:40 AM
   She Was The Kind Of Woman   She was the kind of woman I've always been attracted to, hell, she was the kind of woman EVERYONE has always been attracted to! Elegant and sophisticated and totally carnal, all at the same time. She was the kind of woman that made you want to fuck the living shit out of her every time you saw her. Yet, she was also the kind, you could take home to meet your mom.   It was her mouth that always drove me crazy. It was her mouth I wanted to lick, and tease, and stretch, and torture, own and possess. It was her beautiful, willing, dirty, nasty mouth that I adored. The way her lips would tremble when she suffered. The way she always vainly fought the spilling of her drool, out of her mouth, and down her chin. The perfect way her mouth took a fat, hard cock, or covered a pussy, or received a full, hot load of cum.   Fuck! How I loved that woman's filthy, dirty, fucking mouth! I use to sit around and dream up ways to use it, to fill it, to fuck it. I spent hours remembering how it looked covering my pussy and mashed up against my clit. I could cum just thinking about the way her mouth looked  when she bit and licked my nipples, and sucked on a cock that lay between my tits.   Don't get me wrong, I didn't just love her mouth, I loved all of her. I loved the depth of her eyes, the roundness of her hips, the heft and sway of her tits. I loved her warm, tight pussy, and her even tighter,hot, nasty, ass. I loved her endless, endless, legs, her beautiful feet, and her little bubblegum toes. But nothing drove me crazy like her mouth.I never told her this, although, somehow, I think she knew, but when she whispered against my neck, her voice all sweet and low, when she would drip like honey, certain words into my ear, she was the one that owned me, that gave me purpose and direction. It was her mouth, like no other,that taught me who I was. It was her mouth that knew me and gave me my name.    She Was The Kind Of Woman   She was the kind of woman I've always been

8/9/2007 12:15:30 PM
Before I Let You go     Before I let you go, I want you to do one more, little, thing. Don't roll your eyes that way. It makes me think you don't appreciate me. It smacks of rudeness. You aren't being rude to me are you? No. I didn't think you would be. Not all tied up the way you are. I mean, you've been a very good girl, so far. And it would really disappoint me if you were to lose focus now, when we're so close to the edge. And if I were to feel disappointed, I could become a bit cruel. I might leave you tied up this way for hours, days perhaps, coaxing orgasm after orgasm out of you. Until there was nothing left of you but a fond memory. So, be a good girl, understand?     That's right, let me hear you whimper. Believe me, I know you're pleading with me, even with that ball-gag you have in your mouth. I can hear it in the tone of your voice and I can see it in your eyes. That's a good girl, beg me, c'mon, beg for me. God damn you're a good beggar! Alright. I'll take the clamps off of your nipples. The question is, how should I do it? Should I do it by hand or with the riding crop? Oh, look how big your eyes just got! That settles it for me. I'll use the crop.      Sit very still pet and very straight. Push those tightly bound breasts out for me like the good whore that you are. Good girl! Awwww, poor baby, does it hurt? Do you want me to rub them and suck on them? Yes, I thought you might. Mmmmm, I love it when your breasts are so hard and such a lovely shade of reddish-purple. Are they sensitive pet? Good, very good. Yes I know you want me to untie them but first I want you to decide which of the two dildos I put inside of you, do you want to remove first? The one in your pussy or the one in your ass?      Turn around, bend over, let me look at them. I'm just going to slide them in and out for a minute. Oh, you like that don't you slut? You like getting fucked in both your holes don't you? Don't you? Yes, I knew that you did.    Here, lay back on the table, put your knees up and spread them wide. Now while I fuck your ass, I want you to push out the dildo in your pussy. Go ahead, push it out, good girl! Nasty whore. You love the way I fuck you, don't you?     You are such a dirty slut, your holes are so open for me right now, I'll bet I could slide one hand in your pussy and the other hand in your ass. You want me to fuck you like that? C'mon tell me. Beg for me. Beg bitch. Open those fucking legs. Your pussy is so wet. I can slide my hand right inside you. Does that feel good baby? Don't you cum yet. I'm going to work my fingers inside your ass, opening you up, wider and wider. That's a good girl...just a little more...just a's in! Oh fuck yes! Look at your big eyes! What's the matter little girl? Do you want to cum? Do you want to cum whore? Beg me...beg..beg like a good little slut. Oh fuck yes baby! Cum for me. Cum all over my hands. Fuck that's tight! Oh my god! That's fucking amazing. Cum baby, keep cumming, good girl! Good girl!    Okay, slowly now, does that feel good? Yes? Are you exhausted? I know you are. There's just one, more, little thing, before I let you go... Before I Let You go     Before I let you go, I want you to do one more, li

8/3/2007 10:24:49 PM
    She was lovely. Long black hair, green eyes, beautiful skin, and a perfect, heart-shaped, ass. I wanted her and my Daddy knew it. He loved to watch me pick up women.    I waited until he had seated himself at the bar and then I approached her. 'Excuse me', I said, in a low voice, touching her on the shoulder,'I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I think you are beautiful, breath-taking really. And I just had to say something. ' I waited, if she smiled and accepted the compliment gracefully, she was mine. If not it was her loss. She smiled. 'Thank you. That's so nice of you to say. Most women are such bitches  it's really refreshing to meet someone who can be nice to a woman she doesn't know.' 'Would you mind if I sat with you?' I said gesturing to the empty chair at her table. 'I'm here alone and I think I've been stood up.' 'Not at all. Please sit down.' 'Thank you.' I said gratefully, glad for the chance she was giving me. As I sat down, I got the attention of the cocktail waitress, and gestured for another round.  'Let me buy you a drink for your allowing me to intrude on your evening. ' I said lightly touching her hand.  God! Touching her was electric to me. I wanted this one.    As we continued talking, I couldn't help but imagine how she would look, tied to my bed. Those amazing green eyes staring up at me with that look of slight apprehension I love so much with a new woman. I wanted to suck on those firm breasts, licking and twisting and pulling on those nipples, slapping them lightly, as I looked into her eyes.    I wanted to feel her tremble as I traced a line with my tongue from her breasts to her pussy. Spreading her lips with my fingers and covering her clit with my tongue.  I wanted to hear the little noises she would make as I licked and sucked and flicked her clit. Slowly sliding one finger into her pussy, and then another, and another, and another. Opening her up. Making her want it. Making her take my folded hand inside her. Fucking her like that. Making her cum.   We had been chatting for an hour, laughing, getting friendly, when she asked me if I needed to use the ladies room, because she did, and did I want to come along? Ofcourse I said I did and off we went, she led the way and I stared at her ass the entire time.   Once we were in the ladies room, she quickly entered a stall, remarking how badly she needed to pee. I laughed and waited by the door to her stall. My heart was pounding, it was time to make my move. As I expected, she came out of the stall, still buttoning her pants, and looking down. I quickly stepped in front of her, put my hands on her face and kissed her, softly, but full on her beautiful mouth. The was a slight hesitation, and an intake of breath, I quickly pulled away just enough to ask her, 'Do you want me to stop?' 'No.' She said quickly. 'I don't think I do.' I gently pushed her back into the stall and kissed her harder, sliding my tongue into her mouth, tasting her, teasing her. 'Have you ever kissed a woman before?' I asked her, whispering the question in her ear, as I softly bit her earlobe. 'No.' She said. ' I've never wanted to kiss a woman...before now.' 'Will you come with me?' I asked her. 'Please come home with me. I promise we won't do anything you don't feel comfortable with. I just want to be somewhere comfortable with you. We don't have to do anything at all. Just say you'll come with me.' I held my breath.  'Please.' I said softly as I kissed her. 'Please say yes.'    She was lovely. Long black hair, green eyes, beautiful skin, and a perfect,

7/9/2007 1:14:29 AM
   I would do anything for him. Anything at all. He knew that and took full advantage of me whenever he could. I would always arrive exactly on time. I would always have on exactly what he told me to wear. I knew I would be well rewarded. This time was no exception.  I arrived at exactly 5:30 pm. I rang the bell and when the buzzer sounded I entered the lobby and waited. When The elevator doors opened I saw the envelope containing my instructions and opened it quickly.    I was instructed to leave my coat in the lobby so I stepped into the elevator wearing only my garter, sheer black stockings, and black high heel pumps. I pushed the button for the penthouse, faced the camrea located in the corner above the button panel, spread my legs and made a great show of playing with my pussy. I knew following his instructions to the letter would certainly please him and whoever else might be watching.   When the elevator arrived at the penthouse and the doors opened there were at least ten gentlemen waiting to usher me inside. I could tell by the bulges in their trousers that my little show had done it's job but my performance had only just begun.     As I entered the penthouse, He arrived at my side, whispering in my ear how I had pleased him. We walked together into the center of the spacious living room and I could see that the couches had all been arrainged in a semi-circle for tonight's entertainment. I quickly determined I was the only woman present. Tonight even the servants were all men. He placed a hand on my shoulder and indicated I was to kneel infront of him. I did so keeping my eyes down and cupping my breasts with my hands. I loved offering myself to Him this way. He opened the fly of his trousers and his long, thick cock brushed the side of my face. My mouth searched for it ,with a hunger I've never been able to mask, and I sucked it greedily into my hot, wet, mouth. He grabbed me by the hair and told me to open my mouth and look up at him. 'Let me see your eyes while I fuck your pretty face.' Rapidly, at first, he shoved his cock into my throat and back out, stopping only to shove my face down until my bottom lip touched his balls. Holding my face like this as long as he could, allowing me only a second or two to gasp some air before starting the process all over again.  My hands remained cupping my breasts which like my face were soon covered in spit and snot and tears. When, at last, he finally released my head, another gentleman stepped up to take his place. After about the third or fourth man, a pillow was brought for my knees and the procession of cocks continued until I had been 'face fucked' by every man in the room.   He whispered in my ear,' You are making your Daddy very happy tonight my little fuck toy. Very happy. But I am not finished with you yet. Do not disappoint me.' Then he led me over to the double wide reclining chair, and after seating himself, he slid his massive cock into my ass, wetting my hole with the secretions that were dripping down my belly. I was facing away from him, my legs on either side of his, matching the thrists of his hips with my own. His hands came up to grip my breasts and he pulled me back onto him. Then he released my breasts and grabbed my legs and lifted them, spreading me wide.   With his huge cock slamming into my ass, I fingered my engorged clit, sliding three of my fingers inside my throbbing pussy. 'Come on now, don't be shy.' He called to the roomful of men, each one stroking his cock, and at once the line formed infront of me. One after the other all ten men took their turn pounding my wide open pussy while He continued to fill and stretch my ass. And after all ten had their fill of that hot, wet hole, He lifted me off of his cock and turned me to face him. He slid himslef into my well fucked pussy, yet due to his massive size, it remained a tight fit. And pressing me down, close to him, lifted my ass in the air, just enough to allow the first of the ten waiting cocks to slide deep inside.  Hard and fast all ten men pounded and stretched my ass. Without mercy all ten men fucked my ass until they came. Some came inside of me, rivers of hot cum deep in my ass. Some pulled out to cover my back with their hot juice. When the last man had shot his load, and pulled his shrinking member  out of my ruined hole, only then did He whisper, 'Cum now my dirty slut. Cum now on your Daddy's throbbing cock,' and I was finally allowed to release the seemingly endless orgasm I had been building all night long. I screamed as I cam, unable to control the spasms and undulations of my well fucked holes. The cum of ten men spurted from my ruined ass and puddled on the floor. And when I was at last spent , I felt Him remove Himself from my pussy and great spurts of His hot, sweet cum covered my face and filled my open mouth. Exhausted, I swallowed all that I had in my mouth, and out of sheer force of will, dropped to my knees and began to lick all the cum I blindly found on the chair and on the floor.  At this last gesture of love and obedience the room erupted in applause, and I felt, at last, His hand on my head, telling me I had finally pleased Him and made Him proud.   I would do anything for him. Anything at all. He knew that and took full advantag

6/29/2007 1:05:16 AM
Give Me Your Hand   He would always stand so close to me. Always smiled at me and said,'good morning'. I wanted him to touch me. I wanted him to grab me by the hair and force me to my knees. I wanted to hear him say,'Suck it bitch!' I wanted him to take his cock out of his pants and use it to slap me across the face. I wanted him to rub it across my lips before shoving it in my mouth. I wanted him to make me choke.  I wanted to be naked in front of him. I wanted him to slap my breasts and pinch my nipples. I wanted him to roughly spread my legs and put his fingers deep inside me. I wanted him to slide his fingers into me, one at a time, until he had his fist inside my pussy. I wanted him to fuck me like that, with his fist inside my pussy. I wanted to hear him call me a, 'dirty girl', and a, 'filthy, little, slut.' And with his fist inside me, fucking me, I wanted him to make me scream and squirt and cum.  I wanted him to spit on me, on my ass, right on my hole. I wanted him to shove his hard cock deep inside my ass. I wanted him to fuck my ass, fuck it hard, fuck it without mercy. I wanted him to cum deep inside my ass.  He always stood so close to me, and today was no exception. He smiled at me, and I held my breath, could he know what I was thinking? But all he said was, 'good morning.'Give Me Your Hand   He would always stand so close to me. Always smiled at me and sa

5/31/2007 10:17:36 PM
I had  been out to dinner with friends and had a little too much to drink. I knew I shouldn't be driving but I wanted to get home and put on some comfortable clothes. The skin tight stilletto skirt and  insanely high heels I was wearing made me look like a 'Jessica Rabbit' come to life but they weren't very comfortable.   I slipped behind the wheel of my car, silently thanked myself for driving the sedan and not the coupe, and slid the key into the ignition.  That's when he came up from the back seat, put one hand over my mouth and held a very sharp knife up to my throat with the other. 'All I want is a ride out of town. Do exactly what I tell you and you won't be hurt.'  I can remember the way the guy's hand felt on my mouth, the taste of his skin and the smell of his colone. There are times , it all comes back to me, down to the song that was playing on my car stereo.  'Somebody To Love' by The Jefferson Airplane.   It seemed like we drove for hours, but .it was probably only 10 or 15 minutes before we out of the city limits. He had me turn onto a back road, which took us towards the orchards, and the few scattered farms.    ' There's a dirt road up here to your left, take that road and follow it til you get to an old farm house, you can't miss it.' My heart began to pound in my chest because  if he was really  going to let me go,  it would be soon. And if he had no intention of letting me go, what did he have planned?   'When we get to the house, I want you to get out of  the car slowly, please don't try to run, there really isn't any where for you to go. Besides, chasing you  right now would only piss me off.' I did what he said. Pulled up to the farm house, got out of the car and waited for him to come around to where I was standing. ' Give me the keys.' He said . I gave them to him and he placed them on the hood of the car. Then he turned to me and said,' I've been watching you for a very long time. I've chosen you.'   'I don't understand,' I said , but I was afraid I understood all to well. I was terrified and fighting back the urge to cry.' 'The only thing you need to know right now is that in this matter you have no choice. Do you understand ?' 'Yes, I understand.' I answered. He gave me a look, a long, hard look and then he said, ' We are going to play a game. A serious game but a game none the less. The rules of the game are as follows; I am your Master. I own you. I may do with you whatever I wish. You exist for my pleasure. Your entire purpose is to serve and you serve by being obedient. You may call me Master or Sir but once we get inside this house  you may not speak unless  you are asked a direct question. If you do speak you will be punished, severely.For every word that you utter inside the house you will receive a lash from my whip. You may, however, scream or moan or groan to your heart's content. There is no one to hear you out here, no one at all. Do you understand?' I nodded my head and two big tears rolled down each side of my face.' Do you have any questions?'' Why are you doing this to me?' I asked him, unable to keep my voice from breaking. ' I have been watching you for a very long time ,  dreaming of the day when I would be able to take you and make you my perfect little fuck toy.' He answered. 'Will you ever let me go?' I asked next. 'Yes, if after tonight you wish to return to your old life, I will release you.' he said looking into my eyes. 'I'm afraid.' I said without thinking.  ' Yes.' was all he said.  We stood there looking at eachother, and at last I dropped my eyes and gave a deep sigh . I was resigned to my fate.   When I walked through the door of the farm house, I almost fainted. My knees buckled and if he hadn't reached out and steadied me I would have hit the floor. I was standing in the middle of a real life torture chamber. There were devices I recognized from my history books in school and there were machines, big motor driven machines, that I prayed I'd never get the chance to learn. Everything was mounted on the walls. Whips, so many whips , and ,  there were paddles,  paddles made of all kinds of wood, with different thicknesses , even paddles with one side covered in soft fluffy fur. There were riding crops, of all lengths and thicknesses, and there were floggers, of every size and type of leather. There must have been 50 different types of clamps, dildos, viberators, strap-on harnesses,butt plugs,  masks, gaggs, and spreader bars, and arm and leg binders.  Wrist restraints, ankle restraints, cuffs, collars, chains, ropes, cords, and even poastal twine.   'GIRL!!!' I heard the word explode from his lips. I looked at him and waited, holding my breath. ' I want you to strip. Slowly. Let me look at you as you remove your clothes.'  My hands were shaking but I did as he said. I took off my blouse and reached behind my back to unhook my bra. 'No,' he said, 'leave your bra on, just pull your tits out.'   I did as he said and once my tits were out of the bra, I began to unzip my skirt. ' Lean forward, let me see them hanging down.' He was holding  a wooden ruler and as I bent forward at the waist,he roughly grabbed my left breast and slapped the nipple rapidly with the ruler, ten or fifteen times.  Then he did the same to my right breast. ' There, nice and red and stinging, just the way I like them. You have wonderful tits. I'm going to enjoy tying them up, nice and tight, so that they stick straight out from your chest. ' I wiggled out of my skirt, and was about to remove my garter and stockings when he stopped me. 'No, leave those on, and your heels, they are very sexy.'     He walked around me several times, occasionally touching me, turning me, inspecting me. I had never felt so exposed in my life. I wanted to cover my nakedness but that was impossible. I focused on keeping calm and paying attention. He led me over to a plain wooden chair. 'Sit bitch.' was all he said. From underneath the chair he produced a length of white, cotton rope, about a half an inch thick, and laid it in my lap. He walked over to a cabinet and pulled out two sets of leather restraints, one set for my arms, and the other for my legs. After I was securely tied to the chair, he began binding my breasts. Making sure the rope started very close to my chest wall he wrapped each breast five, or six, times around, and then tied a funnny knot at the top and the remaining rope around my neck, like a halter. When he had finished he stood back to admire his work. 'Your tits were meant to be tied. Good God! They were beautiful before but now they're perfect!Do they ache slut? See how purple they are getting? They positively scream to be abused!' He grabbed my tits, one in each hand and squeezed them. I couldn't help but moan. I had never felt anything like this before. The pain of the restraint had subsided and there was a dull ache, but it was more than an ache, it was a hunger. My tits needed to be handled, squeezed, rubbed, slapped. I shifted slightly in the chair as if to place more of my breasts into his hands. I didn't want him to let go of them or to stop touching them. Suddenly he dropped my left brast and shoved his hand between my legs. 'Open your legs slut', he said roughly. 'Open your legs and let me  put my fingers inside your pussy' I was surprised at how quickly I was responding to his voice. I opened my legs as wide as the bindings would allow and lifted my hips to give him more access to my hot, wet, hole. ' Oh, my! Aren't you a ready little slut? I knew you'd be a bitch in heat from the first moment I saw you. And your pussy is sopping wet. But first things first.' And saying this he put a plastic clothespin on the nipple of each distended breast. The pain shot through me like a knife and I gasped out loud. I whimpered and I moaned , but he only laughed and began slapping my tits, lightly, developing a rhythm. 'Breath bitch, you'll come to love it, I promise.'I had  been out to dinner with friends and had a little too much to drink. I knew I shoul

5/29/2007 2:27:41 AM
I like getting dressed up for my Daddy. Short little skirt, white cotton panties, white bra, button-down shirt, hair up in pig-tails, just the way he likes me to look. I like going on long car rides with my Daddy. He always lets me sit close to him as we head down the road. I like it when my Daddy puts his arm around my shoulder. I like it when he slips his big hand inside of my shirt and squeezes my tits. I like it when he takes them by the nipples and lifts them out of my bra,one by one, and the way he lets them drop back down.   As soon as we are out of town, away from prying eyes, I unbutton my shirt and cup my big, warm breasts together, imagining my Daddy's cock  between them. I pull on the nipples and give them each a cruel twist, just like Daddy taught me, and then I pinch the nipples hard and pull my big heavy breasts away from my chest. I hold them out this way until my Daddy says I can let go.    I like it when Daddy finds a place to park. I know what's coming next. Daddy is going to tie my titties up so nice and tight they will stick straight out from my chest and turn a lovely shade of purple and blue. I love the way they feel once Daddy has them tied. I love the way they stick out and beg to be abused. Daddy has a special set of clover clamps he likes to put on my nipples. He tells me I am his good little slut, his beautiful little fuck toy, and I can see his cock is hard and straining inside of his pants. I want to take it out and suck it but Daddy says not yet.   Daddy ties my wrists with some white rope. He ties each wrist off to the backseat door handles and after I'm secure he slowly removes his belt. Carefully Daddy takes the end of his belt and runs the leather over my tightly bound breasts. The sensation is intense and makes me want to feel even more. Lightly at first, and gradually growing harder, Daddy slaps my breasts with the end of his belt. It hurts so much but I beg him not to stop. I like the way it hurts me. I push my breasts out as far as I can. I bounce them too so the clamps really hurt. I like the way they tug and pull on my so sensitive nipples.   Daddy puts away his belt and tells me to lift up. He is going to take off my skirt and my white underpants. Daddy ties each of my ankles, the same way he tied my wrists. Except my ankles are tied to the front seat door handles. One on each side. Daddy is between my legs examining my pussy. He likes to slide his fingers in me, sometimes he slides three or even four. I want my Daddy to put his fist inside of me. I like it when his big hand slides all the way inside. Daddy fucks my pussy  with his fist . He fucks me hard. I lose all track of time. I can't even remember my name. Daddy tells me to cum for him and I drench his arm with the juices that I squirt.  Daddy takes his clothes off and puts his rock hard cock in my mouth. I hold it open like he taught me and look up at him while he fucks my face and my throat. I choak on my Daddy's cock and my face is covered in snot and spit and tears. Daddy says I'm beautiful that way.  When Daddy unties me I know just what to do. I put my face on the seat and point my ass in the air. Daddy spits on my little brown hole and works that spit into my ass with his big, strong fingers. When Daddy has my ass open the way he likes, he has me spit on his cock and then he slides it into my ass. I love it when my Daddy fucks my ass. He spanks it and slaps it and fucks it deep and hard. I almost always want to cum right away. When I can't take it any longer I beg Daddy to let me cum and when he says I can I explode all over his thick meat that is fucking my ass. I cum and cum I love it so much.   And I scream like a banshee when Daddy goes balls deep in my ass and takes the clamps off of my nipples at the same time. I can't stop cumming all over my Daddy's cock. He says my ass milks all of his cum out to the very last drop. He watches me play with his cum as it gushes out of my ass. Sometimes his cock gets hard again and he fucks me even harder.  Daddy says I am the best little fuck hole he has ever had. I like getting dressed up for my Daddy. Short little skirt, white cotton panties, white bra, b


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